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Where To Donate Car Seat And Stroller

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Option 1 Trade It In For A Better One

Unclaimed Baggage Donates Car Seats, Strollers & ‘Love Luggage’

There are buy back programs that will let you trade your seat in for a discount on a new seat!

Joie baby car seat.

There are many stores that hold trade-in events throughout the year. Walmart and Target are the largest stores to offer this trade-in offer but check local stores in your area to see if there are more ways to trade in your car seat.

The seats that are traded in go to create construction materials, buckets, and storage equipment.

This may be the easiest way to dispose of your car seat and get something in return like a new seat, other baby products, strollers, and more.

Don’t wait on child safety products. trade in your old car seat and get that coupon for a new one!

Can I Donate Used Car Seats

Most organizations will not accept donations of used car seats. This is because car seats have an expiry date and are considered unsafe if involved in an accident.

Youre better off recycling your used car seats. Once a year, Target and Walmart hold a car seat recycling drive in which customers can bring any unwanted car seats in.

Used Bottles Or Pacifiers

Most non-profits dont accept used bottles or pacifiers for hygiene reasons, but you can donate these items via other channels like social media and word of mouth. It’s best to toss used pacifiers and the used nipples of bottles, especially if your child has bitten them.

If you want to donate bottles without the nipples, thoroughly clean and dry each bottle. If the bottles have several parts, bag the parts together so that nothing gets lost.

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Where To Donate Strollers Top 7 Places

Strollers make life easier and quicker for parents as well as kids. They help parents do their basic life chores such as walking in a park, shopping, etc. with much more ease and comfort.

However, a stroller cannot be used for a lifetime. And we often see some parents askingcan you donate a stroller. The answer is, yes you can.

For those, who dont know why they would need to donate a stroller and when a stroller expire. Here is the answer for you.

The first and the most obvious reason is, when a toddler is above a certain age then a stroller is of no use for him/her. After that parents start looking forwhere to donate old strollers.

Second, every stroller is suitable for a specific age. For example, there are some strollers that cannot be used after a child is 1-1.5 years old.

Similarly, manufacturers specify the weight group reasonable for a particular stroller and you can also check stroller for 75 lbs weight limit. Hence, every parent wants to get rid of such strollers that are no more useful for their child. As it occupies space.

Keeping all of this in view, we have designed this article to cater to all your concerns. We will not only tell you the places where to donate used baby strollers, but we will also walk you through the process of how to donate car seats and strollers.

So no more wait, lets get straight into our topic.

How To Trade In A Car Seat

The quintessential stroller for active families. Bumbleride is now ...

Heres some good news: If you cant find a place to donate your car seat, you can participate in a trade-in event.

During a trade-in event, you can bring in your old car seat for recycling and receive a discount coupon or gift card in exchange.

The two biggest stores that offer this are Walmart and Target. These events usually happen once a year so youll want to keep an eye out for future dates.

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Where Can I Donate Cars For A Good Cause

The Only Nationwide Safety Car Seat Recycling Program. RECYCLE YOUR CAR SEATS NOW. on a Clek car seat with a coupon redeemable on Recycle your old car seat and save. Recycle Your Car Seat Now. are purchased in the U.S. every year. About 12 million safety car seats. Recycle Your Car Seat Now.

Walmart Car Seat Recycling

This is an excellent deal! Walmart announced they are accepting used car seats for recycling, and in return, you will receive a $30 Walmart gift card. If your little one is moving up to a new big kid car seat, you can roll that gift card over to the purchase of a new car seat or booster. This is a special event and will run from September 16-30th to coincide with Baby Safety Awareness Month. Walmart has partnered with TerraCycle and will be accepting car seats across nearly 4000 locations all over the country. Please note that each household will be limited to two gift cards.

TerraCycle will recycle every car seat brought into Walmart, which means all of the components of the car seat will avoid a landfill. While not the first partnership between TerraCycle and Walmart, but this is the first involving car seats. The company specializes in recycling otherwise non-recyclable items that usually end up in a landfill. They expect to divert so much plastic from the used car seats it would be equivalent to about 35 million water bottles! Awesome news for the environment and our landfills. We hope this will be a successful campaign for both companies and become an annual event.

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Car Seat Recycling & Donation In Virginia

  • A Woman’s Choice takes new and/or slightly used baby clothing from newborn to size 5 Toddler, maternity clothes, baby accessories, cribs car seats , and strollers. 6201 Leesburg Pike, Suite 220, Falls Church, VA, 703-538-4305
  • Mercy Mall is an ever-changing ministry that has taken on the form of a free clothing and housewares boutique with gently-used items. They accept gently used car seats that arent expired.
  • ReEstablish Richmond is a trusted 501 non-profit that is connecting refugees and new immigrants to the resources needed to establish roots, build community, and become self-sufficient. They accept gently used car seats that have been thoroughly cleaned.

Walmart Car Seat Trade

KICKSTARTER Campaign for a Portable Changing Table for Car Seats and Strollers

Walmart recently joined forces with TerraCycle to create the countrys biggest car seat recycling event in 2019. The event first took place across almost all 4,000 Walmart stores that exist nationwide.

In 2019, this first-ever event was held during September 16-30th, nearly right after Targets event. Walmart decided to hold their car seat trade-in program during September because it is National Baby Safety Month.

When Will Walmart Hold this Years Event?

The first-ever Walmart Car Seat Recycling Event took place Sept. 16-30, 2019 in celebration of National Baby Safety Month. Wal-Mart has not yet announced another event.

During the 2019 event, Wal-Mart and TerraCycle accepted over 1 million car seats for recycling. They look forward to hosting similar events in the future.

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What To Consider Before Donating

You’ve sorted out what you want to donate and what you want to keep. The next step is to consider each item. Most organizations and groups accept gently used items, so inspect each item for any major flaws before you decide it’s going in the donate pile. That means ensuring nothing is broken, chipped, damaged, or ripped.

You’ll also want to clean each item as well. That could mean washing fabric items like a baby carrier or baby swing cover, or giving items like an activity cube or musical instrument a good scrub and wipe down. And finally, you’ll want to reference the organization or group’s website for any guidelines about how, when, and what to donate. Each organization is different, so it’s imperative you check before dropping off to save themand youheadache.

While any donation is usually well-intentioned, there is a general rule of thumb you can follow. Dont give away stuff you wouldnt gift to somebody,” says Toni Sarge, the director of public affairs for Seattle-based baby bank Westside Baby. “I know people think a shirt is a shirt, and maybe thats your call for your family. But if you wouldnt gift it to someone else, please dont donate it. We wont give it to a family because we value every familys humanity and that doesnt mean that they deserve stained shirts. Remember, you always have the option to donate new items as well.

Donate At Our Facility

We are only open for donations on specific contactless drop off dates. Please check the top of the page for scheduled dates. We are located at 2939 Kingsway in Vancouver, BC.

On contactless gear donation dates, gear can be dropped off at our back door at the rear of the building in the bins provided. We kindly request that no items be left at our front or back door after hours, or on any date that is not a specific contactless gear donation date.

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What Can I Use Instead Of A Stroller

There are a few different ways that you can carry your baby around instead of using a stroller. One option is to use a baby carrier.

This is a device that you can wear on your body and it will allow you to carry your baby close to you while leaving your hands free. Another option is to use a baby sling.

This is a piece of fabric that you can tie around your body and it will hold your baby close to you in an upright position.

Finally, you could just carry your baby in your arms. This might not be the most comfortable option for long periods, but it is an option if you dont have anything else available.

Where You Can Trade In Your Used Car Seat For Savings

Doona Car Seat Stroller Stroller

Its an opportunity to recycle used car seats and save money on a new baby item.

Now through Sept. 25, people can trade-in old car seats at Target. Doing so will earn customers a 20% coupon toward a new car seat, stroller or baby gear. On a $200 stroller, thats a $40 savings.

To get the coupon, the person must be signed up for the Target Circle app. The coupon expires Oct. 2.

Many donation shops like Goodwill do not accept car seats due to liability, so disposal options are limited.

Target said the event started in 2016, the company has recycled more than 1,400,000 car seats or 22.2 million pounds of plastic and counting.

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The What Where And When Of Donating Baby Items In Edmonton

I am discovering first-hand how quickly the items I have for Elle are outgrown. I am grateful and humbled that I am in a position to receive like-new items from friends whose own children no longer require them, and that I am in a position to buy the new items Elle requires. But, it does seem that on a weekly basis, her favorite clothes no longer fit, she can drink from a cup with two hands and she would rather push her stroller than be in it.

In Edmonton, there are tonnes of people and young families who could use these barely-used baby items. And Im nothing less than delighted to be able to donate these items to good homes. So, I am also discovering how second-hand donations play an impactful role when it comes to the unused, space-consuming, sometimes expensive items that no longer need a place in our life, or my condo!

What Items Do You Accept For Donation

We gratefully accept most baby gear, however occasionally the items we are able to accept change due to inventory and storage concerns. Please check our most current list of accepted items before making a donation. We are unable to accept any broken, dirty, or incomplete donation items. Please ensure that all donation items must meet current Canadian safety standards and include all required safety straps and harnesses.

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Freecycle And Other Free Groups

Freecycle is a site that revolves around members giving and requesting items they no longer use, for free. This not only helps save the environment but saves members money and helps them clean out their homes.

To see if theres a local chapter available to you, visit Freecycle and search for your town. If you find your town, create a posting of the car seat.

If you have any takers they can do a porch pick up or you can meet them somewhere.

Why Do Babies Fall Asleep In Strollers

Nest With Me Part 4 | Baby Bottle Organization | Baby Car Seat And Stroller Cleaning

There are a few reasons for this. One reason is that the stroller provides a gentle, rocking motion that can help soothe babies and help them fall asleep.

Additionally, being outdoors in the fresh air can also be calming for babies and help them drift off to sleep.

Finally, many strollers have built-in features such as music or white noise that can further lull babies to sleep. Whatever the reason, parents should cherish these moments when their baby falls asleep in the stroller, as they wont last forever!

Do you have any questions or tips on getting your baby to sleep in their stroller? Check other related articles like How to close Graco stroller and How to clean stroller fabric!

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When Can I Trade In

Target accepts trade-ins between April 18 through 30, 2022.

In 2016, Target officially became the first retailer to hold a car seat trade-in event. After Target pushed the idea forward, many other retailers followed in Targets footsteps. Target encouraged its shoppers to recycle their car seats by utilizing incentives.

Interestingly, since Target launched this program, it has recycled over half a million car seats, and those numbers are only increasing. Also, because of Targets trade-in program, the corporation has recycled over 11.9 million pounds of materials. Thats a vast amount of plastic material that Target has prevented from winding up in landfills.

Car Seat Recycling & Donation In Hawaii

  • HOPE, Inc. Accepts baby clothing, car seats, and furniture. 51-075 Halai St. Hau’ula, HI 96717, 293-9266.
  • Caterkids is a not-for-profit organization. People with limited resources can buy things at half the price. Caterkids either buy the things available for sale or they are donated by people. However, they dont purchase all kinds of car seats in case they dont buy your car seat, you can donate it to them.

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What To Do With Old Car Seats Car Seat Recycling And Donation In All 50 Us States

Car seats are the most effective way to save lives they reduce the risk of death by 71% for infants and by 54% for toddlers ages 1 to 4.

But what to do with a used car seat after it’s served its purpose?

You can do a few things:

  • Give the used car seat to friends or family
  • Donate the car seat
  • Recycle the car seat
  • Throw the car seat in the trash

If you decide to give it to friends/family or donate it, you have to be sure about the integrity of the seat – in other words, it should not have been in an accident .

Also, make sure that the car has not expired and hasnt been recalled.

Donating a car seat seems like a very reasonable idea why throw something when it is in perfect working condition and can be used by one of the many parents who cant afford it, right?

Sadly, many charities dont agree they dont accept used car seats because its hard to be sure about the history of seats and they arent willing to take the risk. This is why we have compiled a list of organizations that accept seats after thoroughly checking them physically and their history and distribute them to people in need.

Another option is car seat recycling. Car seat plastic can take anywhere from 100 to 1000 years to decompose. We might very well be saving our children now and destroying the planet for future generations.

Having said that, we’ve also done the research to compile a list of places that do recycle car seats in the US.

Lets get into it!

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Used Car Seats Or Cribs

Doona Infant Car Seat Stroller

Most organizations, including thrift stores, do not accept used car seats for safety reasons. Car seats are recalled frequently as well, making it hard for organizations to know whether a donated item is on a recall list or not.

If it seems like a waste to toss a used but good, unexpired car seat, you do have other options. Donating it via word of mouth or via a social media channel where you can assure the recipient that the car seat hasn’t been in any accidents is an option. If you post it in a group or forum, clearly state the expiration date and that it has not been in any accidents. If your car seat has been in an accident, dispose of it.

You can donate a used crib, but it needs to be one that is safety compliant. Cribs made before 2011 are not up to the new, mandatory crib standards, so keep that in mind when donating. Cribs are also frequently recalled, so if yours has been recalled, you should dispose of it. If you have an old or antique crib you’d like to donate, consider posting it in groups or on sites where you can clearly state it is for decorative purposes only.

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