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What Car Brand Has 4 Circles

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Meanings And Stories Behind Car Logos From Famous Brands In The World

Why does Audi logo has four Rings/circles ?

Talking about automotive brands, you must know well that each of them must have a logo or emblem. Sure, those car logos are not only functioned as identities and signs to let people know from what companies they are. The creative team of the company may have brainstormed themselves to make the car logo. Therefore, not only is it used as the identity, there are philosophies and deep meanings behind them.

Interestingly, many of those car companies prove to be successful. Once their logos are displayed in public places, people just know what they are. You can take a look at your own cars or others when on the road. Only by seeing the logo slightly, you just know what car it is. But do you know what the meanings behind each of the car logos? Well, here are the explanations.

Automotive Influencer #: Damen Knight

Damen Knight is an automotive influencer who loves cars. He created his YouTube channel, Damen Knight, in 2012.

A review video he posted by the title, Review of the 2015 Lexus RCF, in 2018 managed to gain more than 34K views.

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He has more than 3.7K subscribers on his YouTube channel and 17.3K followers on . You can look for authentic car reviews and impressive photos on his social media profiles.

Seven Car Brands That Have Returned To Flat Logo Designs

After rebranding with three-dimensional, chrome-effect logos in the 80s and 90s, carmakers from Nissan to BMW are reverting to flat designs to retain relevance in the digital world. We’ve rounded up seven examples.

Simplified, two-dimensional logos replicate better on screens and in miniature as app icons, prompting designers to ditch the three-dimensional logos that were popular among automotive companies in the 1980s and 90s.

These logos had reflections and textures that mimicked how emblems would look in cast metal and enamel on a real car. But this approach, called skeuomorphism, has fallen out of favour as digital communication takes precedence, with logos now designed primarily with screens in mind.

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Mercedes Benz The Three

Mercedes Benz is one of the big companies in Germany. It is known as a producer of luxurious cars that are sold worldwide. Some products from the brand are also recognized to be high-end. It is reasonable if you may think that the owners of the car from this brand must be rich. But aside from being known as a luxury symbol, you must know well the logo of Mercedes Benz, it is the three-pointed star surrounded by a circle. Generally, the meaning behind the symbol is the economic establishment.

The logo selection process was initiated after the team saw a postcard from Gottlieb Daimler to his wife. Daimler is one of the car inventors and an engineer from Germany who is really famous until now. On the postcard, Daimler drew a star with 3 points as a clue to find his house. Uniquely, he also stated that the star meant the light to brighten up his factory. From the story, Mercedes Benz chose the symbol as its car logo and it is still maintained until now.

Led Daytime Running Lights

Why does Audi have four circles as its symbol?

Beginning in 2005, Audi has implemented white LED technology as daytime running lights in their products. The distinctive shape of the DRLs has become a trademark of sorts. LEDs were first introduced on the Audi A8 W12, the world’s first production car to have LED DRLs, and have since spread throughout the entire model range. The LEDs are present on some Audi billboards.

Since 2010, Audi has also offered the LED technology in low- and high-beam headlights.

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The Most Comprehensive Car Logo Collection

It was July 3, 1886 when German inventor Karl Benz took his stationary two-stroke gas engine, a chassis and put the two together. The era of the motor vehicle began. The motorized road-going vehicle was invented on that day and for car guys like us things would never be the same again. Almost immediately, inventors across the world took every conceivable vehicle and appliance and tried to add a high-speed engine. It was Benz Patent Motor Car Number 1, the first proper automobile that started it all.

The Model A was the first product of the Ford Motor Company and its transition from Henry Fords concept to a finished product in the hands of customers was balanced on a knifes edge of cash flow. Thank goodness for car fanatics everywhere that on July 13th, 1903 when three customers made the first payments to the company it was able to stave off bankruptcy and go on to make the car a ubiquitous part of everyday life. It is unclear if the Ford Motor Company hadnt survived what would have happened to cars as we know them today.

We know what did happen. There was an explosion of what we would now term classic car companies . Car production took off and the number of car companies skyrocketed with everybody having their take on what makes a car amazing. From custom coachbuilders to mass market producers to the first luxury brands as well as the earliest performance carmakers.

These car logos are recognizable all over the world. Enjoy.

Comprehensive Car Logo Lists

There Are Three Types Of Car Logos That Are Commonly Used By The Car Manufacturers:

Symbol Car Logos, Text Car Logos and Combination Symbols Texts Car Logos.

Symbol Car Logos are specially designed symbols that are used to represent the brand on its best way. So People can instantly recognize brand just by looking at symbol. Some of the Car Brands that using Symbol Car Logos are: Mercedes-Benz, Renault, Ferrari, Porsche, Citroen.

Text Car Logos are used in many Car Companies, usually the initials or whole Car Company names, written in some particular text style. Some of the Car Brands that using Text Car Logos are: Mazda, Toyota, Ford, Fiat.

Combination Symbols-Texts Car Logos is a blend of symbols and texts that are putted together. Some of the Car Brands that using Combination Symbols-Text Logos are: Lamborghini, Rover, BMW, Maserati, Skoda.Today, Car Emblems appear even on caps, bags, t-shirts, key chains , Printed Mugs or on other accessories.

And Car Symbols printed on some item like Car Mugs can make a great gift to any car is slowly growing to become the most popular car logos web site on the Internet. it has more than 1260 car logos of companies what is must say the largest collection on the internet.Also to be much better, you can find the complete Car manufacturer list and also model list by years of each Car Company.

Car logos: Essential components of a car.

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Automotive Influencer #: Rob Ferretti

Rob Ferretti is a lover of fancy, elegant, and fast cars. This automotive influencer owns a collection of exotic, multi-dollar cars.

He helped found a million-dollar company, Gotham Dream Cars, which provides exotic cars for rent. You can find his rental car stores in the prime locations of the United States including Miami, New York, and Los Angeles.

He created his YouTube channel, superspeedersRob, in 2007. He creates amazing car videos and shares his experiences with his 801K subscribers.

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He is also active on Instagram and shares content under the name, . He leverages this visual social media platform to share impressive images that capture his car adventures.

Till now, he has posted 3K+ posts and has 81.3K followers.

Full List Of Automotive Brands That Start With The Letter V

Here’s Why I Only Buy These 4 Car Brands

Find a car brand alphabetically. Use our A-Z car finder to browse different manufacturers and discover cars that fit your specific needs. On this page we have focused on car manufacturers and brands that start with “V”. We believe it is the most complete of global car brands that start with the letter “V” but if we are missing any, let us know. If you want to skip straight to the category page for a particular brand starting with V then just click below links.

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Color Of The Audi Logo

Darker coloration used in Audi symbol added to it a more defined and shiny look. The aluminum color in the rings reflects innovative power and slight design, an Audi bottom competency that positions the brand apart. It is slick and bright which attaches it a sophisticated touch. The font depicts the look of more sleek, efficient and innovative designs. In a whole Audis color spectrum corresponds to the modern design technologies.

Revealed: Audis Name And Company Origins

After leaving automobile company August Horch & Cie, August Horch founded his own companyAugust Horch Automobilwerke GmbHin 1909. It was later renamed Audi. In 1932, Audi Automobilwerke merged with three other companies, each with a different focus: DKW , Wanderer , Audi , and Horch . Together, they formed Auto Union AG.

The company became a Volkswagen subsidiary by 1966, and in 1985, Auto Union AG became a single company: Audi.

The companys name comes from the last name of founder August Horch. In German, Horch means listen/hear. In Latin, listen is Audi. The idea was supposedly suggested by of of the companys founders sons. The companys slogan is Vorsprung durch Technik , Advancement through Technology.

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Auto Union Ag Chemnitz

On June 29, 1932, on the initiative of the Saxon State Bank, the Audiwerke, the Horchwerke and the Zschopauer Motorenwerke JS Rasmussen AG merged to form Auto Union AG. At the same time, a purchase and lease agreement was signed with the Wanderer plants to take over the Wanderer automotive department. The new group was based in Chemnitz. With its foundation, Auto Union AG was the second largest motor vehicle group in Germany. The company logo showed four intertwined rings that symbolized the indissoluble unity of the four founding companies. The brand names Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer have been retained. Each of the four brands was assigned to a special market segment within the group: DKW motorcycles and small cars Wanderer mid-range automobiles Audi automobiles in the upper middle class segment Horch luxury automobiles of the upper class.

A repair workshop for bicycles was the origin of the Wanderer company. Later she started building two-wheelers first without, later with motor. In 1913 the company produced the first small car known as the Puppchen.

The fourth company was DKW, one of the largest motorcycle manufacturers of its time. The Danish company founder Jörgen Skafte Rasmussen started experiments on a steam car in 1916. After the attempts were unsuccessful, Rasmussen began developing two-stroke engines. A few years later, DKW was the most important pre-war motorcycle manufacturer. From 1928, DKW also built automobiles.

Bolt Pattern Torque Sequence / Specifications:

Circle car Logos

Note: Alloy wheels should always be installed using a torque wrench ensuring proper mount. Check your vehicle owner manual for proper specifications. How To Properly Torque Lug Nuts / Lug Bolts

Stud Size Typical Torque Range in Ft/Lbs Minimum Thread Engagement
135 – 145 8

It is prudent to re-torque wheels after about 60 to 90 miles of driving. Learn more about lug nuts and torque.

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The Audi Symbol Meaning Today

As mentioned above, the biggest Audi logo changes occurred due to the changes in the Companys ownership and structure. The Audi symbol meaning today remains the same as for the initial launch of the Audi brand.

When Audi joined forces with three other companies to create the Auto Union, the four-ring design was a way to represent all the contributing companies.

Although the Auto Union brand decided to use the name Audi officially going forward, the four-circle design remained a testament to the origins of the business.

Todays four-ring logo is an excellent insight into Audis history. The simplicity of the Audi symbol also means its much easier to remember than some alternative designs.

How Has The Audi Logo Developed

When I merged into Auto Union, the four rings appeared as a symbol for the first time. The Audi brand name later came into focus: first in brown, then in red. From 1978, a black oval with white lettering shaped the appearance. The company and product have had the same name since 1985: Audi. In the 1990s, Ingolstadt concentrated again on the rings, but this time in a three-dimensional look.

The new challenge for designers has been for several years: The logo must not only look good on paper, but also online. That is why the trend is towards simplification. In 2016, the three-dimensional rings became two-dimensional.

A logo should be memorable and easy to recognize. Audi has achieved this with the worlds most famous rings, alongside the Olympic rings . Which, by the way, can really paint any child in the sand in two or three dimensions.

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Four Becomes One: The Story Of The Four Rings

All the way back to the beginning: The history of the Audi brand began with in the 19th century . The mechanical engineer started his own business in 1899 and founded the company August Horch & Cie. He first built two and later four-cylinder cars. In 1909 he left the company after differences with the board.

In the same year, Horch therefore founded a new car company. Because the name Horch was already taken and his use was forbidden, he translated his family name into Latin: Audi. In 1910 the first car of the new brand came onto the market. Audi garnered a lot of attention with its three successive victories in the International Austrian Alpine Ride between 1912 and 1914 one of the toughest rallies of its time.

Automotive Influencer #: Dan

4 Car Brands Only Stupid People Buy

Dan is an automotive influencer and motor vlogger. He creates vlogs to share his motorcycle riding experiences with his YouTube followers. He is equally active on Instagram too.

You can find his official Instagram account by the name, . Dan updates his followers about his upcoming videos there and also shares pictures of incredible automobiles and luxury cars.

He has more than 319K followers on his Instagram profile.

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His YouTube channel, Do It With Dan, has more than 1.27 million subscribers. Dan started his YouTube channel in 2013 and his first ever video was titled, Wheelie Practice With Dan.

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Every Automotive Emblem Explained

Every emblem has a story.

For car enthusiasts, its easy to believe that cars are purely about performance that what matters is track times and vehicle specs, not superfluous details like the assembly of letters that make a name.

But its not.

The automotive world works on many levels even those that can be superficial. Every car bears a name and every brand has a badge, and that name and badge make a difference. Behind the creation and evolution of automotive emblems theres often tradition, folklore and mystery.

So weve compiled a bit of history on the most famous automotive emblems from Alfa Romeo to Volvo. We cant cover every car brand, but we can give you the skinny on the major names.

True identification in the sea of cars on the road is what every automaker wants, so lets shed some light on how identification is best achieved.

Audis History: Lots Of Name Changes

Audi is the Latin translation of Horch, founder August Horchs surname. It means to listen. Audi AG is a German automaker headquartered in Ingolstadt.

Fast-forward to March 1980 at the Geneva Motor Show. The Audi Quattro made its debut. The sports coupe was the first high-performance vehicle with a four-wheel-drive configuration. It was the first time a vehicle outside an off-roader or truck used the drive concept. The Quattro won international acclaim for its permanent four-wheel-drive system and eventually became its own model range.

Audi NSU Auto AG became Audi AG in early 1985. The company and its vehicles have had the same name since then.

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Models And Individual Cars

One of the most famous cars on this list is probably the Chevrolet Corvette. While originally, the two flags on the Corvette badge were just flags, the current emblem has the wing theme.

The list of models and individual cars featuring wings on their badges is very long. It includes the 1950s Chevrolet, the Ford Thunderbird, Ford Fairlane, the 1950s Ford Country Squire, and several other Ford models, as well as the 1931 Chevy, the Chrysler Town and Country, the 1967 Chrysler Imperial, the 1951 Mercury and the 1955 Mercury, as well the 1949 Packard, to name just a few.

The Auto Union Ag Chemnitz

Behind the Badge: Symbolism in Audi

On 29 June 1932, Audiwerke, Horchwerke and Zschopauer Motorenwerke J. S. Rasmussen AG merged on the initiative of the State Bank of Saxony to form Auto Union AG. A purchase and leasing agreement was concluded at the same time with Wanderer for the takeover of its motor vehicle division. The new company’s head offices were in Chemnitz. Following the merger, Auto Union AG was the second-largest motor vehicle manufacturer in Germany. The company emblem consisted of four interlocking rings, intended to symbolise the inseparable unity of the four founder companies. The Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer brand names were retained. Each of the four brands was assigned a specific market segment within the group: DKW motorcycles and small cars Wanderer midsize cars Audi cars in the deluxe midsize segment and Horch luxury cars at the top end of the market.

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Porsche A Combination Of Nation Emblems

If you take a look at the logo of Porsche, you may find it a little bit confusing. Different from other brands that create a simple but meaningful logo, Porsches logo is quite complex since it consists of some emblems. Well, there is also a long history behind the logo. Ferdinand Porsche, the founder of Porsche was in jail in World War II. At the same time, his company was run by his son, Ferry. Ferry was annoyed because the company didnt produce a sports car with a design he wanted.

So, Ferry started to design and produce his own car. He built up a sports car with a rear engine. The result was shown to his father after Ferdinand was freed from the prison. Both the father and son tried to realize Ferrys dream car. The companys name was changed from Dr. Ing. H. C. F. Porsche GmbH into Porsche only. The logo was found from inspiration and thought Ferdinand found it when he was in jail. It was the combination of Wuerttemberg State Emblem and a jumping horse that is quite similar to Ferraris. Uniquely, the car logo successfully raised Porsche into one of the most high-end automotive brands in the world.

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