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How To Sell A Car In Nc

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North Carolina Emissions And Smog Check Requirements

How to get a North Carolina Car Dealer License [6 Step Process]

Vehicle owners in North Carolina are required to ensure their vehicle passes a vehicle emissions test within 90 days of the vehicles registration renewal deadline. If you reside in one of the designated 48 counties in NC that requires a vehicle safety and emissions inspection, and your vehicle doesnt pass, the NC DMV will block your vehicle registration until your vehicle passes these inspections.

If your vehicle is not registered in one of the counties that requires a vehicle smog and emissions test, you are only required to pass an annual safety and visual tampering inspection.

What To Bring When Selling Your Car

  • All keys, remotes and Owner’s Manuals – Any missing original keys, remotes or Owner’s Manuals may result in your offer being adjusted.
  • Valid state-issued photo ID – For all title holders.
  • Title or payoff information – All title holders should plan to be present. If there is a previously paid-off lien listed on the title you’ll also need the release from the lien holder.
  • If you don’t have the required items, we’ll make arrangements to gather what’s missing.

    Requesting A Duplicate Vehicle Title In North Carolina

    You can replace your vehicles title at your local NC DMV office if your vehicles title is lost, stolen, damaged, or you need to remove a lien from the vehicle title.

    To apply for a duplicate vehicle title in North Carolina, you need:

    • The Application for Duplicate Title
    • A lien release form from your lien holder for any liens on the vehicle
    • Proof of ID, such as your drivers license
    • Payment for the NC duplicate title fee of $21.50 . If youre applying in person, you can pay this fee using check, money order, cash, debit, or credit card

    If youre mailing your duplicate vehicle title application, submit the documents to the address provided on the duplicate vehicle title form. If youre applying in person, submit the required documents and payment at your local NC DMV office.

    All duplicate vehicle title applications have a waiting period of 15 days from the day the DMV receives your duplicate title application.

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    North Carolina Car Bill Of Sale

    When purchasing a car from a dealership in North Carolina, a bill of sale is required to document the sale. Although the bill of sale is not required for a privately purchased vehicle, itâs important to get or give a bill of sale when buying or selling an automobile to protect your interests and investment.

    The bill of sale doesnât constitute ownership on its own â only the title can do that. It does, however, provide proof of transfer of the title. This proof is helpful for your records, important for resolving tax issues, and vital for resolving ownership disputes.

    Who Buys Cars In Nc

    How To Sell A Car In Nc
    • Dealers

    Dealers are likely the first thought by many when selling their cars in NC. But that doesnt mean theyre the best. Dealers make their money by buying your car for the least amount possible and then selling it for the most. If youre willing to put in the time to market it yourself, then youll get a lot more out of it. Another thing to remember is that dealers look for cars that are no more than 10-years old. Why? Because anything older is more difficult to approve a loan on. The same goes for miles, if theres much more than 100,000, theyll offer a lot less.

    Be sure to use NADA Guides and KBB if you do choose to visit a dealer, this will ensure you at least receive a fair price.

    • Private Buyers

    If youve followed the advice given in this article about completing the required documents, pricing it fair, preparing it for sale. And how to market it, then selling to a private buyer should be simple. Selling a car in NC, privately, is also likely to yield the highest price, as long as youre willing to invest the time. Remember to provide as much data as possible, including receipts of recent repair work, any estimates, and printouts from NADA and KBB.

    • Scrapyards

    If you think youll have the most luck at a scrapyard, be sure to check out our previous article on how to scrap your car for the most cash possible.

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    Sell Your Car In North Carolina

    When it comes time to sell your car in North Carolina, look no further than We Buy Any Car NC. As expert car buyers we have transformed the car selling experience, making it quick and easy to sell your car, truck or SUV in NC. No longer will you have to deal with unscrupulous car dealerships or undergo the long, tedious process of selling your car privately. Our transparent process makes getting cash for cars in North Carolina fast, safe and fair.

    Sell your car in just 3 simple steps. First get your free online valuation to discover how much your car is worth. Next schedule an appointment at one of our local car buying centers at a time and date that is convenient for you. Finally, well inspect the car, complete the paperwork and hand you a check you can deposit immediately.

    With a 5-star customer satisfaction rating, be sure to make We Buy Any Car NC your first stop when selling a car.

    Who Needs A North Carolina Bill Of Sale

    A North Carolina bill of sale form is a document that both the buyer and seller of a vehicle should keep for their personal reference. This credential is especially important for vehicle buyers during the process of buying a car from a dealer. In addition, an NC bill of sale copy is a valuable piece of documentation that vehicle sellers should keep for their personal needs.

    Make sure to properly complete a sample bill of sale template when selling or buying a motor vehicle. This will serve you as a record of the ownership transfer when possible legal issues may arise in the future. Moreover, this document is a significant part of the vehicle paperwork that both sellers and purchasers are recommended to possess in order to avoid future legal inconveniences.

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    Why Is A Bill Of Sale Form Important When Selling A Car

    When you sell a car online or through any other method, keep in mind that you may be required to use a bill of sale. This is a document that includes details such as:

    • The make, model, year, color and vehicle identification number of your car.
    • The current odometer reading.
    • The buyers name and address.
    • The signatures of both parties.
    • An acknowledgment of any liens, past or current.

    Not all states require using a bill of sale when selling a vehicle, but these documents can still be useful even if you are not obligated to fill one out. Know that if your state does require this paperwork, you may need to use a special DMV form in order for your document to be legal. If your state does not require you to use a specific form, you can usually make your own document by including all of the information in the list above.

    Its Easy To Get Cash For Your Junk Car In Nc

    How to Flip Cars without a Dealer License * Legal and Illegal *

    The Clunker Junker is a North Carolina junk car removal service that can put cash in your pocket and take those automotive lawn ornaments off your hands. It, too, only takes three easy steps to get cash for cars in North Carolina using The Clunker Junker:

  • 1. Give us the 411 on your junk car

    If you want to sell your junk car in North Carolina, youâll need to know a few things about your ride. To start with, tell us the exact year, make, and model of the vehicle, so that we can give you a rough idea of what we can offer you before taking it to an auto salvage yard. Has your car seen better days? Donât worry: we still pay top dollar for junk cars in North Carolina, regardless of how many hurricanes it’s seen.

  • 2. Take a Look at Our Cash Offer

    After youâve told us all about your junker, weâll give you a cash offer for it. In most cases you’ll be given your offer instantly right on our website, so you don’t have to wait around hoping someone calls you back. If you agree with the amount weâve shown you, then all you have to do is click âaccept.â

  • 3. Have Our Driver Tow it Awayâand Collect Your Cash Offer

    After accepting our offer, our team will schedule our friendly North Carolina junk car buyers to come out and pick up your car, usually within a few days or less. Upon arriving, the driver will ask for your keys, title if needed, and vehicle in exchange for your cash or check payment. And donât worry: towing is free of charge.

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    Keep Copies Of Everything

    Even after you have sold the vehicle and its long gone, make sure you keep copies of all paperwork associated with ownership. You cant be sure that the new owner will title the vehicle, and you dont want to be held liable for anything that might happen involving that vehicle in the future.

    Also, if there are ownership questions later on , youll have your bases covered.

    North Carolina Firearm Bill Of Sale

    Bills of sale are not legally required to transfer ownership of a firearm in the state of North Carolina, but they provide proof of ownership for the buyer and document the transaction for the seller.

    It is highly recommended that all firearm transactions produce a bill of sale to have an accurate record of where, when, and to whom a firearm was sold. It is illegal under federal law for North Carolina residents to sell firearms outside the state of North Carolina.

    A firearm bill of sale should include:

    • Buyerâs and sellerâs name, address, and driverâs license number
    • Description of the firearm
    • Buyer and seller contact information
    • Signatures of buyer and seller

    Livestock bills of sale should also include the number of animals sold if many are transferred at once. While individual horses dont require rigorous inspection, sales of large quantities of livestock intended for human consumption, such as hogs, cattle, and sheep, require a more exhaustive documentation process.

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    How To Sell A Car In North Carolina Instructions For Non And New Nc Residents

    New North Carolina residents or non-residents who have recently obtained a vehicle, have to get the vehicle titled in North Carolina before registering it.

    In addition to a driver license, the non-North Carolina resident has to provide one of the following:

    • A court-ordered sale of the car or the vehicle.
    • Registration for a motor home that is documented and active.
    • A military ID
    • A student ID
    • A Form MVR-614 documenting that the vehicle is garaged in North Carolina for at least six months each year

    Explore Alternate Titling Options

    How To Sell A Car In North Carolina: Following Regulations From NC DMV

    Again, every state is different, but some have ways to title an abandoned vehicle or car with outstanding repair bills stacked against it.

    In Virginia, for example, you can file a mechanics lien for unpaid bills if you provide the proper documentation. You can also file for an abandoned vehicle title. This is a process in which the state uses the vehicles VIN to attempt contacting the vehicles last known owner to give them a sort of right of first refusal.

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    What Paperwork Is Needed To Sell A Vehicle

    To set yourself up for an easy sales process, youre going to need to get all of your paperwork together ahead of time.

    The most important will be the title, which will be transferred over to the new owner of your car and is required for every vehicle sale in NC.

    If you dont have the title to your car, its not impossible to sell but it will be more difficult. Contact the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles as they may be able to get you a copy of the title.

    While not necessary, if you have any records for work thats been done to your car be sure to bring it with you. If youre selling it privately, this can help the new owner understand the care thats been taken to keep the car running smoothly.

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    Get ready for some next level insights and strategies from the best out there.

    If youre trading it in or selling to a dealership, you may be able to get a better price if you have records showing the car is viable for resale.

    Which Is The Best Site To Sell My Car In North Carolina

    The best site to sell your car in North Carolina is the one that strikes a balance between convenience and the money you put in your pocket. We think you should consider the Edmunds instant offer due to the no-obligation appraisal and seven-day timeframe to redeem it at a participating dealership. Learn more

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    How To Sell A Car In North Carolina: Following Regulations From Nc Dmv

    Selling a car in North Carolina is not a difficult task with the right game plan. NC DMVoffers car sellers a systematic approach to selling a car!

    Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

    Like any other state in our union, North Carolina needs particular documents.

    Check out our guide that is sure to help you with how to sell a car in the Tarheel State!

    We Buy Any Car In Any Condition In North Carolina Nc

    Buy And Sell A Car Without A title

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    • Sell My Car that is Broken Down with Mechanical Problems in North Carolina, NC.
    • Sell My Car with Collision Damage after a Car Accident in North Carolina, NC.
    • Sell My Car that has a Car Loan in North Carolina, NC.
    • Sell My Car with Title Problems or No Title in North Carolina, NC.
    • Sell My Car that is Salvage or a in North Carolina, NC.

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    Best Ways To Sell Your Vehicle In Nc

    There are a few different ways you can sell off your car, but the best method will depend on the condition and how long youre willing to wait for the right buyer.

    • Sell it to a dealer. Some dealerships like CarMax will buy your car straight out, while others will only buy it if youre trading it in for a new car or truck.
    • Sell it privately. Put an ad on Craigslist,, and Facebook Marketplace to attract as many potential buyers as possible.
    • Sell it to your mechanic. Sometimes mechanics will fix up used cars and sell them in their lots. Since theyve done all the work on your vehicle, they should have a good understanding of the condition and value.
    • Sell it at auction. Auctions are usually for those in the vehicle industry only, but a few public auctions are around.
    • Sell it to a junkyard. While you might not get top dollar, if you want to unload the car as quickly as possible, this could be an excellent way to go. Selling a car to a junkyard is especially useful when selling an automobile thats no longer in working condition.

    Were A Trusted Junk Car Removal Service In Nc That Pays Top Dollar Cash For Clunkers

    Weâve made thousands of cash offers for NC junkers all through the state, giving North Carolinians the cash they deserve for their old cars. Want to get rid of your junker for cash on the spot in The Tar Heel State? Reach out to The Clunker Junker to finally get rid of your junker and put money in your pocket!

    What are you waiting for? Get and instant offer now!
    • 1416 recent offers made

    North Carolina Junk Car buyers

    The Clunker Junker is one of the top junk car buyers in the state of North Carolina. To date we have made instant offers on over 80 thousand vehicles across the state, totaling over $25 Million offered! Of those vehicles, approximately 11% were purchased without a title. We also buy cars on a wide spectrum of conditions and 59% of the vehicles we’ve made offers on in North Carolina do not start or drive. Many also have moderate to severe body damage. Charlotte in Clinton County was our top producer, followed by Fayetteville.

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