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What Your Car Says About You

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People Who Leave Trash In Their Car Are Multitaskers

What Your Car Says About YOU [Yeah YOU!]

Those who see a car filled with trash will likely have negative thoughts about the driver, but theres a deeper meaning behind those who leave trash in their car.

Psychologist Nicole Cutts believes that those who do this are most likely multitaskers. However, it can also mean those people are disorganized and dont care about their health or personal hygiene.

Driving A Tricked Out Pickup Means You Lack Confidence

Let’s be honest. One of the biggest reasons that men buy pickups is to boost their egos and feel more masculine. Driving a big pickup might make you feel superior to other users due to being behind the wheel of a bigger vehicle than a sedan.

Some pickup drivers feel the need to make their pickups more outlandish. “Theyre compensating for feeling a lack of power somewhere by making up for it in their car,” said Henney. Confident and self-assured people don’t drive the flashiest and biggest vehicles.

Piaggio Fly Bought Used On Craigslist

What it says: You dont have far to drive , live in a warm climate, are young, care about the environment, like to save money, and are probably a hipster.

Driven by: Loryn, a recent college graduate who lives and works near downtown Dallas. She likes yoga, and eats only all-natural food . When asked, said shes not sure whether shes a hipster.

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Even Celebrities Know That What They Drive Matters To Their Personal Brand

Celebrities’ businesses are themselves, and maintaining a strong personal brand is crucial to keeping them working. As such, their cars typically speak volumes about their personal brands, signaling to the outside world that they are committed to playing the part. Oprah Winfrey’s Tesla Model S signals that she’s serious, practical, and environmentally conscious, while Paris Hilton’s pink Bentley GT Continental signals that she’s committed to being noticed wherever she goes.

Chris Brown has a fighter-jet inspired Lamborghini, signaling that he is no stranger to controversy and even may embrace it. Many celebrities drive plain vehicles, signaling that they haven’t let their fame go to their heads. From the looks of Jennifer Lawrence’s Volkswagen and Daniel Radcliffe’s Fiat hatchback, many celebrities don’t feel the need to be noticed every moment of every day.

Even The Pope drives an old 1984 Renault hatchback when he needs to get around The Vatican.

You’re The Life Of The Party By Displaying A Sports Team Logo Decal

What Your Vehicle Says About You

People who publicly identify themselves with a sports team, regardless if they are wearing a hat, jersey or a bumper sticker, feel that they are part of the crowd. “People take on the characteristics of their favorite teams,” said Henney.

If the team that the driver is supporting is a winner, then so is the driver. If the team is the underdog, so is the driver. The studies also revealed that it’s not only your jersey or the bumper sticker that reveals you’re the life of the party it’s the rest of your clothes, as well.

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Drivers Of White Cars Consider Themselves As Pure And Honest

The color white is synonymous with honesty and purity. That is the reason that angels wear white garbs in movies. Drivers who purchase white cars consider themselves honest and pure.

A white car emits elegance and perfection, and drivers of white cars have a modern and fresh appearance. Although the popularity of white cars has declined, the color shows that you have style and a desire to stand out from other road users. The drawback of white cars is that it is prone to accentuating a dirt mark.

Why What Your Car Says About You Is Louder Than You Think

As exaggerated as some car ads are, many of them get at least one thing right the look of your vehicle sends a message to others. Youve seen the commercials before. A well-dressed individual stops at a red light in a high-end SUV or sedan, and an equally well-dressed and attractive pedestrian crosses the street, giving them a smile or nod of approval. And the car certainly has something to do with it. Whether you see it as a reflection of our shallow society or not, you have to admit that your car is an extension of yourself. What your car says about you is quite revealing, suggesting things to others even if you say or do nothing at all.

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What You Drive Says A Lot About Your Personal Brand

If you show up to meet a potential client in your old dented college car, chances are they aren’t going to care that you are pouring all your resources into other aspects of your business. The way you present yourself professionally has a lot to do with how successful you will be in your business, and clients pay attention to this key detail. Just as you wouldn’t show up to a client meeting in ripped jeans, driving a basically clean and orderly vehicle is part of how you present yourself and your company to the world.

One of the most often overlooked advertising methods is mobile. Vehicle wraps can turn your businesses’ transportation fleet into mobile billboards for your business. Nothing else says this is a serious business that intends to stick around for the long term like a vehicle wrap does. What you drive says a lot about you, and this is something that can speak to your level of professional commitment in the eyes of your customers.

Watch As A Bikers Life Is Saved By Helmet After Horrific Accident Involving Bus

What Your Favorite Car Engine Says About You!

Some modifications might fire up while leaving everyone else with a quizzical look on their face.

Cheap mods, stickers, stupid exhausts on 1.0 cars and body bits are all pretty rubbish.

Lower it, but don’t slam it into the weeds, and fit some nice wheels and you’ll be a driver of taste and distinction.

Put stickers and neon lights on it, and nobody will talk to you.

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Having Bright Led Headlights Means You Put Yourself First

While using bright LED headlights on a dark, empty road is usually fine, it can be extremely dangerous to do with other cars nearby.

Someone who opts to have ultra-bright LED lights has a personality where they will usually put themselves before others. Their comfort is more important than the safety of others.

People Who Own A Pickup Truck Are Self Conscious

A common theme among pickup truck drivers is that they want to feel superior because they drive a larger vehicle.

These drivers tend to be more self conscious and want an ego boost. Pickup trucks are their tool to give them the power they feel they are lacking in the real world.

If you have this color car, you arent afraid to spend your money!

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What Does Your Car Say About You

A car can reveal a lot about the person who drives it – from their favourite hobbies to how likely they are to drive too fast. We have created a tool that tells you about the typical drivers of certain cars, using data from Admiral and YouGov. Select your car below to discover what your car says about you.

with a mostlyLeft-Wingpolitical view

Drivers Of Small Cars Are Environmentally Conscious

[OC]What your car says about you

Big cars emit more pollution than small cars, so drivers of small cars tend to care more about the environment than drivers of bigger cars. Experts who conducted research at UC Davis about personality types who purchase cars determined that drivers of small cars care about the environment more than other road users and prefer high-density neighborhoods.

According to Driver’s Auto Mart, small car drivers aim to reduce the carbon fiber footprint and find good parking.

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In Pictures: What Your Car Says About You

Whether you drive a Chevy Monte Carlo or a Rolls-Royce Phantom, your car sends a signal. Does yours give off the right one? Find out here.

*The information in this story comes from car maker-compiled buyer demographics and from what carmakers call “psychographics”–or customers’ beliefs and attitudes.

Aston Martin DB9 two-door

Base price: $165,400

You are self-made, and even though you spent upward of $200,000 on a car, you are not showy. Aston owners, says company spokesman Matthew Clarke, “are not particularly extroverted when it comes to their wealth.” They are “the sort of people who would prefer to wear the designer brand on the inside rather than the outside.”

Bentley Arnage sedan

Base price: $212,990

Your net worth is around $30 million, but you probably came from ordinary means. You chose this premier British luxury sedan and not its most-similar competitor, Rolls-Royce’s attention-getting Phantom, because you prefer a car that is more discreet. You are more interested in rewarding yourself than making a statement.

Cadillac Escalade SUV

Base price: $55,400

You make around $175,000 a year. You speak your mind and are unapologetic. You enjoy life and do a lot of entertaining. You seize life’s opportunities. You think, “I have to be out doing something. I want to accomplish something.” You take risks. You would rather fail than not try.

What Your Dream Car Says About You

If youre like most people, your dream car has evolved throughout your life. Your 16-year-old selfs dream car may not be the same as your grown-up dream car. But that makes sense . . . youre not the same person either. But wherever you are in life, have you ever wondered if your dream car says something about you?

Some say your dream car is a reflection of your personality. But what exactly is it saying? What part of your personality is on display from your dream car? Is it the rough and tough side? The luxurious person of substance and style? The rebel? The romantic? Or the person for whom faster is still never fast enough? Maybe you have the same car as your teenage former self or maybe its changed. Regardless of what your dream car is now or will be in the future, this guide explores five good dream cars.

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What Your Car Says About You

Research reveals the secret meaning behind your ride

Forget what you eatyou are what you drive.

People think of cars as extensions of themselves and their personalities, says Jon Linkov, deputy auto editor for Consumer Reports.

When youre shopping for a vehicle, youre looking for a ride that fits the three dimensions of your self concept: who you think you are, who you want to be, and how youd like others to see you, says behavioral psychologist Joseph Sirgy, Ph.D., a professor at Virginia Tech.

Those three dimensions combine to nudge you toward one car or anotherwhether that means buying a Porsche to impress, or a used Volvo to prove youre responsible.

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We pored over tons of reports from YouGov, a global technology and market research firm that conducts surveys and collects consumer behavior data on more than 200,000 Americans. Their findings reveal traits, behaviors, and beliefs that buyers of certain brands are more likely to exhibit than the average American.

Here are the insanely detailed results. Do you see yourself in your car?

Youre a Millennial, you live in a citymost likely on one of the coastsand youre a Democrat.

You work in consulting or advertising, and you really like Coldplay, Rihanna, and potato-leek soup.

You watch a lot of TV46 to 50 hours a weekand read the New Yorker. You invest in risky stocks, and consider yourself a sharp dresser.

Have A Political Bumper Sticker Youre Outspoken

What your Car says about You – Foil Arms and Hog

Slapping a political bumper sticker on your car is an easy way to share your political views, but it also shows that you feel like youre on the outside of mainstream cultureregardless of what party or politician it is supporting, Henney says. These people derive satisfaction from being outsiders or part of a righteous minority, which is why they feel compelled to share it so publicly, she explains. They might also consider investing in these car anti-theft devices to protect their rides.

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What The Type Of Car You Drive Says About You

Assistant Editor. Mizzou Journalism. Indiana. Hip-Hop. Ice cream. Cars. Bulls/Packers/Hawks/Cubs.

Every person has a story to tell. And so does the car that person drives. One way or another, the set of wheels you own represents the type of person you are and the type of life you lead. After all, most people didn’t spend thousands of dollars on a car they picked simply by spinning a wheel and going, “THAT ONE.” Each person is presented with various options, based on how much money they can spend, what the family situation looks like, what your job entails, and how flashy you like to be. How much you know about cars can also play a huge roll into what sits in your driveway. We’ve taken all of these factors into account and bottled up the average driver of each type of vehicle typically looks like. What the Type of Car You Drive Says About You is the judgemental result.

What Your Car Reveals About Your Personality

Believe it or not, the car you drive reveals a lot about your personality. The brand, model, and colour you choose can highlight some of your key traits, including your attitude, lifestyle, and perceptions.

And, while theres no doubt some drivers get judged by the model or colour of their car, here at Uswitch, we couldnt help but wonder if theres any truth behind the stigma.

In a bid to find out more, we teamed with expert psychologist, Lee Chambers, to find out the true personality traits of motorists who drive some of the most controversial models.

Forward thinking, innovative and a bit of a risk-taker

One of the most luxurious electric vehicles on the market, our expert describes those who drive a Tesla as pioneering and innovative much like the man behind the brand, Elon Musk.

With a lot of drivers still anxious about making the switch to electric, those who have already splashed out on a Tesla are also likely to be daredevils and willing to gamble on a cause they believe in.

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Jeep Wrangler 44 With Snorkel Kit

What it says: Youre either a hard-core off-roader/outdoorsman/mountain man , or somebody who enjoys grown-up toys.

Driven by: Andy, a banker who enjoys hiking, camping, and climbing. He does not currently live in the mountains, but has discussed moving there. He also owns his own paintball equipment.

Professionals Drive Black Cars

Question: What Does The Car You Drive Say About Your Personality ...

Almost every car comes in black because its a color that can go with practically anything. According to Hot Cars, there have been studies that found the majority of professionals own a black car.

A black car can signify maturity and sophistication. Businessmen and women prefer black cars because they work in an industry where elegance is emphasized.

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Nissan Cube With Optional Shag Carpeting On Dash

What it says: You either dont care about style, or you care deeply about style and are sad that nobody else gets it. Youre also likely female, or else youre a man whos very secure in his masculinity.

Driven by: Melissa, a woman who cares about style, though her friends say she drives a school bus. Her shih tzu, George, is very secure in his masculinity.

You Just Graduated From College

With some rare exceptions, most students drive certain types of cars. And by certain types of cars, we mean old cars. Second-hand cars that they got from their parents or another relative. Cars that are paid off and have a certain amount of wear and tear on them, as well as some rust. Were talking here about a 1998 Toyota Corolla, a 2002 Dodge Neon or a 2000 Ford Fiesta. And if you have bumper stickers about your alma mater on the back of the car, it is a dead giveaway. Add a missing hub cap or two and you can be spotted as a recent graduate from a mile away.

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Chevrolet K1500 With 280000 Miles One Owner

What it says: You probably like doing outdoorsy things, such as camping or road construction. Youre not big on change or fashion, but you are handy with a wrench, jumper cables, tow chain, or a lasso, all of which you keep behind the back seat.

Is driven by: Kevin, known for his cowboy boots, kayak, and tendency to fix everything with duct tape. Friends have described him as the most faithful person they know.

Exactly What Your Car Colour Says About You

What Your FAVORITE Type Of Car Says About You…

Psychologists have set out a number of personality types based on the colour of car you choose to drive

  • 08:41, 27 JUN 2022

Experts have revealed exactly what the colour of your car says about you and it gives away far more than you think it does. The detailed study examined the personality traits of drivers who own motors in the top 10 most popular shades including white, black, silver grey and red, the most popular colours right now.

According to the report, commissioned by car finance app Carmoola, 31 per cent of owners chose the vehicle they currently drive purely for its colour. And while pink is having a sartorial moment amongst celebrities and politicians, it is the colour most likely to put a potential buyer off purchasing a new or second-hand motor, with almost a third admitting they go as far as despising the hue.

Carmoola teamed up with top colour psychologist Karen Haller to delve into what our choice of car colour really means – and what it tells others about our personalities. They created 14 personas for drivers who are out and about on the nations roads on a daily basis.

The most common type of car owner is one who can be found behind the wheel of a grey car. Grey has been the most popular colour of new cars for four years running, with a quarter of all cars sold last year being grey.

The Owl. Dont like the spotlight. Measured and prefer not to be seen.

The Bouncer. Like being in control. Sophisticated and you dont question them.

  • Black

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