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Does The Dealership Register Your Car

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Contact Us If The Dealership Has Been Slow To Provide You With Title Or Registration For Your Vehicle

What You Need To Register Your Car at Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

If you have waited more than 60 days to receive your vehicle registration or more than 15 business for title to be transferred to your name, contact an experienced vehicle title and registration attorney to stand up for your rights. We use consumer protection laws to force the dealer to register and/or transfer title to the vehicle in your name. If the dealer does not comply with our demands, there is further recourse we can take to ensure you are treated fairly. In some situations, you might be entitled to additional damages due to the dealerships tardiness. Having an experienced vehicle registration and title attorney walk you through this process will also help to ensure that you do not run into any pitfalls that may allow the dealership more time to delay providing you with registration and/or title to your vehicle.

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The Vehicle Cannot Be Registered

If the buyer or the seller has an unpaid fine for an offence under the Highway Safety Code or under a municipal traffic or parking bylaw.

The Bureau des infractions et amendes and the municipal courts are responsible for collecting fines. You cannot pay a fine at an SAAQ service outlet.

To check whether the vehicle can be registered, you can use our online service. You will be charged a fee for this service.

Buying A Vehicle From A Dealer

When you buy a new or used vehicle from a Michigan dealer, the dealer:

  • provides all necessary forms and ownership documents,
  • collects the necessary fees and taxes,
  • files the title application with a Secretary of State Branch Office within 15 days from the date of delivery,
  • purchases or transfers your license plate for you, and
  • provides copies of all paperwork.

Before accepting delivery of the vehicle, check to make sure all promised options and equipment have been included. It is recommended you have the vehicle inspected by your own certified mechanic. Test drive the vehicle again to make sure it is working properly.

  • a copy of the Application for Michigan Title – Statement of Vehicle Sale .
  • a copy of any written warranty on the vehicle or any services purchased .
  • a copy of the odometer mileage statement, if buying a new vehicle.
  • a copy of the “Buyer’s Guide” window sticker, if buying a used vehicle.
  • a new license plate and registration, or, if you’re purchasing a new plate, a 15-day temporary registration affixed to the rear window, or, if you’re transferring a plate, the gray shaded temporary registration area on the RD-108 fully completed, and
  • a copy of the finance contract lease agreement.

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Take Car To Trusted Mechanic

While you probably should have had conducted a pre-purchase inspection before buying the car, its always a good idea to take it into a good mechanic after purchase.

When you speak with your mechanic, ask them to check:

  • All the filters
  • The brakes
  • The tires

This is also a good way to vet potential mechanics. After you have checked online reviews, certifications, and warranty information, give the shop a tryout and go with your gut. Finding a reliable mechanic is important after buying a new vehicle, but keep in mind that some shops specialize in maintenance while others specialize in repair.

Buy Or Sell A Used Vehicle In Ontario

when you buy a new car from the dealership do they ...

Know the steps you need to take to buy or sell a used vehicle in Ontario.

Before you sell a used vehicle, you need to:

  • buy a Used Vehicle Information Package
  • make sure that the Vehicle Identification Number on your vehicle matches the number on your permit
  • check to ensure the vehicle has no money owing on it

When you sell your vehicle, you need to give the buyer:

  • the Used Vehicle Information Package
  • a signed Bill of Sale with your name, the buyers name and address, the date and purchase price
  • a completed and signed Application for Transfer this is found on the back of an ownership permit, under the vehicle portion
  • a certificate that verifies the vehicle meets safety standards
  • you will need to get this from a licensed mechanic
  • look for a green and white sign with Ontario Motor Vehicle Inspection Station on it

You keep:

  • your licence plates
  • the plate portion of your permit
  • you will need this if you want to register your plates on another vehicle
  • you can also request a refund for any full months left on your plate stickers

Finding out if money is owed on a vehicle

A Used Vehicle Information Package will tell you if there is any debt/money owing on your vehicle.

If there is a lien on the vehicle, you can contact the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services, Personal Property Security Branch, for more information:

Toronto area:

Before buying a used vehicle you should:

When you buy a vehicle, ensure the seller gives you:

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Registration At A Dealership

Most of the time, when you buy a vehicle through a dealership, the dealer handles the title and registration paperwork for you. Before you drive off, the dealer gives you a temporary registration card to carry in the vehicle until DMV sends you the new registration card.

At most dealerships, you receive your updated title and registration without having to do anything after signing the purchase agreement. This applies to buying either a new or a used car at an auto lot. However, you are ultimately responsible for making sure all of the documents are correctly issued, and you may want to do a DMV registration check to be sure everything is filed correctly.

Read The Owners Manual

Nobody reads owners manuals for fun, but its important to learn the cars maintenance schedule, how to use the various gizmos, and what the ideal gas grade and tire pressure is. You will also learn about important warranty information, what all the dashboard lights mean, and much more.

Learn why your vehicle owners manual is your best friend.

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Registration For A New California Resident

Once you officially establish residency in California you will have 20 days to register your vehicle with the DMV to avoid late fees. To register, head to the DMV and submit:

After a DMV employee completes your vehicle’s VIN inspection, you will be issued your registration card, stickers, and plates.

Having These Documents Will Make Car Buying Go Faster

How To Learn To Register Your Car

Buying a new car can be a slow process since it includes arranging financing and registering the car, paying for it and signing sales contracts. It took new-car buyers on average 3.6 hours to complete a purchase in 2017, according to the J.D. Power U.S. Sales Satisfaction Index.

Some of that time goes to negotiating and filling out paperwork. It also accounts for the time that dealer staff spends explain the audio, entertainment, safety and navigation systems in a new vehicle.

What can really bring a slow process to a grinding halt is failing to have the right paperwork. Here’s what you must have in hand to save you aggravation and hours of waiting when you’re buying a new vehicle:

Gathering all the documents you need to buy a new car can put you in the fast lane at the dealership.

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Buying From A Private Seller

One advantage of buying a vehicle from a private seller is the possibility of lower cost compared to buying from a dealer. However, there are disadvantages.


Initial Vehicle Registration In Florida

In Florida, license plates stay with the seller, and not the purchaser of a vehicle. You may need to apply for an initial registration:

  • If you do NOT currently possess a license plate for a vehicle you owned and was registered to you in Florida to transfer to the new vehicle.
  • The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles does NOT have record of a Florida license plate registered to you to transfer to the new vehicle.

If you need to apply for initial registration, do so when you complete the title transfer of your new vehicle.

Visit your local motor vehicle services center and provide*:

  • Proof of identity and Florida insurance.
  • Payment for the $225 initial registration fee.

*Additional documentation may be required in unique situations. Contact the FLHSMV for details.

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How This Affects You

If you are currently going through this process, and are currently attempting to deal with a dealership that is slow to get your submission processed, you may be worried about your temporary license plate and tag. Thankfully, there are solutions to this.

If you are starting to reach the end of your 30 to 90 day temporary tag, then you are free to submit a request for an extension on the temporary tag. There are a few requirements to meet, and if you do meet them, then your request for an extension will almost always be verified and approved.

To do this, you will have to print off a request form, fill it out, and take it to your nearest county tag agent. If you have all proper verification and documents, they will issue you a new temporary 30-day operating permit without you having to pay anything for it.

If you do need to get a second extension, then some states do allow you to do so as long as you fill out the appropriate paperwork once again. However, in many areas, they may directly contact the dealership to understand the root of the issue, and to move the process along.

However, not obtaining an extension puts you in a difficult situation. Operating an un-permitted or registered vehicle is illegal in most states and can subject you to fines and tickets. This can be very expensive, especially for something that is not your fault.

What Does Car Registration Mean

when you buy a new car from the dealership do they ...

Firstly, what does it even mean when we talk about car registration?

Every single car from the UK driving on the roads today is in one big database, the DVLA. The DVLA is the Driver Vehicle Licensing Authority and contains all the information on all cars in the UK both on road and off road. It also collects points and issues your licence.

Registering your car simply means putting the car onto the DVLA database and thats it. All cars must be registered on the DVLA database.

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Do I Have To Pay A Fee To Register My Brand

When registering and taxing your vehicle for the first time with the DVLA, you will have to pay a one-off new registration fee of £55. You can do this via cheque or postal order, but it is worth noting that you cannot send cash.

However, you do not have to pay for some vehicles, including:

those first registered and licensed in the disabled exempt taxation class

historic vehicles previously registered with the old local authorities

vehicles previously registered in Northern Ireland

imported vehicles previously registered under the personal export scheme and new means of transport scheme

visiting forces vehicles

vehicles registered under the direct export scheme

vehicles registered for off-road use only

crown exempt vehicles

Lost Stolen Or Damaged Vehicle Permit

To replace a lost, stolen or damaged vehicle permit, visit a ServiceOntario centre.

Cost: $32

Bring the following with you:

  • identification
  • one of the following documents:
  • the licence plate number
  • the vehicle identification number

You must be the owner of the vehicle or have a Letter of Authorization from the vehicle owner.

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Who Is Responsible For Registering A Brand New Car

The dealership is the one responsible for registering your car on the DVLA database. No car should leave the dealership without being registered on the DVLA database. Sometimes the dealership will need extra information from you in which case it is your responsibility to provide this otherwise they cant register it. But, generally, its down to the dealership.

Once The Contracts Have Been Reviewed The Dealer Must Have You Sign This Delivery Clause:

Car-Net Registration | Knowing Your VW

Do not sign anything before checking the following!

Leave nothing to chance

If you notice any abnormalities during your walkaround, make an appointment with the dealer right away to have them corrected. If there is a major problem, wait for it to be repaired before signing the delivery clause of your contract.

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Close The Deal Make The Trade

If you own your vehicle , then trading in your car with Go Auto is pretty easy. We simply take the trade-in value from your new car price. Whatevers left, thats what you pay, either in cash or through financing.

If you happen to be downsizing your vehicle and your trade-in value is actually more than the value of the new car youre buying, then the dealership will just cut you a cheque for the extra amount. Lets use an example here: You dont want to drive your truck anymore and you trade in your 2016 Ram, valued at $41,000. You want to buy a 2018 Honda CR-V, valued at $36,000. Youll actually make $5000 on the deal .

If you still owe money on your vehicle, the process is a bit more complicated. But dont worry, its not a big deal. We literally do hundreds of these every single day.

If your trade-in value is more than what you owe, then well cut you a cheque for the extra cash or put it towards a new vehicle. But if youre upside down on your loan , then the difference will be added to the cost of your new vehicle. Again, lets use an example: If your 2016 Ram truck is valued at $41,000 but you still owe $45,000 on it, then the extra $4000 you still owe after your trade-in will be added to the cost of the new Honda CR-V you want to buy. So instead of paying $36,000 for it, youll pay $40,000.

Registering A Vehicle Purchased Outside Of Canada

If you bought the vehicle outside Canada, you must get the proper inspection completed and provide import documentation.

Bring your proof of ownership and the Transport Canada Vehicle Import Form Form 1 to a registry agent and get an Inspection Request.

To register an imported vehicle, you must provide the following:

  • proof of ownership for the vehicle
  • your out of province, salvage or commercial inspection
  • for new vehicles: a New Vehicle Information Statement or Certificate of Origin
  • a completed Transport Canada Vehicle Import form Form 1, Vehicle Import form RIV, Vehicle Import form RIV exempt, or letter from an authorized pre-clearance importer

You will also have to provide the standard registration documents such as:

  • proof of ownership or previous registration for the vehicle
  • proof of Alberta insurance
  • personal identification

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Dont Engage In Monthly Payment Negotiations

Remember, youre in the dealership to buy a vehicle, not to wedge a vehicle payment into your monthly budget. If you started with a plan that includes the maximum price you will pay for the vehicle based on your own affordability limits, the monthly payments should be a byproduct of the negotiation. Problems arise when the customer is backed into a corner because he or she wants more vehicle than he or she can reasonably and rightfully afford, Fuller said. To make the deal work, a typical solution is to drastically extend the duration of the payment schedule. Maybe the customer can afford $500 per month, but at 60 months, that payment wont work. So the dealer bumps it to 72 or 84 months. This is a really bad idea for the customer.

What Is A Vehicle Registry

how long does it takes to get your car registration after ...

A vehicle registry is the most basic form of ownership that you can have after you make a purchase. This title shows that you own the vehicle, and that the ownership has been properly transferred from the dealership to your name. Registering the vehicle needs to be done within 30 to 60 days of having the vehicle purchased, and will be on the dealership to complete the necessary paperwork and have it sent in on time. Title of the vehicle must be transferred to your name within 15 business days of the purchase.

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Car Registration And Private Plates

If you want a private registration plate then we do recommend you go through the DVLA. They do it for £80 plus VAT and you know that they are a trustworthy source.

But what happens when you get your plate?If you buy a personalised plate online through their website, you will receive an email confirmation within 24 hours. Within two weeks, you will receive a Certificate of Entitlement in the post to the address you gave. This is your proof of entitlement and will contain the application form you must use to assign the personalised registration to the vehicle. Then, you have to apply to the DVLA to assign the registration number to the car. You cant put the registration number on the vehicle until you have received a Registration Certificate in the new registration number.

Unfortunately, you cannot put a registration number onto a Q registered vehicle, nor can you make a vehicle look newer than it is. There are a few dos and donts when it comes to private registration plates, so for more information you can read about it here.

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