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What I Need To Register My Car

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Can You Register A Car Without A Driver’s License

How to register your car

Though you can’t do much with a car without a driver’s license, you can buy and register one in your name. You can even;purchase auto insurance without a driver’s license, which is good because that’s typically needed when registering a vehicle.

Someone might, for example, want to buy and register a car if they’re unable to drive but have a caregiver who will use it to take them to appointments.

What Does Car Registration Look Like

Sample California Registration Card / Credit: California DMV

A vehicle registration card looks remarkably similar to the drivers license tucked in your wallet, except, instead of just giving information about you, it gives information about you AND your car.

Here is some of what youll find on a typical vehicle registration card :

  • Your full name and home address.
  • The cars Title ID number
  • The Vehicle Identification Number or VIN.
  • License plate number.
  • Make and model year .
  • The expiration date for the vehicle current registration.

Change Of Vehicle Ownership

The law requires that all changes of vehicle ownership must be notified to the department of transport and the changes recorded on the national vehicle and driver file . In addition to fulfilling legal obligations in relation to vehicle registration and motor tax collection these details may also be very beneficial to owners themselves. For example when a vehicle is subject to a safety recall manufacturers endeavor to contact all registered owners with the assistance of data from the nvdf. Therefore, it is important that the ownership and address details are up to date at all times and that changes are notified promptly.

There are obligations on both the sellers and buyers of vehicles to comply with the procedures for notification of vehicle ownership and there are penalties, upon conviction, for non compliance. The onus is on the seller to ensure that the necessary documentation relating to a change of ownership is completed. A registered owner must be recorded against each vehicle and in the event of failure to establish the correct credentials of a new owner the sellers name remains on record. That person remains liable for any charges which arise in relation to the vehicle including motor tax and any penalties which may be incurred .

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Transferring A Vehicle Registration In Indiana

If you wish to transfer your existing license plate from a vehicle you’ve just sold to your newly-purchased one, you may do so within 45 days of purchase. Your vehicle must first be titled in your name; typically, you can complete your titling and registration/transfer at the same time.

You’ll also be responsible for a $9.50 plate transfer fee.

Visit our Title Transfers page for details on titling your new vehicle with the IN Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Titling And Registering A Vehicle

Do I Need My Registration To Sell My Car

To find out how to title and register your vehicle, select whether you are buying a vehicle from an individual, a dealership or a family member.

To drive a vehicle on Michigan roads, it must be properly titled and registered. A title is a legal document recording who owns certain property. Information about the vehicle’s model, make, year and license plate is shown on the registration. New Michigan residents must title and register their vehicles without delay.

To avoid late fees, verify your expiration date by checking your vehicle registration. Most license plates expire on the owner’s birthday and not at the end of the month.

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Register And Title A Passenger Or Commercial Car Truck Motorcycle Or Suv

You or your business must register and title any vehicle you own or lease. Registrations do not need to be in the owner’s name, or for only one person. When you purchase a new vehicle through an auto dealership, the auto dealer can register and title the vehicle, and issue plates .

See more information about

Vehicle Registration For Military Members In Idaho

Car registration requirements in Idaho are similar for service members and civilians. The biggest difference is that service members who are not currently in Idaho are allowed to apply for their title and registration via the mail.

To get a vehicle registered via the mail, they will need to submit a title, a VIN Inspection Certificate, a facsimile of their drivers license and a document that proves they have liability insurance. As well, they will need to send a Limited Power of Attorney for Specific Motor Vehicle/Vessel form, along with a check covering the total cost of the vehicle registration.

Students who are currently out-of-state are also allowed to use this process in order to register their vehicle. You may also choose to register your vehicle online, if your county offers that service.

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Missing Titles / Applying For A Duplicate Title

What You Need To Register Your Car at Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

For a checklist and additional information, . If you applied for your title four weeks ago or more and wish to check the status of your application, please use our online inquiry form.

If you are planning either to buy or sell a vehicle and the vehicleâs title is missing, the owner of the vehicle must apply for a duplicate title. The sale is not valid without a properly assigned title. If the title has been mutilated or otherwise ruined, the owner of the vehicle must apply for a duplicate title in order for the sale to proceed.

If your title has been lost, mutilated, or destroyed, you may apply for a duplicate title.

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Vehicles That Can Be Driven On Public Roads

Some vehicles can be operated on public roads but are exempt from the requirement to hold valid registration. Examples include:

  • heavy industrial equipment such as a tractor, backhoe, grader or street sweeper
  • trailers with permanently attached equipment such as air compressors, welders, tar buckets, concrete mixers, converter dollies, crushing equipment and jeeps and boosters when they dont carry a load
  • farming equipment used for agricultural uses or livestock
  • mobile homes

Registering A Vehicle Purchased Outside Of Canada

If you bought the vehicle outside Canada, you must get the proper inspection completed and provide import documentation.

Bring your proof of ownership and the Transport Canada Vehicle Import Form Form 1 to a registry agent and get an Inspection Request.

To register an imported vehicle, you must provide the following:

  • proof of ownership for the vehicle
  • your out of province, salvage or commercial inspection
  • for new vehicles: a New Vehicle Information Statement or Certificate of Origin
  • a completed Transport Canada Vehicle Import form Form 1, Vehicle Import form RIV, Vehicle Import form RIV exempt, or letter from an authorized pre-clearance importer

You will also have to provide the standard registration documents such as:

  • proof of ownership or previous registration for the vehicle
  • proof of Alberta insurance
  • personal identification

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Registering A Vehicle On Behalf Of Someone Else

If you cant go to a registry office, another person can apply for a vehicle registration, renewal, cancellation or transfer on your behalf. The person requesting the service on your behalf must bring:

  • your proof of ownership document, proof of valid insurance, and their ID
  • a completed form, signed by you

Buy Or Sell A Used Vehicle In Ontario

Quick Answer: What Do I Need To Bring To The DMV To ...

Know the steps you need to take to buy or sell a used vehicle in Ontario.

Before you sell a used vehicle, you need to:

  • buy a Used Vehicle Information Package
  • make sure that the Vehicle Identification Number on your vehicle matches the number on your permit
  • check to ensure the vehicle has no money owing on it

When you sell your vehicle, you need to;give the buyer:

  • the Used Vehicle Information Package
  • a signed Bill of Sale with your name, the buyers name and address, the date and purchase price
  • a completed and signed Application for Transfer this is found on the back of an ownership permit, under the vehicle portion
  • a certificate that verifies the vehicle meets safety standards
  • you will need to get this from a licensed mechanic
  • look for a green and white sign with Ontario Motor Vehicle Inspection Station on it

You keep:

  • your licence plates
  • the plate portion of your permit
  • you will need this if you want to register your plates on another vehicle
  • you can also request a refund for any full months left on your plate stickers

Finding out if money is owed on a vehicle

A Used Vehicle Information Package will tell you if there is any debt/money owing on your vehicle.

If there is a lien on the vehicle, you can contact the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services, Personal Property Security Branch, for more information:

Toronto area:

Before buying a used vehicle you should:

When you buy a vehicle, ensure the seller gives you:

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Dont Become A Victim Of Curbstoning

Curbstoning is the sale of used vehicles by unlicensed dealers who pretend to be private parties in order to evade regulation. Their customers often get saddled with damaged, dangerous, or uninsurable vehicles ââ¬â by which time the curbstoner is long gone with their cash. Curbstoning is illegal in many states, yet defrauds thousands of unwary consumers every year.

If you would like to report a suspected curbstoning operation to the Department of Revenue, please submit a completed Complaint .

How To Renew Your Registration


Renew Your Registration Online and Receive a $1.00 Discount!

Your vehicle registration may be renewed online 90 days before the expiration date or up to 9 months after the expiration date, if you have not received a citation for expired registration. Your expiration month will not change.

There is a two business day payment processing hold before your sticker is printed. Please allow up to three weeks for processing and mailing.

You can track the status of your registration sticker by visiting;.

Registration renewal notices are mailed to all registered vehicle owners. To register by mail, send the following to your county tax office:

  • Renewal notice
  • A copy of your Vehicle Inspection Report
  • Proof of current liability insurance
  • All fees listed on your renewal notice
In Person

To register your vehicle in person, take your registration renewal notice and proof of current liability insurance to your county tax office or an approved substation.

If you did not receive your renewal notice, you can renew your registration using your:

  • License Plate Number
  • Registration Receipt from the previous year
Alternative Options

Acceptable forms of payment vary by county. Contact your county tax office for more details.

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Can You Renew Your Vehicle Registration Online

You can renew online if there are no changes to your information. To renew, you will need your vehicle registration certificate, insurance pink slip, and a credit card for payment. You can renew online here.

You CANNOT renew online if :

  • You have unpaid fines
  • You have less than 10 business days until your registration expiry date
  • You have a name or address change

Additional Considerations For Registration

How To Learn To Register Your Car

Depending on how you acquired your vehicle, the registration process may differ slightly from the previous description, according to RelocateUSA. If you bought it from a dealer, for example, the registration and title may be taken care of for you, so you don’t really have to do anything. That’s not always the case, however, and buying from a private seller means it’s not likely to be the case at all.

Moving to a new state will require you to register your car again. Imagine that you registered your car six months ago, and the requirement for both your old and new state is that it gets registered again each year. When you move to the new state, you can’t wait six months before you renew your registration to stay compliant with the law. You have to renew your registration as soon as you move, according to .

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New Auto Recall Search Tool

Automakers announced the launch of a new tool aimed at increasing consumer participation in auto recalls by allowing approved commercial and governmental entities, including state departments of motor vehicles, state vehicle registrars, state vehicle inspection programs, motor vehicle insurers, auto finance companies, motor vehicle dealers, vehicle fleet managers, automotive parts recyclers and vehicle auction companies, to search for open recalls for thousands of autos at once, free of charge. This search tool, available at, is a result of a partnership among the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and the Association of Global Automakers ââ¬â which together represent 99 percent of automakers in the United States ââ¬â and Carfax, provider of vehicle history-based products trusted by buyers, sellers and owners of used cars. The search portal will allow authorized users to search for open recalls for up to 10,000 vehicles at once and get results usually within a matter of seconds. This capability is an important tool in collective, continuing efforts to increase recall participation rates. According to current Carfax research, more than 57 million vehicles on U.S. roads have unfixed recalls, despite the fact that voluntary recall remedies are completed free of charge to the consumer. Read more here.

Vehicle Tags Titles And Registration

Kansasâ 105 county treasurers handled vehicle, registration, tags and renewals. The treasurers also process vehicle titles and can register vehicles including personalized license plates.

Application for a certificate of title and registration must be made through the local county treasurerâs office where the vehicle is garaged. To avoid penalties vehicle registration must be made within 60 days of the vehicleâs purchase, the day the title was assigned to the new owner or the day the bill of sale was completed for an antique vehicle.

Kansas Division of Vehicles can print duplicate titles, and customers can reprint tag renewal notices online.

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Requirements To Register Your Personal Car Suv And Pickup Truck

The documents you need to register a vehicle will vary on whether 1) your title is from Connecticut or a different state, 2) your vehicle has a lien, or 3) if your vehicle is leased.;

This service is offered at DMV offices. Make an appointment here.;

Please carefully read the instructions below to be sure you have the correct documents prior to visiting a DMV office.

If you are new to Connecticut, you have 60 days to transfer your vehicle registration to this state once you have established residency.

Here are the steps to take:

Step 1:;Check for outstanding issues
  • Prior to registering your vehicle, be sure you do not have any issues that may stop you. Check online here.;
Step 2:;Gather your documents

Documents required:

A leased vehicle requires an original power of attorney from the leasing company.;;If you have a lien or are leasing a vehicle, you must contact your lienholder or leasing company to notify them that Connecticut requires the original vehicle title to register a vehicle. ;

Please notify the lien holder or leasing company using this letter;and ask them to mail the title to the address below:

Wethersfield, CT 06161

Upon confirmation of receipt of your title documents, please allow 5 business days for the vehicle to be processed into the system before visiting a branch office.

Step 3:; Bring Vehicle to an Emissions Test Center;
Step 4: Make an Appointment at a;DMV office – Make Appointment Here

Calculating The Purchase & Use Tax

Do I Need My Registration To Sell My Car

Purchase and Use Tax is due at the time of registration and/or title at a percentage of the purchase price or the;National Automobile Dealers Association ;clean trade-in value, whichever is greater, minus value of trade-in vehicle or any other allowable credit.

If registering by mail include a printed NADA valuation with your paperwork.

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Can You Register A Car If You Dont Have A Title

The short answer is yes, though youll need a replacement title. You can still register a car even if the title is missing. Titles can get lost over the years, or become damaged. Getting a replacement title carries its own fees.

To get a replacement title, youll need the vehicles basic information , plus the VIN. This is found on a metal plate located at the base of the drivers side portion of the windshield, or occasionally on a rectangular plate in the door jamb of the drivers door.

You might be required to purchase a certificate of title surety bond, to prove you own the vehicle if the title is missing. Fees for surety bonds vary depending on the state, the vehicles overall value, and the issuer of the bond.

Looking for a car? Carfax Used Car Listings include a free Carfax Report with every vehicle.

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Restorations Engine Swaps Kit Cars Salvage Vehicles

Contact us with specifics before you begin work.

Title Make sure you own the car! You can do a title-only transaction and establish legal ownership of a vehicle without registering it. Vehicles coming from out-of-state must have a VIN inspection.

Inspections Many salvage vehicles, kit cars and antiques have to be inspected by the DMV and/or a licensed mechanic. See the publications and forms under Vehicle Ownership Forms and contact a DMV VIN Inspector.

Engine Swaps See the Nevada Engine Swap Fact Sheet . Contact the Emissions Lab in Las Vegas or Reno for requirements if the vehicle will be based in an area where smog checks are required.

Salvage Vehicles There are strict laws, special requirements and several classifications for vehicles that have been severely damaged. Review our Salvage Vehicles page carefully.

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