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How To Wax A Car By Hand

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Applying Liquid And Paste Waxes

How to Wax your Car by Hand (4 steps)

Many years ago paste waxes were preferred because they offered great results. Nowadays, manufactures offer liquid and paste versions of the same car wax formula.

So, whats the difference?

It comes down to your personal preference and method of application. Wax is easier to apply by hand, whereas a liquid wax is necessary for machine application.

For both liquid and paste waxes, a basic rule applies: less is better. With modern polymer waxes, its not necessary to slather on a heavy coating.

Take it from me, a thin coat dries faster and wipes off easier.

For all liquid and paste wax products, follow these basic instructions:

  • Work in a shaded area out of direct sunlight.
  • Use the applicator that is provided by the manufacture or one that they recommend. If the manufacturer does not make a recommendation, use a foam applicator pad to apply your wax.
  • Work on one area at a time covering 2 to 4 square feet. Some products may allow you to coat the entire car before buffing off. However, most do not.
  • Follow the wax manufacturers instructions on whether or not to allow the wax to dry before buffing.
  • Use a small amount of wax at a time, and rub it in well. Use too much wax and youre wasting the product and your time.
  • Switch to a clean wipe towel if the wax residue does not buff off easily.
  • Apply your wax in a back-and-forth motion, not in circles. You need to replace your applicator or towels if you are creating swirls.

Can You Wax Your Own Car

Well always recommend you listen to the experts, but when it comes to waxing, theres really no reason you cant do it yourself.

Full car detailing is expensive, so youll save some cash doing it yourself, plus youll get the satisfaction of a job well done when your car sits gleaming in your drive.

You can either wax by hand, which is pretty simple, or with a buffer, which can be a little more complicated.

Do Make Sure The Car Is Completely Dry Before Applying Wax

During your auto detailing career, its important to remember to make certain that a car is completely dry before you begin the waxing process. Leftover droplets of water can cause wax products to streak, and these marks will take a lot of time and effort to remove. Drying the vehicle by hand will ensure that it is completely dry, whereas leaving it to air-dry out might cause water spots to appear.

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How To Wax Your Car

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You know when you are driving down the road and you see that old, beat-up looking car that looks like they don’t ever care for their vehicle? You don’t want to be that person. With proper care and maintenance, you can keep your car looking new and fresh. Follow the instructions here to learn how to give your car a nice clean wax job.

Pro Tip #: Use A Soft Brush For Gaps And Molding

how to wax a car by hand

No matter how hard you try to keep wax off of molding and out of cracks its almost inevitable that this will occur. Thats why it is a good idea to keep a soft brush handy while you are waxing your car. The brushes can be purchased at most auto parts stores and only cost a couple of dollars. Removing wax from a cars molding after it has dried can be difficult and sometimes the wax will leave permanent staining. Wax left in the cracks and crevices between body panels will harden and become very noticeable once dry. To avoid both of these situations, use a soft brush to remove any wax from moldings or cracks and crevices before it dries.

Waxing your vehicle is a great way to ensure that it stays shiny and looking great. Waxing will work to protect your cars paint from damaging sun rays, abrasive dirt, and chemicals in the rain and snow. Properly maintaining your cars paint by regularly waxing can extend the life of your cars paint and help keep your car looking good long into the future. Using the tips in this article, youll be able to wax your car like a pro and feel proud of your hard work when you drive around in your glossy car.


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Like New: Waxing Can Buy Your Cars Exterior Extra Time

Waxing your car is a great way to keep it looking sharp, but did you know it has many more benefits? In addition to giving your car a beautiful shine, waxing helps by:

  • Protecting the paint from airborne contaminants and the elements. By forming a protective coat, it prevents corrosive elements , as well as bugs, from becoming embedded in your paint.
  • Preventing the chipping that occurs in paint when your vehicle is struck by flying debris. It slows the effects of smog, wind, rain and sun on your finish.
  • Filling in scratches. While you cant remove small scratches from your car by waxing, you can help make them less noticeable.
  • Making it easier to wash. Without a coat of wax, its harder to remove impurities like bugs, sap and other unwanted substances that can collect during your daily drive.

When To Wax My Car

Lets start with a few need-to-knows about when to wax your car:

You should apply wax twice a year as a minimum once in spring ahead of the summer temperatures, and once before winter to protect against rain, snow, salt and hail.

If you want to keep your car protected further, wed recommend waxing four timesa year.

However often you choose to wax your car, its worth getting into a set routine. If you dont wax your car regularly enough, it will be left open to cosmetic damage and fading paint, which could affect your cars resale value.

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Wash And Dry Your Car

It goes without saying that your car should be clean and dry before you think about applying wax. Use a good-quality car shampoo and the two-bucket method , before drying everything off with a chamois or microfibre towel. If the paintwork has any swirl marks or light scratches, consider polishing it to remove these before you apply a coat of wax.

Best Conditions For Waxing

  • First things first, dont attempt the process in direct sunlight or freezing conditions.
  • Car wax works best when used at the optimum, cool temperature, so work in the shade on a hot day, or in a garage on a cold one.
  • Another bonus to working indoors is that you avoid contamination by bird droppings and other airborne contaminants.

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Cleaner/wax Vs Clay Bar + Non

Modern clearcoat paint finishes are much different than traditional paint systems without a clearcoat.

The truth is they are thinner.

Why is that?

To conserve weight and reduce cost. As a result, the use of abrasive cleaners and polishes for regular care is not advisable.

The safe alternative to a cleaner wax is detailing clay followed by a high quality non-cleaner wax .

FYI: You can find out whether you have a cleaner/wax or a pure wax by simply reading the label. If the product claims to clean or polish then it is a cleaner/wax.

A Word On Caring For Your Cars Paintwork

Waxing your car isnt just about making it shine, its about caring for the paintwork, protecting the exterior and helping to maintain the cars value.

Paints are the last line of defence for your cars bodywork. Automotive paints are designed to be tough, durable and flexible, but modern cars use water-based paints which can be softer than older paints. Abrasion due to weathering and washing creates swirl marks and minor scratches that can drastically reduce the gloss level, leaving the paintwork dull.

Using a good-quality paint restorer minor blemishes, oxidation and swirl marks can be easily removed. Applying wax on the top layer will improve the gloss and give a brilliant shine that can last for a whole year.

With a fantastic range of waxes to suit everyones needs, Simoniz protects your car all year round with shine guaranteed. To browse the full range of cleaning and detailing products, visit our homepage. Or, for more car care tips and how-to guides, check out the rest of the Simoniz blog.

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How Do I Get The Wax Off Plastic Trim And Rubber

Wax is meant to protect from water, so scrubbing wax with soapy water will not remove it. Poke around your home for an all-purpose cleaner instead.

Dab a bit of cleaner onto the affected area and leave it to eat away at the wax. After a few hours, come back and gently scrub the cleaner off with a soft brush or an old toothbrush. There are also detailing brushes available to purchase for just this sort of work.

After the cleaner has removed all the wax and you have scrubbed off the cleaner, rinse the area with some water and let it dry. You will be able to see if the cleaner has done its job. If there is still wax, you may need to repeat the cleaning process a few more times.

How To Wax Your Car With Amazing Results: 7

Hand Waxing Your Car or Truck vs Waxing with a Buffer
  • Special Considerations
  • While most people wash their vehicles every now and then, the majority of drivers do not wax their cars. Waxing your car is one of the best ways to make it look great and protects its exterior. Although waxing a car takes a little elbow grease, it is not a terrible way to spend a Saturday afternoon. You will be proud of your hard work when you see your car gleaming in your driveway. Follow these steps to wax your car to a shine.

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    Why Hand Waxing Your Car May Be Better

    If you think that your car is missing out on a lot just because youre hand waxing it, think again. There is no other way to make your cars color and shine really come through, except to work on it manually from top to bottom. Opting for electric car buffing or even purchasing your very own car buffer isnt always the best thing to do. This is so because the high-speed mechanism may eventually wear down and peel off your paint. This is especially true if you havent had your car repainted in a long while.

    Wax Mistake #: Applying Wax When Your Car Is Wet

    If you intend to apply wax on your car right after washing it, you must first dry it off. The old saying oil and water dont mix applies here. The moisture on your cars surface will prevent the wax oils from bonding evenly with your cars paint. As a result, you wont get the shine youre looking for.

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    What You’ll Need: Mothers California Gold Spray Wax And House Again 5 Microfiber Cloth Set

    Spray wax is less effective than paste or liquid wax, thus serving a different purpose. It should be used as a quick touch up product or a supplementary product. It’s best used when your car is already in pretty good condition and just needs some extra shine and protection after a car wash. If your paint is severely sun faded and dried out, you shouldn’t expect any spray wax to work wonders. However, I’ve found that Mothers California Gold Carnauba Spray Wax is the best.

    1. Wash your car. Just like using paste or liquid wax, you need to make sure your car is clean before applying it. The only difference here is that you can apply it to a wet car since the spray itself is also water-based.

    2. Spray it on the surface of your car. You don’t have to carefully avoid certain pieces as you would with a different wax, but at the same time, there’s no sense in using it on parts that don’t need wax .

    3. Wipe off and buff the car with a microfiber towel. And just like that, you’re done. As simple as this process is, you can’t expect the results to be as long-lasting. I typically like to use a spray wax right before a car meet or photo shoot because it’s quick and super easy.

    Now that you know exactly how to wax your car, pick up all the products you need on Amazon and dedicate a few hours this weekend to making your car look better than ever before.

    Do You Wax Your Car First Or Polish

    How to Hand Wax Your Car Video – Pep Boys

    Polishing and waxing might sound pretty similar, but when it comes down to it, they have two different effects on your car.

    Polishing is typically used to address and correct any scratches or minor paintwork imperfections, whilst waxing is used to seal this in and protect your exterior with a smooth, shiny coating.

    When considering what to do first then, it should always be polish first, if your car needs it. Too frequent polishing can begin to lightly wear your paintwork, so if your exterior already looks in great shape, skip right to the wax.

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    Gently Rub The Wax Onto Your Car

    Use small, circular motions to rub the wax onto your car. You should see a light layer of wax where you rubbed the waxing pad. Continue applying wax to the entire section you are working on, moving in horizontal or vertical lines that overlap slightly to ensure the entire surface is waxed.

    You should avoid applying too much wax at once. This will prevent wasted wax as well as making it easier to remove the wax later. If you can still see the cars paint color through the wax, that is the correct thinness you should aim for.

    After you have applied the wax, it will start drying quite quickly. Within a few minutes, it will lose its sheen and feel firm to the touch.

    How To Apply Car Wax

    Having selected your wax or sealant of choice here are the essential steps of how to wax a car by hand.

  • Firstly ensure that you paintwork is totally dry. There are products on the market that will work on wet paintwork but the majority work best with a dry surface.
  • Ideally work in the shade and out of the direct sunlight. Again some products will allow you to work with them in direct sunlight but you are just making things that little bit harder for yourself.
  • Dont be fooled into thinking the more product you apply the deeper the shine you will get. Quite the opposite always look to apply thin layers and if you need to, apply thin layer on top of thin layer, once suitably cured and buffed off.
  • To achieve this work on one section at a time, ideally if using a standard size hand applicator pad, a section of about 2-3sqft.
  • For this size area apply a single spot of polish to the centre of the pad, approx the size of a 10p piece or US quarter.
  • Apply your wax or sealant in an up and down, straight line motion rather than circular. Dont press down hard, just a light amount of pressure to get and even glide and smooth thin coat.
  • Leave to dry as per the product manufacturers instructions.
  • When buffing off always use the best quality, plushestmicrofiber buffing towel you can afford.
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    How To Wax Your Car With A Buffer / Orbital Polisher

    If you want to save your energy for driving instead of waxing your car, you might appreciate a mechanical buffer. These are electric buffing pads that can speed up the time it takes to apply the wax.

    Since the buffers use flat pads, they work best on vehicles with wide panels. If your car has lots of ridges and sharp corners, using a buffer can get tricky. Waxing by hand might work better for you.

    Diy Auto Detailing: How To Properly Hand Wash & Polish Your Car


    It happens almost as soon as you drive your car off the lot: by the time you get home the paint already looks worse. After some more time, dirt and grime build up and the car needs a wash. So, you grab the bucket and the sponge and toil away. After finishing, you see streaks and marks youre convinced that your car will never look as shiny and vibrant as the first time you drove it. The truth is that is wontnot if you keep washing it incorrectly. With the right technique, you can wash and polish your car without a trip to a professional or purchasing expensive equipment. Follow these steps to get the best look possible:

    1. Wash at the Right Time

    The paint should be cool when you start washing. This means not washing soon after driving and waiting until the day cools off. Otherwise, water will flash-dry and leave patches.

    2. Get the Right Equipment

    The trusty bucket and sponge combination will serve you well, provided they have been cleaned well. Ideally, have two one with soap and one with normal water to rinse the dirt off into. You should also get a car-washing, microfiber mitt, which come cheap from any auto supply store. You will probably also need a good brush. These allow the tough and hard to reach angles to get as clean as everything else.

    3. Start with the Wheels

    4. Wash One Panel to the Next

    5. Drying the Car

    6. Break out the Clay

    7. Apply the Polisher to Specific Areas

    8. Finish Polishing

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