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What Is A Car Alignment

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Thrust Angle Diagnosis And Repair Is A Job Best Left To The Pros

Understanding Wheel Alignment !

The elimination of an improper thrust angle is no easy task. In the case of a solid rear axle and collision damage, sometimes significant repair will be necessary to bring the axle back into proper alignment.

In the case of incorrect toe settings, alignment technicians rely upon advanced wheel alignment systems that serve significant data to help them both diagnose the thrust angle and bring the vehicle back into alignment.

Basic changes to alignment factors like camber and caster are DIY automotive projects for some enthusiasts, but the elimination of a thrust angle is likely to require both the advanced capabilities of an alignment system, as well as the learned capabilities of a skilled alignment technician.

Last but not least, with thrust angle or any number of other alignment variables that are out of vehicle specification, abnormal tire wear and reduced tire life is almost a certainty. Address your thrust angle or other alignment issues in short order to get your vehicle rolling straight and your tires in optimum condition.

How Do Balancing And Alignment Benefit Your Car

The most significant benefit of balancing services is that they prevent premature tire tread wear. Technicians agree that getting your tires balanced every 5,000 to 6,000 miles can help extend their lifespan and improve their performance.

Wheel alignment benefits, on the other hand, include improved vehicle handling, fuel efficiency, and tire life. Firestone Complete Auto Care recommends that you have your vehicle’s alignment checked every 6,000 miles or twice a year. Left untreated, alignment issues can shorten a tire’s life by thousands of miles, and they can damage critical steering and suspension components.

Tire Balance vs. Alignment Quicklook
A tire balance corrects the weight imbalance on your tire and wheel assemblies. Uneven tire wear and vibration in your steering wheel, floorboard, or seat. Proper balancing can lead to a smoother ride, less tire wear, and reduced strain on the drivetrain.
Wheel Alignment An alignment corrects the angles of the tires so that they come into contact with the road in just the right way. Vehicle pulls to one side, rapid tire wear, squealing tires, or crooked steering wheel when driving straight. Proper alignment ensures a smoother ride for you and a longer life for your tires.

Are you noticing symptoms of balancing and alignment issues in your car? Don’t let them disrupt your flow. Schedule an appointment at your nearest Firestone Complete Auto Care for a zen-like ride thats both relaxing and reliable.

How Do I Read A Post

If the alignment professional doesnt take the lead, we recommend that you ask them to review the alignment printout with you.

Every vehicle has recommended alignment specifications, which are referenced by your shop at the time of the alignment. Following the alignment service, a report should be provided that indicates alignment specifications before and after. If your vehicle was out of alignment, the service person can explain how the values were out of specification beforehand, and within specification afterward. Often this is shown with red “out-of-spec” values changing to green “in-spec” values on the alignment report.

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About Christian Brothers Automotive

Christian Brothers Automotive is your number one stop for all of your wheel and tire service needs. From alignment checks to balancing and , we make sure your car rolls smoothly and safely to get you where you need to go. Each of our technicians can help you with any wheel problems youre having and makes sure that your car is safe, secure, and ready to handle the miles you need to travel.

Whether you need your alignment checked or your wheels rebalanced, call your local Christian Brothers Automotive and schedule an appointment today.


What Is A Wheel Alignment & Why Is It Important

Wheel Alignment

Ensuring your wheels are accurately aligned improves both the performance and longevity of your tyres. Wheels often become misaligned by hitting potholes, bumps, kerbs, driving on uneven surfaces and through general wear and tear. It is therefore essential to maintain accurate alignment of your wheels, to ensure their quality and performance remains optimal.

What is a Wheel Alignment?Wheel alignment refers to the angle of your wheels in comparison to each other and the body of your vehicle. Wheel alignment is adjusted by altering the vehicles suspension. Using state of the art technology, Tyre Specialists at Tyres and More are able to accurately determine exactly how much adjustment is required and apply accordingly. We recommend that you get your wheel alignment checked at least every 10000km as well as any time you experience a change in the driving or handling of your vehicle.

What are the Warning Signs of Misaligned Wheels?The angle of your wheels can become skewed over time causing various changes to your driving experience. Warning signs that it is time to get your wheel alignment checked:

Uneven tread wear

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Why You Should Fix A Wheel Alignment Problem Immediately

Whether its because they think the problem will just go away on its own or that its not a big enough deal to put money into at the moment, a lot of people tend to ignore the signs of misalignment. The downside to this is that the longer you take to do the wheel alignment, the more damage youll be inflicting on your car, especially the tires.

Plus the price of tire alignment is pretty reasonable and if youre wondering how much itll cost for you, simply search online for how much is an alignment or how much is a wheel alignment. To find qualified mechanics near you, simply search for front end alignment near me, wheel alignment specials near me, tire alignment near me or car alignment near me.

In a nutshell, finding a reasonably priced wheel alignment specialist close-by is ridiculously easy, and your best bet is to take your car in for an alignment service check whenever you notice any of the signs we mentioned above.

What Happens During An Alignment

A car alignment is actually an elaborate process that brings the car’s suspension into its proper configuration, positioning and adjusting components so that wheels are aligned with one another and the road surface. The alignment should be performed by an experienced mechanic, who uses an alignment machine.

Newer alignment machines feature clamplike devices that are attached to the wheels of the car and that link to a computer that helps make precise measurements. The mechanic will also take this opportunity to make sure that no suspension components are excessively worn or broken.

An alignment essentially requires squaring a car’s wheels and axles with each other so that they’re moving in the same direction. The mechanic adjusts the various suspension angles — known as toe, thrust, camber and caster — that influence tire movement and position. The technician will also ensure that the steering wheel is centered.

Each car’s manufacturer designates standard angles for the alignment, specified in degrees. If you’re a driver of a high-performance car or sports car, your mechanic may be able to align your suspension to improve handling and tire performance, but such an alignment still may lead to uneven tire wear.

After the alignment is complete, it’s appropriate to ask for a printout — which many mechanics now provide — that shows before and after images of the suspension alignment.

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How Much Does An Alignment Cost

A front-end alignment usually costs between $65 and $100 . At that price, it should be a regular part of your car care regime. To make an alignment even more economical, some car care facilities offer lifetime alignment packages for around $200. Your car gets a scheduled alignment every 6,000 miles for as long as you own it.

How Toe Affects Driving

Car Tech 101: Understanding wheel alignment (On Cars)

There are basically two ways that toe affects a cars performance. Adjusting the toe can make your car handle better in the corners, or it can make it easier to keep the car straight on the highway.

The good news is that adjusting the toe angles is directly related to the cars handling. That makes setting up your car fairly simple.

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Wheel Alignment Vs Wheel Balancing: Whats The Difference

Learn more about the distinct differences in wheel alignment vs. wheel balancing.

Often regarded as the same process, wheel alignment and wheel balancing are two entirely different automotive maintenance items that both affect ride and handling.If a wheel is out of balance, it will cause a vibration that can felt in the steering wheel and/or seat, while a wheel out of alignment can cause excessive tire wear as well as steering problems.

Wheel alignment consists of adjusting the wheel angles so they are perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other. Regular wheel alignment will maximize tire life and enable a vehicle to track in a straight manner. A car that is out of alignment will pull or drift away from a straight line.

In comparison, wheel balancing provides a smoother ride by minimizing tire bounce, which will in turn help improve traction and steering control as well as extend tire life. Wheels that are out of balance will develop a cupped wear pattern., since one section of the tire is heavier than the other sections when that tire is not balanced.

Suspect your car is in need of wheel alignment or wheel balancing? Then bring it to Wiygul Automotive Clinic. As a AAA-approved center for auto repair and maintenance, Wiygul Automotive Clinic specializes in complete foreign and domestic repair service. Wiygul Automotive Clinic has been serving Burke, Fairfax Station, Clifton, Fairfax City, and Springfield since 1992.

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How Often Should You Get A Wheel Alignment

If youve been unlucky enough to have a serious driving incident or encounter a major road hazard, then a full wheel alignment procedure should be top of your list. Even if youve had a clear 6 months, car alignment will be included in your regular car service generally advised every 6,000 miles. Its also good practice for alignment to be checked whenever a steering or suspension component is replaced. This allows all the car parts to work together in harmony, and for the vehicle to drive at peak efficiency.

If youre in any doubt about a cars alignment, its time to speak to a professional mechanic. Keep safe, avoid more problems mounting up and save money on parts and servicing.

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What Is Thrust Angle

The concept of thrust is usually one that is associated with jet engines, rockets, and the like, not necessarily automobiles. But you can think of the vehicle acceleration and forward motion as a much less dramatic example of thrust.

Thrust angle is a measurement involving the front and rear axles, and the wheelbase of the vehicle.

In a standard automobile, the front and rear axles of the vehicle are parallel, and a perpendicular line drawn straight forward from the center of the rear axle should intersect in that same center position on the front axle of the vehicle. The very practical result of this front to rear axle arrangement is that when the accelerator is depressed with the front wheels pointed straight , the vehicle will accelerate straight ahead.

To emphasize the importance of thrust angle, consider an extreme example:

Lets say instead of the rear axle being parallel with the front axle, it was tilted at a 45° angle. In this case, the trajectory of the vehicle would be dramatically altered even though the steering wheel and front wheels are pointed dead straight ahead.

The thrust line should run parallel to the vehicles geometric centerline.


Fuel Economy Benefits Of Wheel Alignment

Why is wheel alignment important

When your wheel alignment goes off-balance, your cars fuel efficiency can decrease by up to 7%! So, if for example, you drive your vehicle for 15,000 miles per year at 25 miles per gallon, and with one gallon costing $3.50 then having properly aligned wheels can save you up to $150 in annual fuel costs.

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Top Symptoms Of Bad Car Wheel Alignment

As a car owner, chances are you have heard of several maintenance tasks you should be doing while not exactly knowing what they are for. One such task is getting a wheel alignment.

While not widely understood, the truth is that wheel alignment is a crucial part of vehicle maintenance and should be done regularly to ensure that your vehicle is safe and easy to drive, especially at high speeds. Usually, wheel alignments are done when the tires get rotated. However, if youre unsure how long its been since your last alignment, it may be a good idea to get one as soon as possible, especially if you drive a lot or are a daily commuter.

Knowing how to tell if your wheels need to be aligned can help you identify the problem when the time comes.

Inner Or Outer Tread Wear

The inside of the tire is the side that is closest to the center of the car. If your car has excessive toe-out, the inside of the tire contacts the pavement before the rest of the tire, which causes it to wear out faster. Excessive inner-edge tread wear, especially on one side of your car but not the other, is a sure sign you need an alignment.

Toe-in has less effect on tread wear, although it may cause some outer-edge tread wear. It can be difficult to tell what issue you are having if you have some outer-edge tread wear since almost every alignment or tire issue causes the outside of a tire to wear down faster.

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How Often Should I Get A Tire Alignment

The interval for wheel alignment can vary significantly depending on the type of vehicle you own, your driving habits, and other factors. Most mechanics recommend that you get a wheel alignment once every two or three years. However, the best thing to do is to follow the recommended interval in your owner’s manual.

If your owner’s manual doesn’t specify how often you should have your wheels realigned, you should bring your car to a service center or auto repair shop for a tire alignment checkup at least once a year. Usually, a vehicle’s wheel alignment will be at least slightly off after one or two years of driving. Nonetheless, if your car holds the road well, doesn’t drift to one side, or has evenly worn tires, it isn’t necessary to have its wheels realigned every year.

It’s important to note that there are specific circumstances that may cause your vehicle to require tire alignment on a more frequent basis. Vehicles with wider tires or performance-oriented cars usually need to have their wheels aligned more often. Additionally, you should consider getting a wheel alignment every time you install new tires on your car.

What Happens When Tires Are Out Of Alignment

How to Tell if Your Car Needs an Alignment

When tires are misaligned, the car wont handle as well, traction is reduced, and braking can even be affected. The obvious sign that a car needs an alignment is wear and tear of the tread on the tires and steering problems. Youll notice that the car pulls to the right or left, and the steering wheel doesnt center correctly and may vibrate.

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How Do You Check Your Car Alignment

Some telltale signs that your car is misaligned include the feeling that your vehicle is pulling to one side, uneven wear on your tires, or unusually loud road noise when driving. There are additional at-home tests you can do, but it’s generally best to have a mechanic inspect your alignment with precise tools to ensure that you fix the right problem.

Tire Balance Vs Alignment: Which One Do You Need

The yoga studio isn’t the only place where you’ll hear the words “balancing” and “alignment.” You’ll also hear these words mentioned when you take your car in for service.

But what do balancing and alignment mean off the yoga mat? Both contribute to a smoother ride, but tire balancing and alignment are different services. A tire balance corrects the weight imbalance on your tire and wheel assemblies, while an alignment corrects the angles of the tires so that they come into contact with the road in just the right way.

If youre wondering, What is wheel alignment? or, What does tire balancing mean? its time to dive deeper into your car care practice. Learn the difference between the two today.

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Do I Need A Front Or Four

This depends on your vehicle, and whether there are rear adjustments available. Not every vehicle has rear adjustability. If front and rear alignment adjustments are possible, then you’ll want a four wheel alignment. With many shops, the price difference between front and four-wheel alignment services is not significant.

Along with regular tire rotation, keeping your vehicle aligned and within specification will provide proper vehicle handling, and optimum tire wear and longevity. Your local TireBuyer installer can perform vehicle alignments use the link below to find one near you.

How Much Does A Wheel Alignment Cost

Caster, Camber and Toe...Oh My!

With a typical cost in the range of $65 to $100 per tire alignment service, it is not out of reach and should be a regular part of your car care regime. To save money, some tire and auto care facilities offer lifetime alignment packages in the range of $200 with scheduled alignment every 6,000 miles, or as needed, for as long as you own your vehicle.

You can find out how much a wheel alignment costs for your vehicle using the Kelley Blue Book Service and Repair Guide.

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Whats The Relationship Between Alignment And Tire Wear

Ideally, tires should wear evenly across the thread. Poor alignment causes uneven wear and can shorten a tires life by thousands of kilometers. Crucial steering and suspension parts might be affected as well. To minimize the frequency of tire change and better fuel efficiency, have your wheel alignment checked.

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