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Why Does My Car Keep Locking And Unlocking Itself

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Car lock keeps clicking? YOUR CAR IS NOT LOCKED!
  • Automatic transmission
  • 70,000 miles

I a have cobalt 2005 since it was new, never had any problems until six months ago.I have had trouble keeping headlight bulbs from burning out constantly, and my headlights fog up with moisture almost always especially when it rains or snows. The other problems are keyless remote won’t work, spent money for a new one and to program it, worked for a couple of months and quit, waste of money. Chevrolet is saying locks jumping up and down are not dangerous. Bull crap I drive this car by myself as a women, I am scared to to even drive in town where u have to go slow . Anybody can jump in your car these and demand small items like your money ha ha!!!. I know the world is not a wonderful place these days there crazy nuts out there. Here in wv. they are telling on the news not to carry your wallet in store parking lots, how are you suppose to lock your purse in the car I have always had chev. most of my life my husband also a chevy Impala. I did want to think about buying a new car at 53, but I am at least have trade this one in and purchase another make of of a vehicle. I’m scared of these jumping locks , if you can not feel safe in your car what’s that tell you? My first car was a chevy Nova which I loved. Another thing I am on social now how can I spend 400. to fix something that this company knows they should.

Linda E.,Clarksburg, WV, US

  • Manual transmission
  • 62,137 miles

it’s kinda creepy driving the car as the locks go nuts…

Doors Lock From Fob Then Unlock Themselves

I have a 2002 S-Type Jaguar. When I hit the door lock button on the remote, they lock, then they all open back up in a few seconds. I can’t keep them locked. What is causing this? Can anyone help me? I can hear it locking them all, then it beeps beeps and they unlock.

  • 2I wouldn’t know the exact cause, but it would seem to me that the body control module thinks the doors should not be locked. Like a safety feature to ensure you don’t lock yourself out of the car because you left the keys in the ignition.

I’ve had central locking refusing to stay locked with several cars when any of the door sensors thinks its door is open – whether it’s actually the case, or the sensor has jammed for some reason. This hypothesis can be checked by setting the interior lighting to the setting where it lights upon open doors. In most cases, opening and closing the culprit door/lid would solve the issue.

  • I will try this, thanks for getting back to me, this is a great site! sincerely, capt.j

I had this happen on my Nissan Altima when the mechanic left the key in the ignition while working on the car and reconnected the battery with the key in the ignition. This some how confused the car and it thought the key was still in the ignition even when it wasn’t and was trying to keep me from locking myself out of the car. I disconnected the battery and let it sit for a while and then reconnected it. That seemed to reset things and it worked fine after that.

Why Is My Jeep Unlocking Itself Every 30 Secondsnovember 18 201: 13 Pm Subscribe

ratherbethedevilTravel & Transportationanonymisc4:15 PMmudpuppie4:24 PMmudpuppie4:24 PMjustgary4:38 PMJoeZydeco4:47 PMratherbethedevil I would be okay with even bypassing the auto lock to stop and simply inserting my key into the lock to lock and unlock the door in the future. The number 4 fuse in your fuse panelMitheral4:53 PMratherbethedevil5:05 PMThorzdad6:37 PM« OlderNewer »

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Does Car Insurance Cover Lock System Damage

Occasionally, car insurance policies do cover automotive lock damage. It depends entirely on the cause of the damage. If frayed wires are determined to have eroded from time and general wear and tear, insurance will not cover it.

But, if the damage occurs because of a hungry rat or rabbit, insurance may cover it. A call to your insurance agent will confirm coverage.;

Will My Car Be Locked If I Leave The Keys

Why Does My Car Keep Locking Itself?  Fixing Engines

Not usually because of the danger of locking keys in the car. Someone can tell where the key fob is with enough accuracy to prevent it from getting stuck in the car, and my Tesla definitely will when I use my phone as a key, which automatically locks when the phone does. it is closer to the bluetooth connection.

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How Do You Fix Central Locking Problems

Generally, a DIYer should not try to fix central locking problems. The electrical system of cars is intricate and requires expert knowledge to repair without accidentally damaging the system. A certified mechanic or automotive locksmith can handle any central locking repairs needed for your vehicle.;

Car Locks Then Unlocks Itself

PostsPostsIn my experience the only time my car will double beep and unlock after locking is either a door, hood or trunk is still open or car “thinks” its still open.Braden996Background info:Car was just in for repairs. The front right fender was replaced due to a car backing into it.Upon getting my car back today, I locked it with the remote on my key, and it locked just fine – for 2 seconds. Then it unlocked itself, and the horn honked twice.Help? Posts

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Doors Lock Automatically While Outside Of Car

Today, the car doors of my 2005 Toyota Camry suddenly locked while I was outside the vehicle talking to someone. I thought I had touched the lock button on the key remote so I unlocked the door and continued talking. The doors locked again, several times while we talked. I then placed the car keys on top of the car and we continued talking and the doors locked again. What gives? A passerby suggested I had an electrical short. A short in the cars electrical? In the remote? Could a sensor be going awry? Ive never changed the battery in the remote. I have noticed on a few occasions that the car doors were locked while the car is in the garage even though I dont lock the doors when I”m in the garage, so I guess the same thing has been happening for a while. I worry that something might stick on and wear down the battery or burn up the car . Should I be worried? Thanks for any suggestions.

I like the remote theory best.Moisture or gunk trapped in some switch somewhere. Ive taken apart many a remote for battery replacement and have seen many that were very wet in there.Not only take off the back to access the battery but take out the little circuit board from the rubber bottons. You may find it moist in there. Dry off and reassemble.Dry all the remotes in this manner.

It should also tell you that if you open one door right after unlocking, it wont relock until all doors are closed.

My Matrix works the same way.

Thanks again for all the comments.

Experiment with:

A Parting Note On Car Lock Problems

Car Door Lock Locking and Unlocking on its own

Car locks acting up are a nuisance. Because car lock problems usually point to electrical issues, dont wait to get them investigated. Failed locking mechanisms make the car less safe and open doors for theft and costly repairs.

Find a reputable locksmith or mechanic to investigate your cars central locking system before you become locked into a serious automotive problem.;

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Unlocking Your Steering Wheel

  • 1Insert the key into the ignition. Your steering wheel is likely locked because there was a bit of force on the wheel as you turned the car off last. Unlocking it will require using the ignition key in the same way you would when starting the vehicle.
  • Insert the key into the ignition and see if it will turn.
  • If the key will turn and start the vehicle, the wheel will unlock with the ignition cylinder.
  • 2Turn the key gently. If the key and wheel both remain locked in place, you will need to apply pressure to the key in the direction you would usually turn it. Be careful not to apply the pressure too high up on the body of the key, as that may cause the key to twist or even break while inside the key hole. Instead, apply firm but gentle pressure until the ignition comes unlocked.XResearch source
  • If you do need to contact an automotive locksmith, it will be much more expensive to repair an ignition cylinder with a broken key inside.
  • Note: If the key doesn’t turn with slight pressure, applying more will not increase the likelihood of it turning. Instead, maintain light pressure on the key and move on to the next step.

  • It is the process of turning the key while applying pressure to the wheel simultaneously that will unlock the steering wheel.
  • The wheel will only move slightly in the direction opposite the pin, but won’t move at all in the wrong direction.
  • Shaking the wheel back and forth could damage the locking pin and likely won’t unlock the wheel.
  • Toyota Camry Unlocks And Locks Itself

    my 96 Camry started locking and unlocking itself sometimes while driving and sometimes when not driving I will go to get into my unlocked car just to find it lock. It didn’t really bother me til last week when it locked itself and my key would not work. I don’t know how to break in to a car so I was stranded for 4 days.

    Finally just now, I thought I would go try again, and it was unlocked lol.

    So in the meantime I’ve wedged folded up cigarette packaging paper into the lock inside to hopefully prevent it from locking me out again.

    How can I fix this, I am clueless…

    You could try unplugging each lock switch one at a time and test to see if a switch is shorting.

    If the car has an aftermarket security system you could try removing it from the door lock system.

    The wire loom that run into the doors can also be suspect.

    You should probably have a locksmith look at your key and lock cylinder so that you don’t get locked out of your car again.

    • Also worth checking battery – some locking systems could misbehave on voltage drops. They shouldn’t, but I’ve seen it happen.

    Honestly I think it’s the switches, and it you test them thoroughly you’ll find the problem. And more good news, they shouldn’t be expensive to replace.

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    Common Reasons Why Your Car Door Isnt Locking Properly

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    Are your power locks keeping you from getting into your car, or locking it when you leave? You need to know whats going wrong and take steps to stop it from happening. There are five common reasons why your car door lock is not working.

  • The key fob battery is dead: This is one of the most common reasons why your car door lock is not working. If your locks arent working, replacing the battery in the key fob could solve the issue.

  • The key fob is faulty: If the battery isnt the problem, the issue may be with the fob itself. If you go to your car dealer, they can hook the fob up to a computer and make sure that the programming is still good. If its not sending a signal, the fob will likely have to be replaced.

  • A fuse is blown: If one door doesnt work, but others do, the problem could be a blown fuse. Replacing the fuse will correct the problem. This is a cheap and easy fix.

  • The solenoid is bad: Again, if one door doesnt work, but others do, the problem could be with the door lock solenoid. Replacing it may require removing the car door panel.

  • You have a broken wire: If the lock isnt getting power, hold the lock switch either up or down, and then open and close the door repeatedly to see if the lock will work. If it works sometimes, you probably have a broken wire.

  • Have one of our certified mobile mechanics inspect your door locking system if any of these problems present themselves .

    Skip the Repair Shop

    Our Mechanics Make House Calls

    How Do You Reset Automatic Door Locks

    Why wont my Volkswagen start?

    To reset the automatic lock function on your vehicle, you need first to follow the same steps used to deactivate it.

  • Insert the key in the ignition and turn the car on.
  • Turn off the car.
  • Press the unlock button three times.
  • Turn the car back on.
  • Wait for the horn to chirp to indicate programming mode has started.
  • Press the unlock button, then press lock. The horn will honk twice, indicating that the auto-lock has re-activated.
  • Turn the ignition off and wait for the horn to issue a confirmation honk indicating the approved programming change.
  • Always test the locks to verify that the system has reset. If the automatic programming engages while driving, take the car for a short drive to confirm locks work. Or, if locks engage after the vehicle is off after a specific length of time, wait in the car until the locks engage to confirm programming has stuck.
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    Can You Disable Automatic Door Lock Programming

    Some newer vehicles do come with the ability to turn off automatic lock programming. Check your key fob for a button that says disable and click it. That should deprogram auto-locking functions. Additionally, some vehicles have a programming code to turn off the auto-lock function. Some cars, like the Ford Focus, turn the auto-lock off if you follow the below steps:;

  • Insert the key in the ignition and turn the car on.
  • Turn off the car.
  • Press the unlock button three times.
  • Turn the car back on.
  • Wait for the horn to chirp to indicate programming mode has started.
  • Press the unlock button, then press lock. The horn will honk, indicating that the auto-lock has deactivated.
  • Turn the ignition off and wait for the horn to issue a confirmation honk indicating the approved programming change.
  • A Note on Disabling Automatic Door Lock Programming

    Modern vehicles automatic door lock function may be a nuisance occasionally, but remember that the intent behind it is safety. Only deprogram automatic door locks if it is completely necessary.

    If you choose to deprogram locks for a specific purpose, re-engage the locks as soon as possible, and definitely before driving with passengers in the vehicle.;

    My Jetta Randomly Auto Locking

    OlyJetta said:While on a road trip to Montana, my 2010 Jetta started autolocking the doors at random when I close any door. I can unlock it, keep the doors open for a few minutes, turn the engine on, then off, get out, close the door and then the car just locks on it’s own. There are various types of scenarios where I don’t start the engine when this has happened. When I realized I had a problem was when I had stopped on a road in Glacier N.P. to do photos. Left the windows open, did not lock the car, came back to car 5 minutes later, opened the drivers door and set off the alarm. No rhyme or reason to it. The battery in the remote is good.Any thoughts?

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    Why Do Car Doors Lock Automatically


    Most new cars automatically lock their doors when in motion because the government and auto manufacturers correctly assume that the owners of cars cannot be expected to protect themselves from hijackers.

    Subsequently, question is, how do you fix an automatic door lock? 7 fixes to try if your car’s power door locks won’t work

  • If your car power locks are keeping you out of your car, there may be some easy ways to unlock the problem. Here are a few you can try.
  • Check the battery.
  • Open and close the driver’s side door.
  • Herein, do car doors lock automatically?

    Most newer cars have a remote keyless system that can be controlled remotely with a key fob. On some cars the doors lock when the transmission is moved from the ‘Park’ position. On other vehicles, the doors automatically lock when the vehicle reaches a certain speed.

    Do cars automatically lock after a while?

    The only time it will auto lock is if you hit the unlock button, but don’t open anything. Then it will re-lock itself after a short period of time if you have that setting enabled. If you get out of the car and leave it unlocked, then it will stay unlocked forever.

    Doors Lock/unlock For No Apparent Reason

    Solve Auto Lock Problem Easily Without Any Extra Tools

    I have a weird feeling that theres a ghost in my car! This is so strange! I was driving home after dinner with of my best friends & suddenly all of my doors keep locking & unlocking on their own for no apparent reason; Im NOT EVEN touching the door lock switch! To remedy the problem I yanked out the door lock fuse so it wont drain out my battery overnight. What could be wrong with my door locks?

    Car: 1986 Lincoln Town Car

    oh, some cars that have electric locking systems have a sensor in the driver side door lock, so, when you push the lock down on the driver door, it makes all the doors lock, so if this sensor is malfunctioning, it can cause the doors to lock and unlock unexpectedly, ive had this happen before, what you can do, and this can be done at home though it is easier to have a dealer do it, what you can do is take the door apart and either remover the sensor from the lock device in the door, if you can find it, note this will bypass the sensor completely so the doors will not auto lock with the driver door, OR, just by a new lock and install it, or have the dealer do it, either way

    SometimesSometimes, in electronics, a LOW battery can confuse the system and be worse than a dead battery.Check or change the batteries in your remotes and see if the symptoms change.

    My friends say its a short & leading the alternator, but that cant be the cause of the locking/unlocking problem :-/

    Been there, done that.

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