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How To Color Match Car Paint

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Why Do You Need To Find Your Car Paint Code

How to Color Match Car Paint Perfectly


If your car gets scratched by an individual or just through generic wear and tear, many drivers feel that it’s necessary to have the scratches covered up. Especially, when coming to sell the vehicle if you own it.


Weathering is inevitable, so having a touchup is common practice. Making the car look newer and fresher.


If you were to be caught in a collision, some of the body parts of your car may need to be replaced or restored.

To Colour Primer Parts

When new parts are ordered for your vehicle it will come in a primer, and the manufacturer/supplier will need to know what car paint code they need to match the colour with your vehicle.

What Is The Best Oem Paint

Make it easy on yourself and get a guaranteed color match. Go with this company:

Automotive Touchup

The best OEM paint is the one that makes your car or truck look new again. It covers the chips and scratches and it is not noticeable that repair work was done.After evaluating numerous factors, including:

– Guarantee

Perfect Match Premium Automotive Paint

Dupli-Color® Perfect Match® Premium Automotive Paint is an easy-to-use, high-quality, fast-drying, acrylic lacquer aerosol paint specially formulated to match the exact color of the original factory applied coating. Ideal for use on all OEM paint surfaces, Perfect Match is available in a complete line of exact-match colors for current and late model import and domestic vehicles, making this product ideal for both small scale vehicle touch-up and for painting vehicle accessories.

  • Primer
    • Universal Black Metallic Perfect Match 8 oz. Aerosol
    • Universal Gloss Black Perfect Match 8 oz. Aerosol
    • Universal Flat Black Perfect Match 8 oz. Aerosol
    • Universal Silver Metallic Perfect Match 8 oz. Aerosol
    • Clear Top Coat Perfect Match 8 oz. Aerosol

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    In Your Owners Manual

    Your car colour code will also be in your owners manual.

    Making a note of your colour code makes it easier to find the right car paint, one that will match your car exactly. You can use Paint Match Pro to find a paint, or just find a stockist and visit them and they will help you to find your paint. However you can also find the right car paint without it.

    Where Is The Vin Located


    Most passenger cars have the VIN on the dashboard. It is usually positioned on the drivers side. If you want to see it better, look at it through the windshield. You should be standing outside the car.

    Some manufacturers, however, position this number on the door pillar, at the drivers side. In such vehicles, you need to open the door to see it. Once you open the door, look at the area where the car door latches.

    Also, some cars have their VIN under the hood. It is usually placed in front of the engine block. Besides, older vehicles have this number at the front end of the frame. This frame is on the drivers side, near the door.

    Most motorcycles have their Vehicle Identification Numbers below the handlebars. You should see the number on the steering neck. But, other motorcycle manufacturers place it on the frame near the motor. Also, you might find it on the engine.

    However, on semitrailers, you can find the VIN on the front part, the left side.

    If you dont find this number on the vehicle, search it in the vehicle documents. It is always written on the vehicle title. Some individuals refer to this document as the Certificate of Title. This title is a legal document that establishes vehicle ownership.

    You can also use the Certificate of Vehicle Registration document to find the VIN. It is a document provided by the Department of Motor Vehicle in every state. The report establishes a link between the vehicle and the owner.

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    Only The Bumper Or Only The Body Panels Were Painted

    Matching paint colours that have been on the car for some time with the colour of the new paint on the repair is not easy.

    At Leons Auto Body, we use the PPG paint system which is understood to be the finest in the world. It means you get an accurate, computer-generated colour match every time whether you paint different materials, paint at different times, or match a weather-worn colour,. Contact us here at Leons to find out more.

    How To Match Car Paint Colors

    A small scrape on your car can be made invisible with some paint touch-up. However, the perfect match of the car paint color should be found. So, how to match car paint colors? You can do it yourself or with professional help. Read on…

    A small scrape on your car can be made invisible with some paint touch-up. However, the perfect match of the car paint color should be found. So, how to match car paint colors? You can do it yourself or with professional help. Read on

    Before we start looking at the two ways to match car paint colors, let us understand why matching car paint colors is a challenging task. First of all finding the exact paint color which was used on your car is difficult, this is because each car paint manufacturer keeps a margin of 5%. For example, there is a cherry red shade for a car. Now, the manufacturer has made a standard sample for this car color paint. But, a tolerance of plus or minus 5% is kept, when the paint is delivered. This means a client who bought a car which was manufactured in plant A , can be different from a clients car who bought the same car with the same specified color from plant B. So, even cars which are of the same model and have the same color can look different. This is the biggest challenge when it comes to finding the right paint color.

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    What Causes Paint Color Mismatch

    A variety of different problems can cause Paint Color Mismatch but the problem can be made worse when more then one problem caused the difference in color.

    Improper paint color selection or variation on the OEM assembly line. Paint colors on assembly lines can actually change within the year, month or even in the hour of the day the actual car was painted. Only computer matching will provide this difference.

    PSI too high or low when painting.

    Incorrect application of paint Wet or Dry causing a variation in metallics.

    Insufficient paint applied to hide primer causing show through

    Color was not mixed sufficiently or settled in the paint gun cup.

    Improper method of application not blending the color correctly into undamaged panels.

    Color changes in the paint due to age of the vehicle.

    Paint Code By Vin Where And How To Find It Yourself

    Dupli-Color® How to: Perfect Match Premium Automotive Paint

    A paint code refers to a unique code of three to six characters. The system contains a mixture of numbers and letters. Finding the exact color for your vehicle is essential. It guarantees your color accuracy.

    When fixing minor scratches on your vehicle, you need to know the specific color. You can use a vehicle identification number to find your car color code.

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    What If I Cant Find My Color Code

    If you cant find the exact color code on your vehicle you can also look it up using a tool like paint matcher. With this tool you enter the make, model and year of your vehicle and the machine will spit out an exact paint match for the car.

    You can also go to a body shop to have the paint matched and fixed on your car. Body shops specialize in dent removal and body panel damage. Part of these repairs is also typically repainting those parts.

    Learn How To Select The Best Car Paint Color And How To Match The Old Car Paint

    Want a Visually Appealing and In Style Paint Job ?

    Discover How to Select the Best Car Paint Color from the Countless Auto Paint Colors Available Plus How to Achieve an Exact Match of Old Auto Paint Colors using Auto Paint Codes.

    Choosing the right car paint color for your project is a key stage overall. Depending on the age of your vehicle and the size of the area to be covered this stage will vary in importance with much more thought needed on older vehicles requiring complete color changes.

    Regardless of what it is that youre going to paint or how you decide between the countless auto paint colors, our advice to ensure you are satisfied with your car paint color selection is to examine your anticipated color under as many different lighting conditions as possible both indoors and outdoors.

    The process of choosing between auto paint colors can be confusing as well as frustrating due to the countless auto paint colors to choose from. Be patient and take your time.

    Look at various automotive industry magazines to gain your ideas and inspiration from other car enthusiasts. Such magazines can be a great source of ideas for paint schemes and colors.

    Visit car shows and ask car owners what made them choose their particular car paint color scheme.

    These people may lead you to some invaluable suppliers and products. They can also help you to identify possible mistakes and help you to avoid making them too.

    Not all auto paint colors work with all auto body styles.


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    Is It Difficult To Match Car Paint

    matching automotive paint is much harder than the average person understands. Silver and other similar metallic paints are the hardest paints for a body shop to match. The reason for this is because they are light colors and contain a high content of metallic flakes that give it that bright appearance in full sun.

    How Do I Get Exact Paint To Match


    Using a sharp utility blade, score a small square on a section of painted drywall thats not too terribly conspicuous. Youll need a chip thats at least one-inch square for the best results. At the paint store, staff will use their spectrophotometer to analyze the chip and match it to their brands closest color.

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    First Some Background On Manufacturers Paint Colors

    Before we explain anything else, its important to understand how automakers get their paint formulations to begin with. Manufacturers create a standard for every color that they put on their vehicles. Those standards are then sent out to auto body paint suppliers who create their own formula to match the standard from the vehicle manufacturer.

    Matching Your Car’s Paint Color

    It is impossible to exactly match metallic colors for several reasons. One, metallics look very different brushed versus sprayed. Second, colors fade over time, especially the reds and any color with red in it like gold. However, since you are only repairing small scratches, this should not be too much of an issue as long as it the color is reasonably close.

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    First A Few Things To Know About Car Paint

    • Car paint is made of three ingredients they are: resin, pigment and solvent
    • Resin determines the durability of the paint
    • Solvent provides viscosity making the paint applicable
    • Pigment is the color. Typically pigment comes in the form of a powder and includes both color and toner helping reach that perfect shade.

    Because these three components all impact the final dry paint job quality, you cant just opt to match the pigment of your vehicle and be done with it. It is important to find the exact paint match using a reputable brand of automotive paint or by going to a professional to achieve the quality result I only assume you are looking for since you are taking the time to read this article.

    Colour Match Cars Painting

    Dupli-Color® How To: Perfect Match Premium Automotive Paint

    Colour Match Cars Painting is super fun activity that involves creating wheel patterns from cars with paint while matching and learning about colours. Children drive the cars through the paint towards the matching colours.

    This was so much fun to do and it also reinforced our learning about mixing colour primary colours and making new colours. When the different colours overlapped each other a new colour was formed.

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    Car Paint Matching Codes

    Paint codes are specific digits that represent a vehicles paint color. Without the paint code, individuals in the auto body repair industry could apply the wrong shade during large restoration projects or small touch ups. To avoid choosing the wrong shade, auto body technicians can locate the paint code, which is typically provided in the drivers side door jam.

    The paint code, along with the cars model and year it was produced, gives individuals in the auto body repair trade the information they need to enter into the car paint matching computer.

    Can Car Paint Be Matched Exactly

    Body paint matching is an art, and only an experienced auto body shop can accurately match new paint to an original finish. All automotive paints have codes specific to the color, but there are thousands of variations and shades. This number is used to correctly match the paint should a repair ever be necessary.

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    How To Cure Paint Color Mismatch

    If you have not yet applied clearcoat you can cure the paint that is on the vehicle and apply additional coats to blend or alter the color for a better match.

    In some cases you will need to refinish the repair by sanding and starting over.

    Remember to check your work in full sunlight when possible.

    How To Verify Your Cars Color


    If youre not the original owner of the car and youre not sure its been repainted, do the following.

    First, clean your car thoroughly. Remove any grime or dust that can alter the visible coloring of your vehicles finish.

    Next, take a picture of a clean, well-painted area of the car. Park your vehicle where there is as little glare as possible. You want to take the photo straight on with as little ambient reflection as possible.

    It would be best if you took your picture in natural light. The easiest way to do this while reducing glare is to drive your vehicle to a DIY car wash, clean the car, and then take the picture before moving out of the bay. Natural light comes from both sides of the bay on an average, sunny day.

    Now visit your auto parts dealer with the color code you have and your picture. Use the paint guide to confirm that your vehicle still uses its original color. If youre not sure, get a second opinion.

    Your touch up paint container displays its color on the label. Hold the can next to your vehicle finish in natural light to confirm you bought the right product.

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    This Is Why Your Bumper Colour Doesnt Match The Rest Of The Car Paint After Auto Body Repairs

    Its one of the most common complaints on the auto body repair business. you take your car to a repair shop after a collision. They fix it, and, when you pick it up, the car looks pretty good. But theres something not quite right.

    In the worst cases, you might spot the problem right away. In others, it might take a few days.

    In any case, following an auto body repair, many car owners notice that the paint colour of their front and back bumpers dont quite match the paint on the body panels. Its one of those things that seem so slight that you try not to notice. But every time you see your vehicle, the colour difference jumps out at you.

    Lets Review What To Ask Your Technician

    • What is your process for finding a color match?
    • What is the tool you use to paint?
    • Do you have a separate painting room?
    • What type of paint do you use?
    • How much experience do you have with painting cars?

    When looking to repair paint on a vehicle, feel free to ask technicians about everything mentioned here. Be sure the shop has the most updated equipment to color match any paint. Before leaving a vehicle in someone elses hands, be sure they have qualified experience. Make certain the paint booths are properly equipped to keep the paint clean and free of debris during the application process. Find out how the shop ensures paint dries properly. Being informed and ready for the expense of the process will help keep any precious vehicle looking like a stylish work of art for as long as its on the road.

    Alexander Body & Fender is a professional auto body shop serving the Akron, OH. At Alexander Body we use premium Sikkens paint. Check out some of the services we offer. Read more articles like this one on our blog. If youre in the Akron area and you need an auto body shop, contact us: ! With 91 years of experience, we are The Gold StandardSince 1928. Get it done rightnot fast.

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    If An Auto Body Shop Can Match My Paint Exactly Why Do They Have To Paint Areas That Were Not Damaged In An Accident


    Someone backed into the front fender of my car. The auto body shop has decided to replace the fender. They claim to have a high-tech way to match the original paint with their paint brand. In order to make the repair they said they will have to paint some of the adjacent area like the hood, bumper and door. So my question is if they have a high tech paint matching system, why do they have to also paint the new fender, hood, bumper and door since they are not damaged?


    Automotive paint will also vary in color depending on the angle it is being viewed from and the light source used. Paint will look different inside a body shop versus outside in natural daylight. matching automotive paint is much harder than the average person understands.Silver and other similar metallic paints are the hardest paints for a body shop to match. The reason for this is because they are light colors and contain a high content of metallic flakes that give it that bright appearance in full sun.

    Replicating this exact same finish on an auto body repair is very difficult to do if not completely impossible. There are simply too many variations that can throw the match out of whack. For example, the type of paint gun used could make a difference, the mixing volume at the spray nozzle will make a difference, the angle the painter uses will make a huge difference in the way the metal flake settles.

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