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Where To Hide A Gps Tracker On A Car

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Top Pick: Spytec Sti: Gl300 Mini Vehicle Gps Tracker

Where to Hide a GPS Tracker on a Car

Tracking update: every 60 seconds; battery life: up to 2.5 weeks

Looking for the best hidden car GPS tracker that wins in the overall? SpyTec STI_GL300 Mini Vehicle GPS Tracker is the best seller on Amazon, so I bet the quality is guaranteed. The frequency updated every 60 seconds is very suitable for tracking vehicles because the target moves fast. And geo fencing is also supported.

Whats more, with Google Maps support, you can see real-time tracking of your vehicle on your phone. Also, ss for driving history, you can review the report online or export the data and save it to your computer.

In addition to the above features, the compact size makes it easy to hide the secret car tracker in the car. Or you can attach the small hidden GPS tracker for car to the bottom of the car with a waterproof magnetic case.

Surprisingly, the battery can last up to 6 months if you get the additional battery packs and the magnetic case.

SpyTec STI_GL300 Mini Vehicle GPS Tracker Features:

$25 per month Best seller on Amazon with many praises Accurate positioning in real time Can export data

How Do You Tell If A Pi Is Following You

Is A Licensed Private Investigator Tracking You

The thought that someone hired a private investigator to secretly track your car might make the hairs on the back of your neck stick up at first. Feeling like a licensed private investigator might be looking at your personal data, viewing social media activity, taking pictures of you, or performing any form of surveillance would make anyone concerned. This is the reason people worried they are being followed by a licensed private investigator frequently ask the following questions:

  • Can private investigators read text messages?
  • Can private investigators spy on cell phones?
  • Can private investigators use GPS trackers?

The short answer is yes private investigators can use GPS trackers to track your vehicle, and for the most part, it is legal for them to do so. Private investigators are able to track vehicles by placing a real time GPS tracker on the car they want to follow, and then they can remotely track that vehicle 24/7 from a computer or cell phone. By using a realtime GPS tracking device, private investigators can easily learn if a person is cheating. They can then use this data and combine it with more physical evidence such as photos to prove to their clients that their husband or wife is having an affair.;

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Locating A Hidden Gps Car Tracker With A Bug Sweeper

Electronic sweepers, which are also called bug detectors, are handheld devices that detect electromagnetic signals like those used by radio transmitters and cellphones. This type of equipment can be purchased from some of the same places you find GPS trackers, or you can build one if you have the right spare parts laying around.

Since sweepers rely on detecting transmissions, they aren’t useful in finding passive GPS trackers. However, they can be a great help in finding well-hidden active trackers.

If you are able to get a bug sweeper, power it up and then slowly walk around your vehicle. Depending on the sensitivity, you may have to hold it near all of the locations mentioned in the previous sections.

When a bug detector locates a suspect signal, it typically lights up, vibrates, or buzzes to let you know. That’s your cue to go over that area with a fine-toothed comb.

In some cases, you may run into a tracker that transmits only when the vehicle is moving. When the vehicle is stopped, this type of tracker remains passive, and a bug sweeper can’t detect it. So if you don’t detect anything at first, ask someone else operate the vehicle while you keep an eye on the sweeper.

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How To Place Gps Tracking Devices On Vehicles

GPS trackers can be placed on a vehicle in a few different ways. First of all, it is important to understand that the best GPS trackers are now designed as waterproof, compact solutions with exterior magnetic mounts. These design features allow users to easily place a GPS tracking device on the outside of a vehicle covertly or hide the GPS tracking system inside the cab of the vehicle. Common hiding places for GPS trackers inside a car are underneath a seat, inside the glovebox, stuffed between a seat, in the pouch behind a seat, or inside the center console. However, the most popular place where GPS tracking devices are placed on cars is actually on the outside of the vehicle. Specifically, underneath the target car. This is because GPS trackers are engineered with highly sensitive internal antennas that can pick up GPS signals reflected off the ground!

Runner Up: Landairsea 54 Real Time Gps Tracker For Vehicle

7 Best Hidden GPS Tracker For Car Reviews 2021

Tracking update: every 60 seconds; battery life: 2 days to 2 weeks

Looking for the best hidden car GPS tracker that wins in the overall? LandAirSea 54 Real Time GPS Tracker for Vehicle;uses the latest 4G LTE cellular technology, with which you can not only track in real time and pinpoint the car in the app installed on Android or iOS devices.

If you aim to have an tiny GPS tracker for car to help you find your car when it is stolen one day, this device is the best choice. Because its size is 2.25 x 2.25 x 0.8 inches, allowing you to hide it in the car, secretly. The thief will not notice it.

Worried about battery life? It has a built-in accelerometer that turns the power on/off depending on whether the device is moving, which maximizes battery life. So, you dont have to worry about it too much.

LandAirSea 54 Real Time GPS Tracker Features:

The monthly fee is $24.95 Track in real time and send alert by SMS/E-mail Use in USA Mini size; waterproof; super magnet

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Front Of Radiator Installation

Most vehicles have radiators, and weve found it is the best location for our tracker, for a few reasons:

Easy to Install

Most other trackers require you to install the tracker in your dash which means taking the inside of your car apart or having to hire someone to help. You can install it standing up, no need to crawl underneath the vehicle or under the dash.


We have tested many locations and the performance is the best for our tracker when installed in the front area of the vehicle. Other locations, such as inside taillight might also be used.


We discovered this location by accident when we noticed the support braces around the front of the radiator are perfect to attach the magnetic tracker case to. So, we tried it and saw great results.

Not many people realize a tracker can be in front of the radiator area. So, this makes it perfect as a hidden location for your tracker.

Where To Hide A Gps Tracker On A Car

by Michael Davis | Learn

Whether youre trying to install your own GPS tracker or you want to find out where someone hid one on your car we have you covered. There arent too many places to hide them and we go through the most common locations below. But, first, we have to know what does a GPS tracker look like?

You may also want to see these helpful tips for the best GPS trackers in the market nowadays!

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Configure Your Trakkit Gps

  • Open your Phones Wi-Fi settings and look for Trakkit-XXXX
  • Connect to it
  • Once connected, Open the Trakkit App and you will see the Setup page.
  • Type or copy-paste the SSID and Password of your Home Wi-Fi and select Add Profile
  • When finished, select Test Profile to see if the profile works.

Your Trakkit GPS is now ready to use!

What To Do When You Find A Hidden Gps Tracker

How Well Do Vehicle GPS Trackers Work? | Hide-and-Seek with GPS Tracking Devices

Most hidden GPS trackers are battery-powered and held on by magnets or tape. If you find one of these, all you have to do is pull it loose, and you’re done. The same is true of trackers that plug into a diagnostic connector or the cigarette lighter socket.

In rarer cases, where a GPS tracker is hard-wired into power and ground, you may want to seek professional assistance. Cutting the wires may do the trick, although wires cut like that may short out in the future. It’s also important to make sure that the component you’re cutting out is actually a tracker, which is something a professional will know.

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Bouncie 4g Lte Gps Car Tracker

At number 9, we have the Bouncie 4G LTE GPS car tracker which not only tracks the position of the vehicle but also monitors diagnostic trouble codes to update you with the health of your vehicle. Moreover, this fast GPS tracker updates the data every 15 seconds while driving so its almost like if you are getting real-time data.

You can also enjoy having roadside assistance service if there is another issue with your vehicle during the drive. The car tracker GPS device also sends you an accident notification in case if there is an accident to the vehicle which is a great add-on feature.

The pricing of the Bouncie 4G LTE GPS car tracker is also very nominal, starting from just $8 per month. Furthermore, there are no activation or hidden charges that you have to pay.


Types Of The Hidden Gps Trackers

There are generally two types of secret or hidden tracking devices for cars. The two ways in which these GPS trackers work are:

  • Passive hidden tracking device: A passive GPS tracker acts as a data logging device. It records all the routes traveled by the vehicle, and the data can be downloaded later. They dont require a continuous internet connection as they wont work in real-time. The problem with these types of trackers is that you wont be getting regular updates.
  • Active hidden tracking device: The active GPS trackers can send you the information any time you want. They require a constant data connection to transmit the data in real-time. They require more power than passive trackers. Thus they must have a powerful internal battery, or you might have to replace them regularly. Using an active tracker is very helpful as you get the information in real-time, and it might save you or your family in an emergency.

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Bouncie Smart Driver Companion

Bouncie Smart Driver Companion gives updates on your vehicles location every one minute, even if the vehicle is not driven and parked somewhere. It also provides various notification alerts for instances like acceleration, speed, braking, and after-curfew driving, and tampering.

It is an OBD2 adapter tracking device that is about 2 inches long and 4.2 ounces in weight.

Apart from the vehicle movement, the device provides information like vehicle diagnostics, renewals, mileage, reminders, reports, and statistics of the vehicle. The information can be accessed through a dedicated app available in the App Store and Play Store. The device can be connected to Alexa or Google Home for easier access.

Bouncie offers 3G connection compatibility throughout the United States. It is a wireless device that gets its power from your cars OBDII port. It comes with a monthly data plan on purchase. The plan can be canceled anytime with no fees.

Important Things To Consider In Making A Choiceof A Gps Tracker

Where to Hide a GPS Tracker on Your Truck? 16 DIY Methods

First, ensure that the GPS tracker is small in size. This reduces the chances of it being discovered. A GPS tracker with a magnetic cover is a good buy. This gives the advantage of easy adherence to metallic parts of the car. So, you donât have to bother about it falling off and messing the entire operation up. This type of GPS tracker is .

Look out for GPS trackers that have highly sensitive motion sensors. This is important because the GPS tracker is activated by motion. This is because the tracker is only active when the car is in motion. Thus, if the motion sensors are very sensitive, it helps in saving power. This class of GPS devices are available in online stores.

Lastly, find a GPS tracker with a long battery life. The longer the battery lasts, the lesser the frequency of retrieval for charging.

I hope you find this informative and useful. Here also is a video that demonstrates the point.

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Because GPS trackers need to be placed by a person, theyre normally in a place thats hard to see but easy to access. Primary candidates are the inside of your cars wheel wells, up and under the bumpers, in the trunk, and on the underside of the car. Any trackers in place will likely stand out as not a part of the vehicle, but they may be hard to spot due to dirt and grime. A flashlight will help you pinpoint any problem devices a lot easier than with your eyes alone.

Significant Rise In Team Spirit & Commitment

Thus just one decision to install a GPS tracker in your vehicle can ensure that you not only save on the overall expenses but can motivate your entire team to work more with dedication and commitment. So, there are multiple ways in which you can cleverly set up a GPS tracking device in your car without anyone noticing it and ensure optimum productivity and maximize the profits.

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How Does The Data Get Back To Me

All GPS trackers use SIM cards to transmit their data over cellular data networks to the companys servers. The info is then relayed to the subscribers apps. So, updates about a cars location and other info may be delayed if the tracker is in a dead zone or the signal is blocked. Devices intended for use in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico typically use 4G systems, while devices used in other countries may require a different SIM card.

Why Are Tracking Devices Installed On Vehicles

How To Find A Hidden GPS Tracking Device On A Car Using The Pro10-G Bug Detector

Frankly, you are not likely to find yourself in a situation where someone is keeping a tab on your movements. However, if you have got a jealous partner or an overly controlling parent, they may track your whereabouts without having to follow you around or pester you with several phone calls.

There are a number of reasons vehicle owners might want to use some type of vehicle tracking system, although most of them dont call for hiding the device. These reasons can include;

  • Fleet companies use GPS tracking devices to locate company vehicles
  • Taxi companies use tracking devices for taxi dispatching
  • Suspicious spouses use trackers to determine their significant others location or parents can use it to keep tabs on their children.
  • Helping you find where you parked
  • Theft recovery
  • You are petitioning for sole custody of your children.
  • You are a suspected activist or terrorist.
  • You have logged into certain websites.
  • You file for disability or workers compensation.
  • Your friend, neighbor, or relative is under suspicion.
  • You have recently made a substantial insurance claim.
  • You are very wealthy or possess something valuable.
  • You are a celebrity.
  • You are the victim of a stalker.
  • Someone believes they can get ransom money out of you if they access or capture your personal information.

Understanding How GPS Tracking Devices Work

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Benefits Of Hidden Gps Tracker

  • Tracking your vehicles location anytime: Having a GPS tracker in your car will help you locate it, anytime and from anywhere you want. If the tracker is within an area with a persistent internet connection, it would send you constant updates on your cell phone or any other device of your choice via email and SMS, or through a dedicated app that is installed for the tracker.
  • Finding your vehicle even after its stolen: With an efficient, hidden GPS tracker you can recover your stolen car. You may easily share the location of your car with the law enforcement agency, increasing the chances of getting it back.
  • Analyze your cars performance: You can check your cars performance by knowing the distance it traveled, the type of route it took, and the speed and the driving behavior of the driver, just by installing a secret tracking device in your car.
  • Safeguard your family members: Know the whereabouts of your family members through the GPS tracker, so that in case of emergency, you can get them the help they need, and protect them against harm.;
  • Get immediate help in an emergency: The faster you know of a problem, the quicker you can solve it. As soon as your GPS alerts you of an accident or other mishap, you can inform the required authorities and get quick help. The tracker will help you in sending the exact location to someone for help in the case you are stranded or have met with an accident. This will help especially when you are in an unfamiliar area.

Covert Tracking Device Placement

It is important to think through where you place a GPS tracker on a vehicle or asset for covert tracking. The location may vary depending on the goal being vehicle recovery due to theft or cover tracking for investigative reasons. Covert tracking may be tracking the vehicle or tracking a package in a law enforcement scenario. Covert vehicle tracking is likely focused on recovering an expensive piece of equipment such as a bulldozer.

GO Rugged Asset Tracker by Geotab

Covert tracker placement for tailing a vehicle or determining movements generally means accessing a vehicle very quickly in a public place. If you are fortunate enough to have access to a vehicle for a longer period of time in a private setting, you have a lot of options for GPS tracker placement. Since this is the exception, this post will focus on the covert tracker placement in a public setting. Learn more about covert tracking devices here.

All vehicles are made differently but most newer vehicles contain a lot of plastic which allows for good GPS reception. Metal will block a GPS signal from getting to a GPS tracker but with a little thought, this is not an issue. Modern GPS antennas work significantly better than antennas 10 years ago. Testing placement on your car is the best way to get a good idea of what works and what does not. Since you have a limited time to place a device covertly, consider these variables.

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