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How To Sell A Car Online

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Easy Car Sales And Trade

How To Sell a Car Online

Similar to Carvana, Vroom makes it quick and easy to trade in or sell your car online. After you provide some basic information about the vehicle, youll receive an instant offer thats good for seven days or 250 miles, whichever comes first. Or, if youre looking to buy your next ride, Vroom can make you an offer on your trade-in.

Once You’ve Sold Your Car Don’t Forget To Take It Off Your Car Insurance

When the car is officially out of your name, don’t forget about your car insurance. If you’re planning on replacing the car, you might want to call your company and replace it on your policy, or drop that car from the policy altogether.

However, it may not be worth cancelling your policy altogether if you’re planning to buy a new car soon. Car insurance often is cheaper after you have had six months of consecutive coverage, and cancelling a policy in full would break that streak.

Contact your insurance company to see what the options are for cancelling or replacing a car on your policy.

Accepting A Personal Or Cashiers Check For A Car Sale

Accepting a check to pay for a car comes with a few risks. Firstly, how do you know that the person who is writing the check has the funds in their account to clear the payment? Secondly, how do you know that the account belongs to them?

Although most people consider a cashier check acceptable for a used car payment, they are notoriously used fraudulently, as such, they are not the best options for the seller.

While you could make an appointment at the bank where you both attend together, this isnt always practical, and for out of state car sales, it just wont work.

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Where Can You List A Used Car For Sale

There are lots of options and plenty of used car selling sites you can use. You can also try placing an advert in the local paper.

The preferred option for most is to list their car for sale online. Not only will you reach more people more easily you get better value for money.

  • Autotrader
  • Selling a car on Autotrader is the preferred option for most people. Prices start from just $25, and they are the most well-known used car sales site across the US and beyond. One of the most appealing factors is the incredible reach the site offers. Their site is easy to use, you get a template to guide you and lots of space for images. Another feature that car sellers enjoy is that they do not list their personal details online. Autotrader will mask your phone number from the public. Car buyers get a temporary number that connects to any mobile or landline of your choice. If you only want to get emails from interested parties, this is also made possible by the site.

    If your car doesnt sell, you can roll-over your advert and extend the listing period for a reasonable price too.

  • eBay Motors
  • Using eBay to sell a used car is just as easy as Autotrader. They give you a template, and most of the information is uploaded for you when you enter the registration of the vehicle you want to sell. There is lots of space to add your own description, and you can include as many images as you like as well.

  • Craigslist
  • Were The Original Car Buying Comparison Service

    How to sell a car online?

    Established in 1997, Jamjar is the original car buying comparison site and has been helping millions of customers get great deals on their vehicles online for over two decades. We were the first company in the car market to offer a sell my car service in the UK, which means weve had the longest time to perfect what we do. Over 1 million people have sold their cars through us and agree that we do a pretty good job.

    From day one, weve worked to ensure that our service gets you the best possible price when it comes to selling your car online. Well take your reg number and then compare the whole market, showing you each car buyers offer . If you like one of the prices you get for your car, you can progress your enquiry quickly and easily, no hassle!

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    Sell Your Car From Anywhere In Mainland United Kingdom

    With hundreds of car buying companies associated with us, all offering a wide variety of collection and delivery arrangements, youre sure to find something that suits you. Selling your vehicle with Jamjar lets you be flexible and choose a sale that fits your schedule.

    We wont make you bring your car into a dealership before you sell it, all you need to do is type your registration plate in and hit enter. Well do all the work and track down quotes from the best car buyers in the UK.

    Here at Jamjar, we know that people all over the UK need to be able to sell their cars quickly and safely. Thats why weve made sure that we cover as much of mainland UK as possible.

    Screening Potential Buyers 101

    If you do a good job screening buyers before you meet them face to face, selling your car will go much more smoothly. Listing your car on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace or Autotrader will bring emails, text messages and calls from interested parties. Use your intuition to spot anything suspicious about these potential buyers:

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    Research And Price Your Vehicle

    Picking the right asking price can mean the difference between getting multiple calls right off the bat and having your phone not ring at all. To come up with an effective asking price, you’ll first need to find out what the car is worth and how much other people are asking for similar cars. Appraise your vehicle on Edmunds and pay attention to the “private party” price. This figure is adjusted for a number of factors including mileage, condition, options, and the region in which the vehicle is being sold.

    Next, search for similar vehicles on Edmunds, dealership websites or online classified sites. This research will give you a better idea of the market value for your particular model, and help determine whether the number you had in your head is in the ballpark. With this knowledge in hand, use the same technique you see at dealerships to price your vehicle competitively. In other words, if you’re thinking of a $20,000 asking price, list the car at $19,900. Finally, be sure to leave a little wiggle room when setting the price. Ask for more than what you actually want to get for the car and keep in mind that people tend to negotiate in big chunks rather than small increments . Set your car value accordingly.

    What Are The Most Common Scams You May Encounter When Selling Your Car Yourself

    5 Tips On How To Sell A Car Online!

    These are the most common scams fraudsters may try to use:

    • Fake, forged or counterfeit cashiers check, certified check, money order or wire
    • Offers to pay by personal check
    • Offering to buy the car sight-unseen
    • The fake shipping scam: A potential buyer who insist on shipping a sellers car internationally or across the country
    • Distant buyers either overseas or on a business trip
    • Offers to pay asap via Pay Pal, gift card, Cash.Me, Venmo or other online payment service
    • Overpayment scam, which may sometimes include a third-party website or entity
    • Payment plan

    Read more about how to protect yourself from scams and frauds when selling a car.

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    The Accident And Repair Record For The Car

    While you are not obliged to do this, it can make the process easier for the buyer when you are proactive on this point. A vehicle history report will detail everything a buyer will need to know about the history of the car you want to sell. It has nothing to do with the current state of the car. However, as it tells a buyer how the car has been treated and maintained it can be a positive sales tool. Here are the main points a vehicle history report will cover.

    • Odometer Rollbacks

    A history report can alert to the fact of whether or not a vehicle odometer may have been rolled back. It can also confirm the validity of the mileage of the car to a potential buyer.

    • How many owners the vehicle has had

    You can quickly prove how many people have owned the vehicle and how it has been used. If a buyer sees the vehicle was used as a company car, a lease car, or even a taxi, it may force them to reconsider their offer.

    • Recall Information

    This data is useful, but there are many other sites that offer this data for free.

    • Salvage Title

    A salvage title is only ever issued by an insurance company to alert potential buyers of a previous accident. If you are trying to sell a car with a salvage title, this could result in you HAVING to reduce the price Vs. the current market value.

    • Record of Maintenance
    • Accidents

    I Have A Rebuilt Title/lemon/open Recall/salvage Title Can I Still List

    Yes! None of that will prohibit you from listing your vehicle, but an Instant Market Value will not appear for your vehicle. We receive vehicle history reports and display data from them on your listings page, so no need to notify us of it. Be sure to be transparent about your vehicles condition and features in your description. You should also get an accurate odometer reading of your mileage to have that listed. This will all help you and any interested buyers have a smooth transaction experience. Youll have the best luck finding car buyers when youre honest about your vehicle!

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    Youll Always Get The Best Car Valuations

    Car valuation isnt a one-size-fits-all service. By comparing offers from expert car buyers across the UK, youll be able to have complete confidence that youre getting the right price when you look to sell your car. You never have to settle for a second-rate deal.

    The best part you can pick and choose the right quotes for you. Well give you a list of buyers and what they can pay for your car so that you dont have to search for days looking for the best price to sell your car. So if you need someone to buy your car today, enter your reg number!

    What To Provide For The Best Quote

    Sell My Car Online

    When selling a car to Carvana, you will need to provide some extra documentation about it in order for the appraisal and eventual sale to proceed. Carvana asks that you provide photos of the current odometer reading, as well as the current driver’s license of each of the individuals listed on the vehicle’s title. If you own the car outright, you’ll also be asked for images of the front and back of the trade title.

    If there’s a lien on your vehicle, you’ll need to provide a photo of the car’s 10-day payoff statement and its current registration. If you’re upside down on the loan, meaning you have negative equity, a picture of the front and back of a certified check for the amount of the negative equity is also required.

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    Know Your Vehicle’s Worth

    No matter whether you sell your car online or offline or even use it as a trade-in at a dealership, you invariably want to get as much as you possibly can and as close to the actual value of your car from its sale. That makes it doubly important to know what a used car is worth, with sites such as Autolist, Edmunds, and KBB or companies such as Carmax, giving some reference point.

    Why Is My Vehicle Showing Up As Overpriced

    Our deal rating is calculated using the CarGurus Instant Market Value an estimated fair retail price for your vehicle based on comparable listings in your market. If its showing a less favorable IMV, try lowering the price of your car or truck to make it more competitive. Doing so will also improve the search rank, helping more potential buyers find it!

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    How To Safely Sell A Car And For The Most Money

    Selling the car safely is not the same as selling it for the most money. There are many approaches to get you a lot of money, but they’re not safe. On the other hand, there are many ways to sell your car safely but not for the most money.

    For example, the safest way to sell your vehicle fast is through a dealership. This is because they know all that’s needed in terms of paperwork and can go through the process fast. However, dealerships do not pay the top dollars for your car, which means that your car will always be underpaid, and the offered price will be way lower than the used car market.

    On the other hand, if you’re looking for the most money out of your vehicle, you’re recommended to sell it to a private buyer. Private buyers won’t come unless they’re convinced with the asking price. Therefore, whatever you’re looking for can be your asked price, which means you can make the most benefits you are looking for. However, if the price is extremely high, this will discourage the buyers from buying your car. Similarly, you might experience plenty of scams while selling your vehicle to a private buyer, which means very high risk.

    If you’re looking To sell your car safely and for the most money, your best option is to sell your vehicle to cash cars buyer. Cash cars buyer is one of the top-rated companies in the nation that provides you the top offers and guarantees to buy your car no matter what.

    What Is The Best Way To Create A Compelling Ad To Sell Your Car

    Best Way to Sell your car online RIGHT NOW!!!

    To sell your car in the fastest way and to get the most money, youll want to make sure you write the best possible online ad using the following key points:

    • Explain why you are selling the car
    • Define the forms of payment you are willing to accept
    • Disclose what vehicle paperwork or maintenance records you have
    • Disclose any issues which need to be fixed
    • List the cars key and unique features
    • Mention any added or custom modifications
    • Take lots of clear high-quality photos, both close and wide shots
    • Use proper punctuation and grammar
    • Price your vehicle accurately using Autotraders car values tool.

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    Know The Rules On How To Sell A Car In Your State And Have The Title In Hand

    Every state has different rules on selling a car, and the laws generally revolve around getting the car transferred from your name into a buyer’s name.

    You’re going to need to have the title if you don’t already if your car is still financed, you’ll need to contact the bank to see how you can pay off your loan. If you’ve lost your title, your local department of motor vehicles can generally make you a new title for a fee.

    Do your research on how to sell a car in your state before you start the process of selling the car and meeting buyers. You may need to make a bill of sale or have something notarized in the process, and it can help speed up the process if you have a plan.

    Negotiate Your Best Price

    It’s not uncommon for people to ask for your “best price” or try to negotiate before they’ve seen the car in person. If you give out a number first, they may try to lower the price even further once they’ve seen the car. Try to avoid these situations by letting shoppers know you would rather negotiate after they’ve seen the car.

    When a person test-drives your car and likes it, you can expect him or her to make an offer. If the offer is well below your asking price, you will want to either hold firm with your asking price or make a counteroffer. An easy counteroffer is to meet the would-be buyer halfway or slightly increase the offer made to you. Give the negotiation process some thought ahead of time so you won’t be caught unprepared when the time comes.

    In some cases, the buyer might want to have an agreement that is contingent on you performing repair work. This can lead to misunderstandings down the line, so avoid such deals if you can. The best thing to do is discount the car so the buyer can handle the repairs without your involvement.

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    Get Your Car Ready To Sell Make Sure It Looks Appealing

    If someone wants to inspect your vehicle, you need to make sure your car is presentable.

    You need to ensure they get a great first impression. In most cases, a wash, a wax, and a good vacuum can do wonders!

    If youre selling a higher-priced car, some basic bodywork could help you get a better price. The more issues a buyer see, the bigger discount they might request.

    So, if you are selling a used car online for $1,000, then a wash and wax will be fine. But for a car worth $10,000 or more a $400 trip to a bodywork shop could help you get a much higher selling price.

    Set A Competitive Price

    How to Sell Your Car Online? TIPS &  TRICKS

    By checking the car model pages at, you can get a good idea of what the retail and asking prices are for your vehicle. Take it a step further and browse the CR Used Car Marketplace to review comparable listings in your area.

    If you checked to see what a local dealer would offer on a straight-up sale, you should have plenty of information to price your car reasonably. Remember, it’s always smart to price your vehicle just a little bit higher than what you are willing to take for it. That way, the buyer can negotiate for a slightly lower price and feel good about it. Don’t be greedy, though. You could scare off potential buyers who don’t think they have a chance to negotiate.

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