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Why Are Car Rental Rates So High

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Getting More Creative With Renting

Summer travel questions: Why are rental car prices so high? And, is Europe open?

In addition to off-airport options, consider renting from alternative rental platforms. In late 2020, Lyft launched its Lyft Rentals service, which offers car rentals in partnership with Sixt through the Lyft app and website. Pricing and the availability of cars varies across platforms and Lyft is no exception. As of summer 2021, rentals from Sixt through Lyfts platform were often 10% to 15% cheaper than the same rentals on Expedia.

Also consider that you may qualify to use a corporate or group discount code on your personal car rentals. Using a corporate or group rate code may open up additional rental availability, lower rates or both. If you rent cars for work and your company has a corporate rate negotiated with one of the rental car companies, sometimes these codes can also be used for personal travel. If you have a business email address, Lyft even allows you to create a business profile and access corporate rental rates for personal trips through its platform.

Finally, memberships like AAA, AARP and alumni associations often come with negotiated car rental discounts as a benefit. Being a member of a professional organization, a credit union or the military might also offer a discount.

How Car Rental Prices Got So High

The pandemic has a lot to do with the skyrocketing rental costs. Last year, amid the plunge in travel, rental companies shed a large number of cars from their fleets as they tried to survive. Now they find themselves in short supply just as Americans are ready to start moving again. Companies trying to replenish their auto fleets are also running into issues due to a shortage of semiconductor chips hampering the auto industry. One analyst at Deutsche Bank who follows the industry described it to the Washington Post as an extreme example of supply and demand.

Car rental, like the airline and hotel industries, relies on dynamic pricing to determine how much a customer ultimately pays to book a vehicle. The response to supply-and-demand is immediate. Because rental companies have a fairly fixed amount of stock available, the more Americans try to get cars, the higher prices will go.

Why Is My Car Insurance Rate So High

You just got your car insurance billand it’s sky-high. What’s behind the rate hike? Many factors influence the cost of car insurance, from where you live to the car you drive. Recent changes to your coverage, your household, or your driving record can all affect the price you’ll pay for auto insurance. Here’s what you need to know about insurance premium spikes.

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Why Is It So Expensive To Rent A Car Right Now

Americans looking to rent a car or truck this summer are running into extraordinarily high prices, and thats if they can find an available vehicle to begin with.

Over the past several months, the cost of rentals in the US has shot up on a mix of soaring demand and inadequate supply to match it. Customers are contending with prices like $400 a day for a car in Orlando or $700 for a sport utility vehicle in Arizona.

In June, it was about 88% more expensive to rent a car or truck than during the same time last year, contributing to the inflation hitting US consumer prices, according to newly released data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Thats in comparison with a period when the pandemic shut down much of the US, forcing rental prices down, but the figures are still 76% higher than during June 2019, before the upheaval of Covid-19.

Are Car Rentals Expensive In Hawaii

9 Reasons Why Your Car Insurance Is So High

Tourists in Hawaii are driving moving trucks because rental vehicles are so pricey. Of Hawaii, said in a statement last month that there had been a “significant rise” in rentals from visitors to the islands. The chief reason given by tourists for renting a vehicle is the high cost of buying a holiday ticket.

The report also noted a jump in the number of luxury cars being rented out on the islands. It’s possible that more wealthy tourists are choosing to rent these models because they can afford to lose their deposits.

Hawaii has one of the highest rates of automobile ownership in the country. A full 94% of residents own a car, which means there is a lot of traffic during the summer months. If you’re looking to save some money by not buying a house or taking out a loan, then renting may be your best option.

There are several companies that offer discounted rates if you book online. Also, keep in mind that most hotels will charge you for any damage to the car and there could be additional fees if you don’t return the vehicle at the end of your trip.

Overall, renting a car in Hawaii is more affordable than you might think. There are plenty of deals to be found if you do some research before you go!

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What To Do About High Rental Car Prices

$300/day car rentals? Is this real? In some extreme cases, yes, this is the current reality. Or, potentially even worse, there are no rental cars available at all. As travel demand continues to rise for Spring Break and Easter weekend, rental car companies are struggling to keep up with demand.

Our internal data and analysis have shown a spike in not only the average price per day , but also in the percentage of searches with no availability. While the latter is starting to trend back downward, prices have remained stubbornly high.

Understand Why Car Hire Prices Have Increased Over The Past Year There Is A Logical Reason And It’s Not Just The Car Hire Firms Being Greedy

Car hire prices this year have rocketed – right around the world. In July they were over 40% up on the year before in the US, and not far behind across Europe. But why is this? Whilst it’s easy to think that it’s blatant profiteering by car rental companies after a torrid year this is not actually the case – we explain more.

Until the COVID-19 crisis, car manufacturers used to court car hire firms – the vast numbers of vehicles needed by the industry made them ideal for manufacturer’s who wanted to have a steady number of cars coming off the production line straight into the fleets of an industry that wanted the latest models. It also provided free test drives, with some hirers deciding that they loved their rental car so much they would buy one as their next vehicle.

As a result the manufacturers would offer the car hire firms massive discounts – so much so that the rental companies could make a profit on the cars as they would be sold on at the end of the summer season at or close to the price they had paid for them.

This meant that the price you would pay to rent a car only needed to cover the costs of operating the business, paying the staff and office costs.

Then the world started opening up – new social distancing norms meant car hire became more popular than ever among the few travellers that were about – and car hire firms sought to rapidly increase fleet levels.

So when will we return to normal?

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Hitting The Road For The Holidays Car Rental Prices Are Sky

People renting cars for holiday trips may be in for some sticker shock.

Rental car companies have brought in more vehicles since shortages sent prices sky-high this summer, but rates are rising again as more people prepare to hit the road over Thanksgiving and the winter holidays.

The holidays are looking better than this summer, but I wouldnt be celebrating too much. Its still a pricey time to rent a car, and we predict that it will be for quite some time moving forward, said Matt Clarke, vice president of North America marketing at travel search company Kayak.

Just how much rates are expected to go up depends on who you ask, and where youre renting.

Kayak estimates average rental prices in Chicago over Thanksgiving are about $104 per day, up 90% compared with the same period in 2019. Nationwide, rates averaged $97 per day, though New Yorkers are expected to pay even more: about $135 per day over Thanksgiving.

Christmas rates in Chicago were about $102 per day, up about 65% compared with 2019, according to Kayak.

AAA forecast a more modest increase, with an average daily car rental rate of $98 across 20 U.S. locations over Thanksgiving, up just 4% from last year but nearly 31% higher than 2019.

Other airport rental agencies were fully booked too. Park took an Uber to her hotel and eventually got a refund through American Express Travel, which she used to book the rental.

Clarke also recommended booking as early as possible.

Rental Cars Never Commanded Much Of A Travelers Attention Or Budget Until Now

Rental cars in high demand

Chris Fore was taking all the steps to make his familys first trip to Hawaii in July affordable: using credit card points for plane tickets, staying in a timeshare and bargain hunting for a rental car months in advance.

Thats where his plans hit a snag.

I usually shop the heck out of things for the best deals, said Fore, a high school principal from Apple Valley, Calif. And now Im regretting not pulling a trigger on a rental car back in November.

Back then, the prices for an SUV or van were a little higher than his $700 budget for the 10-day trip with his family of five. Now, hes finding options closer to $1,600.

Fore is not an outlier in his struggle. As millions more Americans get vaccinated against the coronavirus every week and millions take to the skies demand for travel is skyrocketing.

That growing interest is running smack into a dearth of vehicles after rental car companies shed hundreds of thousands of their cars during the earlier days of the pandemic. And in many cases, the cars that are available are extremely expensive.

Essentially this is really just kind of an extreme example of supply and demand, said Chris Woronka, a leisure analyst at Deutsche Bank who follows rental car companies.

It is an unusual starring role for rental cars, which typically dont command that much of a travelers attention or budget.

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And Then There Are Those Fees

But theres more to worry about than just government taxes and surcharges. Many rental car companies come up with their own added fee categories to defray operational expenses rather than just including those costs in their advertised rates. It makes their base prices look lower.

For a closer look at how that can work and how costly and confusing it can be lets go to Denver International Airport.

There, the city and state sales taxes add up to 8.31%. When I consulted Avis for a detailed price quote, the website and a reservationist gave me these numbers: 13.25% in taxes, joined by the following array of fees and charges, including an 11.1% concession recovery fee, a vehicle license fee of 38 cents a day, a customer facility charge of $2.15 a day and a Colorado road safety fee of $2 a day.

Autoslashs Weinberg calls these categories sleight of hand by the rental car companies. The concession recovery fee is basically to cover the companys rent at the airport, he said, adding that when you see an energy recovery fee, thats probably the utility bill.

They add up. If you rent a car in Denver for four days at a base price of $75 a day, your $300 becomes $401.12.

Look To Savvy Rental Sites

Keyes also recommends looking at services like Autoslash, which monitors your car rental reservation and notifies you if the price drops. Other options include Turo, which is like the “Airbnb of car rentals,” meaning you can rent local cars directly from owners or even try renting a car from a local dealership.

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Charges Are Two Or Three Times Higher Than Normal In Many Popular Locations According To Consumer Groups

Higher costs for car rental are likely to last until the auto industrys production squeeze caused by a semiconductor shortage is resolved, the boss of Europcar has warned.

Caroline Parot, chief executive of the largest listed car hire company in Europe, said prices had risen because providers could not source enough vehicles to meet demand from holidaymakers.

Charges are two or three times higher than normal in many popular locations, according to consumer groups and price comparison sites. Higher car rental costs helped drive US inflation to its highest level since 2008 last month.

We cannot serve everyone we want to because there are not enough cars, she told the Financial Times.

The chip crisis has led to an acute shortage of new vehicles, with carmakers prioritising retail sales and other channels ahead of rental car providers, which tend to buy in bulk at lower prices.

People are eager to travel. If you look at the US, there are enough hotels and enough flights, but the car capacity has changed, she said.

While a lot of international travel in Europe is curtailed, people are increasingly travelling within their own countries.

Parot warned that the rental industry, similar to much of the leisure and tourism sector, has been further hampered by confusion from governments on travel corridors, particularly from sudden and unexpected rule changes.



Last month the group turned down a 2.2 billion takeover offer from Volkswagen.

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A Recent Accident Or Claim

Monthly Car Hire: 1, 2, 3 &  6 Month Business Car &  Van ...

Whether or not you’re at fault, being involved in an auto accident can cause a rate hike. Being deemed at fault could signal you’re a risky driver, especially if you were under the influence. Even if you’re not at fault, filing a claimespecially a large onecould lead to a premium increase.

If you’ve filed previous claims or been involved in other accidents, you’re more likely to see your rates rise. That’s because the number of claims and accidents on your record affects how risky the insurance company deems you. Still, you should always file a claim, even in a minor accident. Other parties in the accident could sue you later, and your insurance company may not honor your policy if you didn’t report the incident.

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There Are Some Ways To Save Money If You Need Transportation During Your Family Vacation:

  • Cut the convenience cost: Many people pick up rental cars at the airport once they land, but you may be paying for the price of convenience. There are often car rental companies just a short distance away from the airport, so pay for a taxi or rideshare to pick up the car a few miles away to save money for the length of your stay.
  • Use rideshare options: If they’re available, ridesharing options can reduce the hassle of finding parking and driving in an unfamiliar city. Some of the most popular ridesharing apps allow you to schedule your rides in advance so you’re never left waiting.
  • Use public transit: If your destination has public transit options, you can often buy a fare for less than the cost of a cup of coffee. It’s also a great way to explore a new city!
  • Use smaller wheels: If you’re traveling in a city that’s not as sprawling, you can rent bikes, scooters or even rollerblades to get you around a little bit faster than walking!
  • Drive your own car: If the cost of a flight and a rental car is out of your travel budget, consider picking a destination that may be a little closer to home and take a nice road trip.
  • Consider the alternatives: Instead of your big rental car companies, consider sites like DriveShare, Gig Car Share, Getaround, Zipcar and Turo for rental options that are a little different than you’re used to.

Is Renting A Car Worth It

When planning out travel on a budget, theres always a constant battle between which option will cost less. In the case of renting car vs not renting a car, its more of a benefits vs costs discussion. Renting a car affords you a degree of freedom that public transportation simply cant: the ability to go where you want, when you want, and with more space to bring what you want with you. Alternatively, going without a rental saves you a lot of money, particularly these days. Its hard to put a price on the convenience a rental car can offer, but if the rental companies quote you high enough, you just might have to set that price.

If renting a car feels non-negotiable, there are some ways to save yourself a few bucks. As stated earlier, rental rates tend to be lower on weekends, or outside of holiday seasons. Planning your travel accordingly can help you save on your rate. You can also save by doing things like selecting a smaller, less expensive model, renting for a longer period of time and refueling your rental before you bring it back as companies charge extra for refueling.5

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Australias Turbocharged Rental Car Prices To Hit Summer Road Trip Plans

Worldwide car shortage affecting retailers also sees rental rates nearly double from pre-pandemic prices

The brakes have been put on summer road trips with Australians who decide to holiday at home facing rental car prices up to double pre-pandemic rates.

The worldwide car shortage that has hit new and used car retailers has also jacked up rental prices by hundreds of dollars a week.

A shortage of electronic chips means some new cars will take months to be delivered. That shortage has pushed up the prices of used cars, which are 36% higher in Australia than before the pandemic began.

Australias international borders have reopened, while some state borders are still in place. But with many Australians still reluctant to leave these shores whether out of fear of Covid or because of the complications it brings Tourism Australia is continuing its Holiday Here This Year campaign to support domestic tourism.

But those without wheels, and those wanting to fly and hire some, can expect to pay more than $1,000 a week.

Rentals are most expensive in Tasmania, where prices have reached $169 a day thats $1,183 a week, assuming no discounts. No state has an average price of less than $100 a day.

Kayak, the travel search engine, collected the data for car rental searches between 1 December this year and 31 January 2022.

A storm and a fire in separate manufacturing facilities compounded the problem.

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