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What Car Battery Do I Need

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Why Is Battery Registration Important On Bmw

Topdon Tornado 4000 Battery Charger Let’s Test It Out

The electrical system of BMW models manufactured after 2002 got very sophisticated, as it started to adjust charging to the age as well as the type of the battery. If youre changing your BMW battery for a new one having different capacity or type, your DME has to be updated with this info. It happens for example when youre switching between batteries with lower and higher cranking ampere ratings or swapping a Liquid Lead Acid battery for an AGM battery. However, swapping your old battery for an identical one also doesnt free you from the obligation to go through a BMW battery reset procedure, as your vehicle has to program the battery capacity again.

Things To Remember When Choosing A Car Battery Size

  • There are a number of factors that you should keep in mind when selecting between different sizes of car batteries. The first one is the cranking amps. The cranking ampsâ dictate whether the car battery will even be able to start your car at all and it is among the important specs to consider. You should know that this detail varies from one size of car battery to the next.
  • You should also remember that a larger car battery has a greater amperage than a smaller one and thus might be the best for any vehicle that has a relatively high amperage demand. If you can get a bigger car battery than you have right now, provided it can be installed in the car battery tray, then you should go for it. you will be able to enjoy a brand that can provide adequate amps to the car.
  • You should also consider the durability of the car battery technology just to be on the safe side. It would be disappointing for an idea of a car battery and then having the technology fails just a few months after purchasing it.
  • What Are The Largest Car Battery Sizes

    Electric vehicles have the largest car batteries you will ever see. This will continue to be the case as research is being done to improve their efficiency and also their weight and their physical size.

    Electric vehicles are quite heavier and larger in size than batteries that you could use for ordinary cars.

    The common electric vehicles and their battery sizes are as below:

    • Audi e-Tron has a battery size of 95kWh
    • BMW i3 has a battery size of 42.2kWh
    • BMW i3s has a battery size of 42.2kWh
    • Fiat 500e has a battery size of 24kWh
    • Volkswagen e-golf has a battery size of 35.8kWh
    • Tesla model 3 standard range has a battery size of 59.5kWh
    • Tesla model 3 standard range plus has a battery size of 59.5kWh
    • Tesla model 3 performance LR AWD has a battery size of 80.5kWh
    • Tesla models long range has a battery size of 100
    • Nissan LEAF kWh has a battery size of 40kWh

    You should know that some of these vehicles may have options of car batteries they can use which are different in size. These types of electric vehicles are not included in the above list.

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    Bmw Battery Replacement And Registration

    You love your BMW, dont you? And you want to keep driving it as long as you can, right? There are few things your BMW will require of you to maintain its longevity then changing your oil, replacing air filters and other general service tasks. But one thing that does the most to ensure your car will run smoothly is taking care of your BMWs battery.

    Many people wonder though, whether BMW battery replacement and registration is a simple DIY process or has to be done by an expert technician. We say: you can definitely handle the replacement on your own! However, when it comes to the registration if youre not a tech-savvy person, let us do the work for you.

    Here, well explain how to put a battery in a car, take an in-depth look into BMW battery registration and tell you more about the BMW battery reset procedure.

    Battery Brands By Manufacturer

    What Battery Size &  Type Do I Need For My Car?


    Ideally, you should buy whichever battery brand is specified in your vehicle owner’s manual. If you find that the recommended brand is too expensive and you want to do some cost-cutting, be sure to choose only batteries whose specifications meet the requirements outlined in your owner’s manual.

    You may be tempted to buy the cheapest brand available, but this is usually not advisable. Cheap batteries are often rife with defects and tend to perform poorly in the long term. Purchasing a cheap battery may save you money now, but in the long run, maintenance and replacement will likely cost you more than you saved in the first place.

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    How Much Water To Add To Car Battery

    You should only add just enough battery water until the water level lines up with the recommended water line on the battery.

    If you add excess water, you run the risk of changing the concentration of the batterys acid mixture and affecting its overall performance.

    When to add to the battery water is important as well. Add deionized water to your battery when the water level is barely covering the plates inside the battery.

    Determine The Battery Cell Type

    Most car batteries in use are known as a conventional lead-acid battery. They have cells inside the battery made of positive and negative lead plates in battery acid in a case. They are reliable and have been around a very long time, and are the least expensive type of battery. Most cars will operate without a problem with a conventional lead-acid battery.

    Enhanced flooded batteries, or EFB batteries, are a step up from a standard conventional lead-acid design. They are built more sturdy inside and provide double the cyclical stability of the standard battery. They can withstand severe discharges better and can even be used for one of the most demanding technologies now available, stop-start technology. EFB batteries are more expensive than a conventional car battery but you should expect it to last longer on average.

    Absorbent glass mat batteries, or AGM batteries, are among the highest quality batteries on the market. They can withstand the most aggressive on and off-road use you can throw at them without skipping a beat including stop-start technology. They can withstand the rigors of high-demand electrical components like DVD players and custom audio systems, and can recover the best from severe battery discharges. AGM batteries are among the most expensive batteries and are used in high-performance, luxury, and exotic cars primarily.

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    What Brand Is Suitable For A Car Battery

    The battery brand you choose will significantly have an impact on performance and lifespan. Some battery brands are superior to others. The features that customers look for are car battery lifespan, maintenance, Ampere hour, type, and position of terminals’ current and voltage output, to mention a few.

    A good car battery enables you to drive comfortably without any hitches. Nowadays, numerous brands are present in the market. This makes it hard for clients to know a good brand. Customers worldwide have reviewed the brands highlighted below positively.

    • A.C. Delco- These batteries are most recognized and have useful performance features. They are designed to resist corrosion on the terminals. They also have large reservoirs thus can hold a charge for an extended period.
    • Optima batteries- Though they are expensive, they offer optimum performance.
    • Bosch It is affordable and is widely used.
    • NAPA car battery- They are available in different sizes and offer good service for an extended period.
    • DieHard battery- This is an A.G.M. battery that provides a better life cycle and can withstand vibrations.
    • VMax V35-857- A 12-volt A.G.M. battery can handle repeated overcharging and deliver high-quality service life and optimum performance.

    When Trickle Chargers Left Unattended

    Quote #21 What Do You Really Need?!

    Many people leave the trickle charger unattended and sometimes start the car with a battery charger. This can result in overcharging the battery. As the name suggests, a trickle charger provides a small amount of electricity.

    This tiny electricity is fed into the car battery and lets it charge slowly over time. A trickle charger can charge a car battery above 12.6 Volts. It is somewhat like the mobile phone charger. But, a mobile phone charger can notify when the phone is fully charged.

    It then stops sending electricity to the phone battery. In this case, the trickle charger mostly cannot detect when a car battery is fully charged. So they are unable to stop sending electricity to the battery.

    When the trickle charger is left unattended, it will continuously send electricity to the battery. At one time, it causes overcharging. So make sure the trickle charger you are using can determine whether the battery is fully charged.

    Black and Deck trickle chargers are best in this case. They can determine when the battery is fully charged and then switches to float mode. The battery charger again turns on when the battery voltage drops below a certain threshold.

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    What Is Bmw Battery Registration And Coding

    Before we dig into the process of battery registration, lets focus on what BMW battery registration actually is. To put it simply, battery registration is a process of updating your vehicle with information that a brand new battery has been installed in your car. What’s important, it should be performed each time you change the battery in your 2002 or newer BMW.

    As your battery gets on in years and gradually loses its charging capacity, the vehicle adjusts the amount of energy needed to recharge to operate at optimal levels. The older the battery the more charging it requires. Registering your battery lets your engine control module know that a new one is installed and as a result, the vehicle will reset the old battery statistics and wont try to overcharge the new battery thinking the previous one is still inserted.

    Apart from the registration procedure, you also have to code your BMW computer. Itll be necessary each time you replace your battery, no matter its specifications – whether your battery is similar or extremely different from your old one.

    Optima Digital 400 12v Performance Maintainer

    Optima are well-known for producing a range of vehicle batteries but they have also offer this charger and maintainer device. Its known as the Optima Digital 400, which is more sophisticated than the alternatives and suited to professional garages or enthusiasts.

    According to the brand, their battery maintainer is able to recover discharged batteries that other devices cannot. They state that if a battery is down to just 1.25 volts, the Digital 400 12V Performance Maintainer is be able to recover it with ease.

    Other features of the Optima Digital 400 include:

    • 4 amps
    • Suitable for charging, conditioning and maintaining
    • Additional options for optima batteries
    • Can be used on marine or motorcycle batteries

    The highly rated Optima Digital 400 is the ultimate device for maintaining, charging and recovering batteries. Its packed full of intuitive features and has the backing of the reputable Optima brand for compete peace of mind.

    If you require a more powerful version of this battery maintainer, the brand also offer a 12000 model. For the additional cost, there are extra features such as enhanced performance, a max amperage of 12A, USB charging port and much more.

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    How To Determine Car Battery Group Size

    • The first place you can look to find the proper battery group size for your vehicle is the Owner’s Manual. If the company did it right, the manufacturer specs should be easy to locate. Yours will feature either numbers or a combination of letters and numbers.
    • Look directly on the battery you’re replacing. Particularly if it’s original equipment, you can usually find the group size printed on the top or side labeling. You’ll also find other information here, like cold-cranking amps and reserve charge, that can be helpful as you shop for your replacement.
    • The next simplest way is to ask an expert. Whether that means visiting an auto parts professional at the local shop or heading to the service department at a nearby dealership, you should have the information you need in no time. After all, it’s these people’s jobs to provide the information you need to keep your car or truck in the best condition possible.

    Battery Jump Starter Size

    Do I need to drive car after changing battery ...

    There are jump-starters that actually roll around on wheels and are meant to start a fleet of cars. You are not looking for this kind of jump starter, its too big!

    However, size is a factor when choosing your battery-jump starter. You obviously need a unit that will fit wherever you are going to store it.

    So this comes down to the type of battery that is in your jump-starter and what features that your jump-starter will come with. For instance, a battery jump-starter with an air compressor will be larger than a unit without one.

    The type of battery makes a huge difference in size and weight. There are two main types of batteries that jump-starter use.

    • Lithium-Ion
    • Lead-Acid

    There are pros and cons to both of these battery types, which we will not get into here. On the matter of size, the lithium-ion batteries have a distinct advantage.

    They are smaller, lighter, and in many cases match a lead-acid battery in power output. So if you are intending to keep your jump starter under your seat or in your glove box a lithium-ion jump-starter is a great option.

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    How Do Car Batteries Work

    Just like normal batteries, car batteries use a chemical reaction to generate the electricity needed to run the lights or start the engine. When the key is half-turned in the ignition, the chemical reaction takes place, with electricity released to the car’s systems to the battery. Over time, the battery will lose its charge, but luckily the reaction can be reversed, allowing energy to be stored in the battery ready for the next time the engine needs to be started. This is known as ‘charging’ the battery.

    How We Rated The Battery Maintainers

    Over the years, we have tried and tested a number of battery maintainers. The Battery Tender has been our favourite but we also own the Optima Digital 400 too as shown in the image below.

    As well as our experience of using a number of maintainers, we also based our recommendations upon a number of factors. The factors that we considered included their different modes, amperage options, cord lengths, safety features, warranty and value for money.

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    What Car Battery Do I Need Size Brand And Maintenance

    In this generation, most people usually go for a car battery that delivers maximum output. Well, this comes at an increased cost. The question about size and brand is of great concern to most customers. Manufacturers have then improved their designs to meet the customers needs.

    A car battery is used to deliver electric current to a starting motor, which starts internal combustion in the engine. The internal combustion engine then propels the car. After the engine has started, the car battery still powers the car’s electrical systems.

    The car battery delivers a large amount of current for a short period. The choice of your car battery will determine its performance characteristics.

    Besides, a well-maintained car battery will last longer and will yield optimum current for an extended period.

    What Does Battery Group Size Mean

    my car battery died again

    The battery group size is a term used by manufacturers that is a form of industry standard description of car batteries. This helps both car owners and technicians define the size of a specific car battery in a simplified manner.

    The group size of a car battery depends on the make of the car, the model and the engine type.

    This mainly differs from one manufacture to the other and you will get that cars manufactured in America, Japan or even Germany have different group sizes for their car batteries.

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    What Are A Cold

    We have been talking about CCA or cold-cranking amps but do we know what it means besides needing it during the start-up of our vehicles? CCA generally refers to the starting batteries.

    It is the measurement of the ability of the battery to provide the needed power in a quick time. It tells us how many currents can a lead-acid battery provide in 30 seconds at zero degrees Celsius as the voltage dropped to a low 7.2 V.

    Your Battery Struggles To Combat Seasonal Challenges

    As the North Carolina heat begins picking up, you might start to notice your battery reacting adversely to these changes. This occurs when the heat begins evaporating the water in your batterys internal fluids. This evaporation also can cause internal battery corrosion.

    In the winter, your batterys chemical reaction slows downdraining the life out of our batteryand your vehicle requires more power to start due to slow-moving engine oil. Newer batteries can manage harsh weather conditions with ease, but a battery near the end of its lifespan will begin to struggle in extreme climates.

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    Picking The Right Battery

    The best battery for your vehicle is the one that meets or exceeds the original equipment installed by the manufacturer. Talk with an AutoZoner or enter your vehicle on for recommendations. Even if a Duralast battery is recommended, upgrading to a Duralast Gold or Duralast Platinum battery can provide the peace of mind that comes with a longer warranty and additional power. These higher-powered options are well-equipped for running accessories like heated seats and infotainment systems that are common in modern vehicles.

    Talk to an AutoZoner about your vehicle and your needs to help guide you through the battery selection process, or enter your vehicle on for recommendations that fit your vehicle. AutoZone carries Duralast, Duralast Gold and Duralast Platinum Batteries each with their own design, warranties and power specifications.

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