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Can I Extend My Car Lease

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I Have Exceeded My Mileage Limit

Why you need to EXTEND your car lease! (2020)

Unfortunately, there really is not any excuse for doing this the limit should be burned into your brain. Exceed the limit and you will incur penalty charges. Depending on the leasing company, it could be a few pence per mile, or as much as a whole pound. Going a long way over could easily cost thousands.

As with damage, exceeding the mileage limit reduces the cars value and it falls to you to bridge the gap. On top of the penalty charge itself.

If you have underestimated the mileage you will cover, you should immediately inform the leasing company. Any reasonable company should be willing to increase your mileage limit but that will, of course, increase your monthly payments. If you unsure about how to proceed, you should contact the BVRLA.

Reasons To Extend A Lease

Extending your lease buys you more time to make your next move. In some cases, people want to shop around for a while to find the right vehicle. If you opt to purchase rather than lease the next car, it might take you some time to find the right vehicle and gather funds for a down payment.


  • Extending your lease doesn’t change the residual value of the vehicle at the end of the original term, according to Thus, if you opt to pay for the car a few months into a lease extension — even if the vehicle’s value has declined — your price is still based on the residual value at the point when the original lease ended.

Why Shouldnt I Extend My Lease Contract

There will be times when its not advisable to extend your car lease, and there are things that you should be aware of before you decide whether its the best idea for you.

When you extend your lease you do run the risk of being eligible for repair costs for the vehicle. This is if your car goes outside of the warranty during your extended contract. Some repairs when a car gets older can be costly. So, its worth taking this into consideration, and its also worth taking this into account when you look at your monthly budget. You dont want to get caught out with an additional repair cost at the end of the month. You may also find that your car becomes increasingly unreliable. This is because the older the car gets and the higher the mileage, the more you risk having problems with the car. This, in turn, could mean you end up without transportation. Also, your car may not have recovery anymore, and you may have to pay for its MOT. If you extend your lease contract you may end up having to fork out for new tyres, and depending on which car this is, could cost you upwards of £450.

Also, there is chance that your monthly rentals could go up. The finance company will work out how much your monthly rentals will be by working out the current depreciation costs of the car. They, or we, cant guarantee that the monthlies will be the same. They may increase the price because the car is depreciating, and therefore they are losing money.

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What Is The Difference Between An Informal Extension And A Formal Extension

Like the name suggests, an Informal Extension is an informal agreement in which the customer continues to use the leased vehicle beyond the contract end date until collection is requested. Informal Extension is a short-term solution designed to help bridge the gap between lease agreements and as such, is not available with every finance provider. With an informal extension, the finance provider has the right to recall the vehicle at any time.

Similarly, a Formal Extension is a formal agreement between the finance company and the customer which allows the customer to extend the lease contract for an additional term, usually six or 12 months. A modifying agreement is sent to the customer detailing the extended term, extended term date and extended mileage agreement, along with the revised monthly rental.

Some Automakers Are Offering Car Lease Extensions Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Can I extend my car lease?

If you’d rather not visit a dealership to turn in an off-lease car, you can likely make an arrangement

Sarah Fretwell, who lives in Santa Barbara, Calif., knew the lease on her 2017 Audi A3 e-Tron was ending in June, so she contacted the dealer to ask about her options. The dealer suggested she speak directly with Audis financing company.

After about an hour on hold, Fretwell was connected to a customer service representative, who arranged for a six-month lease extension in about 5 minutes. Once I got through, it was an easy experience,” Fretwell says.

If you have a vehicle lease nearing the end of its term, its increasingly likely that you can get an extension. The , which causes COVID-19, has people like Fretwell concerned about leaving home and spending time in public places. So turning in a leased vehicleor picking out a new onemight not be something you want to do right now.

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What Is An Informal Extension

An informal extension describes when a customer continues to use the leased vehicle after the contract has expired. This is usually up until its requested for collection. You cant just keep hold of the car until youre ready to part with it though. You must contact your lease provider to obtain authorisation for an informal extension. These are designed to bridge the gap between leases and you continue to pay your monthly fee in arrears. If the informal extension extends for longer than 6 months the lease company are entitled to recall the vehicle.

Exit A Lease Early With No Penalties

Did you know that if you’re leasing a car and want an early termination, you might be able to let somebody else take over the lease? It’s true. There are websites that will help you with these takeovers, which can save you early termination fees or penalties.

It is possible to transfer about 80% of leases with no strings attached. For a fee, websites such as Swapalease and rival LeaseTrader will post your vehicle listing, connecting you with potential buyers. Agents from these companies will then walk you and the new lessee through the paperwork needed to transfer the lease over.

Note that even after you transfer the lease, a few leasing companies require you as the original leaseholder to retain some “post-transfer liability” for the vehicle. Your name would remain on the lease agreement, possibly leaving you financially responsible for unpaid balances, such as excess mileage charges or lease-end fees if the person taking over the lease exceeds the allocated mileage or beats up the vehicle.

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Extend Your Lease Month To Month Until You Are Ready To Get Your Next Car

Some people panic as the end of their lease approaches because they don’t have a new car lined up. They’re worried about making a bad vehicle choice as the clock is ticking.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Most leasing companies are happy to extend an expiring lease, which can give you some breathing room and time to make the right vehicle choice.

Some lenders will allow for a simple month-to-month extension. Other companies may want you to sign up for extensions for predetermined periods of time, such as three or six months. Most lenders will cap your extension at 12 months. Your monthly payments will stay the same, and your allotted miles per month won’t change.

A lease extension is pretty easy to arrange. Usually, a single phone call to your lender is all it takes to extend your term. And if you don’t need that much time, ask for a 10-day extension. Most lenders will be happy to oblige.

Can I Contest Damage Charges

Should you extend your car lease or Buy NOW?

Yes. If you believe that any damage found constitutes reasonable wear and tear, you are being charged for damage that did not exist when the car was collected, and/or that the penalty charges are excessive, you should take the matter up with the leasing company.

If they do not or refuse to resolve the matter to your satisfaction, you should contact the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association , which offers a dispute resolution service.

Before the car is collected, take lots of photos of the car close-up shots of every part of the bodywork, wheels, engine bay, interior and even behind the fuel filler/charging port door. Include detail shots of the main touchpoints like the door handles , steering wheel, gear stick, pedals, seats, carpets, touchscreen and frequently used buttons. Dont forget the tyre tread, either. You are building a cast-iron defence against any potentially erroneous damage charges.

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Buying Your Leased Car

f you’re in love with the car, it meets all your needs , and you haven’t had any problems with it, you can consider a purchase. Note, the keyword is consider. First, have a trusted mechanic take a look, just as you would for any other car you’re considering purchasing. If it looks good under the hood, keep in mind it’s only a good deal if the leasing company will let you buy the car for its wholesale value . If the purchase price is very far above that, you can try negotiating a better deal.

I Have A Motability Car Can I Get A Lease Extension

The same rules apply for Motability customers. Depending on the finance house you may be able to request a short lease extension to cover you through a new application. Alternatively, if you have adaptations on your car or the mileage is likely to be less than 15,000 at the end of the agreement, it may be possible to keep the car for a longer period. Alternatively, you also have the option to purchase your car at the end of the lease.

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Am I Eligible For A Payment Extension On My Lease

Under a lease extension, you can reduce the amount due for the current month being extended, and get to keep the vehicle longer . A payment extension is a service providing payment relief to assist in resolving a temporary financial burden. Accounts may be eligible to request and process an extension online. Please visit Account Manager to determine if your account is eligible. If you are unable to complete an extension online or the requested terms do not meet your needs, please contact Customer Service.

Car Leasing Insurance Obligations

Should I extend my lease contract?

Getting insurance on a leased vehicle is the same as insuring any other vehicle. When it comes to leasing, however, the lease contract typically requires the lessee to secure full coverage. To be clear, the leasing business owns the vehicle, the contract lays out obligations that lets you use it. One of these conditions is full vehicle protection, aka, comprehensive insurance.

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Tips When You Return A Leased Car

A few months before the end of your lease, you should receive in the mail a letter from the leasing company reminding you of the date your lease will end and letting you know where you need to take it for the inspection.

If you want to return the car, now is the time to start planning for it:

  • Make sure you aren’t going over your mileage.
  • Replace mismatched tires, and tires with less than one-eighth-inch tread.
  • Have the car professionally cleaned and detailed.
  • Return the car on the scheduled date for the end-of-lease inspection.
  • If there is damage that the leasing company deems more than “normal wear-and-tear” tell them you are going to shop around for the best deal to have the car repaired, as you are not required to have their service department take care of it .

Who Should Extend Their Lease Contract

As I mentioned earlier, its also a viable option for those who are simply waiting for their car to be delivered. The chances are that if you are extending your lease contract by a few months that the price wont change that much. If you are extending it for only a few months then the finance house may allow you to extend it on an informal basis until your new car arrives.

Others, or for longer than a few months, may require you to formally extend your contract. This is when you negotiate when you are going to hand the car back.

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How Do I Get An Extension On My Lease

Contact your Finance House and ask for an informal or formal extension depending on your needs. If you want to opt for a formal extension then a modifying agreement as highlighted above must be signed. A new rental fee will be calculated and an admin fee will be charged. The process of contacting your lease provider through to obtaining your lease extension is quite simple.

  • Contact your Finance House to request the lease extension.
  • The Finance House will check to see if you and your vehicle is eligible for a lease extension. Your lease provider will then notify you accordingly.
  • If youre eligible then a new modifying agreement will be sent to you from the finance house. Youll also receive your terms and conditions including mileage allowance and contract end date. These will be emailed to you to speed up the process. Please be sure to check all documentation before signing and returning to your lease company.
  • Print off and sign the paperwork and return it to the address of your lease company provided.
  • Once received this will be sent on to the finance house for review. This process can take up to 5 working days.
  • Continue to pay the monthly rentals until the contract extension is complete and you are given the new end date.
  • Can I Extend My Lease

    You Have 3 Options When Your Car Lease Ends. Here’s What They Are & What You Should Do.

    The option to extend your lease depends on your car lease company, and what kind of car lease you have. Usually for contract hire and personal contract hire agreements, there is an option to extend your lease for a limited period of time. Your car lease company may charge you to extend your lease or not allow you to at all. For personal contract purchase, the option is to pay for ownership of your vehicle. Contact your car lease company if you would like to extend your lease, to find out if this is an option and how it works if you can.

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    What Happens When Your Lease Car Is Collected

    It is your responsibility to arrange the collection of your car by the car lease company. To have the lease car collected, you will need to know the cars registration number, your address and telephone details and a preferred collection date. In some cases you can arrange for collection of your old car and delivery of your new one in the same day, but you will need to arrange this with your car lease company.

    Will there be extra charges?

    Your car lease company will not be expecting a brand new car to be returned to them – a little wear and tear is normal. However, if you have damaged the car beyond wear and tear, it is likely that you will incur damage charges. If you have caused any damage from accidents, especially dents, scratches and windscreen chips, you should get these repaired before returning the vehicle to the car lease company. Getting repairs done yourself will no doubt be cheaper than paying the damage fees decided by the car lease company.

    Another extra charge to watch out for is for exceeding your mileage limit. Lease deals include a mileage cap – usually between 8,000 and 10,000 miles per year – and if you go over this, you will be faced with a potentially expensive fee. You will have been made aware of the excess mileage charge when you first take out the car lease, but it is important to keep this in mind as your lease comes to an end.

    Car Lease Ending You Have Options And Could Even Make Money

    This year was a record year for lease returns, with an estimated 4 million people bringing back their vehicles to dealerships, according to Edmunds data. That number is expected to only grow in 2020, as leasing has become more popular.

    Consumers nearing the end of their lease term typically return the car to the dealership they bought it from, and they either start a new lease or walk away from it altogether. But there are some lesser-known strategies that might allow you to get out of your lease slightly sooner, buy out the vehicle, or potentially walk away with money in your pocket.

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    Turning In Your Auto Lease

    Many borrowers turn in their lease for another leasing contract. The appeal of driving a new car every two to three years is one reason many people choose leasing over financing.

    However, if you really like the vehicle youve been leasing, and are considering extending your lease so you can have it a little longer, buying it out may be a better option.

    When you first start your car lease, the vehicles residual value is estimated. This is also the price at which you can purchase the car. Now may be the time to purchase the leased vehicle used car values are up this year.

    The coronavirus pandemic has inadvertently risen the values of used vehicles. Since automakers were forced to shut down production near the beginning of the year, new car inventory decreased, creating a demand for more used vehicles.

    Used car values rose as a result, which could be good news for your lease. If you have a lease thats about to end, check its current value and compare it to the residual value, as you may be able to buy out your lease for more than the vehicle is worth.

    You may find its actual cash value is higher than its residual, and it could yield you some extra pocket change if you buy it. Buying out your car lease means you may be able to turn around and sell it for a profit!

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