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Where Is The Car Key In Granny

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General Tips To Escape

5 locations of car key in granny 1.6
  • If in any case of dropping an item, it will be there where you have left
  • But these dropping items can make huge noises and then will attract Granny.
  • Pick the items that you use quickly.
  • If, in any case, you get trapped by Granny in the garage, you can hide within the car.
  • Use the headphones and track Granny.
  • Stun Granny briefly by the Tranquilizer and Shotgun

For more effective escape, you can use the Keyboard Mapping tool from LDPlayer. That way, place your favourite movements for manually created key sets and make your steps way quicker.

Where Will The Garage Be

The garage is a new area added to the game, and it has a card, and a shotgun lies in there. Those are very important for a player to complete the entire game within a short period. You can find the garage from Granny by following these steps.

  • You will see a hidden and narrow hallway that leads you behind the stairs.
  • Step into the hallway and go to the staircase
  • Take these stairs to go down from the garage.

Top Floor Granny Game

Cut 1.) Open the door. Go to the left side, then move straight towards the front room. Open it and go to the top floor.

Cut 2.) You will see this.

Cut 3.) There are two rooms enter it by plucking the wooden piece using the hammer. Place the wooden piece to cover up the gap.

Granny Game Hidden Route

Cut 4.) There is a hidden route too. Just at the left side, remove that part. Enter into it to hide from Granny.

Cut 5.) Update In The Room

Now, there is another room on the top floor. To open it, you need a special key. Once done, move to the next room through this secret route. There is a cabinet. And it contains an item. Open the cabinet and grab the item. But there is one more challenge Spider. Spider is the pet of Granny. There are two ways to avoid it use the shotgun/crossbow. Second Way: Find the meat piece in Grannys House. Once found, go to that room. There you will find a plate. Put the meat piece on it. This will distract the spider and you will be able to open the cabinet.

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Granny Item Locations Finding The Keys & Other Escape Items

When talking about horror games, you definitely do not miss mentioning Granny. This horrific arcade game asks players to successfully escape the terrifying house and the brutal Granny. To escape her, you need to find items, solve riddles, and sneak in the place for clues.

To defend yourself and escape from the bloodthirsty Granny, you need to meet a set of requirements and conduct some ways to complete the game. In this guide, we will focus more on general excellent strategies and unleash Granny item locations to beat her successfully.

Where Are The Car Keys On Granny

Open The Trunk Of The Car But Don

4/5You can find the car key in one of these possible locations:

  • The safe in the basement ,
  • The screwdriver safe in the basement
  • The toilet in the bathroom,
  • In cabinets near the weapon locker,
  • In the baby room on the second floor ,

The Car Key can be used on the Car Trunk to access the item inside, which is usually required to escape the house. It also plays a major role for the second way to escape. The player will have to fix and fuel up the Car, then get into the driver’s seat with Car Key and use it to bust out through the Garage.

One may also ask, what color is the car key in Granny? Playhouse Key – this key unlocks the padlock on the Playhouse in Granny’s yard. Inside the playhouse is a machine that will have a hidden compartment where keys or other objects are sometimes found. Car Key – this key unlocks the trunk of the car found in the new garage area.

Subsequently, one may also ask, where is the safe key in Granny?

In Version 1.0, the Safe Key could be found in the right drawer of the Starting Bedroom, making it the only item to ever spawn in such a location.

Where’s the hammer in Granny’s house?

The Hammer used to spawn in the Living Room, in a drawer in the Bedroom 1 and the Hidden Closet.

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Where Is The Safe And Master Key

Me and my friends have been playing the game for a month and we have no idea where the keys are and we have checked every room

Answer from: AyyIn the draws usually and behind the boxes in the second flaw into the cubbord

Answer from: TazbanazI found it in the sink in the bathroom

Answer from: AndogI found the master key but i can’t find the safe key which has the master key in

Answer from: JasJust found it in the vase, sink, toilet

Answer from: ShandogWhat do you use the master key for?

Answer from: MegI found the weapon key in the toliet

Answer from: GuestGuys shoot the shiny thing above the stairs with the tranquilizer dart and then the screwdriver falls from there and then you must unlock the box under the stairs. Your welcome

Answer from: ElsieI have found the safe key before behind the boxes. Once you go through the first set of boxes you go downstairs to where there are some drawers, the crossbow and tranquilliser dart cupboard, and then some more boxes and the stairs on the way to the basement. You knock over the boxes and then there is a mini secret room with some shelves in it. Crouch down and go inside then you stand up and have a look about. The safe key\hammer\cutting pliers, weapon key most other things can be in there. This is usually where I go to shoot granny dead for about 2 mins.

Answer from: TezzI found my key in the sink, the vase or toilet

Answer from: GuestHelp, the master key is all I need and I can’t find it and I’m on my last day

Answer from: Stella

How Do You Start A Car In Granny

Heres how to do it:

  • Find the Car key Youll need this to unlock the trunk and start the car.
  • Gas up the Car To fuel up the car, you have to find a can of Gasoline in the house.
  • Find Engine pieces To get the engine running, you will need to find and adhere several pieces under the hood of the car.
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    What Happens If You Shoot The Baby In Granny 2

    Shooting the Child will make the grandparents eyes glow red and they will always know where the Player is, just like when they kill the pets or hold the Teddy in the original Granny game. The Water Monster also teams up with the Child to harm the player. This allows the Child to coexist with the monster peacefully.

    ‘granny’ Game Update 1: How To Get Car Keys Make Shotgun And Other Update Features

    Granny – All Car Key Locations

    Wonder where to find the car keys or what the shotgun is for in the latest Granny horror game update? Check out our complete walkthrough of the new 1.4 update including how to find the garage, sauna, put together the shotgun, get the car keys and more, here.

    The Granny horror game dev, dropped another awesome update for the game last week that adds new hidden spaces and items to the game. A couple of the objects that have been particularly perplexing are the car and the shotgun. What exactly are they used for and how do you find them in the game? We’ve covered these questions and more in our complete walkthrough of the new update posted below. Check it out, and if there’s anything we missed, be sure to share in the comments below and we’ll add it to the post. Meanwhile, if you need a walkthrough of other parts of Granny’s house or steps for beating the game, we’ve got those covered in our other Granny game posts found, here.

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    Why Is Granny Trying To Kill You

    It is implied that Granny may have been a cannibal at some point, as shown by the blood splatters belonging to a Previous Victim scattered somewhere throughout her house and as shown in one of her jumpscares when she has caught the player hiding under the bed, which appears for her to seemingly trying to eat them under

    Where Does Master Key Go In Granny

    Where does master key go in Granny? The Master Key is used to unlock the Main Doors regular lock after all other locks have been taken off. It cannot be used anywhere else.

    Where does Granny hide the padlock key? The Padlock Key is arguably the most important key in Granny, as it must be used on both escape routes. The Padlock Key is hidden in the house and is required to finish the game on all difficulties.

    Where does the special key go in the game Granny? Usage. Its main and only use is to open the Special Room. When it is inserted in the lock, it twists, and the iron door with holding the Special Room slides into the wall.

    What is the use of master key? A master key is a key that opens several different locks, related in some way, within a master key system. For example, an elementary school may have a master key which will open all classroom doors. Classroom doors would each also be opened by a key which would only open that one classroom door.

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    What Does The Baby Do In Granny 2

    He bites the player if he/she comes to close to him which knocks them down temporarily, forcing to them to drop their item and applies limp effect while moving. Also, using the shotgun, grenades, or stun gun on him will prove fatal for the child knock him out, and doing so, his mother Slendrina cry over him.

    Trapped With A Murderous Granny


    Not all of the old ladies are harmless and kind-hearted. If the only bad thing your grandma can do is to get grumpy and start teaching you how to live, this Granny is way different. Instead of knitting socks and feeding her cat in her spare time, she takes joy in torturing and killing people. You may not believe it right now, but you surely will once you see her wearing a creepy white mask and swishing her baseball bate with drops of blood still on it! Somehow she lured you inside her huge mansion and knocked you unconscious. You came to your senses on the top floor, locked inside a bedroom. Now you need to find a way out of here, and your very first task is to make it out of the room. Since its only the beginning of the game, it wont be so hard you just need to search for the key carefully. Later on, it wont be so simple!

    Find a way out in five days!

    The house of Granny is big and intricate. There are plenty of rooms and you have to make it everywhere because you never know what you are going to find inside. If one of the doors is closed, you have to look for the key or use one of the items found in the house to pick the lock. Just note that the place in your inventory is limited and you should think which of the objects to take with you and which to leave lying around.

    Game categories

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    Difficulty Settings And Extra Locks

    You can play Granny on five difficulties Practice, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Extreme. These affect a number of game settings, including the amount of light that is available throughout the house, the amount of noise your character makes by walking, and how fast grandma moves on her way to kill you.

    In addition, the difficulty setting determines how many locks are placed on the front door, as follows:

    • Easy comes with 4 locks,
    • Practice and Normal comes with 5 locks,
    • Hard features 6 locks,
    • Extreme makes the escape via front door impossible.

    If youre feeling really confident, you can turn on the Extra Locks setting, which pits you up against 7 front door locks regardless of the difficulty. Naturally, the more locks are involved, the more items and keys you will need to escape a task that might seem impossible, at first, especially since Granny is always breathing down the back of your neck literally.

    To help you out, weve put together a description of each of the 7 keys currently in the game. Although weve included possible locations for all of these keys, bear in mind that items appear in random places for each game iteration. You know, for fun. The idea is for you to have a vague notion about where you should look as you start a game, which keys you are missing at any given time, and how to plan your course of action depending on what you find every step of the way.

    How To Defeat Granny

    The game starts with you waking up at Grannys house. From there, your main goal is to deactivate the alarm and unfasten the front door. Generally, this goal is not easy to do as you need to surpass various obstacles.

    To complete the game, you need to pick up 16 items around Grannys house. Here are some of the items you need to collect for you to beat Granny and what you need to do once you find them:

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    Tricks To Know These Five Locations Of Weapon Key In Granny

    There are some tricks that I use to find the weapon key and I use this trick to find the key.

    I usually relate everything with the second bedroom of granny where some things are kept in a drawer.

    I go to the second bedroom and check the drawer and find something that reminds me of the location of weapon key.

    i) In the Drawer of the second bedroom

    I simply go to the second bedroom and check the drawer and the weapon key is there.

    2) In the backside of the car

    I go to the second bedroom and simply check the drawer if I find the wrench in the drawer then it reminds me that the weapon key is in the backside of the car.

    I go to the bathroom and take the car key from there and go to the car and open the back side of the car from car key. Finally, I get the weapon key there.

    3) In the closet which is in the Kitchen

    I go to the second bedroom and simply check the drawer if I find a middle part of shotgun then i simply go to the kitchen and open the closet. Finally i find weapon key in granny

    4) In the car handgloves box

    I go to the second bedroom and simply check the drawer if I find the an engine part there then it reminds me that weapon key in granny is in the car hand-glove box. simply go to the car and take it from there.

    5) In the playhouse

    How Do I Open The Garage In Granny

    How To Find the Car Key In Granny Horror Escape.

    4.7/5GarageunlockopenGarageGarageopenread full answer

    The Garage is a place that was added to Granny in Version 1.4, and it can be found beneath the Basement.

    Likewise, where is the padlock key in Granny 2? The Padlock Key is hidden in the house and is required to finish the game on all difficulties. The blade part of the key is made out of silver with four jagged teeth, and the handle is a blue circle with another smaller circle cut out.

    Likewise, people ask, how do you escape Granny?

    Here’s how to beat Granny once you have all of the core items:

  • Use the Cutting Pliers to disable the door alarm, both lights will turn green.
  • Then use them to cut the circuit box in the Basement.
  • Use the Blue Padlock Key on the front door.
  • Use the Hammer to break the wooden barricade on the bottom of the front door.
  • Where is the car in granny horror game?

    The Car is a structure added to Granny in the Version 1.4. It can be found in the Garage, and it is a structure that the Player can hide in. It may keep the Player hidden from Granny depending on conditions detailed in the ‘Hiding Mechanics’ section.

    Here’s how to do it:

  • Find the Car key – You’ll need this to unlock the trunk and start the car.
  • Gas up the Car – To fuel up the car, you have to find a can of Gasoline in the house.
  • Find Engine pieces – To get the engine running, you will need to find and adhere several pieces under the hood of the car.
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    Playhouse Key Tools Master Key Locations

    Just as we mentioned in the game, there will be no method to tell where a given item will be and at what time it will be for you during the gameplay. But still, there are some locations where every player can give a checkup, and if you can do that constant checking, you will be able to find the items you really want.

    The Granny guide comes to help you here. So these items are the ones you should find for your game playing.

    • Playhouse Machine right after a player finds a Cog Wheel item, they will be able to head into the yard of Granny. You can unlock a secretly lying compartment here, which will hold an item.
    • Safe players have to hold the safe key to open it. but this safe within the basement is generally keeping some useful items
    • Car Trunk once a player has found a car key, they should go to the garage, which is situated below the basement of Granny. Then they have to open this car house trunk within it, and you can find an item there.
    • Jail Cell Fan while you are doing your exploration, you can go to the jail cell, which has been attached to the sewing room. You can see a fan beside the rocking chair in that room, and there you will be able to disable those using the wire cutter. Players can often find an item hidden within the fan.
    • Basement Stairs players can use a screwdriver and open the compartment of metal which lies under the basement stairs. Usually, there will be a hidden item in there.

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