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How To Unlock Your Car Without Keys

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How Do You Open A Locked Car With A Screwdriver


A car door can also be unlocked using a Philips head screwdriver and a thin steel rod. Simply pry the door open slightly using the screwdriver then use the rod to push open the unlock button. It takes a little twisting to insert the rod inside and you could potentially damage the exterior of your car.

How To Safely Break Into Your Own Car

How To Safely Break Into Your Own Car

Next to getting your teeth pulled, getting locked out of your car is right up there on the lists of terrible experience weve probably all had to endure at one time or another.

Luckily for us, there are a few ways on how you can safely break into your vehicle without damaging it.

So drop that screw driver and pay attention.

In the past two articles, weve seen how to unlock doors with manual locks and those with automatic locks. In this final part of the trio, well discuss even more tried-and-true ways to unlock your car.

Unlock Your Car Using A Solid Straw:

Well using a straw you can also unlock your car. Take a straw and bend it and make some space in the door to enter the bended end near the lock leaving the two open ends outside as shown in the image below. Then move straw here and there to catch the lock once you pick it the pull the straw to upwards to unlock the car.

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What’s The Best Way To Unlock A Bathroom Door

The threaded method uses a different wrench to loosen the locking pin. You can use this method to unlock the bedroom door as well as the bathroom door or the front door. It usually uses a bump or special key that opens most cylinder locks. If you don’t have one, you’re using a key you don’t want to use.

How Can I Lock A Door From The Outside

Easy Ways to Unlock Your Car without Key during an Emergency

Close the door from the outside. To lock the slide lock from the outside, you need to install a locking handle with a pin that is inserted into the square hole next to the control handle. Once installed, rotate the handle 90 degrees to lock the cover. This will rotate the control handle and slide the lock to the locked position.

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Unlock Your Car Using Nfc :

Hyundai, the global car maker has come up with a unique technology to unlock your car. The new technique lets your smart-phone double up as your car keys and has been named the connectivity concept. There is no need for the user to download apps or share details over Bluetooth. The connectivity concept is a simple concept that works using near field Communication or NFC. The car owner needs to simply wave the smart-phone over an NFC-tag attached to a car window or door and the doors will be unlocked. This could effectively replace current key fobs as method of wireless/ keyless entry, although the practicality has been called into question as the range of many fobs is far greater than the centimetres range of NFC which would require the user to take the phone out of their pocket. The technology is presently being tested on Hyundai i30.

I Locked My Keys In My Car Who Do I Call

A lockout situation is not exactly one you want to stay in for a long time, which is why you need the fastest and most reliable locksmith services provider. At Express Locksmith Services, we assure you professional and reliable services to help you open just about any lock!

Locking yourself out of your car can be very frustrating, and it is our mission to ensure that you are safe and calm as you wait to get back in. We are available 24/7, friendly, efficient, and our offices are in Houston, TX. Save our number in case a car lockout happens.

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Use Your Windshield Wiper

You can usually remove your car’s windshield wipers pretty easily, but the method differs between each car model. No matter what car you have though, a windshield wiper might save you from having to call a locksmith to open your locked car door.

First, remove the wiper from the front of your car. If your window is slightly ajar, or you can wedge the door open, you maneuver it into the interior of the car. Use the wiper to either grab the keys on the chair or hit the unlock button on the side of the door .

You can practically use anything long enough that fits through your window, but if you’re in a hurry and don’t see anything else around you that can fit through the crack, the windshield wiper is your best bet.

Which Worked For You

How to unlock a car door without keys, the easy way.

Did you try out any of the methods above? Or do you know other DIY ways to unlock your car door? Let us know in the comments below!

If none of these worked for you, you could always try AAA roadside assistance if you’re a member . They usually refund you some or all of the costs if you have to call a locksmith. If you don’t have AAA, you could try calling the police or local security. Cops usually have slim jims in their vehicles, but don’t count on it helping you out is probably the least important thing on their to-do list.

If you don’t want to get locked out again, you could also invest in some magnetic key holders. Put a spare car key in there and hide it under your bumper.

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Unlock Your Car With Piece Of String:

Cut a long piece of string that should be sufficient to help you in your takes. It would be ideal to have about a meter or two of string. Locate the center of the string by folding it exactly into half. At the center of the string, make a simple slip knot. Approach the door you want to open place the string at the top corner of this door. Position it properly pull the string into the car. Slowly work it till the part with the slip knot is inside the car. Use the side-wards pulling movement of both your hands to get the slip knot to the correct height over the lock. To do this, you will have to move your right hand and left hand away from each other in the alternating fashion. Carefully loop the slip knot around the popped in lock. Tug the ends of the string so the slip knot tightens around the lock. Pull up the string and along with it, the lock too. You car door is now unlocked.

Fold Back The Edge Of The Door

fold the upper edge of the driver’s door – the easiest way to do this is with a wooden wedge, which can be easily moved between the body and the door, even with a hand. Then place the hooked wire in the resulting hole and open the door lock.

These methods, how to open the car, if the keys are inside, will help, first of all, the owners of the domestic auto industry or age foreign cars.

The locking mechanisms of our beloved Zhiguli or Muscovites are very simple, so it is quite easy to open them in an emergency, if, of course, you carefully read the article.

It is worth noting again that these options can lead to mechanical damage to the vehicle. It’s up to you to try to get inside or call specialists who probably have a special master key or a set of tools to painlessly open the car.

The car keys are inside and the doors are locked – this situation is familiar to many car owners. The easiest way to open the car in this case is to use a set of spare keys. If they are not at hand, then do not rush to break glass or call the garage. We have collected the best practical advice from a specialist to help you quickly solve a problem.

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Unlock Your Car With Keyless Remote System:

Keyless entry systems which use a small radio transmitter built into a key to unlock the doors have become standard equipment on almost every new car. When you push the button on your key fob, it transmits a signal to the receiver inside your vehicle tuned to receive that particular frequency. This triggers the doors to lock or unlock depending on which button you push. The same technology is used to open your automatic garage door at home.

How Do You Unlock A Locked Door With A Pick


Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to choosing a door lock: Insert the chuck key into the keyhole, like a tow bar handle in the first method. Attach the tool of your choice directly to the chuck wrench. Move up and down and look for pins. Keep pressing as you open each cup. Loosen the key as soon as you hear a click.

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Open The Car With A Wiper

This method is suitable for those situations when the keys are left in the car, but one of the windows is open. In this case, you should try to reach the lock button. This can be done using any elongated object, and the wiper is just what you need, it will not be difficult to remove it.If you can, click on the buttons for controlling the windows or opening the doors. Try to reach for the keys and pull them out of the car. Plug them in or press the button on the door or window lock.

The second option is shown in the video below.

What’s The Best Way To Get Into A Locked Car

Here are some ways to unlock a locked car door: If you are lucky enough to have a tennis ball, you can try to access the car’s locking mechanism by placing a bracelet in the top corner of the side door and on the bracelet â â â â to a small opening. Be careful not to overtighten the bracelet or you will damage the car door.

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How Do You Unlock A Car Door With A Bobby Pin

Open up a bobby pin and bend it at a 90-degree angle.

Spread the wavy and straight ends of the bobby pin apart so that it bends at the center and looks like an L. This bobby pin will serve as the pick that youll use to unlock the door.

Open The Car With The Antenna

How to unlock a car door (without a key)

Older cars can be opened using a conventional car antenna. To do this, simply unscrew it and perform simple manipulations with the door handle, as you can see in this video. Your goal is to make sure that the lock button starts going up and down. At this moment, you must press hard, this will set the mechanism in motion, and the lock will open.

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The Coat Hanger Method

One of the more old school ways to get into a car is to use a coat hanger to do the job. You’ve probably seen this in older movies as a way that thieves gained access to vehicles. It’s not just movie stuff however, it can work in some vehicles.

So long as your car does have a manual lock you may be able to stretch out an old style wire coat hanger and then curve the end of it like a fish hook. If you have a pair of needle-nose pliers you can make a much cleaner hook at the end of your hanger. Ideally you want to create a V shape at the end of the hanger.

You can try to thread the hanger down into your door frame between the window and the rubber seal at the base of it. If you can get it down there, then it’s a simple matter of doing a little fishing near where the locking mechanism is located to try to grab the lock pin and pull it up. This may be a much easier job if you’ve left your window open a crack and you can just put the coat hook in the open window, but of course thats a less likely circumstance.

Conditions When To Call A Locksmith

There are a few common situations when a locksmith is needed for a locked car. These would include having broken keys, keys locked in the trunk or inside the car, lost keys and, and transponder key errors.

Broken Keys

A broken key is unusable, but a locksmith can create a spare key for you to use. In case the key breaks as you try to unlock your vehicle and is now stuck in the keyhole, it is best not to try and tamper it. Just wait for the locksmith because you might damage the lock further while trying to unlock it with a broken key.

Locked Out

Another very common scenario is having the cars locked inside the vehicle. Some simply forget their keys inside the car. Sometimes locksmiths can try to gain entry by trying the trunk. Others will create a new key for you by using their mechanical key cutter.

Lost Key

A lost key can be replaced easily by an experienced locksmith even if you dont have the original keys. The cost of key replacement varies and can increase when you are requesting for a replacement during night time, a holiday or during a weekend.

Faulty Transponder Key

There are several reasons why the transponder key becomes faulty. The easiest to solve is when it has a low or dead battery. Sometimes, its because the keys arent programmed properly.

Locksmiths can give you access to the vehicle but you still need to pay them an additional fee for programming your keys to make it compatible with the vehicle.

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How Much Does It Cost To Get Your Keys Out Of A Locked Car

If you have roadside assistance, then you can call them for help if you’ve locked your keys in your car, and you won’t need to worry about additional costs. However, a locksmith will charge you. The price varies from around $50 to $100 for a callout, going up to $150 to $250 when working after hours.

How To Unlock A Honda Without Keys

How to Open Your Car Door Without a Key: 6 Easy Ways to ...

Getting locked out of your Honda, or any other vehicle, can make for a stressful situation. When you lose your car key or otherwise cannot get into the vehicle, you need alternative solutions. Your Honda can be unlocked in several other ways, including using your car’s keyless entry system, calling a locksmith or using an unlock tool.

Step 1

Instruct a person inside the car to press the “Unlock” button on the car’s door. On many Honda vehicles, the unlock button is built into door handle.

Step 2

Press the “Unlock” button on your Honda’s keyless entry remote. Even if you lost the physical key to your car, you may have the remote with you or have access to a spare remote.

Step 3

Unlock the door with an inflatable car door wedge and a wire hanger. Insert the wedge, an inflatable pouch, into the space between the door and car frame. Inflate the wedge with the attached hand pump, which creates a small opening. Insert a straightened wire hanger to pull the door handle or pull the lock switch.


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The Rod And Wedge Method

If you’re unable to get the coat hanger down between the window and the frame of your door, then you may need to graduate to the rod and wedge method for accessing your vehicle. A wedge, like a small wooden door stop, is the best tool for this but you can use something like a paint scraper in a pinch if you need to as well or a screwdriver. Those methods are more damaging to your vehicle and can cause dents or scrapes in the paint, so if possible, stick with the wood.

For this to work what you need to do is place the narrow end of the wedge of wood at the top of your door frame, its about as far from the locking mechanism as you can possibly get. You can use the butt of your hand to hammer the wedge into the gap between your door and the door frame. Because your door is locked into the frame of the car down by the handle itself, the top of the door is not actually held in by anything at all. When you wedge the wood in it will slowly bend the door away from the frame. Obviously you don’t want to do this too extensively as it could damage the car, but there will be enough give in the metal to allow you to open a gap between the door and the frame itself. That gap will be wide enough for you to use a metal rod or a coat hanger to reach down to the locking mechanism of your car.

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