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Why Is My Car Ac Blowing Hot Air

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What Are Two Key Problems In The Condenser

Why is My Car AC Blowing Hot Air?

1) Blockage in the pipe Broken condenser

The other two reasons for blowing hot air in the condenser are blockage in the pipe and broken condenser.

The blockage in the pipe or anywhere in the tube can result in the improper operation of the condenser. In this way, hot refrigerant remains to be hot. Similarly, the fluid refrigerant continues to remain hot in the passenger compartment too.

2) Broken Condenser

In addition to it, the broken condenser is the next big affecting problem that does not let the condenser perform its function. Since it is obvious that the leaky fluid refrigerant can be caused by a perforated pipe, however, if there is not any escaping part then it is still possible to rupture the condenser. Emphatically, it will not let the condenser do its primary function.

Why Does My Car Air Conditioner Blow Cold Then Warm

  • May 28,2018

Theres nothing quite like cranking your car’s air conditioning up on a hot summer day. Few things feel better than that cool blast of air! But what if your car air conditioner blows cold and then warm air?

If it feels like your A/C is playing tricks on you and doesn’t blow cold air for long, it could be time to bring your A/C problems to your local Firestone Complete Auto Care. Any number of culprits could be causing your car A/C to blow cold then warm air, including:

Why Is My Car Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air And How To Fix It

Have you experienced that your car air conditioner blowing hot air instead of cold air? Are you worried that your car AC not working properly again? Are you feeling annoyed because your car AC not blowing cold air, and you want to fix it as quickly as possible? If the answer to all the above questions is yes, then you are on the right page!

And I am saying this because, in this comprehensive guide, we are going to answer some of the most searched questions on the web why is my car air conditioner not blowing cold air, and how to make air conditioner colder in car.

The car AC is a machine, and like all other machines, it can also become faulty or show signs of defects. And as the car air conditioning system components are not similar to the random house AC system, it is not always possible to detect where exactly the problem lies or what to do when you face defective issues.

And certainly, sitting inside a steel box with zero air circulation plus hot air coming out on a summer evening is not going to make you happy or healthy either. So, it is essential to know how air conditioning works in a car and what to do if it starts blowing hot air instead of cold air. It must be every car owners priority

Hopefully, this detailed guide will help you find all the answers to these essential questions and help you learn how to fix a car air conditioner blowing hot air instead of cold air. So, just keep reading till the end to know every possible solution.

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How Air Conditioner Should Work

Your AC is blowing cold air only when cooling coils are cold. Period.

In a normal functioning air conditioner, the air is passed over cooling coils. This cools the air and we get a cooling breeze from our air conditioner. If the cooling coils are hot, we wont get a cool breeze well get a hot AC airflow output nobody wants.

To understand why AC is blowing hot air, we need to figure out what is making the cooling coils hot.

The combination of refrigerant and compressor is used to cool down the cooling coils. Here is how an AC is normally operating.

  • AC compressor compresses the refrigerant turning it from gas to liquid.
  • This process is exothermic ie. it releases heat. All that heat is directed outward.
  • The refrigerant in liquid form goes through the expansion valve and turns into gas.
  • This process is endothermic ie. it draws heat from the surrounding. That surrounding are the cooling coils.
  • This cools the indoor coils down.
  • Air is passed over these cold cooling coils and we enjoy a cooling breeze coming from our AC unit.
  • When AC is blowing hot air, something in this process is going wrong. Either compressor is not compressing properly , the expansion valve is having issued, or there is a general lack of refrigerant.

    Lets look at what exactly is wrong with your hot air blowing AC:

    Reasons Your Car A/c May Be Blowing Hot Air

    Why is My Car AC Blowing Hot Air?
    • May 13,2019

    You finally made it through winter! Summer is around the corner and its the best season for driving. Even your daily commute is a little bit better when its warm and sunny.

    But nothing can spoil summer fun quite like a broken car air conditioner. The A/C is one of the most complex systems in your vehicle. If it is blowing warm air, there could be several causes. We’ll explain a few of the most common ones.

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    How To Fix Car Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air Authors View

    Now that you know the reasons behind car AC blowing hot air and the methods to fix the issue, you might be feeling good enough to try at least a few of the given methods for a quick fix. While some car owners try to fix the issue by themselves, some prefer taking the car to the car mechanic to get the issues fixed.

    Amongst the given few methods to fix car air conditioners blowing hot air instead of cold air, I would recommend 2-3 favorites of my choice that shall help you make the car AC colder and prevent blowing hot air as well. These are my recommendations:

    • Replace or repair the car AC cabin filter.
    • Avoid pulling the temperature to max or sending mixed signals to your cars cooling system.
    • Install AC curtains and park the car on shaded areas as much as possible.

    According to my understanding, these are some of the most coveted ways to improve your cars ac performance. But before you jump to any conclusion, it is recommended that you first check out what actually is causing the trouble.

    And if you are able to detect the problem with your car AC that is responsible for the hot air coming up from it, fixing it particularly can be helpful in preventing further sweaty interactions inside the car.

    opefully, this article has helped you understand the reasons behind car air conditioner blowing hot air instead of cold air and the best ways to fix car AC not blowing cold air sometimes.

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    Clogged Expansion Valve Causes Hot Air Coming From Ac

    The job of the expansion valve is to effectively release through the refrigerant liquid and expand it into gas. When this expansion happens, it sends chills throughout the cooling coils. Thats exactly what cools down the cooling coils.

    If the expansion valve is not functioning properly, the refrigerant wont be adequately expanded into gas, and the cooling coils wont be cooled down. It might happen that the air conditioner will blow warm air while running.

    What might be the problem with the expansion valve that leads to the hot air problem?


    It doesnt matter frequently but expansion valves do get clogged from time to time. To fix the problem, you have to unclog them and thats easier said than done. You might require some help from an HVAC professional.

    After the clog is cleared, the refrigerant cycle should be back to normal and the AC shouldnt continue to blow warm air.

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    What Causes Ac In Car To Stop Working

    • Due to Overheating

    One of the main causes of AC in a car to stop working is when the air conditioning system tends to overheat during extremely hot days which can cause some of the components to malfunction or break and make the air conditioner to stop working.

    The possible reasons listed above as to why the air conditioner in my car is blowing hot air might also be what causes AC in a car to stop working.

    • Electrical Issues

    Your cars electrical system provides the needed power to run the air AC system. It is also designed to shut down in case there is a defect in the system to prevent further damage to other AC components. Check if there is a sign of a broken fuse or frayed wires. Because something as simple as a faulty fuse may also cause the operating system to stop working.

    • Cabin Air Filter and Blower Motor Damage

    Some cars have a cabin air filter, depending on the make and model. The cabin air filter cleans harmful contaminants from the air inside the car. If your car has one, check if it has already collected dirt and other grime that may have stopped air circulation entirely in the ventilation system. An unclean cabin air filter can damage the condenser and the blower motor that pushes air through the vents. When the blower motor is damaged, it also blocks air from passing.

    • Blocked Air Intake

    Cool Off At Virginia Tire & Auto

    How to Fix AC in Car That’s Blowing Hot Air (EASY & Cheap AC Recharge)

    If your air conditioning system isnt working properly, dont sweat it! Our ASE-Certified Technicians can get you back on the road, cool as a cucumber, in no time.

    Drop by your local Virginia Tire & Auto and enjoy refreshing beverages in our comfortable waiting room while you wait for your car to be fixed. You can also use our handy shuttle service to get where you need to go, and we offer free loaner cars for repairs over $200.

    Schedule an appointment online or call 855.425.3677 to talk to our team about A/C services at Virginia Tire & Auto.

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    Conducting A Visual Inspection For Leaks

    You can start with a visual inspection. As we said above, refrigerant leaks dont generally leave a whole lot behind for you to see. However, using UV dye and UV light, you can hack your way around that problem.

    Some cars already use UV dye in their system to help you find these leaks however if yours doesnt, youll want to add some to it. Then you want to remove caps and check around service ports for any sign of the dye. You can use UV light to see this more easily.

    If you find where the dye is coming from, you will have found the leak and can act accordingly. Dont worry if this process sounds too complicated or complex, we have another way you can find a leak that just involves pointing a device in the right direction.

    Common A/c Problems & How To Fix Them

    If your cars air conditioner isnt working properly and is blowing hot air then one of these systems isnt doing its job properly. Getting to the root of the problem can take some time and effort, but we have simplified the process by providing you with the most common A/C problems along with how to resolve these problems once theyre discovered.

    The Evaporator or Condenser is Clogged

    Since there are two components that require air to be moving through them, the evaporator and the condenser, it is possible one or both of these are clogged and not getting the proper air flow. Check the front of your vehicle for debris, the engine cooling fans for proper operation, and your cabin air filter for debris and dirt. The refrigerant in your system also needs to be able to flow properly through the system. Check your compressor for proper operation, clogs in your system and the proper amount of refrigerant. All of these can be checked by observing the pressures around the system both before and after the compressor and all the other components. This can be done with set of A/C gauges to measure both the high and low pressure sides of your A/C system.

    Electrical System Issues

    The A/C System Needs Recharging

    Red Angel A/C Stop Leak One Shot comes in an easy to use aerosol can that can be installed quickly and easily without any tools and also contains 2.5 ounces of R-134a to help bring your system back up to normal operating pressure.

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    There Is A Refrigerant Leak

    One of the prominent reasons your car is not blowing cold air might be a refrigerant leak. The refrigerant is the most significant component of the car AC system that ensures the AC blows cold air instead of hot. Thus, when there is a refrigerant leak in the car cooling system, it is a possible reason behind the car AC blowing hot air.

    There would not be enough refrigerant present in the cooling system when there is a leak, which will not facilitate the cooling process to take place effectively. But even though it is a prominent reason behind warm air coming out of the car AC, it is tough to be detected by the regular car owners.

    So, how to fix car AC blowing hot air due to refrigerant leakage if you cannot detect it in the first place?

    Well, of course, the most effective solution is to take the car to an automobile professional so that they can detect the leakage using special UV detectors because the refrigerant gas has the property to become invisible when it leaves the cooling system. When they find the leakage using the UV detectors, they would be able to fix it easily.

    Is Damage Caused When You Keep Running A Cars A/c System That Blows Warm Air

    Ac Not Blowing Hot Air Car

    The easy answer is yes. By the time you notice your cars AC system is blowing warm, it has already lost a lot of refrigerant. And potentially even worse, refrigerant is mixed with a lubricating oil, which is required to keep the A/C compressor operating smoothly, you will likely be running the system too dry. By starving it of lubrication, eventually this burns out the compressor. Most refrigerants will mix in an ultraviolet-sensitive dye. This way when the refrigerant evaporates the dye oil mixture leaks into the engine bay. This is important as it leaves a trackable stain. By using an ultraviolet light close to the A/C lines, the locations of any leaks will be shown. Pretty illuminating!

    Ace Car Care Centers certified AC Technicians can perform a wide variety of air conditioning services on your car. From general and routine testing to regularly scheduled maintenance. We also can perform complete car AC system repair. We can quickly diagnose the cars problems. And we always provide cost effective repair and maintenance options.

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    Aamco Utah: Keeping Your Cool When You Need It The Most

    AAMCO Utah is a reputable auto care center in Utah that has been offering state of the art transmission car maintenance and repair for years. We take pride in our expert and professional technicians, modern equipment, and years of experience servicing American licensed vehicles. We also offer Car A/C repair and maintenance, among other services such as suspension system service, electrical system maintenance, Engine tune-up service, Brake repair, and maintenance, and many more.

    Is your A/C unit blowing cold air momentarily, then turning hot? Your air conditioning system might be faulty. your local AAMCO Utah auto care center, our qualified technicians will work swiftly to restore your system for a more comfortable ride this summer.

    Reason #: The Compressor Has Gone Bad

    The compressor keeps your A/C moving at all times. Without it, the refrigerant cannot circulate through the system and youll never get any cold air. The most common reason that a compressor goes bad is due to long periods of time without use. Lack of use tends to shock the system when it finally is used again such as in the spring or summer after sitting dormant all winter long.

    To best combat this issue, we recommend running your A/C system on full blast for at least 15 minutes roughly once every three weeks or so, regardless of the outside temperature. This will help keep the compressor fresh and extend its overall lifespan.

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    Bad Or Broken Compressor

    The compressor is considered the heart of the car AC, and thus, if it stops working, you know what can happen! The work of the compressor is circulating the refrigerant throughout the cooling system. So, if you want to fix a car air conditioner blowing hot air instead of cold air, you ought to look out for a faulty compressor.

    When the compressor of the car AC does not function properly, the chances are high that the cooling system will not be able to produce cold air as the anti-freeze in the system would not be able to reach the AC condenser for cooling, thereby producing warm air. Most commonly, the issues in the compressor arise when it is kept unused for a more extended period.

    And this happens mostly during winters when the car is non-functional. This is the prime reason why most automobile manufacturers are heading to keeping the condenser active for a year by activating it through the defrost setting.

    Nevertheless, if you do not own any such latest car model, do not be disheartened take your car to a mechanic so that the exact problem can be detected and solved quickly.

    Stop Sending Mixed Signals To Your Cars Cooling System

    How To Fix Car AC That Blows Hot Air

    This is also one good reason why most car ACs give up on their true self and produce warmer air than usual. When you keep on giving mixed signals to the car AC system, it eventually cannot keep up with the pace and thus starts functioning abruptly.

    Thus, to make AC colder in car, you must stop giving it mixed signals like making it the coldest setting once and then turning it back to lower temperature and doing this more frequently!

    What you must do is to turn on the coldest setting once and then arrange the fan setting if you feel hotter or colder during the drive!

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