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How Much Is My Car

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Which Cars Hold Their Value Best

How Much Is My Car Worth? – Getting The Best Trade In Value For Used Car

Below are 10 of the slowest-depreciating cars by retained value after three years and 36,000 miles.


Skoda Karoq 5Dr 1.0 TSi


Perhaps unsurprisingly, premium brand cars tend to hold on to more of their value than mainstream models. But some more affordable cars do also retain a high percentage of their initial on-the-road price. Limited or special edition models can be more desirable on the used car market because of their higher specification and performance cars can also retain more of their value, although thats not always the case.


How Much Is My Car Worth Get Answers Now

All you have to do is use this handy tool to enter all of the information about your current vehicle and we’ll take care of this rest. This free tool, provided to all of our customers from KBB and Ford Lincoln of Cookeville, will tell you everything you need to know about the true value of your vehicle as it exists today. You’ll even get to see your instant cash offer, letting you know exactly how much money you would get if you drove it onto the lot this afternoon.

That’s it – you’re just a few quick mouse clicks away from the numbers you need when you need them the most.

The best part of all isn’t just that the tool is fast, accurate and easy-to-use – you are also under absolutely NO obligation to sell, trade-in your car or buy anything new. This free tool is simply an informational resource, making sure that you have all of the answers you need to make the right decisions for the right time.

You can easily use this number to sell your car to the dealership for cash, or use the value to trade-in for a new or used car. It really doesn’t get much more straightforward than that.

Ford Lincoln of Cookeville

Located right in the heart of Cookeville at 1600 Interstate Drive, we’re dedicated to one thing above all else: meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations each and every time we’re given the opportunity to do so.

Can I Make A Car Insurance Claim For Diminished Value

Not in most states, but the laws can get foggy. In most cases, the law states that your insurer must repair or replace your car after an accident. In other words, insurers must compensate you with a car of similar quality as the pre-accident vehicle, either by repairing the car to its original condition or paying out the value of your car if its totaled.

However, a few drivers have sued for additional damage because of diminished value. You stand the best chance of getting your claim approved if:

  • You have solid proof of the decreased value
  • Another driver was at fault in the accident
  • Youre hit by an uninsured driver and you have uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage

States that allow diminished value claims

These states have a law or court precedence for claiming diminished value damage. Most other states dont allow for diminished value claims as long as the insurer fulfills their duty of repairing or replacing the car.

  • Georgia
  • Wyoming

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About Kelley Blue Book Values

For over 90 years, Kelley Blue Book has been The Trusted Resource for used car values, helping car owners understand what their used car is worth. Depending on the method of disposal, there actually may be more than one Blue Book Value for the consumer’s car, truck or SUV. The Kelley Blue Book Trade In Range shows what a consumer can expect to receive for their car this week when trading it in at a dealer. The Kelley Blue Book Private Party Value reports on a fair price when selling the car to an individual instead of doing a dealer trade in. Our Values are the results of massive amounts of data, including actual sales transactions and auction prices, which are then analyzed and adjusted to account for seasonality and market trends. Kelley Blue Book Values reflect local conditions in over 100 different geographic regions and are updated weekly to give consumers the most up-to-date used car pricing information.

How Much Is My Car Worth How To Check On Parkers

How Much Should You Be Spending On A New Car?

One of the most commonly asked questions by car buyers in the UK is how much is my car worth? Here you will be able to find that out using industry-trusted pricing data.

Make sure you get the best deal by getting an accurate valuation for your car. The Parkers car valuation calculator is a simple-to-use and extremely powerful tool. It gives you independent prices and accurate values on all UK registered cars from 2001/51 plate to the most current 2021/71 plates, using results from a massive number of transactions. Our team of independent experts visit hundreds of car dealers and auctions every month to research the actual selling price of thousands of cars.

We also do van valuations using the data similarly gathered on the ground by experts in their field.

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Use Our Car Affordability Calculator To Find Out Your Maximum Payment

Do you have a car to trade-in? Hows your credit? Have you been socking away money for a new car for years? These factors will affect how much of the car youll have to finance and how much youll have to pay in interest.

Use our car affordability calculator to see how your down payment, trade-in, and auto loan interest rates and terms affect the amount of car you can afford.

Which Manufacturers Have Complimentary Maintenance

Lets face it: buying a new car can be a pricy proposition. But heres some good news. Over the last several years, more and more manufacturers have been including a complimentary maintenance program as a perk. After all, who doesnt like something for free?

This is a win-win proposition for both the buyer and the manufacturer. You as the buyer get some no-cost services, but the dealer also benefits. Theyre hoping that you will get used to relying on their dealership for maintenance and repair. In addition, some luxury manufacturers wrap these services into the overall feeling of a high-end concierge. For these lucky few, all the maintenance details are cared for, so they can focus purely on the joy of driving.

Coverage and duration of these complimentary maintenance programs definitely vary. Some only cover the first inspection and oil change, sort of a small thank you for buying. Others try to entice you with all the scheduled maintenance you need up to 6 years and 60,000 miles. And while these national programs are provided by the automaker, certain dealers get in on the act with things like free car washes or complimentary vehicle checks.

These programs do change often, so for the latest information, weve to keep the status current. Even so, the dealer might be the best way to know for sure if that new car youre considering comes with a complimentary maintenance program.

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Compare Car Loan Offers

The last thing you want is to be pressured into an expensive loan by a dealer when purchasing your car. Car salesmen are masters of the deal, and you may find yourself paying much more than you bargained for, or locked into a loan with unfavorable rates and terms if youre not careful.

To prevent that scenario, you should be sure to come prepared and armed with as much information as you can. Comparing offers from several different lenders can help you to figure out what rates you qualify for, and will allow you to make informed decisions about financing your purchase. Comparing rates from multiple lenders will also help to ensure that youre getting the best rate possible, which can save you a lot of money over the long term.

Loan comparison tools like are a great way to compare different lenders for free online. Monevo lets you look at loan offers from over 30 different banks and lenders in order to find one that works for you and your budget. The process only takes a minute all youll need to input is how much youre looking for, what the loan is for, and what your estimated credit score is. Then youll have a list of lenders organized in an easy-to-read list. Plus, this whole process doesnt affect your credit score!

Different Ways To Sell A Car

How much ‘my’ cars are actually worth!

When putting your car on the market, youll want to decide whether to trade it in at a dealership, sell it yourself or get an instant cash offer, such as the Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer. The value of your car will vary depending on which method you use. There are pros and cons to each option, such as the speed of sale, costs, and taxes.

Why Trade it in?

  • No costs for listing and selling
  • No texts, emails, or personal calls
  • Potential to pay less sales tax on your new car

Why Sell it Yourself?

  • Get paid more for your vehicle
  • Save money because no dealer overhead costs

Why Use Instant Cash Offer?

  • Quick and easy
  • Can be redeemed immediately at a participating local dealer
  • No obligations

To get a sense of what you can expect from any of these methods, compare the Kelley Blue Book Private Party Value and Trade-in Value. Then check out the Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer. The difference could also be the deciding factor.

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Why Do Some Cars Depreciate Faster Than Others

Car prices trend downwards over time. A new car typically loses 20% of its value in the first year, then 15% of its value each year after that. So after 5 years, it may be worth only 40% of its original purchase price. Our History-Based Value considers data that affect depreciation prices, including the cars brand, accident or damage history, title history, service records, and the number of owners its had.

What If Im Paying Cash

Paying cash for a car is always best. If youre able to, how much you have saved and what youre comfortable spending on a car can guide you rather than the 35% of monthly income. That said, you may want to check out this post that talks about the wider range of how much you should spend on a car based on your annual income.

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How To File A Diminished Value Claim

If you live in a state with legal precedence, you could go through the hassle of this claim if your cars value has decreased significantly. Jumpstart the process in a few steps:

  • Contact the at-fault drivers insurance company, detailing the accident events and the extent of your cars damage.
  • Specifythat youre filing a claim for diminished value after a car accident.
  • Prove the diminished value, either through market value reports of similar cars or through a professional valuation.
  • Give additional documentation as needed. The required documents will vary based on your cars condition and the events of the accident.
  • Get an answer from the insurance company, approving or disapproving a settlement for the diminished value.
  • If the company denies your claim but you feel that you deserve a settlement, you can appeal the claim or get legal advice about suing the insurance company. In many cases, the payout may not be worth the legal costs unless the damage was substantial.
  • Diminished value types and definitions

    Youll hear insurers and courts use a few different definitions of diminished value. Those are:

    Jeep Grand Cherokee L Headlight Recall

    Used car price guides: how much is my car worth?

    Potential Number of Units Affected 36,929


    Chrysler is recalling certain Jeep Grand Cherokee L vehicles equipped with smart lighting modules . An incomplete SLM software update may cause one or both headlights to become inoperable. As such, these vehicles fail to comply with the requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard number 108, Lamps, Reflective Devices, and Associated Equipment. Inoperable headlights can reduce visibility for the driver and oncoming traffic, increasing the risk of a crash.


    Dealers will reprogram the SLM software, free of charge. Owner notification letters are expected to be mailed January 28, 2022. Owners may contact FCA US, LLC customer service at 1-800-853-1403. FCA US, LLCs number for this recall is Y72.

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    What Can I Do If My Car Is Worth Less After An Accident

    • Make a claim for diminished value. If your state allows it, you could recover some of your cars lost value.
    • Choose a payout over repairs. If your car isnt declared a total loss, which is when repairs would cost more than the car is worth, but its within 75% of a total loss claim, you can try to make an appeal for a total loss decision instead. Youll get paid cash for your cars pre-crash value instead of getting a car thats worth less after getting repaired.
    • Drive your car into the ground. If you dont sell your car and instead keep it until it breaks down for the last time, you wont have to worry about diminished value.
    • Avoid a salvage title. Youll typically have the choice to buy back your car on a salvage title if its declared totaled. But your car will be worth even less in this case since its not repaired and carries a salvage title. Some people consider keeping their salvaged car for nostalgia or to repair it themselves, but the car wont be worth much in this case.

    How To Value Your Car

    You can get a rough estimate of your car’s value by going to a classifieds website and searching for your specific make, model, and year, along with similar mileage, to see what prices are being asked.

    Keep in mind that most advertisers will usually accept an offer near to the asking price, and professional traders will always ask more than private sellers. Buyers who use dealers are usually prepared to pay more because these dealers can provide monthly finance deals and warranties. Theres also more legal protection if things go wrong.

    Dealers have to make a living, though, so they will offer you a lower amount if you part exchange your car towards a new one. As a rule of thumb, a dealer will want to mark up the price by £500-£2,000 per car, depending on the value and any work which needs to be done.

    If your car is a little out of the ordinary, such as a 4×4, sports car, electric vehicle or a classic, it may be worth looking for a specialist who will be willing to offer more for a car they should be able to sell on quickly.

    If checking the classifieds feels like a bit of a shot in the dark, an online valuation tool can give you a more accurate estimate. Powered by live pricing data gathered from across the UK market, these tools are usually free to use and will give you estimates for the value of your car. You should also be able to enter the vehicles mileage and a rough summary of the condition for a more accurate initial valuation.

    How to buy a car online

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    Weights By Car Model:

    Now when you know the weight of different car types, you may also want to know different car models weights.

    There are a lot of different car models on the market. We couldnt include all of these in our list, so we wrote about the 25 most common car models on the market.

    These car models weight can differ depending on the year model, engine type, and accessories installed in your car.

    Car Model

    Right Place Right Time

    How Much Car Is Too Much?
    • A local Low Emissions Zone or Clean Air Zone posing fees
    • Terrain a Smart car will sell better in urban settings, for example
    • Population more people means more demand

    Even things like the season can influence car value. That may seem surprising, but really, its inevitable that a used convertible car will be more in demand in June than it would be in December. With a rise in demand comes a rise in overall car valuation, so waiting for those sunny top-down driving days to arrive might be a top tip for selling your car.

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    How Much Does A Car Depreciate After An Accident

    The amount a car will depreciate by after an accident depends on the amount of damage done. There is a lot of difference between losing a wing mirror and being in a car totaling accident. You can expect only some depreciation for the former, while the latter will be substantial, even if fully repaired.

    How To Sell A Car: 10 Steps For Success

    If you plan to sell a car, find out how to get top dollar by using these steps for success.

    Learn the different ways to sell a car, how to prepare your vehicle for sale, and get tips on pricing your vehicle, selling a car safely, creating car ads, negotiating a price, paperwork, and more.

    Once equipped with these and other tools, youll be ready to sell your used car and get the most out of the deal you choose.

    Want to sell your car today? Get your Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer.

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    Splitting The Gas Cost

    We finally know the answer to the question: how much gas will I use? However, we often travel with other passengers, so there is no need to pay for gas only by ourselves, we can split the cost among all passengers instead. All those calculations can be working awkward, so, to spare you the time and effort, our gas calculator can do it for you:

  • Find out the total fuel cost. Let’s use the example above of 37.76.
  • Determine how many people are there. Let’s say 4.
  • Divide the total price by the number of people to work out each person’s share: 37.76 / 4 = 9.44 or let our gas estimator do it for you!
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