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How To Remove Hard Water Stains From Car Windows

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What Causes Water Spots On Car

How to clean hard water stains on your car windows

Hard water spots are mineral or dirt deposits that lay on the surface of your cars paint. Bonded Mineral water spots are most commonly caused by acid rain with high amounts of nitric and sulfuric acids. Etching: Etching water spots occur when water droplets dry onto your car from being heated by the sun.

How To Get Rid Of Hard Water Stains On Outside Windows And Indoor Ones

Before tackling the stains themselves, remove any dust or dirt. Spray vinegar and let it soak into the grime for at least five minutes before wiping the window clean with a sponge.

Use an extension pole if you need to get rid of hard water stains on high outside windows. A plastic paint scraper works on any gunk like bird droppings. For indoor windows, remove any curtains or blinds, and spread a drop cloth or old sheet.

Once youve used your cleaning solution of choice, squeegeeing is an easy way to clean windows without streaks.

Swipe with the squeegee in one long motion from top to bottom. After each stroke, wipe the squeegee blade with a lint-free paper towel or microfiber cloth.

Using A Distilled Water + White Vinegar Solution For Water Spot Removal

You wouldnt believe it, but one of the most effective solutions for hard water stains and mineral deposits is white vinegar.

White vinegar contains natural acetic acid, which will readily dissolve calcium carbonate and other minerals.

With a pH of 2.5, white vinegar is fairly acidic, which can be too aggressive on your clear coat. To tone it down, you need to mix with equal parts distilled water and put it in a spray bottle.

Spray your body panel generously and leave it to sit for a couple of minutes so that it can penetrate deep down and dissolve the mineral deposits. Then, wipe it away with a clean microfiber towel.

If there are still water spots, give it another go and see how far you get. If the mineral deposits are too tough, you can add more vinegar to your solution, scrub it in, and leave it sitting a little longer.

When you remove all water stains from the body panel, rinse it thoroughly to remove all vinegar and mineral traces as well. Work one panel at a time for best results.

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Use Special Cleaning Products

Numerous products are specially formulated to remove water stains from your car glass. Most likely, after applying the special cleaning products, you will need a sponge, towel or a squeegee. However, it is recommended to follow the application instructions on the label. Some of the best special cleaning products to help you remove hard water stains include:

How To Remove Really Hard Water Spots: Wheel Cleaning Acid

How To Remove Hard Water Spots From Your Auto Glass

If nothing else works, its time for the big gun – wheel acid. This usually contains hydrofluoric acid, which is highly corrosive, as its intended to clean thick brake dust deposits which are strongly basic.

A word of warning: As it reacts to the mineral deposits, the acid will neutralize and release toxic gasses right into your face. You want to be using this product in a well-ventilated area with full protection equipment – gloves, eyewear, and a respirator.

Hydrofluoric acid is too strong to use in pure form. It will eat through the clear coat and base layer, attacking the metal directly. Make sure its diluted 1 to 4 with distilled water. Always spot test in a less visible area first to make sure its not too aggressive on your clear coat.

You also dont want to use it on bare metal wheels, as it will quickly corrode aluminum, chrome, and steel.

Dont spray directly onto the car. The acid is highly corrosive to glass, rubber, and plastic trim, so you dont want any overspray.

Instead, spray the solution into your microfiber tower, then quickly work it into the mineral deposits. Leave it on for just a few seconds before wiping it away with a clean towel and rinsing the panel thoroughly with water.

Examine the surface and apply it in the remaining troubled spots. Then, wash the panel again thoroughly to remove all acid traces. You dont want this to sit on your paint a second longer than necessary.

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Solution: Fine Steel Wool

If you have tried to remove the water stains using lemon, vinegar, essential oils, toothpaste, and a baking soda/ vinegar solution, but you still are not yielding any results to your satisfaction, then there are still a few things you can do to combat this annoying problem. Fine Steel Wool could be your savior, and it is meant for etched water stains that are hard to remove.

How To Get Water Spots Off Your Windshield

A freshly washed automobile is a glorious sight to behold, even without a protective layer of ceramic coating sprawled across its glimmering exterior. Regardless as to whether you hand wash and polish your ride by hand, take it to a professional detailer, or merely hit the touchless car wash down the street, a quick scrub and rinse goes a long way aesthetically.

But there are some side-effects to washing a vehicle, one of them being unsightly water spots. These residue-rich spots are not only unattractive, they can also do permanent damage if not attended to in a timely fashion. From a cars paintwork and plastic trim, to its windows and windshield, hard water and contaminants show little preference for the surfaces they adhere to. Since the windshield is arguably the most crucial piece of glass within a vehicle, and should never be obfuscated in any way, it is of the utmost importance that heavy concentrations of water spots are always removed from its surface.

Even with a protective layer of ceramic coating applied to a windshield , water deposits will still materialize in small amounts, regardless of what sort of hydrophobic material you are using to shield our vehicle.

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How Do I Prevent Water Spots On My Car

The best way to get rid of water spots on your car is through routine care.

  • Keep your vehicle clean Wash your car on a regular basis and never air dry.
  • Always use a clean, soft towel or microfiber cloth to dry your car thoroughly.
  • Use a quality car wax or sealant to keep your cars finish protected and looking good.
  • How To Remove Acid Rain Spots From Car Windows


    Acid rain spots can be very similar to hard water spots. Acid rain is just normal rain that has mixed with atmospheric pollutants. These pollutants can be very harsh on your car or truck. When the rainwater evaporates it will leave the pollutants behind just like hard water leaves the minerals behind when it evaporates.

    The same methods we use to remove hard water spots should work on the windshield and other windows of your car or truck.

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    Water Spot Removal Products

    There are tons of products on the market that are formulated specifically to remove water stains. Some are formulated for auto glass, others for household use. If you dont fancy any of our more holistic approaches to removing spots from auto glass, try out some of the products listed below which have been reviewed by CashCarsBuyer.Com. Weve attached links to all of the products so that you can efficiently shop them at a retailer near you.

    How Do I Get Water Spots Off My Windshield

    Make a paste of baking soda and vinegar.

    • Apply the paste to the glass and allow to sit.
    • Scrub lightly with a brush, a towel, or a sponge.
    • Wash the paste away from the glass with water.
    • Clean the glass with water or a traditional glass cleaner, but be sure to dry it thoroughly so that the water spots do not re-form.

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    Get Rid Of Hard Water Stains On Outside Windows With Lemon Juice

    Freshly squeezed juice is the most powerful for removing stains and makes a great homemade glass shower door cleaner, too.

    • 1 cup of water

    To make this natural hard water stain remover, shake the ingredients in a spray bottle, then squirt the cleaner onto the glass. Let the acid do its work for at least one minute before scrubbing with a soft-bristled brush. Rinse the window with water and dry it.

    Alternatively, rub a half lemon on the stains. Wipe away the juice with a soft cloth or paper towel, then spray the glass with water or a window cleaner. Dry with crumpled-up newspaper for a streak-free finish.

    How To Remove Water Spots From Auto Glass

    How To Remove Hard Water Stains From Car Paint

    If your windshield has hard water spots, youll have to clean them thoroughly before a treatment can be applied. The following are four effective ways to remove these water spots and make your auto glass shine. Some of these are less conventional cleaning supplies, but theyre all effective and will get the job done.

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    How Do You Remove Water Spots From Windscreen

    Step by step to remove the watermarks on the cars glasses:

  • Clean up the windscreen surface and ensure the surface is dry.
  • Put the water marks remover on the cloth and scrub the cloth on the affected windscreen.
  • Keep on scrubbing the windscreen with the cloth until the watermarks are removed completedly.
  • Does A Clay Bar Remove Water Spots

    A clay bar can remove mineral deposits from glass but it isnt the most efficient method to do so. Clay bars are much more effective at removing contaminants that are stuck to surfaces that washing wont remove, but arent strongly bonded to the surface. It is a powerful option but a proper water spot remover solution is a better option.

    If you have more difficult mineral deposits that water spot cleaners dont seem to be removing, youre better off using fine steel wool or a rubbing compound.

    If you have a clay bar but dont have fine steel wool or rubbing compound handy, its worth giving a clay bar a try before running to your local automotive supply store to find something more effective.

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    Use Baking Soda And Water

    Can you see a theme with all these? You can make a type of paste by combining a small amount of water with baking soda. Put this paste on a microfiber cloth, then scrub the water spot vigorously. The baking soda paste will have abrasive granules that can wear away the minerals and limescale-like buildup of the water spot.

    After scrubbing away the spot to the best of your ability, rinse the glass thoroughly with water. You may want to only use this method for outside windows since theres a higher likelihood of debris or paste scattering around the inside of your car.

    Wed also recommend using a regular glass cleaner and newspaper to get rid of residue and streaks from your window glass.

    Use Detailing Clay On The Car

    How To Remove Hard Water Spots From Windows

    A clay bar might not spring to mind when you think about effective water spot removers, but auto detailing clay is perfect for cleaning spots off your paint job quickly and safely.

    Professional detailers have long used claying as their secret weapon for sanding away blemishes, and you can use it on your car to restore it to a showroom shine.

    Detailing Clay Spot Remover

    • A bar of auto detailing clay such as Meguiar clay, broken into three or four large chunks
    • Gloves
    • Chamois

    Hold one of the pieces of clay in the palm of your gloved hand, and run it up and down over your cars windows and paint until the bar glides smoothly and without any bumps.

    The clay grabs any debris from the paint surface and leaves behind a professional-looking finish. Brush any clay crumbs off your car with a chamois when you finish using the bar.

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    Cleaning Products For Removing Water Stains From A Windshield

    Being that most of us dont have the ability to break-out the good old glass cleaner every time water hits our cars windshield, other preventative measures must be put into play. While properly washing and drying a vehicle should always be the first line of defense against a basic hard water stain, there are a few products that do an outstanding job of removing mineral-rich residues. The following household cleaning products not only remove stubborn hard water stains on window glass, they also have the ability to lift dried tree sap, as well as bugs and tar. Just remember to always wear protection when handling these chemicals to prevent skin and eye damage.

    How To Remove Water Spots From Car Windows With Vinegar Or Lemon Juice

    Vinegar has always been a well-known window cleaner. because most water spot crystals are alkaline, the acid will dissolve them as well as cause them to dissolve.


    • White vinegar
    • Purified water
    • Paper towels, squeegee, or a cloth towel


  • Fill the spray bottle halfway with pure water and halfway with white distilled vinegar . After filling the bottle, shake it for a few seconds to mix the solution.
  • Spray the diluted vinegar solution onto the water spots. Allow the vinegar to soak in for 1 to 2 minutes.
  • Try to gently rub the spots away. If you scrub the glass too vigorously you risk scratching it. The acids in the vinegar should be doing most of the work to break down the hard water minerals and release their bond to the glass.
  • If you have stubborn water spots, leave the solution on the glass for a bit longer and try again. Re-apply it as needed and be sure to not allow the vinegar solution to dry onto the window surface.
  • Clean with the vinegar/water mixture car glass with a squeegee, towel, or a paper towel. Before you start cleaning the mixture off for the final details, make sure the glass is damp.
  • When youre finished it is a good idea to clean the glass one last time with a good glass cleaner. My best recommendation is Invisible Glass Glass Cleaner.
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    The Easiest Way To Clean Hard Water Off Of Windows/glass

    I LOVE it when I find an easier way to do something!!!! The way that I used to remove hard water stains from windows was pretty good, and if you decide you dont like this new way that Im showing you today, you can go here and read that old post.

    Anyway, I love the simplicity of this particular method though because all that you have to do is mix two ingredients together in a squirt bottle, spritz the glass, and wipe it downits so stinking easy that hopefully you will be giddy about cleaning your windows, or shower door, by the time that I am done with this tutorial.

    I am giving you guys this tutorial in two waysI did a little video for it for my Youtube channelas much as I hate being in front of the camera it seems like video is a necessary evil for success when owning a website these days so my goal is to crank out a tutorial every week or so so make sure to watch for that. So, here is the video, but also make sure to read through the text below because it goes a bit more in depth.

    Lollike I said, I am a dorkanyway, on to written portion of the tutorial! The very first thing you do is get out a new spray bottle, and mix Two Tablespoons of Citric Acid for every one cup of HOT water needed to fill the bottle. I did a little graphic so that you guys can easily see how much to use when looking at your phone. Its much cheaper to buy your citric acid in bulk, this is where I get mine.

    Anyway, here is the before and after together

    and then side by side

    Can Baking Soda Remove Hard Water Spots From Auto Glass

    How To Remove Hard Water Stains From Car Windows

    It shouldnt come as a surprise that there are many alternatives to using CLR in removing hard water stains on auto glass. One of these options is baking soda.

    By making a paste of baking soda and water, then applying it to the car windows and letting it sit for a while, it will absorb the hard water stains. And when you remove it and rinse it off, all the stains will be gone.

    To enhance baking sodas ability to remove hard water stains, you can add some vinegar to the paste. This will ensure even the toughest of calcium deposits are removed completely.

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    Best Water Spot Remover For Auto Glass

    Special Cleaning Products

    There are several products available that are specially formulated to remove stains from car glass. In most cases, you will apply the special cleaning product of your choice with the use of a squeegee, sponge or towel. But we recommend that you follow the specific application instructions on the label of the car cleaning products. Here are some of the most effective special cleaning products to help get rid of hard water stains:

  • Stoner Invisible Glass Premium Cleaner This is Amazons most popular glass care product. It comes in a variety of options such as an EZ Grip bottle with microfiber cloths. This premium automotive glass cleaner offers a no-drip, fine mist spray which allows it to stick to glass and will not waste product, or not go onto the dash when using it. Its formula allows it to dissolve and get rid of a thin layer of film that forms on the interior of a cars windshields. It is ideal for removing not only water spots but also smoke haze, bug splats, road grime and bird droppings. It does not contain ammonia and is safe for outdoor and indoor use. It is also safe to use on tinted windows.
  • Meguairs Water Spot Remover Many car enthusiasts trust this brand. This popular product can remove all kinds of water stains on your car glass and is also safe to apply on hard plastic, chrome, paint and all metal surfaces.
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