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How Do Car Trade Ins Work

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How To Trade In A Car

Vehicle Trade-in explained

If you decide that trading in your car is your best option, it is important to learn how to get the most money out of the transaction.

1. Know Your Cars ValueDealers always want to pay the least amount possible. For this reason, some attempt to low-ball the consumer with a price thats below the net value of the trade-in.

If you dont know what your car is worth, youre likely to accept any offer. Therefore, do your own research before stepping foot on the dealers lot. Go to Kelley Blue Book online and enter the make, model, year, mileage, and condition of your car to learn the trade-in value. Print a copy of this information and bring it to the dealership.

2. Fix Up the CarAny cosmetic damage to your car can lower its net value and cause a low trade-in value. You dont have to give your car an entirely new paint job, but it doesnt hurt to clean up the interior or exterior a bit before speaking with a dealership. Shampoo the carpets, drive the car through a car wash, purchase touch-up paint to conceal minor scratches, and repair dents. Simple repairs can add significant value to your car and increase the trade-in offer.

3. Shop AroundShopping around does more than get you the best interest rate on your auto loan or the lowest price on your new car it also helps you get the most for your trade-in. Visit multiple dealerships and request an estimate to learn the value of your trade-in. Keep copies of your quotes and use this information as a bargaining chip.

What Happens When You Tell The Dealer You Have A Trade

Dealers like to find out if you have a trade early in the car buying process. Most dealerships have one or two designated people who value all the used car trade-ins. The timing of the process may be a little different, but the actual appraisal process is the same amongst all dealerships.

I highly recommend you by going through it and cleaning it up as if you were selling it privately. The cleaner the car, the better. Ensure all the fluids are topped off and your vehicle is presentable. The goal is to get as much money as possible from your trade.

There are four essential steps to getting your car appraised by a dealership Ive broken down the entire process below. It begins with handing over your keys and ends with the dealer presenting you with .

Process Of Trading In Your Car

  • Research: Its important to know the value of the car prior to going to dealerships. Without this information, youre likely to accept any offer that sounds good and you may be getting low-balled. Knowing your cars value gives you bargaining power before you even step foot in a dealership.
  • Ensure the car is in good condition: You dont want to sink a great deal of money into your car before you sell it, but spending a little bit to fix up small things can add a lot of value. Fix dings and dents, any scratches and ensure the car is washed and seats have been shampooed.
  • Shop around: Different dealerships are likely to offer you different prices for your trade-in, as well as have a different range of new vehicles. Shopping around can afford you the best deal, as well as getting you the best new car.
  • Trade in: Once youve got a good trade-in and your shiny new vehicle, its time to trade-in!

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Take Care Of Known Mechanical Problems

The mechanical and physical condition of your car are big drivers of value. So, its best to resolve any issues you are aware of that are relatively simple to fix.

If, for example, the check engine light is on, the dealership is going to offer a lower price. Simple fixes especially should be made to prevent you from losing out on value.

You should also check the manufacturers website to determine whether there have been any recalls. Recalled parts can be fixed free of charge, and while it requires a bit of extra effort on your part, it will up how much you can receive.

Where Does The Trade

How Does Trading in a Car Work?

The cars trade-in value is based on the market price for that specific vehicle. This market price may be difficult to determine unless your vehicle happens to be in pristine condition. If yours is a rare automobile with no damage or work needed, then the trade-in value should be slightly less than the Kelley Blue Book Value for your car.

The Kelley Blue Book Value is a price for a particular automobile make and model from the largest automotive valuation company in the U.S. Listed automobiles get appraised, and market values assigned. The best values come from undamaged vehicles that do not need repairs. These values are the best price a seller can potentially get for such a vehicle if sold directly to a consumer.

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How Does Trading In Your Car Work

Drive your vehicle to the dealer and let them know you want to trade-in your car. The dealer will evaluate your vehicles condition, including the body, mechanical components, and car tires, while you wait or shop for a replacement.

Once you learn the trade-in value and accept it, you complete the paperwork. You sign over the trade-in to the dealer and set up the financing for the new vehicle. Thats all there is to it say good-bye to your old car and hello to its replacement.

Getting The Best Value For Your Current Car When Buying A New Car

Youre about to start the car buying process. Which likely means youre asking yourself that eternal question: What should I do with my used car? Sell it, or trade it in?

There are advantages to both. If you have an exceptionally clean vehicle that has well over the normal number of miles on it, you may do better trying to sell the car yourself, as high mileage works against trade-in value at a dealership. Conversely, if your current car is on the junky side, you might find a buyer who doesnt care as much about that as a new-car dealership does.

But then youd be going through the hassle of putting your used car on the market and dealing with car buyers who may or may not have a genuine interest in buying. Its simpler and easier to trade in your old car, but youll still need to do some prep work to make sure you are getting the highest trade-in value. You might also consider selling your car to CarMax or Carvana, as they will quickly determine the value of your used car and offer a purchase price. The money they provide can help you eliminate any loan balance you may have on your current car, and ideally provide you with a full down payment for your new car.

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Take A Look At Your Bank Account

Trading in a car involves more than assessing the vehicle. Youll also need to evaluate the state of your finances to know what you can afford on the other side of the trade.

If you are trading in a car with a loan, determine whether the trade-in value will be enough to pay off the rest of the loan. While the dealer might offer to pay your loan off, you will likely wind up adding that amount to a new loan for your next vehicle.

What Is A Car

How to Trade in a Financed Car

A car trade-in is when you trade your old car to a dealership as part of the purchase process for a new car. The trade-in value is typically applied as a credit towards your new car purchase.

The dealer will appraise your car to determine its trade-in value. This appraisal is based on the vehicle’s year, make, model, and condition. Once the assessment is complete, the dealer will make you an offer for your car.

If you accept the offer, you can then use the trade-in value as a down payment or credit towards the purchase price of your new car.

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Trading In A Car With Negative Equity

If youre upside-down on your car loan, its really better to postpone your new car purchase and trade-in until you pay off the loan or at least until you have positive equity. But if youre struggling to make car payments, trading in your vehicle can provide relief by allowing you to downsize to a less expensive car or even an inexpensive used car. In such a case, youll need to give the dealer your trade-in, plus the amount of the negative equity.

Say you owe $10,000 on a car with a trade-in value of $9,000. Instead of being on the hook for the whole $10,000, the trade-in credit will cover most of the loan and youll pay the dealer the $1,000 difference.

Beware: the dealer will often happily suggest rolling the negative equity into the loan for your next car. Though convenient, this is unwise because it will immediately make you upside-down in the new loan. It also means that youre creating a larger loan amount and paying more interest.

However, if you need a car but dont have the money to pay off the negative equity and are having trouble keeping up with your current car payments, it might be worth the risk. This can be the case if your new loan from either an independent lender or the dealer has a lower interest rate. If you decide to downsize by purchasing a cheaper car, your payments may become more manageable even if you roll the remaining debt into the new car loan.

What Is A Silent Walk

A salesperson or manager will walk around your trade-in and touch or point out every little dent, crack, worn tire, scratch, or imperfection and not say a word. They may nod or scratch their head, looking concerned, to let you know they have found a discrepancy.

Dont worry this is all a part of the silent walk-around. All theyre attempting to do is mentally devalue your car in front of you, so think its not worth as much as it is.

When a salesperson does a silent walk around, most customers will start making excuses immediately about every little door ding. Its all a psychological game. Dont let them get in your head if you start making up excuses, youre letting them win.

Now that you know what theyre up to try not to smile or laugh. Only speak if asked a question. Dont worry about every little thing he touches or sees its just an act.

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Tips To Getting The Best Price For Your Trade

Whether you decide to sell your old car privately or trade it in to the dealer, here are a few tips that will help you to get the best price:

Trading in your old car with a dealer is simple, quick and convenient, but youll get a lower price for your old car. Dealers have to make a profit, so they’re going to pay you less for your old car because they have to spend money making repairs and getting it in good condition to be able to resell it.

If you sell your car privately, you’ll get a higher price, but youll have to invest in advertising costs and make time to let prospective buyers test drive your car.

Regardless of which way you decide to go, you’ll want to clean up your old car and make the minor repairs so itll look attractive and well-maintained to either the dealer or a private buyer.


Is Trading In Your Car Worth It

How Does Trading in a Car Work?

An easy way to see if trading in your car to a dealer is worth it is to look at the difference between your cars retail value and its trade-in value. For example, if your car has a retail value of $12,000 and a trade-in value of $10,500, youre essentially paying the dealer $1,500 to clean, repair and sell your car for you with all the accompanying paperwork and the necessary trip to your states Department of Motor Vehicles . If you dont think the difference is worth it, try to sell it as a private seller. If you do think the difference is worth it and/or youre unable to sell it on your own, then trading in your car is worth considering.

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How Do Car Trade

If you’re in the market for a new car, you more than likely have an old used car you would like to trade in. Obviously, you want to get the maximum trade-in value for your old car, and you would like to pay the lowest price for a new car.

But what’s the best way to trade in your old car? Is it better to take an offer from a dealer, or should you try to sell it yourself?

What are the pros and cons of each way?

Should You Repair A Car Before Trading It In

For most dealers, trade-ins need to be reconditioned anyway. As long as the damage isnt extensive like missing bumpers and shredded fenders, you can trade in a car with body damage and not worry about completing repairs.

However, because body repairs are expensive, trading in a damaged car wont be kind on your trade value.

You might not be able to trade in a car that has mechanical problems, has been deemed salvage, or is an insurance write-off. Dealership customers arent buying junk cars, so the dealerships themselves arent looking to purchase cars that have been damaged.

On the other hand, it can cost quite a lot to repair a damaged car, particularly if it has mechanical issues. In most cases, it does not make sense to try to repair a car before trading it in.

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The Used Car Appraisers Role

After the salesperson collects the information from you and your car, they will take the information or the vehicle to the appraiser.

Typically, the used car manager will appraise all of the trades hell go through a mental checklist, thoroughly inspecting the vehicle.

His overall goal is to determine how much reconditioning costs will be and find discrepancies to help lower the value of your trade.

Clean Your Car Inside And Out

How to Trade in a Car that is not Paid Off | MONEY $AVING TIP$

A cleaner vehicle is more likely to sell. Take the extra time to clean the interior and exterior of your car so that you are showing it in its best condition.

Make sure your car is clean and youre presenting it as you would want to receive it if you were buying it, says Alain Nana-Sinkam, senior vice president, business development at TrueCar. Also, if there were small flaws you had planned to fix prior to the trade, make sure to get them done so the car is delivered to the dealer as you had reported and as they are expecting it.

Along with freshening up the aesthetics of the vehicle, be sure to have any service record on hand. A nicely maintained vehicle will receive a much better price.

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Cons Of Trading In A Car

There is one major downside to trading in your car, though: You probably wont make as much money as you would if you sold the vehicle yourself. The car dealership wants to make a profit by reselling your used car to another driver, so youll miss that extra chunk of money.

Trading your car in might also limit your options when it comes to buying your next car. If youre planning to use the value of your old vehicle as the down payment on a new one, youll have to purchase your next car from a dealer willing to buy the old one.

Auto Selling : How Do Car Trade

You’ve probably heard the term “car trade-in” before, but do you know it? It can be confusing, especially if you’ve never done it before. Luckily, we’re here to help!

This blog post will lay out all you need to know about car trade-ins.

We’ll cover what to expect from the process and how to get the best deal on your new car. To learn more about car trade-in, you can also consult our experts at Cumberland CDJR. We are a leading automobile dealership providing car financing and selling our customers’ new and used car services.

So, whether you’re trading in your old car or just curious about the process, keep reading for information that will help make car shopping easier for you!

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Ask For Offers From Multiple Dealers

You dont have to go to the dealer to start the trade-in process. Instead, you can make dealers come to you with a price. Many online value estimators, such as Kelley Blue Book and TrueCar, are linked to dealers that will extend offers based on the information you share about your car.

It also may be smart to start your negotiation where you initially got your vehicle. If the consumer is able to go to the same dealership where he or she purchased the car, he or she may be able to negotiate a better deal since they have a relationship and history with that dealership, says Meghan Davlin, director of communications at the Illinois Automobile Dealers Association.

Should I Detail My Car Before I Trade It In

How Are Those $3 Mortgage Inspections Working For You??? +++ You Will ...

One of the easiest ways to improve the trade in value of your car is to make sure it is in optimal condition. If you get it professionally detailed so everything is deep cleaned, you can get added value from the trade in especially if your interior was very messy to begin with. You can get basic levels of detailing for less than $100 , but the extra value you get from the trade-in offer will often be worth more.

The same thing applies to fixing up the exterior of your car. Things like removing rust, touching up scratches and chips in the paint, polishing and waxing everything, and washing the tires to make it look like its in better condition will only help you get a better offer from a dealer.

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