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How To Fix Small Rust Spots On Car

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Four: Prime The Surface Of The Repair Area

Auto Detailing & Maintenance : How Do I Fix a Small Rust Spot on My Car?

Doing this is easy. Simply apply the epoxy primer, followed by the filler primmer. To do a superb job, youll want to spray the filler primmer in heavier coats, this way, you can cover the entire repair area. Now, try to move the can a little away from the surface area and blend it nicely into the surrounding painted area.

The good thing about using a self-etching epoxy primer is that it provides a solid bond to bare metal, so its important that you use it as your first coat. To get this right, youll need to spray two to three medium coats and wait for the recommended time in between coats. Its highly recommended to wait one full hour for the epoxy to dry fully. Having waited an hour, proceed to sand the epoxy primer using a wet 1000-grit sandpaper, afterward, wash with clean water and allow to dry.

Using a lint free cloth, wipe off the dried epoxy primer and proceed to apply two or more heavier coats of lacquer filler primer and allow for the stipulated drying times between each coats. Now, let the lacquer primer dry to a point where you can touch it, before sanding.

Rust Prevention And Rust Fixes

Its easier to prevent rust than to fix it, but if youve managed to let some slip by, its not the end of the world. Some rusty areas may be harder to fix than others, and this largely depends on the severity of the rust. Since rust is the oxidization of the metal itself, badly-rusted metal cant just be cleaned off sometimes it needs to be replaced.

If the rust your car is the result of an accident or a bad repair job, you may be in luck. Incidents of rust that dont originate from normal wear and tear are covered by most comprehensive car insurance policies, like those from Geico. If you suspect that the rust on your car could have originated from one of those sources, report it to your insurance company right away.

However, if your rust is the result of improper care or normal wear-and-tear, as the case usually is, then its up to you to pay for a repair or fix it yourself.

Rust fixes generally fall into one of two categories: mild fixes and severe fixes. For severe rust, the rust has typically eaten all the way through the sheet metal on the vehicle. If the hole in the sheet metal is small, you may be able to repair it with body filler, but if its large, it may be better to replace the entire rusted panel. Consider your budget and the severity of the damage before you get started.

Any rust fix involves grinding away the rust, re-priming the exposed metal after patching any holes, and repainting the fixed area. To do this, youll need a number of different supplies.

Undercarriage Rust Removal Service

Looking for body shops that do rust repair near you? Rust wont rest. Its one reason your vehicles value decreases the minute you drive it off the lot. That said, preventing rust damage isnt expensive if you remain watchful and catch it early. Many Maaco shops offer different levels of rust repair, working tirelessly to protect the remaining value of your vehicle. Reach out to your local shop today to see how our professional technicians can help.

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How To Repair Rust On Your Car

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Car rust build up can be a real problem. Often caused by a dent or scratch that has led to further complications, rust can eat away at the body of your car, causing serious damage as it erodes the metalwork. Rust can not only cause damage in its own right, but it can emphasise any pre-existing conditions, leaving an unsightly gouge in your car.

When rust occurs it is absolutely vital to have your car looked at. Having rust present on the car is not only ugly to the aesthetic of your vehicle, but it can lead to damage that is unsafe as well as unsightly. Having rust in the wrong place can weaken the structure of the car body. Thus, it is important to get rust treated and fixed as quickly as possible.

Throughout the course of this article we are going to look at what rust is, the different types of rust that can affect your car, and different ways of treating car rust so it doesnt return again.

Car Rust Repair Diy: How To Remove Rust From A Car

Knowing When and How to Fix Rust on a Car

Rust is a scary word as most people think it signals the death of their car but, with basic tools and a little time, you can stop your car rotting away.

This isnt just for full-blown restoration work on a classic car. Thankfully, you dont need to completely dismantle your car to fix it, or spend thousands, if you catch the rust early enough.

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Assess The Situation/ Remove Wheel

Having never done this, or any other body work on a car, it took me a little longer to figure out what exactly I was going to do. My original plan was to take the entire fender off, but after inspecting it, that would be too much of a hassle and would require me to disassemble a lot of the front of the car. Instead, I jacked the car up then I pulled the wheel. I unscrewed the plastic thing protecting the wheel well and set it off to the side. That gave me really good access to see up behind the sheet metal on the car. I was originally going to pound out the dent on the upper part of the fender, but space was tight and I couldn’t easily do it. Having the wheel well open will help when I’m grinding and painting.

How To Spot Rust On Your Car

  • Bubbles illustrated in the picture above, bubbles under the paint usually indicates that paint has lost contact with the panel underneath because water and air have gathered in between. It wont be long before the area is covered in rust
  • Puddles dampness or water damage on the carpet, in footwells or the boot is usually a sign that the metal underneath has rusted
  • Body damage look for nicks and dents as these often lead to rust when left unattended
  • Irregular paint spots and strips of paint that dont match the original paintwork could be the work of a rust repair job. It may come back if not properly repaired or sealed

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Be Vigilant When Considering Second Hand Cars

Spotting rust on your own vehicle is often not that difficult, providing you know what to look out for. However, if youre looking to buy a second-hand car or van, you never know whats been done to cover up an underlying problem. Keep an eye out for bodywork panels that are slightly different in colour. It may be perfectly innocent, but it may be hiding a cover-up job. It never hurts to ask.

Is Rust The End For A Car

How To Fix,Repair, Rust Spots,Rust Holes on a Car!

If your car only shows early signs of corrosion, such as paint bubbling or surface rust, you should be able to fix the problem before it gets too serious. Its even possible to repair light damage yourself.

You should check how severe any damage is before attempting any DIY work but remember, the quicker you address the problem the greater your chances of fixing it.

If youre unsure about how to do the job yourself, an RAC approved garage will be happy to help restore your car where possible.

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Large Rust Spot Repairs

If the small car rust spots are not taken care of they will over time become larger and eventually penetrate right through the metal. This can be dangerous mainly because the erosion can compromise the integrity of the surrounding structures. This is when rust can potentially become a BIG and dangerous problem.

Cars are built to essentially crumble on the outside during a collision, while being able to protect whats on the inside . So when deep or large spread rust is left, it can eventually weaken the frame and other components designed to keep you safe.

While keeping you safe is the #1 reason to catch car rust early, it also lowers the value of your car, can leave you with a huge repair bill and lets be real, it just looks down right bad.

If the rust has become large enough and has penetrated the metal, during the repair process the area covered in rust will be completely removed from the body of the car. The piece removed is then replaced and bonded into place with special materials. The rest of the process is the same as a small spot fixthe section is sanded, primed and painted to match the rest of your car.

How To Fix Rust On A Car: Step

Sure, you can lower your risk of rust and rust spots on your car by applying paint protection film to chip-prone areas like the front edge of the hood, and by frequently washing off road salt and waxing your vehicle regularly. But even then, youre still going to get rust spots.

Car rust repair isnt hard, but it is time-consuming . Plan to spend about $100 on supplies like sandpaper, primer, masking tape and poly sheeting, a tack rag, polishing compound, touch-up paint and clear coat. Choose a calm, overcast day and block out the full day to fix the most common rust spots on the hood and doors.

You can buy automotive touch-up paint in pints and quarts to use in a spray gun, in aerosol cans, or in roller ball applicators. Even if you know how to use a spray gun, mixing automotive paint with a reducer to match the temperature and humidity conditions can be mighty tricky. We dont recommend it. Instead, buy aerosol cans for larger repairs and roller ball applicators to fix scratches.

In order to buy the perfect colour match for your vehicles factory paint, youll first need to find the car manufacturers paint code. It can be in a variety of places on the body, in the engine compartment or trunk, or other places. Use either of these online resources to find instructions on how to locate your paint code: or

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Different Types Of Rust

Rust comes in a number of different shapes and sizes, all of which can affect the body of the car. The types of rust that can be found on a car include:

  • Scale Rust Scale rust can be incredibly damaging to the metal panel of the car and most often occurs when pre-existing rust goes untreated. Scale rust can lead to holes being eaten through the metal.
  • Surface Rust Surface rust is the simplest rust to fix. Usually characterised by small blotches appearing on the paintwork, surface rust is so named because it only affects the top layer of a body panel and doesnt tend eat deeper into the rest of the car.
  • Penetrating Rust The final and most dangerous form of rust, penetrating rust can cause large patches of damaging rust to appear on the car. Difficult to repair, especially without professional help, penetrating rust can leave large holes in the car, weakening the exterior and making it susceptible to further damage. If left untreated, penetrating rust will eat all the way through the body of your car.

Regularly Check Your Vehicle For Scratches And Dents

[Help] Looking to repair rust spot on car. Previous owner ...

If rust is going to take hold anywhere on the bodywork of your car, its going to be where the paint has been scratched away, leaving exposed metal. Get into the habit of checking your car for dents and scratches on a regular basis perhaps tie it in with your regular oil and tyre checks. While there may not be any rust visible yet, catching the early warning signs will save you time, money and effort in the long run.

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How To Fix Small Rust Spots On Car

If the metal hasnt eaten a hole in the metal your repair is simple.

Clean the area thoroughly and brush on a good automotive rust convertor to the affected area like Oxytechs Anti-Ox. This eats the oxidisation, stopping the chemical rusting process.

Mix up a small amount of body filler with the supplied hardener, until it turns light pink. Spread the filler evenly in a thin layer across the section and leave it two hours.

Once dried sand it with 400-grit paper, feathering the edges to blend into your existing paint job. Mask the area around the repair using tape and clear plastic, and spray primer over the top using short, dusty strokes to build the level of primer up gradually.

Lightly sand the dried repair with 400-grit, then lay down two coats of colour. Again, use light, fluid sideways motions to prevent runs.

How Do You Neutralize Rust On A Car

Rust neutralization is a method adopted by automotive detailers and DIY repair experts before performing car paint and waxing. Neutralizing rust on your car basically means removing corrosion from the car. An abrasive agent, such as an abrasive wheel or sandpaper of different grits, is usually used to cut through the surface of the corroding area and car metal till a clear metal surface is visible. The next step is to finally prime the car metal surface, apply car paint, add a clear coat, apply wax, and buff it to eliminate any blemishes.

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Why Are Cars Rusty

Rust forms as a result of the electrochemical breakdown of iron-based metals. This breakdown is the result of oxidation, which is the process where iron surface molecules react with oxygen in the environment and produce a new molecule, Fe2O3, otherwise known as iron oxide. That iron oxide is rust.

Pure iron doesnt oxidize as aggressively. Examine an old iron engine block and you’ll see a thin surface layer of rust but little penetration into the metal. Unfortunately, iron alone isn’t a particularly good material for building cars, so todays cars typically use steel alloys. Adding a dollop of carbon to iron creates steel, which offers dramatic improvements in flexibility, tensile strength, and formability. However, this added strength comes at a cost, as it adds impurities that accelerate the formation of rust.

Exposed steel rusts at different rates depending on several factors: alloy components, thickness, the environment the steel lives in, and the type of heat treating the steel undergoes. Very poorly made cars in the 1970s began showing surface rust as soon as they hit the docks. Completely untreated raw sheet steel can rust through in as little as a few years.

How To Fix A Rust Spot

DIY: How to repair a rust spot on a car?

Supercheap Auto’s Range of Colorspec Paints makes it easy!

Touching up small areas on your vehicles paintwork can make a huge difference to your vehicles overall appearance.

Getting a perfect colour match is easy with Supercheap Autos paint mixing service, see the video.

Step 1 – Preparing

Start cleaning the surface with wax and grease remover with a lint free cloth, then lightly scuff the surface with scotch rite or 600 grit sand paper. Be sure to scuff all areas and all reflexive areas will appear dull and then use wax and grease remover on the surface again.

NOTE: For best results, remove parts off the vehicle if possible.

Step 2 – Primer

If part has been removed, secure the part in a location so you can paint without having to handle it, if not mask up areas that do not need painting.

Shake plastic primer filler as per instructions, lay down 2 coats at 5 minutes apart.

After 40 minutes drying time, lightly sand surface with 800 grit sandpaper to smooth the shape of the part.

Step 3 – Paint

Wipe down the part with wax and grease remover using a lint free cloth, shake Basecoat spray can as per instructions. Test spray on paper to ensure even spray and no spiting.

Lightly spray base coat onto part no closer than 20cm away from part and use 50% overlay when painting to ensure best coverage results.

Lay down 3 medium coats with 15 minutes dry time between coats.

Step 4 – Clear

Lay down 3 medium coats with 20 minutes dry time between coats.

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Should I Buy A Car With Signs Of Rust

If youre looking to buy a car and notice signs of rust you should ask yourself a few important questions before deciding whether to part with your cash:

How bad is the damage?

Rust on the surface of the car should be easy to fix, while more serious damage or discolouring to structural parts of the vehicle could mean major repairs are needed.

Make sure you look for signs of a cover up or previous damage that has since been repaired.

Can I haggle the price down?

Once youve assessed the damage you could try asking for a discount on the cars sale price based on the cost of repairs.

Am I happy to drive a car with rust damage?

Between buying a second-hand car and repairing any damage, you could be driving a vehicle with visible signs of rust. Ask yourself if youre comfortable driving a noticeably-damaged car before shaking hands on a price.

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