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How To Replace Air Filter In Car

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How Often Should You Change An Air Filter In A Car

How To: Change Your Vehicle’s Air Filter
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Regular maintenance is the best way to keep your car running in peak condition. Most people know that they have to change their oil regularly, but its easy to forget that replacing the air filter is also vital for maintaining the engine, especially since you dont need to do it as frequently. Many people want to know when they should change their filter, and the short answer is about every 30,000 to 50,000 miles, but it can vary depending on several factors. If you are unsure when to change your filter, keep reading as we go over recommended guidelines and explain how the air filter helps your car.

What Other Regular Maintenance Should I Perform On My Vehicle

  • If your vehicle does not automatically check your tire pressure, check it every week.
  • Inspect all four tires every week to check their condition.
  • Check all lights every week to make sure theyre working properly.
  • Check your wiper blades and washer fluid every week.
  • Check other fluid levels, like oil and coolant, every month or two.
  • Have the oil and oil filter changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.
  • Rotate or balance your tires every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

How To Change The Air Filter In A Car A Step

Step 1

Purchase an air filter that suits your vehicle. You can buy it from the nearest auto parts store. To find out the kind of air filter that matches your automobile, use the vehicles user manual.

Step 2

Now open the hood and locate the air filter box. Remove the metal clips to unlock the air filter box.

Step 3

Next, remove the air filter from the box. The air filter is usually made of paper or gauze and has rubber edges. Check the condition of the air filter. If you find it loaded with dirt and dust, replace it with a new one.

Step 4

Replace the old air filter with a new one. Place it exactly like how the old one was placed. Once the air filter fits perfectly, close the housing back with the metal clips.

Thats all theres to the process. You have now successfully replaced your car filter.

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How Often Do I Need To Replace The Air Filter In My Car

Engine air filters should be replaced regularly. The short answer for when to replace yours is: It depends. Your vehicles year, make, and model, how you drive, and even where you drive — if it happens to be in an area thats hotter or more polluted than normal — can all affect the filter-changing schedule. The easiest way to know for sure how often to change the engine air filter is to check the maintenance section of your owners manual or simply Google to find the manufacturers recommended service interval. This can vary widely from 15,000 miles in severe driving conditions to as much as 45,000 miles.

A simple visual inspection can provide a status check. New filters are stark white or off-white. A dirty engine air filter will usually look dirty with visible dirt, dust, or stains inside the pleats. If in doubt, any reputable mechanic in your area will be able to tell you for sure. As a rule of thumb, most average drivers should be able to go one to two years before needing a new air filter. A word of warning: Any mechanic who recommends a new engine air filter every time you bring your vehicle in for an oil change is a red flag.

What Is An Engine Air Filter

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You can look at your engine like a giant air pump, says Champion Auto Parts. Air is pumped in and then pumped back out. The filter is there to keep dirt and debris from entering the engine.

A dirty or clogged air filter can cause the engine to work harder than it really needs to, explains Champion Auto Parts.A clogged filter can lead to a loss of power, dirty smoke, a check engine light coming on and even engine failure.

Here are some tips on inspecting or replacing your engine air filter.

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Locate The Filter Housing

Open the hood and locate the filter housing or air cleaner assembly.

  • On older vehicle models with a carburetor or Throttle Body Injection system, look for a round- or oval-shaped metal case towards the top and back of the engine compartment. This is the air filter housing. The lid has one or two mounting wing nuts.
  • On newer vehicles that use some type of multiport fuel injection system, look for a black plastic ductwork assembly around the top of the engine compartment. That’s where you’ll find the filter housing, a rectangular box attached to the air duct that connects to the throttle body.

How To Change The Cabin Air Filter In Your Car

As awful as it is to experience a hot summer day in the car without AC, most people dont think much about their cars air conditioning system until it stops working. Many of us might be surprised when the cabin airflow suddenly begins to ebb, but did you know theres a piece of standard maintenance that can help prevent this? Thats right, were talking about replacing your cars cabin air filter. Its a routine car maintenance task that any mechanic can perform for you, however, it never hurts to learn how to do it yourself.

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How Often Should You Change Your Air Filter

Its recommended that you change your air filter once every 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. If you live in a particularly dusty place, do it more frequently. Its always a good idea to at least check your air filter at every oil change. If you take your car into a quick lube and the mechanic says you need a new one, just tell him youre going to wait on it and then go change it yourself. Check your owners manual for specifics on when to change your air filter for your make and model.

Engine Air Filter Vs Cabin Air Filter

How To: Change Your Vehicle’s Cabin Air Filter

Both the engine and cabin air filter are responsible for filtering out contaminants but for different purposes. The engine air filter keeps the contaminants out of the motor, while the cabin air filter cleans the atmosphere inside the cars cabin.

You could change the cabin air filter at the same time you put in a new engine filter. In fact, its even cheaper to perform this task and usually much easier.

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What Does An Air Filter Do

The air filter is responsible for keeping dirt and debris out of the engine, a very important role, as even the smallest debris once inside the cylinder chamber can act as an abrasive and, at worst, cause engine failure. A dirty air filter wont necessarily be any less effective in keeping dirt out but it will restrict airflow into the engine and will thus increase fuel consumption. The OEM air filter is usually made from breathable fibrous paper material.

Access And Remove Air Filter

Open the car air filter housing to replace the old car engine filter with the new one. The filter housing can be attached with wing nuts, clips, screws and clamps. Check what type of fasteners are being used and remove them with an appropriate tool.

Lift the cover to which the air inlet pipe is connected and uncover the filter. Carefully lift the filter and remove it. Sometimes the filter gasket is stuck along the edge making it difficult to remove: use a screwdriver to work along the edge until it comes off completely

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How To Check And Replace The Air Filter In Your Car: A Step

While we tend to take care of our car’s exterior and cabin, many components of our car that play a crucial role in the wholesome functioning of the vehicle remain neglected. One such is the air filter. Positioned under the bonnet and in the engine compartment, this is a critical component meant for filtering the air that is going to the engine for combustion.

After a long time of use, the air filter may get clogged, which results in various troubles. These include a hard-to-start engine, reduced engine power, poor acceleration, increased fuel consumption, black smoke at the tailpipe, increased emission etc. A clogged air filter may also result in misfires, buildup around internal engine components, damage to internal components, oil and compression leaks etc.

How To Change Your Air Filter

How Often Should I Replace My Air Filter?

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Your car needs air just as much as it needs fuel air filters keep the inside of the engine free of dust and insects. Replace or clean your air filter at the recommended interval to keep air flowing freely and your car running its best. Air filters are inexpensive and quick to replace, so you can do this routine maintenance yourself.

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Your Car Seems To Have Less Power

A clean air filter will help your engine perform better on newer cars, it can increase acceleration by as much as 11%, and on older cars it can improve mileage by as much as 14%. Other signs that your air filter is affecting your cars performance is a jerking movement when you accelerate or by not responding as well as it should.

The Need For Regular Maintenance

While encountering mechanical issues is an inevitable part of owning a vehicle, you can significantly improve the life of your car by performing regular maintenance. Consistent and proper car maintenance is the key to having a safe and reliable vehicle. Plus, doing a few small and inexpensive tasks can help you avoid some major, costly fixes down the road.

One such task is replacing your cars air filter. Every cars engine needs oxygen to operate, and an air filter ensures clean, good air makes it there. An air filter prevents debris, bugs, sand, particles, and dust from entering your engine, giving your engine the air it needs to function at its best.

Air filters dont last forever though. Over time, they become clogged with all the dirt and dust they have filtered out and need to be replaced. How do you know when your air filter should be switched out? Here are the top seven signs.

1. Check Engine Light Its like a punch to the gut when that dreaded check engine light comes on. That tiny light tends to make people think of the worst-case scenario, but it can also indicate something as simple as a dirty air filter. When an air filter becomes clogged, the lack of airflow results in a buildup of carbon deposits, which can trigger the check engine light to come on. Since a check engine light turns on for all sorts of reasons, make it a point to verify the diagnostic code and go from there. A seasoned mechanic can read the code the detect the issue.

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What Are The Benefits Of Replacing Your Cars Air Filter

As mentioned earlier in this article, a clean air filter will protect your vehicles engine from getting any debris and ensures proper functioning.

Keeping your cars air filter clean will also help increase your vehicles fuel efficiency. A clean air filter even helps reduce your cars emissions.

As you can see, keeping your vehicles air filter clean will not only keep your car running smoothly but will also help the environment.

Keeping your vehicles maintenance up-to-date is important, so is checking your auto insurance policy. If youre unsure about your coverage or if youre interested in switching for a lower rate, call one of our friendly agents at 1-800-INFINITY and they will gladly help you with all the insurance options. You can alsoget a free quote online.

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How Long Will It Take

How to change your car air filter (sponsored)

Getting your air filter replaced is usually a pretty simple and straightforward procedure and can be done in just a few minutes. Thats especially true in older vehicles. Some manufacturers of newer model cars have changed the design of the engine to make more efficient use of space, and sometimes that means putting air filters in places that are harder to reachwhich can slow down the process.

However, your mechanic can usually tell you about how long it will take, and can check it during an oil change.

Getting your air filter replaced can be part of an overall tune-up service that will help you get better mileage and performance from your vehicle. Its also a great way to catch any minor issues that can be resolved before they become bigger issues.

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Your Car Starts Making Strange Sounds

Without enough air, your cars engine isnt going to sound like it should. If its coughing and sputtering, or if it vibrates excessively when you turn over the engine, theres a good chance its begging for a new air filter. If you notice strange sounds specifically when your car is idling, you may have what’s known as “rough idle.” Read our topic on this to learn what causes rough idle and possible fixes.

The Importance Of Car Maintenance

Replacing your cabin air filter on a regular basis is an important part of regular auto maintenance much like changing your car oil. Performing this and other kinds of routine car maintenance keeps your vehicle safe and running as efficiently as possible. Its always best to expect the unexpected too, so keeping your car insured is just as important. Get a free quote from Nationwide today and learn how auto insurance can protect you and your vehicle.

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Different Types Of Engine Air Filter

Before the paper-like engine air filters that are now widely used, vehicles made in 1900-1930 used water baths as air filters. The engine would suck in air through a filtration unit with water and metal shavings. It does the job but eventually, they moved on to using oil so that the particles would stick better on the filtration unit.

Both water and oil bath used for air filtration were tedious to have since the filtration unit has to be cleaned all the time. It was even messier when they used oil and oil-based filtration units that are big and heavy.

In the 1960s, round air paper filters were produced. The reason why they were shaped round was because they were made to be attached to the carburetor. The part of the carburetor where the air filter has to be attached was circular or cylindrical in shape.

Eventually, different manufacturers came up with engine air filters made of different materials.

Why Do You Need To Change Your Air Filter Regularly

How To Change Air Filter In Car

Increased fuel efficiency. After logging thousands of miles on your car, that filter can get really dirty and clogged. A dirty air filter doesnt allow air to get through to the engine. Remember, your engine needs air to run efficiently. A reduced amount of air means your engine needs to use more fuel to get the same bang to run your engine. Save yourself some money at the pump. Change your air filter regularly.

Prolonged engine life. Engines are big and powerful, but they can be surprisingly sensitive to the smallest grain of sand. Over time, dirt and other particles can cause serious damage to your engines internal parts. Better to spend $10 now on a new air filter than thousands of dollars later on a new engine.

Reduced Emissions. Reduced air flow can also mess with your cars emission control systems causing you to spew more bad stuff into the atmosphere. Men need polar bears to wrestle. Save one by changing your air filter.

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Run The Engine And Confirm That No Fuel Is Leaking

After you have everything reassembled and secure, run the engine for a few minutes. Inspect the hoses and connections to make sure no fuel is leaking.

That’s it.

Remember, next to changing your oil and oil filter, replacing your air and fuel filters on a regular basis is the single most important act of maintenance you can perform for your engine. Do it and your engine will thank you by giving you many thousands of trouble-free miles.

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