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Are Walmart Car Batteries Good

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Can I Get A Walmart Car Battery Replaced If I Have No Receipt

Are Walmart Car Batteries Good?

Walmart will exchange a bad car even if you have no receipt as long as the was bought at a Walmart store and is still under warranty.

The has a serial number label, and the store associate can use this number to determine when the was purchased.

If you are unsure how old your Walmart is, look at the month/year sticker on the .

Who Makes Everstart Batteries

EverStart automotive batteries are made by Johnson Controls and are sold worldwide at Walmart.

The reason EverStart batteries can be considered one of the best is that they are very affordable and have a large number of cold cranking amps.

EverStart car batteries can be purchased for not too high a price and they work in the coldest climates. In addition, any Walmart with a tire and lube department will install the battery for you at no charge.

History Of Everstart Battery

The makers of EverStart Battery hailed from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, their main headquarters. Johnson Controls is a U.S. battery manufacturer that was founded in 1885. Warren Johnson together with another group of investors from Milwaukee founded the company where they named it Johnson Electric Service Company.

During that time they have 170,000 employees spread in over 1300 locations starting 2012. EverStart Battery is operating around the six continents. Since then the EverStart Battery with a $42.7 billion revenues in 2013.

The company Johnson Controls is not only catering on car batteries, but it also produces electronics and other interior systems for cars other than car batteries.

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Does Walmart Exchange Car Batteries For Sale

Walmart does not buy old car batteries. If you do not purchase a new battery from Walmart, you will receive a $12 base credit for the old battery. This happens automatically when Walmart replaces your battery. If you want to replace the battery yourself, you can take the old battery to the store after installing a new one in your vehicle.

Everstart Plus Vs Maxx

Best Car Battery to Buy in the UK 2020: Reviews [Buying ...

Both batteries are made by Johnson Controls but they do have their differences. It also depends on the group size and other factors as to how much power they have and so on.

For example, the EverStart Plus Group Size 35 comes with 525 CCA, a 2-year warranty, and reliable starting power. It also works in a variety of vehicles. In comparison to the EverStart Maxx Group Size, this model has 600 CCA, a 3-year warranty, and maximum starting power.

Both are good batteries but the Maxx series is probably more powerful and protected longer than the Plus series. But that may not always be the case as some Maxx batteries have only 500 CCA while a Plus model has over 600.

The power and starting capability will depend on the group size of the battery. Cost-wise, the Plus series looks to be the cheaper of the two series. So it will depend on how much you want to pay.

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Everstart Car Batteries How Do They Fare

Walmart might not even be on your radar when thinking about car batteries. But, did you know that they have an in-house battery brand, the EverStart Batteries?

Their line of batteries is manufactured by the famous battery firm, Johnson Controls. The same one that makes batteries for Optima, Duralast, DieHard, etc.

EverStart primarily makes the traditional lead-acid batteries encased in a sealed compartment with no chance of leakage.

They are quite affordable compared to the top brands in the market with enough CCAâs to take you through the freezing winter.

While they are great as starting batteries, if they can be high-performance ones, remains to be seen.

Does Walmart Install Car Batteries For Free

Walmart will install a car for free. Still, free installation service is only available at Walmart stores with an automotive service department, common in most Walmart Supercenters.

Even though all Walmart stores sell car batteries, not all stores are supercenters therefore, they do not have an automotive service center. If you buy the from one of those stores, you will need to install it yourself.

If you need help installing a car , we have step-by-step guides on installing a car on many makes and models.

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What Is Car Battery Has The Best Warranty

The best car battery warranty you’ve ever seen is the Odyssey Extreme battery. The free 4-year replacement warranty is virtually unheard of in the automotive industry. Most last up to 3 years and then some additional provisions are added, for example a discount up to 5 years. But this is a complete replacement if you have problems after 4 years.

Everstart Maxx Lead Acid Automotive Battery Group 24dc

EverStart Walmart Car Battery Review

This EverStart Maxx 24DC is a Marine and RV battery. It is mainly designed to provide a high electrical demand for your trolling motor, GPS, radio, and RVs.

It is a deep cycle battery which prolongs your time on the water with 30% longer battery life and cycling capabilities. I can assure that this battery has high recharge capabilities for more extended use. Walmart will accept your batteries for recycling.


It is a 12V deep cycle battery. It has an 85 minutes reserve capacity. It is a maintenance-free battery. It comes with a two-year free replacement warranty.


You cannot return this item by mail. Short life span.

Product Dimension: 10.24 x 6.81 x 8.86 InchesVoltage: 12 V

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Walmart Car Battery Return Policy Summary

There you have it! Thats how the Walmart car battery return policy works. You can return a car battery to Walmart within 90 days from the date of purchase. Ensure you have the receipt and the battery in its original box for a full refund of the purchase amount. If youve lost the receipt, you can opt for an exchange or store credit.

Walmart car battery returns cannot be sent via mail. Instead, you must return the battery in person to the Walmart Auto Care Center. If your battery stops working after the 90-day return window has lapsed, you may return it under Walmart car battery warranty. An associate will check whether your warranty is valid and replace it with a new one.

Have the battery checked, besides just getting a free VIN check before buying a used car.

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Everstart Maxx Lead Acid Automotive Battery Group 36r

EverStart 36R is a lead-acid battery. With this EverStart battery, you are 100% sure to have that engine start right away. It is ideal to use for your cars, home, garden and more. This particular battery model from EverStart is one of the best automotive battery that offers superior performance at a very affordable price.

Lead acid batteries like this EverStart model are environment-friendly because you can recycle this battery. It also comes with a free replacement warranty when you purchased this on any Walmart outlet.

EverStart batteries get you going all the time. It gives you the peace of mind without having to worry about being stalled unexpectedly.


It has an 8.13 inches terminal top. It has two years free replacement warranty. It has a cold cranking amps of 650. It is a top post battery. It is a 12V battery.


You cannot send this item through the mail. It died shortly.

Product Dimension: 10.40 x 7.20 x 8.10 InchesVoltage: 12V

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Everstart Maxx Lead Acid Automotive Battery Group 29

This EverStart Maxx 29 is another Marine battery from EverStart. It is created to power the high electrical demands of your RVs and motor boats. It enables you to give you an extended time on the water. It also provides 30% more cycling capabilities and extended battery life.

This battery model comes with a top handle to provide you with portability and easy setup. It has very high recharge capabilities to last longer. This marine battery provides you with extreme and consistent power for engine cranking and smooth running engine.


It is a 12V marine and deep cycle battery. It has 85-minute reserve capacity. This battery is recyclable. It is created to power up RV accessories and boat systems. It is easy to install and remove when needed. It has superior cycling and recharge abilities.


It cannot be returned by mail.

Product Specifications:

Product Dimension: 13.15 x 6.73 x 9.13 InchesVoltage: 12V

Everstart Maxx Lead Acid Automotive Battery Group 29dc

EverStart Maxx Lead Acid Automotive Battery, Group 65n ...

If you are thinking about powering up your boats, you might consider using EverStart Maxx 29DC. This EverStart battery is another Marine battery which is mainly designed for boats and trolling motors.

It gives you more power on the sea, which means more extended time for enjoyment. This model provides you 30% more cycling ability compared to other marine batteries.

An increased cycling power allows you to power your accessories and electronics even when the engine is off. You can better enjoy your fishing and cruising activities on the river or the seas which are 100% sure to provide you with an efficient addition on your boat.


It has a two years free replacement warranty. It has a marine cranking amp of 845. MCA or marine cranking amp is measured at 32 degrees F. It is a top post battery. It comes with a free battery testing and installation when you purchase at any Walmart stores.


It cannot be returned by mail. It has a short lifespan.

Product Specifications:

Product Dimension: 13.00 x 6.75 x 9.50 InchesVoltage: 12V

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Is Walmart A Good Place To Buy A Car Battery

the best place to buy a car batteryWalmartthe bestgoodbatteries

. Keeping this in view, are car batteries cheaper at Walmart or Autozone?

Walmart BatteriesYou can buy Walmart car batteries online or at your local store. The store brand is EverStart. Walmart car battery prices were 10%-25% cheaper than Autozone, PepBoys, Advance Auto Parts and Salvo Auto Parts. To buy a battery from Walmart you don’t need a coupon code.

One may also ask, are Walmart auto batteries any good? Users at are only moderately enthusiastic about this battery, giving it a good but not great overall rating of 3.8 stars in around 35 reviews. Though they all like its long warranty, they disagree over its lifespan.

Also asked, are car batteries cheaper at Walmart?

Walmart has better pricing but harder to return/exchange. I say good price for battery is $50-75 with a 3-5 year warranty. Average/high side is $100-115.

How much does Walmart charge to install a car battery?

Battery installation , $10.

Think Twice Before Buying Batteries At Walmart

Millions of us visit Walmart each week , whether it’s to do a big grocery shop or just to pick up a couple of things. It’s easy to rely on your local Walmart for everything, as they seem to stock it all, but sometimes it can be worth going elsewhere for a product.

While Walmart is good for buying plenty of items, there are some things for which you should visit different stores. As tempting as it is to get everything in one go at Walmart, you’re sure to be thankful later on when you feel the benefit of going somewhere else for certain products like cell phones, for example. One more thing you shouldn’t buy at Walmart is batteries. Weird, right? Surely everyone’s picked up batteries during a trip to Walmart at one time or another?

In the future, though, you should probably think twice before buying batteries at Walmart. Here’s why.

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Marine And Deep Cycle Batteries

Everstart has a line of starting and deep cycle batteries made for small to medium-sized boats.

A deep-cycle battery is designed to discharge heavily and provide a steady stream of current, unlike an automotive battery that uses only a small amount of current at a time.

A starting battery unleashes quick bursts of energy, which is best for powering a large boat.

Everstart Maxx Lead Acid Automotive Battery Group 26r

Walmart Auto Batteries Load Testing——-ONE YEAR LATER. Bad or Good still??

EverStart Maxx Group 26R is one of the best EverStart batteries. Manufactured in the USA, this product is the result of the batterys leading battery manufacturer in the world today. EverStart Maxx is the one that gives you the premium starting power with a robust reserve that works in all kinds of weather conditions.

EverStart batteries are created with a state of the art technology. This battery is maintenance-free and designed in a way that will give you a longer battery lifespan and performance that you never expected to come from a battery like EverStart. This battery is all crafted with precision to give you an optimal balance for life, durability, and power.


It has a cold cranking amps of 540. It has a two years free replacement warranty. It is a top post battery. It comes with a free battery installation and testing at any Walmart outlet.


It cannot be returned by mail. It failed after a few months.

Product Specifications:

Product Dimension: 8.20 x 6.80 x 7.80 InchesVoltage: 12V

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How Do I Choose The Right Walmart Battery For My Car

When you buy a car from Walmart, make sure to match the group size. Your old should have the group size printed on top. In some cases, the group size is not printed on the old , or grouping may differ from what Walmart uses.

In addition to the size , we recommend choosing a with Cold Cranking Amp and Cranking Amps that are as close as possible to the that is installed in your car.

Walmart Car Battery Warrantyhow To Claim It On Your Own

If you want to claim your car battery warranty from Walmart, youll need to visit the nearest Walmart Auto Care Center. Explain the problem with your battery and allow the certified technician to check your vehicle. If they approve of the replacement, you might need to provide them with a purchase receipt.

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What Are The Reasons To Return A Battery To Walmart

Not all battery returns will be accepted at Walmart. To protect itself from dishonest buyers, Walmart sets conditions to allow a car battery to be returned. For instance, you wont be able to return a car battery to Walmart if you accidentally damaged it yourself.

Here are certain circumstances under which you can return car batteries to Walmart:

  • Battery tests bad: You can return a car battery if it has only a 75% charge capacity. Its for any battery reading 12.45 volts or less. You dont want to be a long-haul pilot car driver with a limited capacity battery.
  • Wont hold a charge: A battery that isnt working or cannot hold a charge can be returned to Walmart.
  • Wrong fit: Wont fit in your cars battery tray mount.
  • Unsatisfactory purchase: Unwanted and unused battery that hasnt been installed can be returned.

If your return meets any of these conditions, you can return it to Walmart for a refund, exchange or store credit within the 90-day return window. Youll receive the total purchase amount in the original payment method used to pay for the battery if you have a receipt. Otherwise, youll get an exchange or store credit if you dont have a receipt.

Everstart Maxx Lead Acid Automotive Battery Group 26

EverStart Maxx Lead Acid Automotive Battery, Group 65n ...

This EverStart Maxx 26 has a cranking power of 525. You can rely on the starting power made by this battery. It is available for in-store purchase only. This EverStart model has a 7.75 inches terminal top. Duracell provides the starting power.

This particular battery from EverStart is very reliable if you are looking for something that will power up your vehicle from a cold engine. It will surely provide power to your car no matter what the climate is. It is one of the most dependable battery nowadays.


It comes with a free battery testing and installation at any Walmart store. It has a 7.75 inches terminal top. It has reliable power from Duracell. It has a two years free replacement warranty. It is a top post battery. It comes with a cranking amps of 525.


It cannot be returned by mail.

Product Specifications:

Product Dimension: 8.20 x 6.80 x 7.80 InchesVolts: 12 V

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What About If You Dont Have The Receipt

Your warranty may still be valid if you dont have the receipt. Like a battery return, the store can use other ways, like the serial number of your battery, to identify the purchase date.

The final say on your Walmart car battery warranty without a receipt rests with the store manager at each location. A manager should always be on duty, even if its a nearby 24-hour superstore.

See our guide on the best auto detailing carpet extractors.

Where Is The Best Place To Buy A Car Battery

There is no easy answer to this question as there are many places where you can buy a new battery for your electric car or petrol/diesel car. For example, you can order your battery online through platforms like Amazon. You can also purchase a battery from your local battery dealer or auto repair shop.

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Braille Lightweight Agm Car Battery

Braille Racing Batteries have sparked victories at Indianapolis, Le Mans, Daytona and racetracks all over the globe. Braille’s most advanced lithium-ion automotive batteries are compatible with all types of charging systems , hold 90% of their charge sitting idle for up to a year and weigh as little as 10 pounds. They also cost up to $3,000.

Yet even at the other end of the company’s product spectrum, Braille’s more modestly priced Lightweight AGMs deliver an industry-leading energy-to-weight ratio, weighing as little as 15 pounds for automotive applications . That’s at least a 15-pound weight reduction compared to comparably specified conventional batteries. The Braille AGMs are also sealed for installation in any position, fitted with vibration-resistant posts and shipped with fiberglass-reinforced mounting brackets. They come with one-year free replacement and two-year prorated warranty coverage.

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