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How To Take Care Of Your Car

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Go Easy When Youre Stuck

How To Take Care Of Your Car PROPERLY-Car Maintenance

When stuck in mud or snow, dont make the problem worse by damaging an expensive component. Gently rocking in an attempt to free the car is fine. But if it looks as though youre really stuck, dont keep at it. Throwing your car from forward to reverse repeatedly, as well as spinning tires at high speeds, can generate lots of heat and spell trouble for transmissions, clutches, and differentials. It may be cheaper in the long run to call the tow truck rather than risk big repair bills down the road. Its a good idea to carry a traction aid in the trunk, such as sand, gravel, or cat litter.

Make Sure Theres Always Enough Coolant

The coolant will help keep the engine from overheating, so its yet another area of your engine that you need to maintain. Put simply, your vehicles coolant will move throughout the engine when its thermostat registers that the engine is getting too hot.

Making sure there is enough coolant;in your engine at all times is as easy as regularly popping open the hood and looking at the coolant tank, which is clear. There should be orange or green liquid inside, and it should be in between the maximum and minimum marks on the tank.

These are just a few of the many ways that you can maintain your cars engine and keep it running like new. Remember to check your owners manual for details on what it needs to operate smoothly.


What Happens When Brakes Fail

When brakes fail, pedal feel is compromised, and the brake system performs below standards, which causes premature wear of system components and loss of the drivers confidence in the vehicles stopping ability.

When a brake pad wears beyond the service limits, it will cause damage to the brake caliper, and the piston seal will become stretched and distorted.

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Batteries: The #1 Cause Of Roadside Breakdowns

Most batteries last only 3-5 years in ideal driving conditions. Do you know how old yours is?

If youre not sure or if you suspect your battery might be failing stop by your local AutoZone for free battery testing. In addition to emergency towing service that can cost more than $100,* the true price of a roadside breakdown is even greater when you consider your time and the possibility of being stranded at nighttime or in bad weather.

Whens The Best Time To Get My Battery Tested Or Replaced

How to take care of your car at home

To avoid getting stranded during the hottest or coldest parts of the year, its best to get car batteries tested during summer and early fall. Pay attention to your cars subtle hints. Drivers who are concerned that their batteries may be failing should get them checked or replaced immediately.

If the battery is more than three-years-old, its best to get it replaced to avoid a breakdown.

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Keep It Running Consistently And Reliably

One of the main reasons you want to ensure that you are taking care of any problems or issues related to your vehicle is to ensure that it is reliable to drive. You want to be able to count on your car when you are on the road and avoid issues where you have problems with the tires, engines, or any other part of your vehicle. You dont want to get into a situation where you are on the road, and your vehicles engine begins to smoke, forcing you to pull over, stop and inspect the problem. Taking the necessary steps to maintain your vehicle means that you can rely on its consistency and not be afraid that it will die on you, whether you are going to work, driving to school, or taking it on a road trip. If your car is not properly maintained, you could end up stranded at any given time while you own and drive your vehicle. In more severe cases, you may end up without a vehicle and means of transportation for several days, as issues can take time to repair if they are allowed to deteriorate to such drastic levels. Taking a little time to maintain your car or do repairs on minor damages and potential problems can save you a significant amount of time and headache down the road.

Use Your Air Conditioning

Use it or lose it is a phrase that could be applied to air conditioning.

Air-con systems inevitably leak refrigerant gas over time, particularly if they arent used regularly.

Leaving your air-con off may save fuel, but you could end up with a bill for air conditioning re-gassing instead .

And yes, that means occasionally letting your vents blow cold in winter, too.

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Daily Care Of Your Facial Skin

You need to develop a routine to help keep your facial skin smooth and free of blemishes. While there are many products to buy, you can always take some simple steps and develop some habits to make your face look beautiful.

1. Cleansing

When learning how to take care of your face, it is important to develop a routine of cleansing it. Remove your makeup before you wash our face, especially if you wear makeup that cannot be removed by water. If you leave your makeup intact, this will clog your pores and lead to blackheads. You can also use organic products to deal with blemishes on your face. You have to consider your skin type before opting for any product. Opt for a gentler product if you have sensitive skin. Dandelion sap, lemon juice, honey, and other materials have worked for many, and they may work for you as well.

2. Exfoliating

Just like cleansing, exfoliating your face regularly is also important. You should exfoliate your face at least once a week to get rid of dead skin cells as well as the excess of oil and any dirt that makes your skin look dull.

To make a scrub, all you have to do is mix a teaspoon of ground oatmeal and a tablespoon of honey together, and then apply it onto your face. Rub it gently over dry spots in a circular motion. Rinse it off after a few minutes to notice difference. Alternatively, you can use a product that contains alpha-hydroxy acid or glycolic acid. Just stay away from harsh body scrubs.

3. Toning

4. Moisturizing

5. Sun Blocking

Fix Small Windshield Chips

How To Take Care Of Your New Car

Got a rock chip, crack, or ding in your windshield? Bring your car to a windshield repair shop. For far less cost than replacing the windshield, they can fix chips and cracks, even quite long ones. The repairs not only keep the chips and cracks from spreading and restore structural integrity, they also improve clarity.

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Important Winter Car Care Tips

Keep your car running smoothly in the winter months.

From low tire pressure to frozen fuel lines to road salt damage, winter can take its toll on your vehicle. Here are five car care tips to help prevent long-term damage:

  • Swap out regular tires for winter tires. Snow or not, if you live in an area where temperatures regularly fall below 45 degrees, winter tires are recommended. They’re made to give you better traction while turning or stopping on cold pavement.
  • Check tire pressure weekly. Driving on underinflated tires can cause them to wear down prematurely and lose traction on icy or slippery surfaces. Your tires lose a pound of pressure with every 10-degree drop in temperature.
  • Keep your fuel tank half full. During winter weather, it’s a good idea to keep at least half a tank of fuel in the vehicle in the event of an emergency or if you get stuck in the snow and need to wait for rescue. For longer road trips, plan stops for gas in advance.
  • Add a protective layer. A coat of polymer wax can create a barrier against road salt, grime, snow, sleet and more. Couple that with high-pressure car washes after winter storms to rinse away buildup in hard-to-reach areas such as wheels, wheel wells and underbody.
  • Protect your windshield wipers. If you park outdoors, leave the wipers in the raised position to prevent them from freezing to the windshield. Never use your wiper blades to remove ice, snow or frost from the windshield; use an ice scraper instead.
  • Check Tire Air Pressure

    Once a month and before any extended road trips, use an accurate tire-pressure gauge to check the inflation pressure in each tire, including the spare. Do this when the tires are cold . Use the inflation pressure recommended by the vehicles manufacturer, not the maximum pressure embossed on the tires sidewall. The recommended pressure is usually found on a placard on a front doorjamb, in the glove compartment, or in the owners manual. Also be sure to inspect tires for abnormal or uneven wear, cuts, and any sidewall bulges you can see.

    CR advises that digital tire-pressure gauges are probably the best bet overall because they will give an accurate reading or none at all. Many pencil-type gauges are good as well. Note that to check the pressure in a temporary spare tire, which is often 60 psi, you will need a gauge that goes higher than thatsay from 0 up to 90 pounds.

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    Basic Tips And Tricks For A Cleaner Car

    Eating fast food inside your car is one of the quickest ways to create clutter. The bags, the cups, the grease and the crumbs create an unpleasant and unhealthy mess. By skipping out on the drive-thru, you can drastically cut down on the amount of trash that enters your car, not to mention the amount of money flying out of your wallet!

    Even if you abstain from eating in your car, keeping junk out altogether is still a tall order. Stop potential messes by keeping a small trash bag in the car at all times. Simply empty it whenever you stop to get gas.

    What Are Signs Of Battery Failure

    How to Take Care of Your Car in Summertime â Seal Skin Covers

    Signs that a vehicle is experiencing battery failure may include:

    • Dimming headlights and interior lights
    • Slow engine starting
    • Check engine light is on
    • Accessories failing to operate

    Since indications of battery failure are commonly subtle and misdiagnosed, many drivers only become aware of the condition when their car no longer starts.

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    Car Care: 8 Essential Tips For Looking After Your Vehicle

    Regular care checks and maintenance are all it takes to avoid potential car reliability problems.

    Our maintenance plan will help you keep your car in good shape by helping maintain the most important things like: healthy oil and cooling systems, safe tyres and batteries and working headlights, windscreen wipers and indicators.

    Three: Wash With A Microfiber Cloth

    With the first two steps completed, take a microfiber cloth dampened with the cleaning solution and begin to scrub your leather seats. Be careful not to saturate your leather surfaces with too much cleaning solution. Soaked leather takes a long time to dry and can eventually get moldy if not properly dried.

    With your cleaning cloth in hand, scrub any stains or dirt spots you can see until they are gone. If the stains havent settled into the leather, you should only need to use a little bit of elbow grease to get rid of them. More resilient stains and marks may require some additional scrubbing to fully remove.

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    What Causes Brake Failure Especially In Winter

    Excessive buildup of road salt/brine solutions can create binding/contamination of exposed brake parts and premature deteriorating conditions. Winter can be extremely hard on the braking system. Temperature changes, ice, and snow conditions as well as increased use of anti-lock braking systems can impact brake-related components.

    Get Help From A Car Paint Shop

    Take Care of Your Car’s Engine: Car Expert Lauren Fix

    Go the extra mile for the protection of your cars exterior by leaning on the professionals at the Zimbrick body shop. Our auto body services take care of the dings, dents, and other cosmetic damage to restore your car back to its original look. We can even give your car a whole new custom paint job. Schedule an appointment at your nearest Zimbrick body shop location and put the sparkle back in your ride.

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    Your Engine Doesnt Like Revving Just To Come To A Complete Halt

    Engines are;engineered to run at constant speed. This is when they perform the best. Too much variation in the revs tires it out and this takes a toll. City driving, where you constantly move and come to a stop is really hard on the engine. Try not to rev too hard. Instead, be sure footed and dont over-accelerate when you know you have to stop again. Try sticking to the highway whenever possible. This will give you better mileage and keep that engine running for longer.

    These checks;should keep your engine healthy and save you a lot of money in repairs/ replacement/ maintenance. The engine is the most expensive and complex part of your car. It demands good care and will return the favor by fetching a good resale value when you plan to sell your car. Talking about good resale price, at CARS24 we get you the best price for your old car.

    Looking for a buyer and tired of listing on classified websites? Visit CARS24;and sell your car;to get instant payment!

    Warning Signs That Something Is Wrong With Your Car

    You will need to visit a mechanic as soon as possible if:

    • A dashboard warning light remains on
    • You feel any unusual vibrations
    • The temperature gauge reads hot
    • You hear any unusual noises
    • The oil pressure gauge reads low
    • The car has a tendency to wander or steer to one side
    • You experience any abnormalities when braking

    You should also take your car to a mechanic if it:

    • Uses more fuel or oil than usual
    • Is difficult to start
    • Leaves oil or coolant on the driveway
    • Has a smoky exhaust

    Note:;This is a guide only. The manufacturer’s specific recommendations take precedence and you should still have your car regularly serviced by a qualified technician.;

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    Keep Check On The Cooling System

    Even though we have come a long way in terms of efficiency of a car engine, a lot of energy is lost during combustion in the form of heat. Metals and alloys, which your car engine is made out of, are not very good friends with heat. Always ensure there is ample coolant in the tank as it is very important for heat dissipation. A 1:1 ratio of coolant and distilled water is ideal. Also, its a good thing to look at the engine temp gauge on a hot sunny day and shut your car down in case its close to overheating.

    Ways To Take Care Of Your Cars Paint Job

    Car Care: 6 Effective Steps to Take Care of Your Car From ...

    Nothing sparks confidence in a driver like a sparkling paint job on the body of the car. But in order for your car to retain its shine long after it leaves the car paint shop, it must be taken care of just like the rest of the vehicle. ;

    Below are 5 ways to take care of your cars paint job to keep your ride looking shiny and new.

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    Get Your Brake Pads Replaced Every 25000 Miles Or Sooner If Your Brakes Are Wearing Down

    Why It’s Important: It’s always a good idea to have your brakes checked out every so often by a professional, as a nasty grinding noise can bring an unpleasant worry. A big part of this are the brake pads, which resist loss of brake power at high temperatures and can be replaced by a mechanic if needed.

    The Cost Of Not Doing It: Neglecting your brake pads will eventually lead to your brake rotors failing, leading to a $300 to $600 replacement and at worst, an emergency you don’t want to deal with.

    How To Make Your Face Naturally Beautiful

    Now you have some information about how to take care of your face, but there is more about how to make your face naturally beautiful.

    1. Mind the Food You Eat

    Include more greens, fresh fruits, vitamins, and protein in your diet. You will have radiant skin if your diet includes vitamin C and is low in sugar and fats. A low-sugar diet will also help maintain healthy skin. Exclude any fermented and spicy food from your diet. You should also limit your intake of citrus fruits, fermented food, and fried food. Bland foods like oatmeal, rice, and applesauce will always work better.

    2. Keep Exercising

    You have to stay active to stay healthy and have radiant skin. Jogging, running, yoga, etc., anything will do. Exercise improves your blood circulation and helps cleanse your body. Avoid any skincare before and after you do your workout. You may consider applying a toner though to minimize oil production. Exfoliate after your workout and use olive oil to moisturize your face.

    3. Have a Sound Sleep

    You should sleep for at least 8 hours every night to provide your body with rest and time to repair itself. Be sure to wash your face before you go to sleep. If you have dry skin, you should stick to milder cleansers that do not contain alcohol. Avoid hot water because it can leave your skin dry.

    4. Drink Enough Water

    5. Avoid Stress

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