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How To Replace Car Windshield

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Remove The Old Windshield Wiper

How To Install a Windshield the “Right” Way -EricTheCarGuy

Its time to elevate the wiper arm and you will notice that theres a small distance between the arm and the blade.

In that wiper arm, you will find a pinchable end where it is hooked with the wiper blade.

Now, you have to push the blade in the direction of the screwed area and press that pinchable end up against the wiper arm.

Keep doing it until the blade gets detached from the wiper arm. Now you have the blade free to move from its place. Finally, pull the blade backward and the old wiper will be removed completely.

Glass Doctor Windshield Protection Plan

Glass Doctor is committed to service, professionalism and great value. You can expect our work to meet the standards set by the Auto Glass Safety Council . But we dont stop there. Save even more money with several protection and road hazard plans that extend the life of your auto glass and windshields.

The Windshield Protection Plan is provided to you at no cost when we replace your windshield. It covers unlimited repairs or a single replacement within 12 months of the original windshield installation date.

Future Installation Option

With the addition of our Future Installation Option, the installation expenses of labor, adhesives, and moldings would also be covered. Valid for Windshield Protection Plan replacement only.

Hydrophobic Coating

Hydrophobic coating remarkably improves vision in the rain, repels rain, snow, and sleet, and reduces glare in the rain, especially at night. Hydrophobic coating lasts for months in normal driving conditions. With original windshield installation only.

Wiper Blades

Full-Service Plan

For our highest level of protection, we offer our Full-Service Plan that provides a discount for choosing all three options– the Future Installation Option, Clear Choice Hydrophobic Coating, and Wiper Blades.

Pros And Cons Of Windshield Installation By Professional Glass Experts

Going for professional services is always the best option. As most people would say, Leave it to the experts. After all, its their job, and they have the experience advantage, while some of them have undergone proper training. Moreover, experts know the correct pressure to apply to the glass after the windshield is installed. But, despite the many benefits, there are also a few flaws with this option. Too much pressure and the glass could break, while too little and the adhesives may not settle down enough to harden in a tight grip.


  • Stress-free replacement leave it to the experts.
  • Clean and professional finish
  • They have the more advanced equipment and the right tools for the job.


  • You need to have an appointment for the replacement, and sometimes it may take time to get a schedule, further delaying the process.
  • It could be more expensive if not covered by insurance.

Cost is a critical decision factor between the two options. If cost is not an issue, by all means, let the experts do the professional replacement of the windshield. But if you love working on DIY projects during weekends, a windshield replacement presents an excellent opportunity for another DIY task you can look forward to.

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What Kind Of Glass Does Century Glass Use When Replacing My Windshield

We use Pilkington auto glass whenever possible when replacing windshields in the Columbia area. The Pilkington brand offers the latest technology so that you can replace your windshield with the highest quality glass with all of the features you want, or that you had in your previous windshield. You dont have to settle for plain glass with Pilkington.

Is Pilkington Glass as good as an OEM Windshield?

Most people expect to replace auto parts with like parts, or those marked from the original equipment manufacturer . But what exactly does that mean, and why is it a good thing?

OEM is generally best for your vehicle because its pretty much guaranteed to fit your make and model just like the original glass. Aftermarket glass is often not as good for vehicles, because while it might give you more features it also might not be truly OEM, even if it is marketed as such.

Pilkington Glass provides auto glass directly to vehicle manufacturers as well as to windshield replacement companies and suppliers. That means that their products, in many cases, are actually the OEM windshields you are looking for. Century Glass also offers a no-leak lifetime warranty on all windshields replaced by one of our qualified techs.

How Long Does Replacement Take

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Windshield?

Most windshield replacements, when done by a reputable company, can be done between 30 and 60 minutes. It takes no time at all to do, but it is also recommended that you do not drive the vehicle for an additional 60 minutes after the glass has been replaced this means you are looking at about two hours in total from start to finish.

If you have a vehicle with passenger side airbags, then the time could be extended. Because the adhesive needs to be stronger and may take longer to cure. To comply with the laws and safety standards, you should strive to find a trained and certified technician. That only uses products that meet FMVSS standards. They should also be able to provide you with a written warranty and a record of the work that they have completed.

Before installation, the technician will go over exactly how long the work is estimated to take. And will discuss any concerns you may have. They will inform you of the type of glass and adhesive that must be used. And will ensure that your car will once again be safe to drive in different weather conditions.

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Safety Concerns Of Broken Windshields

There are several ways your windshield may have become cracked or broken, but it was most likely caused by flying rocks or other airborne debris. Chips and cracks in your windshield can weaken the overall structural integrity of the glass and can pose an array of different safety concerns including, but not limited to:

1. Ejection from the VehicleThe windshield is the last line of defense you have after your seat belt if you are involved in a collision. If the windshield is cracked or broken, you have lost this crucial barrier.

2. Airbag Deployment ProblemsWhen an airbag deploys, it uses the windshield to push it toward the passenger. If the windshield is broken, then it cannot properly deploy toward the passenger in a collision. Instead, it could go the opposite direction and deploy itself outside of the car through the window, instead of in where it is needed.

3. Impaired ViewA crack can cause the drivers view to become severely impaired which poses a variety of safety concerns for everyone. The crack makes it harder to see any obstacles there might be, as well as other cars and even pedestrians. It can also prove to be an unwanted distraction for the driver overall.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Windshields

Most people have seen the viral video of Elon Musk unveiling the new Tesla Cybertruck with military-grade windows, only to have them shattered by a baseball during a demonstration. Musk was likely more worried about PR than a dollar amount, but when a baseball comes crashing through your cars windshield, youll probably be asking yourself about the cost to replace windshields.

The answer is that cost depends on a number of factors, not the least of which is the auto glass provider you choose for your repair or replacement. Read on to learn more about average windshield repair prices and compare the top auto glass companies in the industry.

To go ahead and get a free quote for your vehicle, visit the Safelite website or call 877-664-8931.

To learn more about our editorial integrity policy and how we make money through affiliate partnerships, read our full disclosure here.

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Prepare The New Windshield

Clean the new windshield so that its smudge free . At this point its a good idea to reapply the gasket, working it around the perimeter of the windshield. Apply gasket sealer by pulling back the edge of the gasket and brushing it on so that its between the gasket and the windshield. Dont miss any spots and dont fuss that its messy. The central thing is that you create a good seal.

The Complete Guide To Windshield Replacement In South Carolina

How To Remove Reseal Replace Install Auto Glass Windshield

Windshield repair and replacement is a huge business in South Carolina for a few reasons, but the most common are car accidents and the poor road conditions. If youve ever been on one of our interstates, you know just how horrible the roads can be. Just last year in , our state was said to have the worst roads in the country.

Between seemingly constant construction zones and the loose debris from high winds, driving on the SC highway can be hazardous. Even though they are actively working on improvements, windshield replacement is going to continue to be a much needed service in the Midlands.

You really shouldnt put off replacing your cracked windshield, and with the ability of most drivers to get auto glass replacements at no cost there is no reason to. Even when the crack or damage isnt on the drivers side it can impair your driving more than you realize. It increases or adds a blind spot causing you to err and be unable to correct.

The windshield also protects you from more than bugs and the elements. It is also crucial to the support of the roof in the event of a rollover accident. The windshield keeps the passenger side air bags in place when deployed. A faulty windshield installation can result in significant injuries and even loss of life. To avoid the dangers of a cracked windshield contact us right away for a replacement.

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Who To Go To For Windshield Repair And Replacement

What does that mean when that rock, or other debris, hits your windshield and causes damage? It means that when its time to fix that chip or crack, you will want to choose a company that will install the windshield properly. Choose a company on, and pay special attention to those with the AGSC badge. Dont let time go by when damage occurs. Find a reputable company and installer and make the call today. attempts to provide accurate information but cannot be held liable for any information provided or omitted. You should always work with a licensed, insured and reputable glass shop that can assess your specific needs and local building codes and offer professional services. Never attempt to cut, install, or otherwise work with glass yourself. All content is provided on an informational basis only.

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When Does Insurance Cover Windshield Repair

If you have comprehensive car insurance coverage on your policy, many insurance companies will cover the cost to replace windshields at 100 percent. Insurance companies have different regulations regarding the size and length of a crack that they will cover.

To get your windshield replaced, you should check your coverage details and then file a claim with your insurance company. Some auto glass specialists like Safelite will work directly with your insurance provider to make the process easy.

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Car Windshield Replacement Diy Or Professional

When it comes to windshield replacement, theres always a choice between DIY or professional. Which one should you choose? More often than not, the choice is dictated by cost. Many car owners would wonder how much a windshield replacement costs or a windshield replacement fee. The installation cost will add up to the total replacement expenses, and you can significantly save a lot if you can avoid professional installation and go for the DIY option.

However, if you opt to replace the windshield on your own, you need to have the time to do the process plus the passion for DIY projects. In the digital world, we live in today, there are plenty of resources, and you can easily find videos that show the step-by-step process of the whole installation. Nothing should go wrong if you can adequately follow each step of the procedures.

In any case, there are pros and cons to each option between DIY or professional installation services. So, lets check them out so you can arrive at a better decision between the two choices.

What Size Of Window Rock Chips Can Be Repaired

Mobile Auto Windshield Replacement

Damage to the windshield often occurs as cracks or chips. In a chip, the point of impact is clearly visible and form configurations of stars, half moon and bulls eyes to mention but a few.

But a crack forms a distinct line that can range from a few inches to the full extent of the windshield. Modern technology has made it possible to repair windshields that would have otherwise been scrapped.

Rock Chip Size:

Chips about a quarter of an inch to three inches can be repaired, including cracks between one inch to fourteen inches as well.

Rock Chip Depth:

A windshield has two sheets of glass that are held together by an inner strong vinyl layer. If damage has penetrated to the inner layer, it is considered to be too deep and repairs cant be done.

Youll know when a crack or chip on a windscreen should be repaired or replaced because of:

  • The location of the damage
  • The size of a chip or crack
  • The depth

Location Of The Window Crack

When the chip or crack occurs and might impair your line of sight, you should get a replacement of the windshield instead of doing repairs or at least give us a call to check it out. At Reliable Glass, we give honest quotes with no sales gimmicks and no surprise costs at the end of the repair sometimes a crack or chip can be buffed out, even if another company said you need a replacement.

Damaged Glass Causes Structural Integrity Loss

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How To Replace Your Automobile Windshield

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We often take our windshield for granted. It seems to always be there when we are driving, and for the most part doesn’t cause any trouble. It is, however, very important that your windshield be in good repair. If it does need replaced, it has to be done correctly to ensure the safety of yourself and your passengers.

Install A New Windshield

Materials Needed

  • Urethane scraper
  • Windshield

  • Note: Compare the prices of new and use windshields for the best deal, making sure the condition of the used windshield is very good.

  • Note: For many cars, a specialized tool for removing the trim around the windshield is needed ask your parts store or dealer.

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When Should You Replace Your Windshield

As soon as you notice damage to your car windshield or windows, you should get the glass repaired or replaced. The general rule of thumb when it comes to cracks or chips in your glass is that if the damage is smaller than a dollar bill, it can be repaired. That being said, there are exceptions that require windshield replacement.

In any case, damaged glass should be replaced as soon as possible. Small cracks or chips can spider web over time, and large cracks can be a danger to you and your passengers because the windshield is an important structural and safety feature. The windshield helps a vehicle maintain its structure, so if your car overturns in an accident, a flawed windshield could lead to the roof caving in along with shattered glass.

You should make an appointment with an auto glass specialist to fix any chipped or cracked glass in a timely manner. Most companies have the option to reserve on-site appointments or mobile services, in which a technician will meet you at your house or office. Before you choose a provider, compare several windshield replacement quotes to make sure youre paying the right price for the service.

Trust The Safety And Reliability Of Safelite

How to easily remove and install a new windshield

When we replace your rear window, our installations of a new back windshield carry a nationwide lifetime warranty for workmanship. When the damage affects your safety, our technicians are available for same-day service so you get back on the road.

Turn to us for your rear windshield replacement and you can expect the best customer service with the satisfaction that your back window is quality checked to meet car installation requirements.

It may be an inconvenience to get a rear windshield replacement, but we promise to keep your experience as painless and easy as possible so you can get back to your day. Schedule service online today.

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Repair Or Replace Your Windshield Safely

Take care of windshield damage right away.

First, because catching it in time could mean the difference between needing windshield repair or replacement. More importantly, driving with a damaged or broken windshield can be a hazard for you and your passengers.

Make an appointment at one of our convenient Ottawa locations. Well take care of your windshield and get you safely back on the road as soon as possible.

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