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What Speakers Fit My Car

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Runner Up For Best Component Car Speakers 2022

Will it fit my car?: Car Stereos and Speakers | Crutchfield Video

Included: 6×9 or 5×7 component speakers, with tweeters and woofers.

Warranty: Yes

Pros: The Diamond Audio Component Speaker set has everything you need for a premium music setup. While their sets usually retail for thousands of dollars, the Amazon model is the perfect way to dip your toes into superior sound without the premium price tag. This speaker set is a great deal, including two-component speakers, tweeters, and subwoofers, plus everything you need for installation.

This speaker set has a frequency response between 60 Hz and 20,000 Hz, with a sensitivity of 84 dB which will give you a superior surround-sound experience.

Diamond Audio products are still fresh to Amazon, meaning you can frequently catch them on sale and grab a bargain. As a bonus, Diamond Audio speaker sets are sold with an official LAB vinyl sticker which we find to be a fun touch.

Cons: The magnet on the back of the speakers is quite large, so these speakers may not fit in every car that takes regular 6×9 speakers. Ensure you double-check the sizing of these speakers before purchasing.

Rating: 9/10

Sizes Available: 5.25×5.25, 6.5×6.5, 6×8, 6×9 with woofer, and subwoofer

Warranty: Yes

Pros: MTXs thunder component speakers seldom receive the credit they deserve. MTX has been making speakers for over 40 years and they have definitely perfected the art. These speakers are loud, clear, and crisp: making them perfect for easy listening and mid-drive dance parties.

Rating: 8.5/10

Warranty: Yes

Secretwhat Speaker Fit My Car What Size Speakers Are In My Car

Before you begin the arduous process of adding on to your cars audio, youll need to make sure that youve got exactly what you need. Before you even begin you need to ask yourself what speakers fit my car? After all, theres no point in picking up that new car speakers if you arent sure its going to fit. Theres a few different routes you can try, so lets go over them and get you on your way to a brand new system.

Component Vs Coaxial Speakers:

You have a choice of Component speakers and Coaxial Speakers. Every car is different, and speakers vary in sound quality. A component is dedicated to a single type of speaker with each separated module specifically designed for range. The tweeter and woofer in a component setup may be preferable to set them in separate locations. If a car has only one speaker on their door that means it is a coaxial speaker system. Each component speaker includes only one cone and one driver.The lowest frequencies are created by woofers, the highest by tweeters, and mid-range speakers fit in between those extremes.

Lets discuss one by one each of them

Car Speakers Tweeters:These special type of speakers produce the high audio spectrum typically from 2,000 to 20,000 Hz. The name is taken by the high-pitched sound tweeting of birds

Mid Range:Mid-range speakers the range of middle frequencies overlap between the tweeters and woofers.Frequency response of between 200Hz to 5 kHz

Woofers:A woofer is the type of driver which is designed to produce deep bass from the range of from 20 Hz to 200Hz, and its created only for low-frequency deep bass sound .if you are a bass lover so woofers car speakers with bass will be awesome for you.

Super Tweeters:These speakers like super tweeters produce an ultrahigh frequency higher than the 2,000 Hz that regular tweeters handle.

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How We Selected These Car Speakers

As a lifetime audiophile and sound-system builder in both home and automotive, Ive built, installed, and listened to dozens of high-end car-stereo speaker systems over the past three decades. Having listened to and examined many of these systems, Ive seenand heardfirst-hand what works and what doesnt. Ive used that experience to select and recommend the speakers below.

  • Subwoofer Diameter: 8 in.
  • Power: 150 watts

Cant fit the JBL Bass-Pro in your smaller car? Or maybe youre not keen on losing a lot of trunk space. The Kicker Hideway is the answer. It fits under your seator your passengers seat, in some cars that have bulky power controls on the driver side onlyand it puts the boom back in your boomin system. An installation-friendly harness handles audio signal and power in a single connection wire, while a remote control allows you to adjust the amount of bass without reaching under your seat. This is a great way to put some serious bass into a sports car or family sedan where the trunk is usually full.

Q: What should car audio sound like after an upgrade? How do you know its mission accomplished?

Q: How much power do I need for my new speakers?

Q: Do woofer and tweeter cone materials make a difference?

Q: Whats the biggest mistake people make when buying car speakers?

A: Getting a bigger speaker that costs less, thinking it will be louder. It might be, but you’ll pay a price in sound quality.

Best Component Speakers Budget Buy

NEW Pioneer TS A4633i ?3 Way Custom Fit Car Speakers?200w Max?6" x4" ?1YR ...

Sizes Available: 5.25×5.25 or 6.5×6.5 with tweeters, and woofers

Warranty: Yes

Pros: BOSSs component speakers are quickly becoming one of the best speaker options on Amazon. These speakers are built with polyurethane and rubber casing, making them extremely durable long-term. The speakers also use a voice coil that withstands high temperatures, making them perfect for hot and cold climates.

With these features and a stylish design, its no wonder the BOSS speakers come with a three-year warranty.

Cons: While BOSS speakers are available in tweeters, crossovers, and regular component speakers, BOSS is only selling two sizes in 2022: meaning they arent suitable for every vehicle.

Rating: 7/10

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Inch And 65 Inch Car Speakers

  • Out of the two, the 6 inch size speaker is the less common car speaker. The 6.5 inch speakers are the right size for many different cars and can be installed pretty easily in any car model.
  • Of course, with large car speaker sizes comes various features too, such as:
    • These speakers deliver better sound quality
    • Improved music hearing experience

    What To Look For In Car Audio Speakers

    The most important factor to keep in mind when you buy a car speaker is whether your amplifier is compatible with it in terms of power handling. It is also important to understand how the channels of your amplifier operate. Some amps will have impedance options that will restrict the power. So, you will need to check what impedance your amp is compatible with before choosing speakers. Once you know this, then you can focus on products that share the same impedance.

    Once you’ve worked out what your amp’s specs are, so that you can pick products with the correct impedance, then you need to think about sizes. Unless you want to modify your car, then you’ll want to choose speakers that can be mounted into the same space that the stock speakers currently are. Check the size of your current speakers, then choose replacements that are of the same size. 6x 9 is one of the most common sizes.

    Once these more pressing matters have been addressed, you should think about the sort of sound quality you desire. Many of us will find that a standard, two-way system with a woofer and a tweeter will suffice, as it should deliver full-range, balanced sound.

    You will have noticed that we included a component speaker option in our reviews. This was to demonstrate another audio setup option. It places tweeters at a more preferable level for directional audio dispersion that is aimed at the driver and passengers’ ears.

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    What Is The Best Car Audio System

    We stock a wide range of car stereo and car speaker brands, so the ‘best’ option sometimes comes down topersonal preference. If you’re looking for easy functionality and cool features, then an Apple CarPlay orAndroid Auto compatible stereo andno speaker upgrade may be the best option. If you’re a true music lover, then a full speaker overhaul withthe addition of a performance head unit, amplifier and subwoofer in the boot would be the bestsolution to give your tunes the focus they deserve.

    What If The Originals Arent A Standard Speaker Size

    Morel Virtus Nano Carbon slim-fit car speakers | Crutchfield

    In that case youve got a few options:

    • Use a regular speaker adapter and mount it in place of the originals by using self-tapping screws or brackets as needed. Thats because the original hole spacing is usually different.
    • Speaker spacing rings can be used to help make up the difference if its close. You may need brackets to mount them.

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    Upgrading A Factory Stereo:

    Many stereo users just love the way the factory stereo looks. Thus, you can upgrade it too without replacing the head unit. First, you can start it with the speakers. When you are done with it, jump to the amplifier and the upgrade goes on in the same manner. This?Car Stereo Fit Guide is made to help you buy the best car stereo.

    Make Sure Your Speakers And Your System Match

    There are two main specifications to consider when choosing your next car speakers that will have a positiveimpact on the overall sound quality.


    The sensitivity of a speaker is measured to identify how it converts power into volume . Therating is measured in decibels and the higher the rating the louder the speakers play.

    Most factory-installed car stereos are fitted with low-powered speakers or less. Ifyour car is fitted with a low-powered stereo, speakers with high sensitivity ratings of over 90dB will be mostsuited to your stereo. Alternatively, high-powered stereo systems with 16 watts RMS or more will benefit fromspeakers with a low sensitivity rating.

    Replacement speakers with a high sensitivity level will also work best if your car is fitted with an anemicfactory stereo. And if youre working with a high-powered external amp, speakers with a low sensitivity levelare the ones to go for.


    How much power a speaker can handle is measured in watts and is known as power-handling. Though it soundstechnical, it ensures your speakers are capable of handling the power that your stereo or external amplifierproduces. This is why many people prefer to buy a new stereo before looking at speakers.

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    Winner Of Best Coaxial Car Speakers 2022

    Sizes Available: 4×4, 4×6, 5.25×5.25, 6×9, 6.5×6.5, GX302, GX642, GX600C

    Warranty: Yes

    Pros: The new JBL coaxial speakers have only been on the market for a matter of months, but are already making waves among audiophiles. These speakers are best known for their crisp sound and high-quality fabric and polypropylene makeup making them an easy choice for the Best Car Speaker For 2022 title.

    If youre looking for a premium pair of speakers for an affordable price, JBLs newest speaker set is for you. JBL speakers are a plug-and-play option, meaning they can be installed by hand or with help from a professional.

    Unlike previous JBL models, the Peak Power speakers also come with adapters for tweeter installation.

    Cons: While the JBL Peak Power speakers produce a crisp for their size, smaller speakers like this often offer a little less bass than some drivers want. If you expect more boom in your bass, we recommend pairing the JBL speakers with a pair of backseat woofers or subwoofers.

    Rating: 9.5/10

    Sizes Available: 3.5×3.5, 3.75×3.75, 4×4, 4×6, 5.25×5.25, 6.5×6.5

    Warranty: Yes

    Pros: Infinity is a premium speaker brand for one key reason: quality. Infinitys coaxial speakers deliver a signature sound not found in other car speakers, making them an easy runner up for the title of Best Car Speakers 2022

    Rating: 9/10

    Sizes Available: 5.25×5.25, 6×9, 10×10

    Warranty: Yes

    Cons: These speakers come with a warranty only when bought from Amazon or Diamond Audio directly.

    What Size Speakers Are In My Car

    All Car Speakers at Crutchfield Canada

    Good question. It is essential to determine the dimensions of your car before you decide to replace your car audio kit.

    Lets look at our Car speaker sizes guide.

    3.5 inches: This is the smallest size group and is often installed in-dash ports. These are great for high-frequency and mid-range sounds but not for low frequencies. These tiny speaker sizes are often found in older cars.

    4 inches This car speaker size offers good frequency and mid-range. They are small and compact, making them ideal for tight spaces. However, they only offer a limited amount of bass.

    4×6 inches: This car speaker size is used in many factory speakers. These are the most common speakers available on the market.

    They have a small cone for the woofer, but they offer decent audio quality. They can be used in multiple audio systems.

    4×10 inches: This oval-shaped speaker offers a unique solution where other speaker sizes are not possible.

    Modern cars have round speaker systems. However, some older cars and a few newer cars need a 4×10 inch speaker.

    5 inches: These are typically found in Japanese-made cars. They offer a remarkable balance between low and high-frequency sounds. They arent the best for bass fans, but they can satisfy the music needs of most people.

    5.25 inches: This car speaker size is ideal for high-frequency sound and seems to be the most popular option for factory speakers.

    The 5.75 and 5.7 inches are more powerful and can be used as replacements for low-frequency speakers.

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    When They Dont Align With The Original Holes

    Many vehicles today have a mounting hole pattern or use a speaker frame that doesnt match up with aftermarket 4 hole patterns. In that case, youve got a few options so being prepared beforehand is extremely helpful.

    Here are some options:

    • Use a speaker adapter ring or plastic plate.
    • Use self-tapping screws and a cordless drill to easily add screws through sheet metal with the new car speakers mounting holes.

    Self-tapping screws can make your installation work a lot faster and easier as they avoid the need to drill holes or change drill bits. You get the benefit of both drilling a hole and a screw at the same time!

    What Are Factory Speakers

    Factory speakers are the speakers made by your car manufacturer. As they are trying to sell you a car they use very low-quality materials like paper and cardboard. These speakers might sound good at the start, but they just dont last. Speakers that you buy after you have bought your car are called aftermarket speakers.

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    How Does The Fitting Process Work

    If youre buying your new stereo in-store, then simply speak to a colleague to book a fitting appointment.

    If youre buying online, then choose the free fitting assessment option during the checkout process andpick a date and time. The fitting assessment will last approximately 30 minutes and will give us the chanceto double-check that the stereo youve chosen is suitable for your car, can be installed seamlessly and willwork with your existing controls.

    Once were certain that everythings prepared correctly, well book you in for a full fitting appointment ona date and at a time that suits you.

    Questions To Ask Yourself Whilst On The Hunt For A Stereo System

    How to choose car speakers | Crutchfield
  • What sizes will fit in your car ?
  • What type of sound do you want from the stereo? Do you listen mostly to the radio, MP3 players or CDs?
  • What type of music do you listen to?
  • Are you after the latest technology or something simple and easy-to-use?
  • Is budget or quality more important to you?
  • If upgrading only the Head Unit, will the new head unit support your current Speakers?
  • Do you already have or want an Amplifier or Subwoofer?
  • Answering the questions above can help narrow your search and help make a tough choice a little easier. If you head down to your local store, our friendly staff can help guide you in your decision.

    Great Stereo Products Available at Autobarn

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    Can I Hook House Speakers To My Car

    Depending on the car, it may be possible to use the same wires used for a factory speaker. However, most cars have speakers in the back of the car.

    This means that the speaker wire will have to go through the headliner, down the front windshield, and then through the door jam to reach the back of the car.

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    The Sizes Of Your Car Stereo:

    The size of the car stereo may vary according to the model of the vehicle and question will any car stereo fit in my car will remain not valid anymore. Before buying any updated stereo for your vehicle, find what size fits your car.

  • Single Din
  • The single din is the most common of the car stereo. These stereo are, generally, a couple of inches tall. About all the leading brands in the market produce such car stereos. Many features we have listed or going to list in this guide are included in a single din car stereo.

    Make it sure that which is the size of car stereo size and find the best-related stereo for you that meets your requirement. I recommend going through this detailed comparison between Single Din and Double Din car stereos.

  • Double Din
  • The size of a Double Din Stereo is double as compared to the size of the single din car stereo. The Double Din size makes it very easy for the users to control various multimedia and other functions. The Double Din size becomes more significant when it comes to the car stereo having a touchscreen.?

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