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How To Track My Car Location

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Track Someones Location Via Famikit

How to Track Your Car Realtime

FamiKit is a parental control app for people with kids. It enables parents to check screen time, track real-time location, get location history, set geo-fencing, block inappropriate websites, view phone activities and more. With FamiKit app installed both on parent and child device, parents can track their kids location in an easy and convenient way.

With FamiKit, you can:

  • Track real-time location of target device
  • Get the location history to figure out the whereabouts of the person you track
  • Create geo-fences around special locations and get alert once he or she is out of it.
  • Follow the steps below to get it done:

    Step 1 Create an Account. Visit FamiKit official website then go to Sign UP to create a FamiKit account.

    Step 2 Install App. Go to to install Famikit app on parent device then login with your account. Select Parent when asking “Who use this device”. Likewise, install FamiKit app on child device and login with the same account. You should select kids role this time and then follow the instructions given to fully authorize permissions required.

    Step 3 Start Monitoring. After FamiKit is fully set up on child device, now you can refer to parent device to track real-time location or location histories. Besides, you can even set geo-fencing to receive instant alert whenever the person you track is out the defined area.

    Supported OS: Android 5+ /iOS

    Price: Free trial here

    Active Versus Passive Tracking

    Several types of vehicle tracking devices exist. Typically they are classified as “passive” and “active”. “Passive” devices store GPS location, speed, heading and sometimes a trigger event such as key on/off, door open/closed. Once the vehicle returns to a predetermined point, the device is removed and the data downloaded to a computer for evaluation. Passive systems include auto download type that transfer data via wireless download. “Active” devices also collect the same information but usually transmit the data in near-real-time via cellular or satellite networks to a computer or data center for evaluation.

    Many modern vehicle tracking devices combine both active and passive tracking abilities: when a cellular network is available and a tracking device is connected it transmits data to a server when a network is not available the device stores data in internal memory and will transmit stored data to the server later when the network becomes available again.

    What You Need To Know About Gps Tracking Devices

    GPS trackers come in all shapes and sizes, some more discreet than others, and they can be divided into two broad categories: real-time GPS trackers and GPS data loggers . Active trackers combine GPS location tracking with real-time data transmission using cellular towers. The main advantage of active GPS trackers is that they can be accessed remotely over the internet. Passive GPS trackers store location data in internal memory and can be accessed only in person.

    While installing most modern GPS trackers on a vehicle is a very simple process, finding hidden GPS trackers is seldom as straightforward. However, because of how GPS trackers work, there are several places on a vehicle where you should always look if you suspect that someone is monitoring your location with a GPS tracker.

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    Track Your Car And Your Teen Driver

    Overprotective and worried parents can put their minds at ease with a GPS tracker. With the right device installed in a teenagers car, they can monitor his or her locations in real-time.

    There are some Phone Apps that may help you track a car, but they will quickly use the battery on your phone. See our related article.

    Why Secretly Track My Car

    Track My Location GPS Vehicle Tracker

    There are several good reasons you will want the ability to secretly track your car, not the least of which are car thieves! But there are other circumstances the ability to secretly track a car may be useful. One example would be that you have a teenager who likes to borrow the car on weekends, and knowing where your child is can either bring peace of mind, or give you good cause to call them home. Or, maybe a significant other who cant or wont explain their whereabouts. The reason neednt be troubling maybe youd just like the ability to figure out how close a commuting family member is to returning home from work.

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    Eliminate Bad Driving Behaviors

    GPS fleet management software can increase driver safety and performance by monitoring speeding, jackrabbit starts, hard cornering, harsh braking, time spent idling and more. You can also use data to set criteria for rewarding the good habits of your drivers. When excessive speeding is addressed quickly, you effectively reduce fuel waste, safety risks and insurance rates.

    Will My Gps Tracker Still Work In Rural Areas

    If you live in an area where cell service is spotty, then youll likely experience some spotty GPS coverage as well.

    This doesnt mean the GPS isnt working, it just means its unable to get the location information to your phone because there arent enough cellular towers around to send the signal.

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    View Full Reports Of All Activity For Each Vehicle

    Track Your Trucks GPS fleet tracking system offers detailed reporting to help you make informed decisions based on various vehicle patterns and events. Current and historical fleet performance analysis lets you create truck activity reports for total operating hours, total miles, total stop time and total standstill time.

    Peace Of Mind In Your Pocket

    Best Way To Track Your Car Using Android Phone Or PC For FREE

    The DroneMobile app gives you remote access to your vehicles from an unlimited-range. Check on the safety of your vehicles, family members, and employees with a glance at your smartphone or watch.

    Open the Track page in the DroneMobile App to see your vehicles exact location at any time. DroneMobile GPS Tracking is the perfect solution for enhancing the security and comfort of your business fleet or family vehicles!

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    Place It Where The Driver Wont See It

    One more tip for you, its to make sure that you place the tracker somewhere that the driver wont see it. If you dont have access to the interior of the vehicle, get a GPS tracker with magnetic attachment to it. This way, you can place the tracker under the vehicle in a metal part.

    Now, if you do have access to the inside of the car, you can place the tracker under one of the seats. The important thing is that you make sure that no one will be able to find out the tracker in the car.

    So, if you make sure that you hide the tracker well, the driver is unlikely to find it there. No one is expecting to have a tracker inside their cars. Still, make sure that you put in a place that people are unlikely to look. The goal is to not get caught at all. So, choose a small device for this.

    How To Track A Car With Gps For Free Guideline

    The first step on how to track a car with GPS for free is by making a successful registration of your details, you will get a notification after a few minutes to confirm your details have been received and processed successfully. You will also get a message inbox with a link where you will download the GPS software on your computer. After purchasing one of these trackers then you have to install it in your car probably in a hidden place where it cannot be noticed easily.

    Note some advanced Gps models of locators such as the advanced A-GPS Car which can be operated with remote control are available advanced A-GPS Car. This mode of GPS has the option of either being permanently installed in your car or just temporarily for a few days or weeks depending on the security of the place you will be. Usually, most of the car trackers have been manufactured as tiny pieces so that you can be hidden in your car seat or the steering wheel where nobody else can easily notice it to destroy it.

    Once installed in the position you are feeling to be suitable for you, then you can activate it. After activation, you can now browse the website of the GPS provider company to make a few settings for your device. After these settings then you will be able to locate the exact position of your car and since the changes in the longitude and latitude of your cars are made in real-time, this means all the information about your car is updated every minute.

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    Track A Different Device In The Car That Can Transmit

    Usually, when a thief steals your car, some of your personal belongings are in the car. Maybe you left your cell phone or laptop in there. Or, maybe you were carjacked and everything you own is in that car. If this is the case, you might be able to track down your phone or device, even though you cant track down the car.

    Even if the thief turns your phone or device off, you can still track it. These items will ping to local base stations. And, if WiFi is on, it will be easily traced. If your phone has GPS on it, it will be traceable even if the phone is off. While car thieves are pretty smart, they arent always great at using common sense. After all, they did steal a car, right?

    Receive Only The Most Vital Tracking Information

    How to track my car using a GPS device know its location ...

    Updates from high interval GPS reports can make critical information more difficult to find, especially for long-distance transport. Smart Tracking offers a better way to track, only sending a message when particular events occur without the unnecessary data. In addition to getting reports at regular, predetermined intervals, you will receive notifications anytime there is a turn, ignition or accelerometer event.

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    How To Track Your Car For Free In Real Time

    Do you want all the time to know where your car is and do not want to install expensive tracking devices ? From now on it can change. Our innovative system has been developed as a free platform for all users.

    No need to sign -paid contracts , wait for the installation of expensive equipment and learn how to use complicated programs that track your car . Our program turns your mobile phone into a professional device that registers and allows to save and later view the route of your car and of course the preview in real time.

    Despite the fact that our solution is free and available to all users who download our application , has been designed and implemented by the best programmers , and tested by a team of testers , so its quality is very high and did not differ from the existing standards . The application does not cause any problems and does not charge the phone too .

    From today you do not need expensive equipment to track their vehicles in real time. Just phone running Google Android and an account on our website . The installation of our system is fast, simple and enjoyable. And most importantly – all completely free!

    When Is A Good Time To Install A Gps Tracker In My Car

    In addition to making it possible to track your car in real time, installing a LowStar tracker in your ride may benefits in decreased insurance costs, and always with improved security. In other words, theres no time like the present to install a LowStar device in your car. To help make the decision easy, Car Audio City offers the option to finance the LowStar installation , offering very friendly terms, such as the chance to finance 100 days, same as cash. Especially during the covid-19 pandemic, financing terms can really help, especially after taxes are considered.

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    When To Seek Professional Help

    Some GPS trackers are harder to find than others, but with the right counter-surveillance tools, finding even the most expertly hidden GPS tracker is possible, especially if you know where to look. If you find nothing but are still suspicious, it may be a good idea to have a professional car mechanic that you trust to examine the vehicle in search of a hidden GPS tracking device.

    If you have questions about GPS trackers or counter surveillance tools like bug sweepers, the BrickHouse Security team is here to help. We invite you to contact our team for more information and assistance.

    Best Hidden Tracking Device For Vehicles

    Track a Car by Cell Phone

    Now that you believe your husband or wife might be cheating and have decided you want to find out the truth by secretly tracking their automobile the next step is investing in a tracker. But what is the best hidden GPS tracking device for vehicles? According to tech review sites that have evaluated the best real time GPS trackers, the top-rated system for secretly tracking a car and busting a cheating wife or husband is SpaceHawk GPS.

    For those interested in a car tracker with no subscription fees, the top-rated GPS data logger on the market used to secretly track a vehicle is LandAirSea GPS.

    For a detailed review on the 7 best spouse GPS trackers please

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    Track Someone’s Location Via Spyzie

    This is an all-inclusive location tracking app available for both Android and iOS devices. It is very easy to use when it comes to knowing the whereabouts of your near and dear ones. It comes with a wide range of advanced features apart from simply tracking your cell phones GPS location including viewing call history and monitor call logs, track text messages, monitor WhatsApp, previewing videos, spying installed apps and photos, etc. Spyzie comes to you in a choice of two monthly subscription plansPremium Edition and Ultimate Edition, each with their own rich set of features. You can simply open the app and keep tracking your required persons location directly from your device.

    Now, well show you some basic steps to use the app to track your required persons location.

    1. Firstly, create an account on Spyzie to get started. Note that the registration for an account can be complished on both the site and the app.

    2. In the setup wizard form, leave all the required information of your target device that you wanna track.

    Note: you can only track Android devices right now. Tracking feature for other types of devices will be in further updates.

    3. After completing the setup form, click the Next button under the page and then install the app on your target device so that you can track that remotely. Now, you still need to download and install the monitoring app on your device through which you can easily check the updated records of your required locations.

    Find Your Car With Ar By Augmented Works

    If you choose Find Your Car with AR, open the app before you leave your car and tap the I parked here button. When it’s time to find your car, launch the app again. A large red arrow points in the direction of your car just follow that arrow.

    You can change the display from a conventional map to a satellite or between a regular or augmented reality map. The AR map shows you your actual surrounding area so you can see what’s nearby as you walk to the car.

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    Real Time Gps Tracker With Magnet Mount

    Mini Portable GPS Device For Tracking Your Spouse

    Real time GPS tracker combo with the waterproof case is an affordable GPS tracker that can be covertly placed inside a vehicle, or equipped to the outside of the automobile using the accessory waterproof case. However, what makes this inexpensive tracking device for vehicles popular for tracking a spouse is it can also be dropped inside the purse of a cheating wife, gym bag, or another personal item because this item is one of the smallest GPS tracker in the world!

    Save $100.00 when purchasing this real time GPS spouse tracking system by


    • Lifetime Access To Historical GPS Data


    How The Parked Car Feature Works

    Track My Location GPS Vehicle Tracker

    You don’t need Apple’s CarPlay to get this feature: As long as your car has a Bluetooth stereo and you own an iPhone 6 or later, you should be able to use the Parked Car feature.

    The feature works via Bluetooth Low-Energy pairing: When you turn off your car, it disconnects your iPhone from the car’s Bluetooth connection. When that happens, your iPhone automatically makes a note of where the pairing disconnected and adds a Parked Car marker down in that spot.

    Once you return to your car and turn it on again, your iPhone removes that marker .

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    How To Track A Stolen Car Without Gps

    Despite what you might think, there are a lot of cars out there without GPS. You also have to understand that criminals arent as dumb as you may believe. In fact, despite the advances in technology, a lot of car thieves are smarter than some of the computer geeks who install and design smart technology. If someones going to steal your car, odds are, theyre going to turn off, remove or disable any GPS technology.

    So, does this mean youre out of luck if someone steals your car and the GPS isnt on? Not necessarily. There are a handful of ways in which you can still track your stolen car, even if there is no GPS. Some of these require you to play amateur sleuth. But when it comes to tracking down your property, thats the least of your worries.

    As much as wed like to believe the police have your best interests at heart, theres only so much they can do. They have serious crimes to deal with. Dont expect them to be banging down doors and studying miles and miles of surveillance cameras to find your Honda Accord. It just doesnt happen.

    This means you may have to do some of the legwork yourself if you expect to find your car. Here, well talk about 4 ways you can locate your car is its stolen. Hopefully, youll never need this information. But its better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

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