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Is Protect My Car Legit

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Most Common Reasons Why Protect My Car Claims Are Rejected

Protect My Car Reviews ( Jan 2021) Know About The Plans- Must Watch! | Scam Adviser Reports

One of the most common reasons a warranty claim is rejected is because the component needing repair is not covered. This can be a common wear item like tires or brakes, but can also be a non-covered drivetrain component. Other rejections can occur because of:

  • Aftermarket or unapproved parts were used in a previous repair or modification
  • There has been damage from external forces like weather
  • The vehicle has been wrecked
  • The odometer has been tampered with

How Protect My Car Compares Against Other Warranty Companies

In general, Protect My Car is among the upper tier of extended warranty providers, when it comes to customer satisfaction and reviews. The Better Business Bureaus site is chock full of great reviews from people who love the flexibility of payment plans, the wide variety of coverage options, and the fact that 24/7 roadside assistance is included with every plan.

Final Thoughts: Protect My Car Vs Carchex

Customers generally have higher levels of satisfaction with Protect My Car vs. CARCHEX, but the latter company offers more plan choices, lower-cost contracts, and significantly longer coverage terms. Also, while Protect My Car has higher customer review scores, CARCHEX has a better-established industry reputation.

If youre still considering both options, read more in our CARCHEX review and Protect My Car review.

Fortunately for consumers, Protect My Car vs. CARCHEX is a decision between two top extended car warranty companies.

Protect My Car vs. CARCHEX Extended Warranties

Best Service

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What To Do If You Are A Victim Of An Auto Scam

If you’ve been victimized by an online car-buying or car-selling scam, consider taking these six steps:

  • Report the fraud to the Federal Trade Commission.
  • If the fraud involved a wire transfer, reach out to the company or financial institution that handled the transfer.
  • If you provided personal information to a scammer, think about changing relevant usernames or passwords.
  • Be sure to monitor your credit reports for any suspicious activity tied to identity theft.
  • Get The Proper Information Before Paying

    The Most (And Least) Reliable Cars Of 2021

    Depending on the quality of repairs, accident history or mechanical problems can be a pain down the road. Get a vehicle history report and a pre-purchase inspection to make sure that any damage has been properly repaired and the vehicle is mechanically sound.

    A CARFAX Canada Vehicle History Report can help you determine whether a used car listing is telling you everything. Does the car only have a single previous owner? Was it ever used as a rental or fleet car? Arming yourself with third-party validation of the cars history reduces the chances youll be taken advantage of by a scammer.

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    How Do You Cancel Protect My Car

    To cancel your Protect My Car extended warranty, you need to take a few steps. First, complete the online cancellation form. Then, call 1-844-556-4762 to initiate the cancellation process. Finally, send your completed cancellation form to Protect My Car, LLC 570 Carillon Parkway Suite 300 St. Petersburg, FL 33716. It may be a good idea to send your form through registered mail so that you can get delivery confirmation.

    Operating Without A Licence

    If an auto junk yard is operating without a license, walk away.

    A license isnt always a guarantee that youre dealing with a trustworthy business. But the lack of a license is a definite red flag. If the business is legitimate, then why wouldnt it have a license?

    Dont be afraid to ask for your auto junk yards license. This should be perfectly normal for them. A genuine merchant will be happy to provide the information to put your mind at ease.

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    Top Rated Warranty Companies

    Liberty Bell has one of the best reputations and covers more vehicle makes than other warranty companies. This provider has a solid reputation with excellent customer service ratings and has been around for over a decade.

    Toco Warranty Corporation is a relative newcomer in the industry, but they are making a splash. They maintain a solid reputation with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Toco is known for offering affordable plans with no down payment and the ability to pay in monthly installments.

    Our Picks For Best Extended Car Warranties

    Protect My Car – Extended Car Warranty Services

    Protect My Car is a good choice when it comes to an extended warranty, offering you peace of mind on the road for a reasonable rate. But anytime you shop for vehicle protection plans, its always a good idea to compare rates from multiple extended warranty companies. We recommend getting at least three quotes so you can make sure youre getting the best coverage and price. Since prices will vary from customer to customer, youll want to have a quote for your exact vehicle.

    In our market research of extended car warranty plans, we found a few providers that are head and shoulders above the rest. CARCHEX and CarShield are two of the most reputable providers in the business. Get a free quote from each so you can compare plans side by side.

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    Protect My Car Alternatives

    Whereas Protect My Car extended warranty reviews are great, you might feel that you need to browse more options to choose the best car warranty provider. Endurance, CARCHEX, and CarShield are all possible alternatives. While CARCHEX and CarShield are also third-party warranty providers, Endurance is a direct provider if thats something you feel more comfortable with. If you compare Protect My Car warranty plans vs CARCHEX warranty reviews, youll see that CARCHEX has a larger catalog of policies at prices almost as low as that of Protect My Car and zero deductibles.

    Customer Reviews Of Protect My Car is a goldmine of reviews, both positive and negative for Protect My Car. Spelling and punctuation are that of the reviewer.

    Positive Reviews

    Today I spoke with a customer service representative and with just talking with him I knew that I made the right choice joining the family of Protect My Car. Just talking with Isaisha, I know that this company will go above and beyond to make sure the customer is satisfied. People read reviews before signing with other companies. This says a lot about a company. Thank you to the first representative and Isaisha for getting me the peace and no worries about my car because I signed up with the best!

    I’ve had a really outstanding experience with Protect My Car and their Representatives during my recent car repairs. On the first occasion, my car was repaired with me paying only my low deductible and the second repair was not covered, but my Representative offered and work with me to get the new OEM part at a much lower price than the dealer. I’m truly thankful with my choice for the coverage this company provides: I’ve tried other warranties but they just don’t add up to the total protection I have with PMC.

    Negative Reviews

    Miscommunication, waiting time is ridiculous. My wife due to this, in trying to hold on but they giving me lil to no choice but to leave this contract. My truck’s been in the shop for way too long, over two weeks without a rental that they’re suppose to provide for their customers.

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    Protect My Car Vs Carchex: Customer Service

    CARCHEX has an excellent reputation in the industry, but Protect My Car fares better with customer reviews. Protect My Car has a notably higher Better Business Bureau customer review rating and Trustpilot score.

    2.11 stars 3.2 stars

    Remember when comparing Protect My Car vs. CARCHEX that CARCHEX has a wider reach and customer base, which inevitably means a larger number of negative reviews. Both car warranty providers hold an A+ rating from the BBB.

    Theres no need to compare Protect My Car vs. CARCHEX for 30-day money-back guarantees, as both providers offer them. If youre disappointed by auto repair coverage during that time or just end up wanting to back out, each company will return your money.

    How Does Protect My Car Work

    Extended Car Warranty: Auto Service or Scam

    Protect My Car offers standard extended car warranties as well as plans that combine maintenance benefits and warranty coverage. If a mechanical breakdown occurs, Protect My Car pays the bill for repairs of covered vehicle components. Youre only responsible for a deductible and the cost of the contract. If youve opted for one of Protect My Cars combination plans, routine maintenance services are also covered.

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    How Do I Know If Ive The Victim Of A Scam

    You might be a victim of a scam in one of the following situations:

    • Youre paying more than you were told. If your original loan documents dont match up with what youre being charged, you could be a victim of a scam.
    • You paid for something you didnt receive. Another common sign youre being scammed is if you paid for a service or product upfront before the lender all but vanished.
    • Youre being threatened. Lenders that threaten you with a lawsuit or even jail time might be covering up a scam. If youre afraid of what your lender might do, do some investigating it might be illegal.
    • You cant get in touch. Scammers often provide fake contact information so you cant reach out.
    • There were blank spaces on your contract. Sometimes scammers offer contracts with wide blank spaces that they can fill it in with terms and conditions you would never agree to.

    How To Cancel Protect My Car Coverage

    If you want to cancel your Protect My Car coverage, you can do that at any time. Depending on how long its been since you started coverage, you may even be eligible for a full refund.

    To cancel your Protect My Car extended warranty, you need to take a few steps.

  • Complete the online cancellation form at
  • Send a paper copy of your completed cancellation form to:
  • Protect My Car, LLC570 Carillon Parkway Suite 300St. Petersburg, FL 33716.

    It may also be a good idea to send your form through registered mail so that you can get delivery confirmation.

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    What Is The Average Cost Of An Extended Car Warranty

    When buying a new, used, or any motor vehicle, most drivers strive to get the best deal and value for their money. By securing the very best deal possible, it gives you better assurance about the after-sale services you may be in store for and the extent to which your coverage, if any, will apply. This is why many car dealerships have started to offer customers the option of purchasing an extended auto warranty for any vehicle sold.

    But how much will this dealership warranty cost you? And a better question would be: What is the average cost of an extended car warranty?

    While we cannot speak for every dealer across the nation, it is a well-known fact that any warranty purchased from a dealer will result in higher prices and stricter rules and regulations than purchasing from a direct-to-consumer aftermarket warranty provider. The primary reason car owners consider purchasing this extended service is because after spending nearly $30k on a new vehicle, they expect to get a trouble-free operation from it and vastly extend the life of their vehicle. With technology advancing so much in the past few years, many minor repairs have become an enormous fix with extravagant costs.

    Another distinguishing factor is that many drivers actually pay off their policy early, which gives them the remainder of the policys term completely payment-free!

    Protect My Car Review

    Protect My Car is an Industry Leading direct provider of Auto Repair Protection Plans

    We rate Protect My Car 8.7 out of 10 and recognize it for having the best Maintenance Benefits in 2021. Being able to choose between a maintenance plan and an extended auto warranty offers much flexibility, which is reflected in positive reviews about the companys long, flexible payment terms.

    When we reviewed the best car warranty providers across the country, Protect My Car was among our top picks. Protect My Car has a strong industry standing and offers reliable vehicle service contracts. Protect My Car reviews are mostly positive and reflect the companys positive customer service reputation and use of good business practices.

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    How Do I File A Claim With Carshield

    CarShield pays the service provider directly. You do not need to file any paperwork. CarShield says that in order to have your vehicle repaired you simply need to take it to any dealership or any ASE certified repair facility in the United States or Canada. Claims are paid directly over the phone with a CarShield corporate credit card, so as long as your repair facility accepts credit cards, you should be fine.

    How A Claim With Protect My Car Works

    The claims process with Protect My Car is very straightforward. To file a claim, you simply call the companys claims department to obtain prior authorization before having any car repairs performed with the exception of emergencies, which are outlined in your Protect My Car warranty contract. Youll drive or have your car towed to a licensed repair shop and then give the mechanic information about your identity and protection plan.

    In some cases, you may need to have the repair facility inspect your vehicle to diagnose the cause and cost of the repair. Its important to note that Protect My Car reserves the right to require this inspection. The cost isnt covered by any Protect My Car contract prior to any repair being authorized or performed.

    Once the covered repairs are complete, Protect My Car either pays the repair facility directly or reimburses you for the repair costs, less the deductible, which youll need to pay upfront. The necessary documentation must be submitted to Protect My Cars claims department within 30 days, but Protect My Cars contracts are unclear as to whether that 30 days begins at the time the issue is identified, diagnosed, repaired, or otherwise.

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    Why Every Driver Needs Extended Vehicle Protection

    Before making the final decision on whether one really needs extended protection for their car or not, there are a few factors which one should take into consideration to determine whether they would really benefit from the extra investment or not.

    First, lets identify if what coverage you have or will need.

    Manufacturers Warranty Most major automobile manufacturers offer what they like to refer to as a bumper-to-bumper warranty- this coverage is commonly referred to as the factory warranty and spans for 3-years or 36,000-miles, whichever comes first.

    If youre looking to use the vehicle for more than this period of time before purchasing another car, then paying for extended vehicle protection could be really worth the investment. Especially since the majority of high-ticket items will begin to fail after this short period of factory warranty coverage

    Aftermarket Auto Warranty Even though car dealerships are well known to offer this service to customers, even independent companies and third parties are also starting to offer extended car warranties to vehicle owners.

    As a result, consumers have found themselves granted access to a variety of coverage options and an online marketplace to compare prices and coverage terms.

    Protect My Car Extended Warranty Plans

    Protect My Car Reviews (2021)

    Protect My Cars three extended warranty options range from a bumper-to-bumper warranty down to simply the essentials. Its also worth noting that high-mileage and older vehicles can take advantage of Protect My Cars Ambassador Maintenance Plans, which offer extremely limited protection. Here are the three main levels of coverage available through Protect My Car:

    • Supreme: This plan provides exclusionary coverage for most vehicle components, similar to a factory warranty.
    • Select: For cars with more than 50,000 miles, the Select plan offers comprehensive coverage for many of the most important mechanical and electrical components, including everything in the lower-tier Driveline plan, plus the suspension and brake pads.
    • Driveline: Available for vehicles that are four to 10 years old with more than 80,000 miles, this plan covers vehicle components such as the engine, transmission, drive axle, cooling system, air conditioning, and timing chain.

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    When Does Protect My Car Deny Or Make Claims Difficult

    • The company makes money by making it difficult to file claims and get reimbursement.
    • The fine print in the contracts makes it extremely difficult for the consumer to understand whats covered and whats not – often revealing hidden costs only at time of repair
    • The company makes its best full faith effort to make claims easy, painless and transparent before and during a claims process.

    Is Protect My Car Worth It

    If you decide that you want an extended vehicle warranty, it is worth at least requesting a free quote from Protect My Car. While the overall price of Protect My Car warranties can be higher than the pricing of competitors, the provider offers long term financing options, excellent coverage and peace of mind, all of which are reflected in customer reviews of the company. The slightly higher prices may be worth it considering Protect My Car plans include benefits rarely offered by other providers.

    Below are some pros and cons of Protect My Car extended warranties.

    • Specialized coverage for older cars
    • Low down payments
    • Flexible payment plans and low rates
    • Some plans cover oil changes and tire rotations
    • All Policies Come With 24/7 Roadside Assistance
    • Access to shopping and dining rewards
    • Coverage for vehicles up to 13 years old
    • Easy claims process

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