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What Do I Need To Register My Car In Utah

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How Long Do You Have To Renew Your Registration After It Expires In Utah

DMV Officials: Vehicle registrations down in Utah months after reminder postcards stopped

It’s important to renew your vehicle registration promptly. You’re sent an email reminder to renew several weeks or more before the due date. In Utah, driving with expired tags can warrant up to $750 in fines if you get pulled over. You can get a 15-day permit if your registration expired and you still need to get an inspection completed.

To avoid any late fees or possible tickets, be sure to handle your registration renewal before the expiration date. Essentially, you should plan to renew your tags BEFORE your birthday each year.

Registering A Used Car In Utah

Vehicle owners cannot complete a new car registration online. All initial registration transactions must be completed in person at applicants local DMV offices. Registrants will need:

  • Their vehicles titles and/or bills of sale.
  • Emissions testing certificates, where applicable.
  • Safety inspection certificates, where applicable.
  • Legal photo ID.
  • Completed car registration forms.
  • Acceptable forms of payment.

Some motorists may also or alternatively need serial number inspection certificates and/or Utah gas or diesel emissions certificates.

DMV representatives will verify that all documentation is in place, and then issue registrants new registrations and temporary plates. Permanent plates will be mailed to the motorists later.

How Do I Register A Used Car In Utah

I just moved to Utah and bought a used pickup truck from a man on Craigslist. How do I register a used car in this state?

  • Title
  • VIN for the vehicle, as well as serial inspection, when required
  • Gas or diesel emission certificate, when required

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How Much Is Car Registration Renewal In Utah

The price for car registration varies for everyone. Your county, vehicle type, fuel type, and some other details all factor into the final fee. Some counties require a corridor fee, while others have an air pollution control fee. The age of the car also matters. The average cost to renew newer vehicles is $150. The average price for cars between 6 and 9 years of age is $80. The Uniform Age-based fee lessens every few years.

Some people wonder, “do you have to renew your car registration every year in Utah?” The answer is almost always yes. However, a 6-month option is also available for passenger vehicles and motorcycles. You’ll pay even less at once, but will need to remember to handle the task more often.

How Do I Register A Motorcycle In Utah

Utah Vehicle Title Donation Questions

How Do I Register A Motorcycle In Utah?

What do I need to register my motorcycle in Utah? Be in possession of the original title. Fill out Form TC-656, Utah Title Application. Complete Form TC-661, Certificate of Inspection, if the bike has not been titled in Utah before. Have at least one person who will be named on the title at the DMV to sign all the documents.

Can you register a motorcycle online in Utah? Keep in mind that many registration and other functions can be done online at Utahs Motor Vehicle Portal. Conducting business online saves time that you would otherwise spend driving to an office and waiting in line.

How much does it cost to register a bike in Utah? The cost of a bicycle license is extremely cheap, coming to a total of $2.03 at the Salt Lake City Police Department. All you have to do is bring your bike and fill out a bike registration worksheet. You should then receive a sticker with your bikes license number.

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Utah Car Title Replacement

Since certificates of title are physical documents, they can get lost, stolen, marred, torn or covered over. If your car title is for any reason missing or illegible, then you as the owner or a legal representative should apply for a new document right away. You can easily get duplicates of Utah DMV car titles or replace them. Once approved, the new car title will display the word duplicate in print or stamped ink. From the time you receive the new title for your car, it is considered your vehicles valid title, even if you recover the previous certificate. To apply for a duplicate vehicle title, complete the Utah DMVs Application for Duplicate Utah Title and pay all applicable fees. You will receive your new Utah auto title approximately a week later.

If you are buying a vehicle and looking for a car title transfer, then you should request that the seller transfer the title to you. If he or she is unable to find the car title, then it does not necessarily mean that you should cancel the pending transaction. It is possible that the auto title is being held by the sellers bank or credit union. It is a common practice for institutions to hold car titles as collateral. In any other case, the seller should apply to replace the title.

Florida Car Registration Requirements

In Florida, you have 10 days to register your out-of-state car after you’ve moved there. To be considered a resident of Florida, you must be employed in the state, have your child enrolled in public schools, or have established a living address. To learn more about registering a car in Florida, read our blog post: How to register a car in Florida.

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Wyoming Car Registration Requirements

Any vehicle owned by a non-resident that is properly registered in another state is not required to be registered in Wyoming. Non-residents vacationing in Wyoming may drive with their out-of-state plates for a maximum of 120 days. If you have moved to Wyoming, you have up to 30 days after your arrival to register your vehicle.

Are You A Service Provider

What Are The DMV Requirements Moving To Utah?

1. Register a member account2. Create a searchable listing3. Connect with more clients

UT Vehicle Registration Summary

Read our Utah Vehicle Registration page to learn how to register a vehicle with the Utah Division of Motor Vehicles . Find additional details on car registration for new Utah residents, UT registration renewals, duplicates, replacements & changes, Utah auto insurance requirements, and car registration for military personnel.

Utah Car Registration Overview

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Vehicles Purchased From An Out

  • Nevada Evidence of Insurance
  • Invoice or Bill of Sale, and one of the following: Title Manufacturerâs Certificate of Origin Security Agreement
  • Nevada Emission Vehicle Inspection Report if needed
  • VIN inspection
  • Application for Vehicle Registration
  • Sales Taxes – You may or may not be charged sales tax at registration. Many dealers remit sales taxes directly to the DMV. Full Nevada taxes are due on vehicles purchased in Utah. See Out-of-State Dealer Sales.

    Vehicle must be registered before the expiration of any movement permit issued.

    Odometer Statement – Ensure the dealer completes this statement on the title or certificate of origin on vehicles 2011 or newer. The original copy of a separate statement is also acceptable.

    See Registration – Out-of-State Dealer Sales for information on license plates, tax exemptions and more.

    Georgia Car Registration Requirements

    In Georgia, you must register your vehicle in the state within 30 days of becoming a resident. A non-resident must register his/her vehicle if he/she is temporarily residing in Georgia for longer than 30 days. One must provide a valid license, proof of ownership and proof of insurance to the DMV.

    To learn more about registering a car in Georgia, read our blog post: How to register a car in Georgia.

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    Emission Inspections & Vehicle Registration In Salt Lake City

    Emissions Inspections & Car Registration in Salt Lake City

    • Salvage vehicles that have been rebuilt and requesting a rebuilt title
    • First time street legal ATV registrations. This includes ownership transfers for previously registered street legal ATVs.
    • Commercial vehicles are required to obtain a safety inspection for display and presenting to law enforcement, but it is not a prerequisite for registration.

    Let Super Ford do your Vehicle Inspection

    Utah Vehicle Registration Fees

    How much does it cost to renew registration in ny ALQURUMRESORT.COM

    In Utah, registration fees vary by vehicle type, fuel type, county of residence, and other factors.

    One of the following two types of uniform fees will be due at the time of your registration. That includes at the time of the initial purchase and every calendar year thereafter.

    • Uniform Age Based Fee
    • This fee varies by vehicle age and applies to passenger vehicles only:
    • Vehicles less than 3 years old: $150
    • 3 years old or older but less than 6 years old: $110
    • 6 years old or older but less than 9 years old: $80
    • 9 years old or older but less than 12 years old: $50
    • 12 years old or older: $10
  • Uniform fee-in-lieu of property tax
  • The following fees apply to non-passenger vehicles, such as heavy trucks, motorhomes and commercial trailers.
  • 1.5% of the fair market value as established by the Utah tax commission for heavy trucks and commercial trailers.
  • 1% of the fair market value for motorhomes.
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    Renewing Your Registration In Utah

    You can renew your UT vehicle registration online, , at an On The SPOT Station, or in person at a nearby DMV office. You can also set up automatic renewals through the MVP .

    The DMV allows you to complete your registration renewal any time before your current registration expires. You will receive a renewal notice by email prior to the expiration. This notice contains the following information:

    • Your renewal fees
    • The due date for your renewal
    • Emissions requirements

    Even if you did NOT receive a renewal notice, you must still renew your registration before it expires. See Utah Renewals to learn more.

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    Boat Title & Registration Fees

    The costs to title and/or register watercraft in Utah are as follows:

    • Registration fees: Vary by type and length of boat call the Utah DMV at 297-7780 for information on the specific fees residents may owe.
    • *Uniform age-based fee, applied ONLY to personal watercraft AND boats less than 31 ft long :
    • *Uniform fee in-lieu of property tax, applied to ALL vessels measuring 31 ft or more: 1.5% of the boats fair market value.

    State Tax Fees:

    *NOTE: ALL uniform fees are applied to initial AND renewal watercraft registrations.

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    How Do I Register A New Car In Utah

    To register a vehicle with the Utah Department of Motor Vehicles , visit the closest office location with the vehicle title, drivers license, proof of insurance, and certificate of inspection if required. The registration fee is based on the vehicles year and weight, plus the residents county of residence.

    Illinois Car Registration Requirements

    Vroom customers waiting months for vehicle registration

    Any vehicle owned by a non-resident that is properly registered in another state other than Illinois does not have to be registered in the state. If you plan to move to Illinois, you have up to 30 days after you have established residency to register your vehicle in the state. To learn more about registering a car in Illinois, read our blog post: How to register a car in Illinois.

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    When Is A Car Title Transfer In Utah Required

    Seeking title transfer online resources can prove valuable when looking to take the next step in car ownership. It is not always evident to car buyers and sellers that they must transfer an auto title in addition to completing the transaction. However, if buying or selling a car, then the parties involved cannot neglect this step.

    After the transaction is complete, a DMV representative can perform electronic title transfers to keep digital records with the state department. Visit your local DMV office as soon as possible to complete a title transfer. Until you have a new car title, do not operate the vehicle. Instead, bring the existing auto title documents to a DMV office and apply for a new certificate and a new registration. Operating the vehicle without a title for your car in UT is an infraction under the state law.

    Sometimes, the buyer will not have a car title available at the time of the transaction. This may happen if the vehicle is homemade or rebuilt or if it is a vintage vehicle without a discoverable auto title. In such a case, both parties involved in the transaction must follow a procedure called Insufficient Evidence of Ownership, including meeting a number of requirements. Inquire about the procedure at a local DMV office.

    You may obtain a safety inspection to satisfy the last requirement, as long as your vehicle identification number is correct on the certificate that a safety inspector provides.

    How Do I Register An Out

    Application for Utah Title Form TC-656, Application for Utah Title must be completed by the new vehicle owners. This may be completed at the DMV at the time of transfer. Safety and/or Emissions Inspection Certificates If you plan on registering the vehicle, a safety and/or emissions inspection may be required.

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    Caveats And Exceptions In Registering Your Vehicle In Utah

    • Your registration fee is based on your vehicle’s year and weight, plus your county of residence
    • New residents to Utah are allowed 60 days to transfer titles and registrations
    • All vehicles that are titled or registered in Utah for the first time are required to complete a Vehicle Identification Number inspection. Form TC-661, Certificate of Inspection must be completed by a DMV employee, designated contractor, peace officer, licensed dealer, or a certified safety inspector. Note that this may be completed by a DMV employee at the time of registration
    • You can get a temporary registration that gives you an extra 15 days if youre not able to get everything together in time. To do this, visit the DMV with the documents you have and submit them like youre registering your vehicle normally. Pay an $8 fee to get the temporary permit
    • The DMV charges a registration fee based on your vehicles weight and size. The exact fee varies, so call the DMV to find out what youll pay. Then, pay your uniform fee, which is a tax based on the age of your car
    • If it qualifies for a Utah safety inspection, present your vehicle at a Utah Department of Public Safety -approved safety inspection station
    • Utah car insurance laws are written to ensure that you are financially covered in the unfortunate case of a car accident

    Utah Boat Registration Requirements

    How To Do a Utah DMV Change of Address

    In Utah, residents of this state are required to register ALL vessels powered by a sail or motor.

    Exceptions to Utahs registration requirement include:

    • Boats registered out-of-state using Utah waters for 60 days or fewer.
    • Vessels from a different country temporarily using UT waters.
    • U.S. government-owned watercraft.
    • Sailboards.
    • Inflatable watercraft.

    Residents of Utah are also required to title ALL boats manufactured in 1985 or later except for canoes and inflatable watercraft powered by outboard motors with no more than 25 HP.

    Individuals who would like confirmation about whether their watercraft needs title and/or registration, call the Division of Parks and Recreation at 538-BOAT.

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    Registration Exemptions For Active Duty Military Personnel

    Utah residents who are serving in active duty and stationed out of state may apply for certain registration exemptions. Military members must own their vehicles leased vehicles do NOT qualify for these exemptions.

    The registration exemptions for military members in Utah are as follows:

    • Property tax exemption. Military personnel must provide the required documents to their local county assessor. Contact their county assessor for a the list of required documents.
    • Emissions inspection exemption. Complete section 2 of Exemption Affidavit of Utah Safety and Emission Requirements for Vehicles Not in Utah .
    • Any vehicle in a city, county, or state that requires emissions inspections must pass an emissions test to complete the registration process. You must then submit proof to the UT DMV.
  • Safety inspection exemption. Complete section 1 of an Exemption Affidavit of Utah Safety and Emission Requirements for Vehicles Not in Utah .
  • If your vehicle resides in a state on the provided list from the exemption form, the Utah DMV will require you to submit a safety inspection from that state. The date on the safety inspection receipt cannot exceed more than 2 months before the expiration of your registration.
  • What Are The Specific State Requirements For Car Registration

    Specific requirements may differ depending on the state in which you’re planning to register your vehicle. Read below for more details about your state’s laws for car insurance. Make sure to check state requirements such as, registration fees, if you need the original title of the vehicle, and what you need for proof of registration. Remember to make sure you have valid insurance and that you have your current registration for the vehicle.

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    How To Renew Your Registration Offline

    Even though renewing registration through the Renew Express online platform is the easiest and most convenient way to update registration, you do have other options such as the DMV, On The Spot Program offices, and mail.

    You can renew registration at your local DMV office. Click on the link to find your closest location and for a list of their available hours.

    Not only can most testing stations test for smog, but they can also renew your registration as part of the On The Spot Program. Find your nearest location here.

    If you are choosing to submit renewal registration documents by mail, you can use this address:

    Motor Vehicle Division

    P.O. Box 30412

    Salt Lake City, UT 84130

    Regardless of how you choose to submit your renewal, all documents to be sent in are the same. Information to be provided in order to renew registration:

    • Inspection certificates

    • All payments of registration fees

    If you have renewed registration through the DMV or testing site, you will receive your renewed registration certificate and new decal at the office right after payment. If a special case applies or if you choose to renew your registration by mail, you will receive all registration documents in 5 business days by mail.

    The Motor Vehicle Division of the Tax Commission has altered hours of some DMV offices in order to stop the spread of Covid-19. Currently closed locations and modified hours can be found here.

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