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How To Travel With Cats In A Car Long Distance

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Limit The Cats Food Intake

Tips for Traveling with Cats Long Distance in Your Vehicle

Limiting your cats food intake on the day of the travel, will help prevent nausea and minimize bathroom use. But you could still give your cat small light treats if you want during the travel.

Also, ensure you have the water your cat drinks at home. So this maybe tap water or if you use filtered water. If you use a different type of water while traveling, cats are smart enough to know its not the same water they usually drink at home.

Dealing With Travel Anxiety And Carsickness With Your Cat

Ah, the best laid plans… Its possible that even if you take all of the precautions and steps outlined above to condition your cat to car travel that they may still be stressed or even experience carsickness in spite of your best efforts. Here are some tips and products to help minimize those possibilities and to help deal with these problems should they arise.

Do Some Test Runs In The Car

Like people, if a cat is not used to riding in a car and is not used to the sensation, they may get sick or upset. Its best to take your pet for short journeys before a longer trip so they can get used to or even look forward to! riding in moving vehicle. This is also a good chance to see if the cats carrier is the correct one and where the best place in your vehicle is to put it. If your cat usually dislikes car journies, spend time with your cat inside the car without driving. This was your cat can explore your vehicle and rub its scent on the furnishings so that the space is familiar and part of their territory. Giving your cat a treat after your test runs will also give them a positive association with car travel.

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Make Sure Your Cat Can Be Identified

Cats are master escape artists and the last thing you want on a trip is to worry about your pet getting away and not having anything to identify it. You can microchip your cat, which is a quick and painless procedure. Or you can simply get a tag made online or at most larger pet stores with the pets name and your contact information.

Hotel Accommodations For Moving Cross Country With Cats

Traveling with a Cat in a Car Long Distances: A Helpful Guide

When you are planning your route for moving cross country with your cat, make sure you find and book your hotel accommodations ahead of time. The last thing you want to do is drive for ten hours and then try to find a cat-friendly hotel. Trust me, finding a decent cat-friendly hotel is not an easy task, especially last minute.

First of all, I say cat-friendly because some hotels will claim they are pet-friendly, but they actually only allow dogs. Once you find a cat-friendly hotel, you also need to check their policy to see how much the additional fees cost. We have seen some pet fees cost as high as $150 for cats, which is outrageous! Typically, a pet fee should not cost more than $20, give or take. If you cannot find a pet fee online, just give the hotel a call.

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Litterbox Issues When Youre Traveling By Car With A Cat

Even when your cat is emotionally ready to spend a day in the car with you, lets face it nature is going to call him. You can fit a small litter pan in a dog crate as well.

Get your cat used to the arrangement in advance of your trip place the crate with its litter box in the same spot in your home where his traditional litter box always was. Leave the door open. When he has to go, hell eventually enter the crate to take care of business, particularly if you begin with his familiar litter box inside. You can switch to a smaller, travel-convenient tray later.

If you have to use the bathroom yourself while youre on the road, make sure your cat stays in his crate when you leave the car. Crack the windows about an inch for some ventilation. Be as quick about it as possible. Both hot and cold days can be a danger to your pet in a parked car.


Many states have laws that prohibit leaving pets in parked vehicles, so do a little research along your planned route before you depart to make sure you know the rules. In fact, California passed a law, effective 2017, which allows passersby to smash vehicle windows to free pets trapped in hot cars. The interior of a closed vehicle can reach 120 degrees in 10 minutes on an 80-degree day, and if the temp hits 90 degrees, it can reach 150 degrees in the same period of time not a healthy environment for your cat.

Feed Your Cat Wet Food

While dry food is far less messy, wet food is a good way of keeping your cat hydrated. Cats are notorious for not drinking much, and are quite particular when it comes to water. I would recommend keeping a small amount of their usual wet food in a clip-and-close container and doling out small amounts into a collapsible dish at regular intervals. Keep meals small as your cat may be experiencing nausea.

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Planning Where To Stay

For us, there are five main options when considering where to stay: car camping, tent, trailer, hotel or vacation property. Each of these options comes with its own obstacles and benefits when road tripping with cats.

If you plan to sleep only in a tent or your car, keep in mind that youll be limited to activities that include your cat. When were traveling in our car, we often book one or two nights in a hotel along the way. This allows us to leave the cats safely while we do some shopping, eat out, or see a movie.

However, staying in a hotel with a cat brings its own challenges. In some places it can be difficult to find cat friendly accommodations. And when you find them, they often charge additional pet fees. Also, some hotels do not allow pets to be left alone in the room. So, be sure to verify pet policies before making your reservations.

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Another option is to buy or rent a small travel trailer to tow along on your adventures. Although its less convenient when driving around cities, the cats are super comfortable in ours. Once were set up, it feels like home. And campgrounds that welcome cats are relatively easy to find and rarely charge pet fees.

How To Travel With A Cat On A Plane


Traveling with a cat on a plane is less scary than traveling in a car. Its because plane trips are usually more peaceful and take a shorter time.

If the carrier is stable, the cat sometimes doesnt even realize that he is traveling. But some cats, especially Persian ones have breathing issues so you must know beforehand if your cat has the same. Only if your cat is okay with heights then start your preparation.

Heres my small guide on how to travel with a cat on a plane.

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Tips For Getting A Difficult Cat Into A Carrier

If you have a difficult cat then there are a few ways you can get them inside the carrier. The first thing you can try is giving them treats. Simply give your cat a few treats when he exhibits good behavior towards the carrier. Then go ahead and place a few treats on the inside. Once your cat is inside the carrier you can go ahead and reward them with another treat. This method rewards good behavior and teaches your cat that he is doing the right thing by going inside of his carrier.

If you have a very aggressive cat that wonât get into the carrier then you can wrap them in a blanket or towel and place them into the carrier that way. Make sure to do this in a small room or bathroom to prevent your cat from running off and hiding.

If you donât want to wrap them in a towel or blanket you can simply use a pillowcase. Just be sure to not close the other end of the pillow case while they are inside or they can suffocate. This will give you enough time to place them inside the carrier hopefully unharmed.

Book Accommodations That Are Cat Friendly

For a long distance trip across the country with cats, its important to book a hotel or an Airbnb that accepts cats.

The process was simple. After I decided which cities I was going to stay overnight, I looked up accommodations on the platforms. I filtered for pet friendly and also called or messaged the hotel/host to see if they would really accept 2 cats.

Some accommodations charge extra, so be mindful of that. I have to admit that at the Hilton in Denver and at the Westin in Chicago, I only paid for one cat, because it was a huge hotel so they wouldnt have known

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Keep Your Cats Secure On Moving Day

Cats can get especially skittish when there are lots of strangers in your house, especially if those strangers are moving boxes around. Even the chillest cat might be unnerved. Lock your cat up in a small bathroom with water and litter while the boxes are being loaded. Better yet, keep him in his carrier. Your doors will be open a lot on moving day, and you don’t want your cat darting out the door.

What Can I Give My Cat To Calm His Anxiety

How to Travel with Cats in a Car Long Distance

6 Cat Sedatives to Relieve Cat Anxiety 1 Don’t be intimidated by the fear of cats. If you notice that your cat suffers from anxiety, you have several options. However, find two right thunder shirts for your cats. 3 soothing collars for cats. 4 soothing pheromone diffusers for cats. 5 soothing foods and snacks for cats.

Transportation Risk And Insurance Professional

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How To Travel With A Cat In A Car

Now if its a car trip, you have to know how to travel with a cat in a car in the right way because car journeys can be very frightening for it.

Mostly because of the sound of the car engine and crowds, uneven driving, traffic jams and also motion sickness. So you have to find some time before a few days of the journey and take the right preparation.

Heres a small guide on how to travel with a cat in a car.

Dont Forget Basic Precautions

You might be prepared for anything, but life is famous for its unexpected surprises. Make sure your kitty has an up-to-date ID tag, just in case, and consider getting him a microchip. If he already has a microchip, make sure the information associated with it is up to date as well.

Identify veterinarians in towns along your route so youre never too far from one in an emergency, and be sure to take his rabies vaccination documents and other health records along with you. Make advance reservations in cat-friendly hotels and motels.

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Acclimate Slowly To Your New Home

Once you arrive at your destination, make sure there aren’t any escape routes, open windows, or open doors she can run through. When cats find themselves in a new place, they often try harder than usual to escape.

Your cat will need some time to get used to her new home. She will likely hide a lot at first, but eventually she’ll need a safe place to snuggle down. If you’re using a crate, get a thick crate pad for comfort, along with a blanket from home so she has some familiar scents. The Amazin’ Kitty Sack is another option that helps trap dander, which is an added benefit when traveling. It’s important your kitty has a bed to call her own wherever you go. Have treats and interactive toys on hand for when she’s ready to venture out.

With a little bit of planning and a lot of love, you and your kitty can make it through the big cross-country trip together. After the trip is over, make sure you give him time to adjust to your new home. Do this, and one day soon, you’ll find your cat playing and happy, just like he was before.

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  • How Long Can A Cat Stay In A Carrier

    How to Travel Long Distance With a Cat – Traveling By Car

    Its not unusual for cats to spend the majority of their day in one room or even their favorite spot in that room, so you might think its not that different from a carrier. But there definitely is a difference because when it comes to carriers its not your cats choice to spend a whole day driving in a car confined in a small space.

    Even if they tend to stay in one area of your house, they still have the freedom to roam, they can eat whenever they want, drink water, and go to the bathroom.

    Of course, while driving in a car you need to keep your kitty inside their carrier, but during long trips, some of you might be able to make a stop at a hotel during the night or take a break to safely let your kitty out of the carrier to stretch inside your secured car.

    But what if theres no opportunity for hotel stops, or your kitty refuses to leave their carrier while youre still inside the car?

    For some cat parents, there is no other choice but to keep their kitty in a carrier for an extended period, until they reach their final location.

    The best way to make your cats stay in a carrier more tolerable especially during a prolonged time is by choosing a large size carrier or crate that has enough space to satisfy these basic needs.

    If youve also taken the time to train them to view their carrier as an extension of their territory and a safe space then your cat could stay in it even during a possible 10-hour drive or longer.

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    Take Your Cat To The Vet

    It is advisable that you take your cat to the veterinarian before taking it out for a long drive. This is because you never know what kind of health condition your pet has, and a long journey can cause some unwanted situation which you would not like to face during your drive.

    So, to be sure of the cats health condition, you must go for a regular checkup date with your vet and prevent any health issues with the pet during the journey.

    The vet can also advise you well on any medicine or other treatments to be accomplished while you take your pet out for the drive so that it remains fit and healthy during the trip and does not succumb to the situation.

    When traveling with cats in cars, you must keep in mind that they are not like other pets who enjoy long car rides. They are stressed during such long trips, and thus you must be extra careful towards them during the entire journey.

    How To Prepare The Car For The Cats

    • You should not overcrowd the carrier or the car with cats. Distribute cats wisely, that one cannot hamper others comfort.
    • Ensure maximum space for cats.
    • It is not advisable to pack anything with cat carriers. It might create disturbance for the cats. If you can ensure an anxiety-free environment for cats, your travel will be smoother than ever.
    • Place the kitten carrier in such a way that it faces minimum turmoil. You may tie up the carrier to avoid unnecessary movements.
    • Place the cat carrier just before driving off the car.

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    You Should Prepare The Car For Your Cat

    Be sure to do the necessary preparations and see to it that everythings set in the vehicle before the scheduled journey with your cats. Your car should be an anxiety-free space and free of any clutter so that your trip will be stress-free.

    • See to it that the cat and carrier do not overcrowd inside the car,
    • The cats space in the car should be a top priority.
    • Secure the cats first in the car before packing anything else.

    Use A Cat Harness And Leash For Extra Safety

    How to Move Cross Country with Cats

    Who does not love to be extra careful about a pet? We all do! And more so, when its an adorable pet cat! The cats are very furry and adorable creatures, and we love to pet them to that extent, where the mere thought of losing them might give us goosebumps!

    So, to be extra protective towards them and keep them safe during the long drive, we must carry ourselves a cat harness and leash. When traveling with your cat for a long distance, it is mandatory to take short breaks during the drive and take your cat out for a short walk or a stroll.

    And when you have a harness or leash around the neck of your cat, you can at least look after it when you are out of the car and do not worry about it going anywhere. There are several types of harnesses available that are comfortable and pocket friendly at the same time, and you must buy one accordingly.

    If you want soft adjustable vest harnesses and leash for cats, then here are some of the top-rated cat harnesses and leash you can buy for your cat when preparing for your next road trip:

    All these cat harnesses and leashes come with adjustable and padded cat vest that are best for walking and travelling. If your kitty is exceptionally active and likes playing around, then the use of a leash and harness adds an extra measure of safety to it during the travel.

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