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Can I Get My Car Title Online

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Pay The Fee And Wait For Your Title

How to get a replacement lost car title – do it yourself

There is a fee for getting a duplicate car title. This fee varies greatly between states, from as little as $4, to as much as $95 in addition, some states charge extra fees on top of that. It is best to find out directly from your state DMV how much the total cost will be with fees included for a replacement car title. You should also find out what payment methods they accept. After completing all of these steps, it is time to wait for your title. In some states, the DMV may print your auto title out for you on the spot if you go in and apply in person. In other states, you will have to wait anywhere from four days, up to four weeks. For an extra fee, most states offer expedited service, which will get your title to you fast, usually within two to three days. Now you know how to get a car title, and you are on your way to getting a fast and easy car loan with TitleMax®!

The Illinois Auto Title Application

To obtain an IL pink slip , vehicle owners must complete an Application for Vehicle Transaction . Drivers may obtain a title for a car by completing an application online using the Electronic Registration and Title service, before printing the application and submitting it in person or mailing it to the SOS.

Alternatively, drivers may obtain a certificate of car title application in person at an SOS facility or they may request an application by telephone at 800-252-8980. When completing the application to get car titles, drivers must provide the following information:

  • The Illinois car title number.
  • The vehicle identification number .
  • The date and state of purchase. If purchasing a vehicle from Florida, South Carolina, Georgia or North Carolina, drivers must complete an SOS Natural Disaster Disclosure Statement .
  • The vehicles license plate type.

After completing and printing the new or used car title application, drivers must submit it to the SOS within seven days. Furthermore, you may apply for an Illinois certificate of car title and registration card simultaneously if you wish. To do so, you must select Title and Registration as the title type when completing the application using the ERT system.

Where To Apply For A Car Title In Florida

Vehicle owners must apply for a Florida car title in person at a county tax collectors office or license plate agency whenever they purchase a vehicle from a private seller or acquire a vehicle from a family member. However, drivers may download an auto title application online if they wish to print and complete the form prior to visiting a tax collector or license plate office.

After completing the vehicle title application and gathering all supporting documentation, car owners must submit the paperwork in person and pay all DMV titling fees. Note that, dealerships handle car title applications when motorists purchase a vehicle from a dealer. In this case, drivers do not need to visit a county tax collectors office or license plate agency to complete the process.

Note: After requesting a title for car ownership, the state issues the title in electronic or paper form. Dealerships issue electronic titles when the title involves a lienholder.

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Online Title Loans No Store Visit

Opting for an online title loan with no store visit is a convenient way to get quick cash without moving a muscle.

From the comfort of your home, you simply apply for a title loan online for this type of secured loan and wait for approval.

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Applying For A Title Replacement

Can I Get A Minimum Credit Score Loan Against My Car Title?

No more paper needed

When you title or register a vehicle in Arizona, your title information is stored electronically and you no longer automatically receive a paper title. You can view your title information in your AZ MVD Now account. Similarly, when you pay off a vehicle loan, the title will be held electronically.

If a paper title is needed, for reasons such as moving out of state, you can use the Title Replacement service on AZ MVD Now.

Paper title replacement online

If you have a paper title and need to replace it, the owner of record may apply for a title replacement on AZ MVD Now. Use the Title Replacement service.

The fee is $4.

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What Happens To A Title When I Sell The Car

There are two additional sections to the vehicle title designated to reassigning ownership. The buyer and seller both fill out whats called the Title Assignment section and enter the following info.

  • Buyer and seller information, usually name and address
  • Odometer reading
  • Date

This title assignment can only be filled out once, and it cant be corrected or amended. No scratching things out or erasing them. Because this form is so important, your focus and penmanship should be top-notch when youre filling it out.

What kind of documentation do I need after selling my car?

After you sell your car, you must keep a copy of the reassigned title for at least 18 months. But why would you need to keep track of a vehicle youve gotten your money for and sent down the road?

Lets say you sell a car to someone in a private sale. Both you and the buyer fill out the title transfer properly, and the new owner goes on their way.

Now six months later you receive a letter or phone call telling you your vehicle, the one you sold, has been impounded after some criminal activity. Youre told that youre responsible for coming to get the car, as well as the damages from an accident the vehicle was involved in youre still listed as the owner.

How could this be possible?

What happens if I dont sell my car directly?

How do I get proof of the car sale?

How Can I Get An Instant Title

In addition to the $15 title fee, there is an extra $5 fee for instant title service. The vehicle owner must appear in person for instant title service. The owner cannot appoint an agent for an instant title transaction. If there are two owners of a vehicle, both owners must appear in person for instant title service.

NOTE: For duplicate title transactions when there are two owners on the title record, only one owner needs to appear and sign the title application. An appointment of agent is not needed from the other owner. Both owner names will appear on the duplicate title.

Every instant title application is unique, but all persons processing a title application must present a Michigan or out-of-state photo driver license or ID card. Also, the vehicle identification number or hull identification number is required for every instant title application.

Please check with our Information Center at 1-888-SOS-MICH to make sure you have all the correct paperwork before traveling to an instant title branch office.

Most title transactions involving a Michigan title are eligible for instant title service at all Secretary of State branch offices. Certain title transactions are NOT eligible for instant title service:

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How Do You Get A New Car Title

First and foremost, determine that the title is actually lost. Recheck all the places where you can possibly find it. If its truly lost, you can start the process of a new title application. To apply for a new title, you will have to visit the local DMV office and provide proof of car ownership. Frankly speaking, expect a lot of paperwork to be involved.

As hinted before, the process varies slightly from one state to another. The fees might also vary from one state to another. Depending on the criteria involved in your state, you might have to visit the DMV office more than once to complete all the formalities. Of course, expect some more trouble if there is a lien against your vehicle.

What Is An Illinois Car Registration

How to get your car title for free

Drivers cannot operate a motor vehicle until they obtain Illinois auto registration documentation, even after they apply for a title. During the car registration process, the SOS provides drivers with two license plates, which vehicle owners need to operate a motor vehicle on public roads. Vehicle registration documentation shows that drivers may legally operate a vehicle in the state.

However, drivers may apply for a new car registration and a vehicle title at the same time using the Application for Vehicle Transaction . To apply for a DMV car registration and title certificate simultaneously, applicants must submit payment for registration, titling and license plate fees. Drivers need to obtain both motor vehicle registration documents before they may drive their vehicles.

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Can I Get Completely Online Title Loans No Phone Calls

With us, you can get completely online title loans no phone calls, if you do not wish to talk with our customer service reps, you can do the whole process online.

Sometimes we find it can speed up the process when we talk to our clients, for speed and efficiency, it can help, but we can do you title loan with no phone calls.

Looking Up The Title Number

Once we have a physical or electronic version of our car title, we can check for the title number. Most often, the seven- or eight-digit number should be in the top left corner, right next to the VIN. However, some states put it at the bottom of the document. Either way, finding it shouldnt be too difficult as the words Title Number are right next to it.

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What Is A Car Title

So before we can explain what a title number is, we first have to understand what the car title is. A car title is a legal document that proves the ownership of a car. In addition to ownership info, there are all sorts of valuable information on it that we need to register, insure, and sell our cars.

The car title will contain details about our cars make, model, and year. Also, we can find the odometer reading and basic information about the car owner, such as name and address, along with the title number.

But, perhaps, the most important part of a car title is the Vehicle Identification Number . Its a unique 17-character sequence assigned to a car by its manufacturer. Using the VIN, we can figure out what type and model the car is, as well as its country of origin.

What Should I Do If I Cant Find My Car Title

California Title Transfer How To

There are a few ways to find your car title:

  • Contact any existing lien holders. This could be a bank or credit lender.
  • Get in touch with your states Department of Motor Vehicles . Depending on your location, the DMV will either send the title by mail or require you to pick it up at a local branch.
  • Apply for a duplicate title with your states DMV. If you know basic details about your car, such as your VIN and license plate number, you can request a duplicate title for a fee. Most states can expedite this process, and some states like California allow you to apply online.

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What Is A Lienholder

Many states are considered title-to-lienholder states. This means that the title of a vehicle goes to the lienholder if the vehicle is financed. Until you pay off the vehicle, you are not technically considered the rightful owner of the vehicle. If you fail to pay the amount on the car note, the lienholder can repossess the vehicle.

Therefore, you may be able to get the title number from the lienholder itself. This is especially important if you have just finished paying off the car and you want the lienholder to now release the lien. You will need the lienholder to release the lien and send you the title so you can register the vehicle.

Government Car Title Search

Most states do not offer complete title information even on vehicles that are registered within their jurisdiction. This information is simply too difficult to track for most states, so its left to other organizations.

Some states do offer registration abstracts though. These contain useful information like parking tickets that may be left on the car. Title registration abstracts can provide more information about the current owner and past owners of the vehicle.

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How Do I Get An Instant Online Title Loan

When you apply with us, we can help you to get an instant online title loan, we make it easy for you to get the money that you need. We can get you instant approval.

With our title loans online instant approval, you will know how much money you will qualify for. We will let you know ahead of time the dollar amount that you can get with our online title loans.

Obtain A Duplicate Vehicle Title By Mail

How to get a replacement vehicle title at DMV

To obtain a new title for your vehicle you will need to contact the DMV in your state and make this request. You can download the form for a Duplicate Title Request and submit it via mail or you can visit a DMV branch in person to expedite this process. Typically once the DMV has all the information needed to issue you a duplicate vehicle title, it will take a few weeks for this to be mailed to you by mail.


  • How do I find out if a title has been transferred out of my name?


  • squarryadministrator

    Finding out if a vehicle title has been transferred out of your name is easy, you can contact your local DMV, in person if possible, and request to find out if the vehicle you sold has been transferred to the new owner.

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    Duplicate Title When Theres A Lien On Your Vehicle

    If your vehicle was financed, you probably have a lien on it, which stops you from selling the vehicle before its paid off. Your auto loan company can take back the vehicle if payments arent regularly made. If the California car title was lost or stolen in this case, only the lienholder could request and receive the title replacement.

    If you paid off the auto loan, eTags will need proof that you satisfied the lien before sending you a duplicate title. You could submit a notarized lien satisfied letter or complete the Lien Satisfied/Legal Owner/Title Holder Release REG 166 form. REG 166 cant be used for an electronic title or for a vehicle thats two model years old or newer.

    What Is A Florida Car Registration

    Car registration documentation serves as evidence of vehicle owners paying registration taxes and fees. When motorists get car registration in Florida, they receive a registration certificate, validation decal and metal license plates. Drivers may apply for new car registration certificates, license plates and validation decals when they apply for a title, but they may apply for both documents separately if they prefer.

    However, licensed Florida drivers cannot operate their new or used motor vehicle until they obtain titling and registration materials. To apply for FL vehicle registration documentation and a title certificate simultaneously, vehicle owners must complete an Application for Certificate of Title and submit the auto registration form to their county tax collectors office or license plate agency, along with proof of car ownership and automobile insurance.

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    When Do I Get My Title After Paying My Vehicle Off

    Typically after you make your last payment to the bank or dealership your car title will be sent to you in the mail. The title that is sent to you should reflect all the correct information, including having your name and address on it, since youre the true owner of the vehicle now.

    If you dont receive it within a month, contact the bank that held your car loan to find out when you should receive it. And if you still run into issues, contact your local DMV.

    How To Get A Title For A Car

    Can I get a title loan if the title is not in my name?

    A car title is a legal document that proves ownership of a vehicle. Car titles are issued by each states department of motor vehicles or the other state department that handles motor vehicle registration. Sometimes car titles are lost, damaged, or stolen this poses a problem when it is time to sell, buy, or salvage a car. Additionally, car titles are needed when you transfer a car to someone else or when you get an auto title loan or title pawn. The process of obtaining a duplicate car title is generally not very difficult. It may, however, take time, special documents, and a small fee, so be sure to contact your states DMV to know exactly what is needed. Although the process may vary by state, the basic steps involving how to get a car title are the same no matter what state you live in.

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    Can I Get Title Loans Online Instant Approval

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