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My Summer Car How To Start Van

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Money Jobs And Other People

How To Start The Hayosiko (Van) In My Summer Car


  • The main ways to make money is through emptying cess pits and delivering fire wood
  • Emptying cess pits give you 1200
  • Delivering Fire wood gives you 3200
  • Delivering wrecked cars to Fleetari can yeild 2000-4000mk, this can be done with 3 wrecks


  • There are 2 sewage sites in Perajarvi , 2 in Loppe and one on the dirt road towards Lope
  • Firewood delivery is on the dirt road towards Loppe, you will see a guy standing up
  • if you do offer to give your drunk friend at the pub take his to the road towards Loppe, first house on the left
  • the 3 wrecks can be found in various places, 1 in a forrest area and 2 in barns
  • the sledgehammer is needed to open the barns


How Do I Get The Poop Truck In My Summer Car

You will need to obtain the keys from Uncle Kesseli at his house before being able to drive it. Its primary use is pumping raw sewage from peoples homes around the map. The Gifu will at first be at the Wastewater treatment plant. So using the moped to get to the truck and put in the cab might be a good idea.

My Summer Car: How To Quickly Get Hayoshiko’s Van At The Beginning Of The Game

Let’s start with the background: Hayoshiko’s van belongs to our neighbor Toivo Kesseli, who, according to the plot, will lose his rights after driving in alcoholic intoxication. This van is very helpful at the beginning of the game to cope with the first difficulties.. So, let’s start

At the beginning of the game take a set of tools Spanner set and fasten driver’s seat in the salon.

from 4 parties with a key on 9.

Next, you need to install cylinder block / Block

head gasketcylinder head Cylinder head

The last step is to install the left rear suspension arm..

two bolts with a wrench on 12

After the actions taken, the timer starts from 30 to 90 minutes of real time, after which a blue van will appear at the uncle’s house, it can be seen from the window of the kitchen or hall at this time, I advise you to chop wood into the trailer for further sale. There is little left to do knock on his door and pick up the keys.

Important! The van can disappear after the player goes to sleep or is saved. You can return the van when your uncle is at home again.. The van will disappear 3-4 times. After that, how will uncle give the keys to the flusher, the van can already be found near the technical inspection, not far from the store. After that, the van will remain with you forever..

Interesting fact: According to the note on the fridge, uncle Kesseli player’s mother’s brother.

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What Should You Remember When Going After Ruscko

You need to make small preparations before going after Ruscko car. Don’t miss any of the next steps. Otherwise, you risk getting stuck somewhere on the map or, at best, lose a lot of time and come back with nothing.

First of all, remember to be full, relieve stress, quenched and go as early as possible. Otherwise, you will be caught in the dark during complex field work. Bring something to eat and drink – put it in the tractor’s cabin because this is the vehicle you are going to drive to reach Ruscko.

In addition to food, there are other important items. You will find them in the garage:

  • Screwdriver
  • Gasoline
  • Additionally, if you want to find wheels along the way, bring a sledgehammer from the garage

  • Sledgehammer
  • All these items are in your garage. Screwdriver is in the SPANNER SET tools box on the table on the left. Open it by pressing F, and click on the screwdriver. If you see the end of the screwdriver by pressing 2 , everything is all right. Press 1 to return to the hand mode.

    Gasoline canister can be found in the left corner of the garage. Put it inside the tractor’s cabin. If you want to get four wheels for Satsuma, take the sledgehammer – it is leaning on a table in the garage. Detailed information about the wheels can be found in a separate chapter. You are ready for the trip.

    Did you remember about the screwdriver?

    How Are You Supposed To Get To The Town

    HOW TO: My Summer Car

    Youre going to need a vehicle to haul back anything you buy in the town. It would be prudent as well, that before you continue on our My Summer Car guide, you should get a few jerrycans. Theres a black diesel canister in the barn, and theres a green petrol can by the back left corner of the garage. Bring along both. Now, lets get in the van and head into town. Hopefully, youve gotten used to the games controls by now. After this, you can start by driving down the dirt path.

    Just after a set of railroad tracks, there should be a three-way intersection at the end of this dirt path that leads to the players house. Turn left, and follow this road until you read a four-way intersection. Now, take a right, and you should end up by a paved road, which is the games highway. Turn left and get onto the highway. Keep driving, and then take the fourth left-hand side exit in order to reach the games main town and urbanized area, Peräjärvi.

    As a pretty large town, each exit on the highway should more or less lead you here. Nonetheless, the main point of interest that we want to look at is Teimos shop. It should be the first building on the left as you take that highway exit. If you need a visual cue, there should be fuel pumps outside. Remember those jerrycans from earlier? Fill up not only the van, but also those two extra canisters. While youre inside Teimos shop, buy up some food and drinks to get you started.

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    Just Before You Start With Building The Satsuma

    There are a couple more tips and tricks for our My Summer Car guide before we get to building the Satsuma. Firstly, you should know that MSC also has a damage system for your car and its many parts. Some components will get damaged over time and necessitate a replacement. Most of these damageable parts that youll get at the start of the game are almost always in near-critical condition. You could have these parts delivered and serviced at the Fleetari repair shop.

    This is a cheaper way to get them back to running order. However, weve found that its best to just go ahead and buy these parts completely brand new from Fleetaris. Though more expensive, it will relieve a huge sore point later on as you now technically have more robust components that wont have to be replaced so soon. After this, you should drop by Teimos once again or while youre still there to order in a few extra nice to have.

    Only two are recommended the fuel mixture gauge and ratchet set. You can find them through the parts catalog by Teimos. The fuel mixture gauge will set you back 549mk, and is used to monitor the air-fuel ratio for the Satsumas carburetors. The ratchet set is another 359mk, and will be very handy to have as it can tighten bolts that much quicker. You can manage using the free spanner set you have at home, but this ratchet set will make life that bit easier.

    Build Out The Car Interior

    Finally! You’ve got a car that should be able to run on its own. But that’s pretty useless without a comfortable interior. So now it’s time to build out the inside of your summer ride.

    • Dashboard, Dashboard Meters, Gauges
    • Attach the dashboard with 10mm screws
    • Set aside the meter display section of the dashboard.
    • Arrange your dashboard meters on the table.
    • Choose which meter you want to use and tighten it into the display with 7mm screws
    • Attach the meter display to the dashboard with 6mm screws
  • Seats, Back Panels
  • Attach the rear seats with 9mm screws
  • Choose whether you’d like to have a normal back panel or a subwoofer panel
  • Insert your panel of choice
  • Attach the driver’s seat and passenger’s seat with 9mm screws
  • Stock Steering Wheel, Radio
  • Attach the stock steering wheel to the steering column with a 10mm screw
  • Insert the radio into the dashboard
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    Whered All My Money Go

    You Need Income!

    You start the game with 3000mk . This will barely cover your basic survival needs for a week or so, let alone get the Satsuma in basic working order, much less modified and pimped. Finland is an expensive place to live.

    Cost of Living

    • Bills: Every week, you have to pay bills for home electricity and telephone, which add up to about 300mk/week depending on use. These bills come on different days of the week so check your mailbox every time you pass it. Failure to pay bills will result in those services being cut off.
    • Bodily Needs: Plan on 1 pack of sausage/day and 1 case of beer/week. That adds up to about 350mk/week. You can reduce the beer usage somewhat by drinking free water at home or from a few wells scattered about the map, but youll still drink a lot of beer just to survive.
    • Fuel: You have to drive a lot to do the jobs to make the money to pay your bills and feed your body, plus make weekly supply runs to the store. This means you burn a lot of fuel. Expect to spend 300-500mk/week on fuel at the beginning when you just have the boat, Jonnez, and Kekmet. This increases as you get more vehicles .

    So, your basic living expenses are going to be anywhere from 1000-1500mk/week. And if you cant meet them, you starve in a dark house. MSC hates folks who dont work.

    Cost of Satsuma

    You have quite a few options here and it quickly adds up, so its best to take this in stages:

    Street-Legal with Original, Worn-out Parts

    Street-Legal with New Wearable Parts:

    What Are You Supposed To Buy From Teimos Shop

    My Summer Car HOW TO GET VAN and START hayosiko

    If we take a glance of your garage at home, then there should already be a few parts that are ready and waiting to be fitted on the Satsuma. Most of the other bits and pieces, however, need to be acquired in the game. It could be easily bought from Teimos shop and a few other locations. However, certain parts could instead be found for free. One example is how you can find the starter wheels for your car by the Abandoned Mansion.

    Still, much of our My Summer Car guide will hinge on buying these parts from Teimos shop. So, be sure to have enough money on hand. If you dont, then you could complete a few jobs and tasks to earn markka, or mk, as the local currency is called. Its for this reason why weve recommended taking the van to town, as it could fit more stuff in there than some other vehicles.

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    When Does The Blue Van Show Up

    The blue van is notorious for not showing up – at least not fast. The note from the parents found at the beginning tells you that this is a fairly simple and obvious form of transport, but in reality the van is rather difficult to obtain.

    To get access to the van, make sure you read the postcard on the fridge and had visited grandma and had fulfilled her requests to bring groceries . It is necessary to be patient – it may take several in-game weeks before you will see the blue van parked on the yard.

    Reading the note on the fridge seems to speed up the possibility of the van spawning.

    Question: How To Start Bike My Summer Car

    To start the minibike, turn the handle with the mouse to the ON position at the bottom. Set behind the minibike and press ENTER when you see ENTER DRIVING MODE text you will go into driving mode. To start the engine, turn the handle to the ON position.

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    Additional Features Of Kekmet Tractor

    Thanks to its power and additional equipment, the Kekmet tractor can be used as a jack or a tow truck. By manipulating the FRONT HYDRAULICS lever, we can lift a car with the fork by driving it through the rear window directly under the roof of the car. Then, we lift it a little bit by pressing the left mouse button on the lever. You can now either move everything or work more comfortably under the body.

    With the help of the Kekmet tractor, we can also tow immobilized vehicles. TOWING HOOK points are both in the front and in the back of the tractor. Click on them to connect the hook or disconnect it by clicking REMOVE.

    Key Concepts And Features

    How To Start The Hayosiko (Van) In My Summer Car

    This guide is how about how to survive and make enough money to make a cool Satsuma in a reasonable amount of time. Its both for new players and those who havent played the game in a year or so and are lost by the changes in the meantime.

    With that said, on with the recommendations for how to get started.

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    Faults And Important Notes

    • The Ruscko has faulty electrics and loose wires, which causes its headlights to flicker when driving over bumps.
    • Only the left headlight’s high beam is working.
    • The suspension can be heard creaking while going over uneven terrain.
    • The Ruscko has issues idling and can not idle properly.
    • If you use the screwdriver to start the Ruscko, the horn will turn on when the car shakes.
    • If you want to tow this car with the Kekmet to dump it in the water, be careful, because the horn can be turned on and you need to kill the wasps to stop the horn.
    • The Ruscko’s starter is in bad condition and the engine only starts after many attempts.
    • The wipers will rarely work after pressing it because the spring-loaded button is worn out.
    • The windscreen wiper mechanism has trouble operating correctly, causing the driver’s side wiper to get stuck often.
    • You cannot roll up or down the window of the right door, as the crank is missing.
    • Coolant will smoke out when engine temperature reaches about 100°C, similar to Satsuma. It also shuts off.
    • Suski will refuse to get in Ruscko.

    Where To Find Ruscko

    The barn with Ruscko is on the other side of the lake. You should go there by driving the Kekmet tractor – head right away from your uncle’s farm, and then keep moving left. The path can be slightly shortened by driving along the railway tracks – we have described this path below. Remember, however, that at some point, a train may appear. To avoid a crash, drive near the tracks and get on them only when the train passes you by.

    Did you remember about the screwdriver?

    Go right from the unlce’s farm.

    Keep moving forward until you reach the railway tracks – turn left to get on the tracks.

    Follow the tracks and watch out for the train.

    After a while, you will reach the next intersection of tracks and roads – turn left to get on the road.

    Keep driving straight. You will pass a car shop on the right.

    A crossroad is right behind the car shop. Turn left to follow the direction of the road sign pointing to the the city.

    After a while, you will cross a small bridge. Keep driving straight. The large dance hall building will be on the left.

    Keep going straight…

    …until you see the road leading to the left. Turn there.

    Soon, you will reach the destination!

    Are you sure you have the screwdriver and the gasoline canister?

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    Can You Fix The Ruscko My Summer Car

    The car can be restored at Fleetaris, and there is also a option to restomod the Ruscko, with a 3-point seatbelt, turning lights, restored whitewall wheels and the wasp nest removed, meaning you can now pick up the Drunk Guy with it. The problem is, you cant use parts from the Amis Auto catalog to repair it.

    Hayosiko The Blue Van

    [My Summer Car] How to start the van

    In this part of the guide to My Summer Car, you will find information about Hayosiko – your uncle’s blue van. You will learn how you can get it, how to run it and its usage. We also answer why you don’t see it most of the time and can’t find it during your game.

    The blue van called Hayosiko is a real ghost car in My Summer Car. Theoretically, the best way to do shopping is to drive there with the van. The van belongs to your uncle who is living next door. According to parents’ note, you can borrow it anytime. The problem is that the uncle and his van are almost never there – at least at the beginning of the game. Its appearance depends somewhat on RNG, which means its random, but it may require completing a few actions. In some cases, the van may not appear even after a few in-game weeks.

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