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How Much Is A Starter For A Car

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AutoZone Car Care: How to Replace Your Starter

It was way back in 1912 when Charles Kettering developed the first electric self-starter. This new-fangled engine starter made it easy for men and women alike to start their horseless carriage, and would signal the end to hand cranking the engine to get your car running.

The bolt holes will be parallel to the crankshaft if your car uses a 153 -tooth flywheel/flexplate, and the bolt holes will be offset for 168-tooth flywheel/flexplate.

When it comes to the starters in classic 60s and 70s Chevrolet musclecars, a starter is a starter, correct? Not exactly. While most starters will look the same, there are slight differences that require noticing. For starters , lets look at the nose cones. Unless you consider the early starters that used three bolts, and attached to the bell housing, there were basically two nose cones that you need to know about.

Most blocks come predrilled for use with either starter, which can lead to confusion.

If your car is equipped with a 12 3/4-inch flywheel with 153 teeth, the nose cone will have two attachment bolt holes across from each other. These holes will be parallel to the crankshaft. If your car uses a 14-inch flywheel, the attachment bolt holes will be offset . This fitment is true for both manual and automatic equipped cars, but, most times a manual transmission equipped car used a cast-iron nose from the factory.

  • If the starter emits a high-pitched whine as the engine is turning over, ;more clearance is required. Add shims.

Remote Car Starter Faq

How do remote car starters work?

Your remote starter system will come with a small box that acts as a receiver. This box has to be placed in your car and wired to your ignition switch, power wire, starter wire, and any other wires necessary for the starter to perform all of its functions. Once that happens, you can use your remote to send a signal to the box to have the car unlock or start from a distance.

Are there times when I cant use the remote starter?

Yes. Here are a few of those situations:

  • When the hood is raised
  • When the car batterys charge is low
  • When the check engine light is on
  • When the car is not in park

Can I install a remote car starter myself?

Yes. However, the process can be complicated even with an instruction manual, especially for newer cars with more complex electrical systems. If you dont have any electrical knowledge, we recommend paying a professional to install it for you.

What are the benefits of a remote car starter?

Here are some of the biggest advantages of installing a remote starter system:

  • Ability to unlock your car from far away
  • Ability to turn on the air in the summer
  • Ability to turn on the heat in the winter
  • Increase in your cars value when youre looking to sell

Will installing a remote car starter void my warranty?

No. As long as the remote starter is properly installed and doesnt damage any parts, your warranty will still be applicable.

More On Auto Products:

Remotely Starting Your Car With Smartphone Apps

Remote car starters typically come with one or more remote controls that are designed to also act as key fobs, but some of these systems can also be operated using a smartphone app. These systems are often two-way as well, which allows the smartphone to display a variety of information transmitted by the remote starter system.

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How To Tell Your Starter Is Failing

Now that you know what can cause a starter to fail, lets explore the symptoms of a failed starter so that you can better diagnose what is wrong with your vehicle.

  • Engine wont turn over

If nothing happens when you try to start your car, you may be looking at a bad starter.

This is one of the most common telltale signs that your starter is failing.

  • You see smoke

If after multiple failed attempts to start your car you start to see smoke, its not a good sign. First and foremost stop trying to turn over the engine, your starter is likely overheating which will cause electrical problems like blown fuses and short circuits.

  • The dreaded clicking noise

A clicking noise is one of the most common symptoms of a failed starter when trying to start your car but sometimes no noise may be present at all. Other not so pleasant noises can accompany a failed starter like grinding or whirring noise so always pay attention to what your car may be trying to tell you!

  • The lights are on but no one is home

If the lights within the cabin of the car are working but nothing happens when you try to start your vehicle this is more than likely an issue with your starter.

All of the symptoms listed above will need a diagnosis from a skilled mechanic. Get your pocketbook ready.

Premium Pick: Viper 5906v Color Remote Start & Security

How much does a car starter cost?

While this remote costs more than the other remote starters in this review, you get what you pay for. The remote is colored and offers unique features, like the ability to see what the interior temperature of your car is.

While other remote starters have a range of 1,500 or 3,000 feet, this one works up to one mile away, allowing you to regulate temperature long before you get into the car.

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How Much Does A Remote Starter Installation Cost

A remote starter is a feature that allows a car owner to start the car with the push of a button.; This can usually be done from up to 2,500 feet;away and;is helpful in the cold winters.; It also allows you to let your car warm up or cool down while leaving it locked, lessening the threat of theft.

Some new cars can be purchased with;remote starters, but a remote starter can be installed separately on any car.; Most of the remote starters also come standard with keyless entry capabilities.; The cost of a remote starter can depend on the features, the age of the car as well as the brand.

What Is The Acceptable Battery Voltage For A Car

The old American cars had 6V power units. Thats why its pretty hard to find a decent battery for the oldtimer. The modern standard worldwide is 12V, but this parameter is changeable:

  • The normal voltage needed to start the car begins from 12.6 volts.
  • At the time of exploitation, this parameter is between 13.7 to 14.7 volts.

You can usually visually check this parameter with the inner electric light system of your machine. If the headlights are bright enough you are equipped with a battery at decent capacity. However, some old cars, especially German Volkswagens and Opels from the eighties, sometimes have dim headlights right from the factory. Also, there are cases when lights are bright. And the battery is still quickly discharging. In these cases, you ought to test the power unit with a unique gadget a multimeter.

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Why Does A Starter Motor Fail And Need Replacing

Like all mechanical parts, a starter motor will wear out over time and need replacing. Its an inevitable fact. When it needs replacing, you havent necessarily done anything wrong its something you repeatedly use every time you start the car. Eventually, something is bound to go wrong down to general use and wear.

The starter motor could also be damaged in the following circumstances.

  • Faulty wiring if the current coming from the battery is excessive, it might damage the solenoid, meaning the rotor wont spin properly, and the pinion wont engage. The same situation would occur if there was insufficient current due to a fault in the wiring or battery cells. Short-circuits and other such conditions could also redirect the flow of electricity.
  • Leaving the key engaged in the start position for too long if you leave the key in this position for too long, the flywheel could start driving the motor instead of the other way around. The one-way clutch should negate most of this damage, but it isnt always 100% effective. To prevent this from happening, you should always let go of the key the moment the engine roars into life.
  • Incorrect installation if the motor isnt in the right place, it wont mesh with the flywheel properly. It could damage the splines on either the pinion or flywheel itself.
  • Individual components of the starter failing due to wear the solenoid, motor itself, and pinion are all common failure points.

What Does A Starter Replacement Cost

How to Fix a Car Starter

To take your car to your local auto shop will likely cost between $250 and $400, depending on a few factors.

  • Local area the average labor rate varies dramatically from state to state and county to county.;According to CarMD, Ohio averages the cheapest state for car repairs, followed by Maine, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Vermont. The most expensive states are the District of Columbia, Connecticut, California, Georgia, and New Jersey .
  • Your cars make and model the more common the car is, the cheaper the parts are likely to be. This is all related to supply and demand. The more of a particular car part you can find , the cheaper its likely to be.

The F-Series from Ford is still the best-selling set of cars in the US, with 787,422 sold in 2020. If you check around with a few parts websites and companies, youll see that the average price is $150 for a good-quality, new starter.

Its a relatively simple job and shouldnt take more than an hour, so labor costs will be pretty low around $80, give or take.

These combine to a total of around $230 + taxes.

You should note, however, that this is for the most common vehicle in America. When it comes to other less frequently seen cars, you can only expect these numbers to go upward.

The other main advantage of getting professionals to do the work for you is that the work is insured. If anything goes wrong, they should cover it. Ensure you get some guarantee before any work is carried out, just to be on the safe side.

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How Is The Engine Starter Motor Replacement Performed

  • The battery is disconnected to prevent accidental shock
  • The car is raised on jack stands or a hoist
  • The starter motors wiring is disconnected at the starter motor
  • The starter is unbolted from its location at the flywheel, where the engine and transmission join
  • A new starter is fitted, then the mounting bolts are tightened to the proper torque
  • The wiring is refitted and the car is lowered to the ground
  • The battery is reconnected, then the ignition is turned to ensure proper operation

How Much Does A Remote Car Starter Cost

A good price range you can expect for a remote car starter is somewhere around $50 to $200. There are a couple very important notes you should keep in mind here, though:

  • That usually does not include installation. The installation process can run as high as a couple hundred bucks more, so be sure to do some research on how much it’ll cost to get one installed on your car and factor that into your budget.

  • Brand and extra features will make things pricier. If you only need to start your car and warm it up from inside the house, do a little digging to find a model with those basics onlyit’ll probably help you save.

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Compustars 4 Steps To Buying A Remote Starter:

Regardless of what brand of remote start youd like for your vehicle, our team at Compustar suggests following these steps when purchasing a remote start.

  • Use an to find professional retailers & installers near you.
  • Contact your retailer in advance to check your vehicles compatibility as well as the shops availability.
  • Ask about upgrading your remote range or adding 2-way to your remote starter.
  • Always make sure you purchase and install your remote starter at the same location.
  • If youre interested in a Compustar system, try going through our Compustar System Builder to find the system that best fits your needs.

    How Much Does A Starter Motor Replacement Cost

    Convert Car Starter Motor for Go Kart Use

    To get your engine running, theres one very important component that must be operating.

    The engine starter motor is an electric motor that kicks your engine into motion.

    When its used normally, the starter motor may function indefinitely. However, due to possible electrical issues, manufacturer defects, excessive wear, and grinding the starter accidentally, you may require starter motor replacement at some point.

    The average cost of a starter motor replacement is around $400 to $600, although speciality and luxury models may be significantly more.

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    Prestige Aps997z: Best Range

    * price as of 06/23/2021 at 10:45 a.m. . Read full disclaimer.

    Mid-priced but full of features, the Prestige APS997Z has an impressive range of one mile.

    It does all the things you want a remote car starter to do: turn on the ignition and get the temperature right for you, lock/unlock doors, turn on lights, open the trunk, and auto-shutoff that reduces idling, for example.

    But its also got a howling siren, a silent car alarm system, and shock sensor in case anyone gets aggressive with your vehicle.

    If you add a CarLink subscription, you can also monitor your vehicles performance and use the GPS tracking feature to see where your teen takes the car past curfew .

    With all these features, the module will likely require professional installation. We saw from a lot of enthusiasts and even some mechanics who needed extra diagrams or help from customer service.;

    Valeo Starters Are The Parts That Join Your Vehicle Battery To Your Crankshaft

    An automobile is only as good as its parts, such as the Valeo starter. No matter if you race or just appreciate driving a high-performance vehicle, the highest quality parts are crucial. Your car is special due to its excellent performance and awesome style, and to have it going in its best shape you need the ultimate in high-quality parts and accessories. Superb engine power and automotive performance come from great components and accessories. Starters are the parts that unite a vehicle battery to a crankshaft. The car’s crankshaft is turned by your starter, which commences ignition. Starters utilize energy stored in the battery to turn on the automobile. Your automobile’s starter is an electrical motor that throws out a piston-like device to turn your vehicle’s flywheel to start the motor. The starter turns the engine, the primary step required to start the car or truck. A vehicle is really only as good as the parts it uses, such as the Valeo starter.

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    What Is The Average Cost To Replace A Car Starter

    There are few feelings worse for a car owner than jumping into their vehicle, only to discover that it wont start. Usually, when this happens, the root cause is something to do with the engine. In most cases, the problem will be in or around the engine, something that interferes with its proper functioning.

    Life Hacks To Start Your Car Thats Been Sitting

    How to Test Your Car’s Starter and Solenoid Assembly

    Since you may not have access to the right tools, or have a friend you can bum a wrench off of, we also compiled a list of our best hacks to make your life easier and drain your pocket less.

    • Clean your air intake before trying to start a long-dead car. There could be particulates or clogs that are affecting the starting or your engines longevity.
    • Replace your radiator coolant.

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    Starter Replacement Cost Conclusion

    Overall, a starter replacement is likely to cost somewhere between $250 and $400 if you take the car to a shop. The numbers could go even higher for rarer vehicles with bigger engines .

    For a DIY job, youll only have to pay out for the parts, assuming you already have all the necessary equipment. To buy the parts, you should budget about $200, again depending on various factors as discussed above.

    Thanks for reading!

    Our Best Remote Car Starter Deals Right Now

    Now that you’ve got the basics, why not shop around and get one installed? There are tons of remote car starter deals on our site all the time. Below are some standout deals we’re currently featuring. Don’t see your city? Click to browse remote-starter deals in your town.

    • : $169 for a remote car starter with a basic bypass module and installation at Mach 1 Car Audio & Security

    • : $215 for an Avital 4113 remote starter with unlock function, bypass module, and installation at Lucky’s Car Wash

    • : $149 for a Viper remote car starter, one remote, basic bypass module, and installation at Ideas First Automotive

    • : $299 for a Viper four-button remote starter with two transmitters, bypass module, and installation at Boomer Boston
    • : $149 for a remote car starter, basic bypass module, and installation at One Stop Car Audio


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    What Is A Remote Starter

    A remote car starter is exactly that: a way to start your car, securely, from afar whether afar is from the dressing room at Nordstrom, your office on the 32nd floor, or the warmth of your own bed on a cold morning. And depending on which one you get, remote car starters come in three basic forms: some are aftermarket fobs that you put on your key ring, some can be integrated into your cars own original equipment manufacturer fob , and some come as apps that work on your smartphone. Well explore different types in a moment, but lets start with why you want one.

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