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Can I Transfer My Car Loan To Someone Else

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Letting Someone Assume Your Loan

Transfer Lien or Loan to Your Spouse or to Someone else

Loan assumption isn’t something that’s allowed by all lenders. It can help you to avoid repossession if you’re no longer able to keep up with the monthly payment. You just have to find someone that wants to take over your vehicle and loan.

However, the process is much like getting a car loan. First, the lender has to allow assumption, then the new borrower must qualify for the existing loan. In this process, the terms, conditions, and payment due date aren’t likely to change, so the new borrower is measured against these guidelines. If they qualify, they sign a contract to assume the loan and it becomes theirs.

Not only is this process not widely allowed, it’s also difficult if the new borrower has poor credit. However, there are other options available if you need to get out of an auto loan you have.

Benefits Of Transferring A Car Loan To Another Person

There are a handful of benefits when you transfer a car loan to another person:

  • No more payments. This is the biggest benefit since the reason why most people transfer a car loan to another person in the first place is to get rid of their payments.
  • Less impact on your credit score. If you find someone to take over your loan, you wont need to worry about defaulting on your payments and ruining your credit score.
  • You can purchase a new vehicle. Once you get rid of your old loan, youll be better placed to purchase a less expensive vehicle.
  • Save money. Once you transfer a car loan to another person, you can choose to go without a vehicle to save money on all of the costs of car ownership.

Settling The Outstanding Debt

Another option open to car buyers who would like to transfer the agreement to another but cannot do so, is to settle the existing debt and take out a new agreement in the other persons name.

Again, talk to your finance company. Let them know your intentions and ask for the help in facilitating the process. If they are losing your finance payments per month, they may be happy to make finance possible for the person you wish to transfer yours to.

Discuss the situation with the other person if this is possible. Together you may be able to come to an agreement to pay off the existing debt together and then take out a new car finance deal in their name instead.

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Can You Transfer A Car Loan To Someone Else

Can you transfer your car loan to another person? I work two jobs and do my best to budget my money every month. Somehow, I am still struggling to pay my car payment every month. My aunt offered to take over my car loan, so itâd be one less bill for me.


take ownership of your car

Not Usually But There Are Exceptions

Can I Transfer My Loan To Someone Else?

Generally, personal loans cannot be transferred to another person because these loans are determined based on your and list of available sources of income. Some types of personal loans, such as signature loans, require your signature and use your promise to pay as collateral.

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Finding The Option That Works For You

Once you decide on the solution that’s right for you, we want to help you find an affordable vehicle and the dealership that can provide it. If you don’t know where to start, you’re in luck because you’re already in the right place.

Here at CarsDirect, we not only have the inside scoop on all the new and used cars you need to know about, we can get you matched up with a local special finance dealer.

We work with a coast-to-coast network of dealerships that have lending solutions for bad credit borrowers. Don’t hesitate any longer! Simply fill out our fast and free auto loan request form to get started today.

Can Someone Take Over My Car Loan

You are at the end of your rope: you bought a fancy car when you were making lots of money, but six months ago you lost your job and are now way behind on your car loan payments. A relative offers to cover your car payments while you catch up. Or perhaps you have a friend with really terrible credit but good income and a car sitting in their driveway just waiting to get some more use. You want to let him cover the costs of your car payments in exchange for letting him drive the car.

In all of these cases, you may be wondering: can someone take over my car loan?

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What Happens When You Have A Cosigner Or Guarantor

Although a borrower cannot transfer the responsibility of a personal loan, another person can become liable for the remaining balance of someone’s personal loan when they take out the loan with a cosigner or guarantor. If you default on the loan, you make the cosigner or guarantor liable for unpaid balances.

Cosigners are every bit as legally responsible for the personal loan as the person to whom the loan is issued. While lenders need to prove they pursued the primary borrower extensively before contacting the guarantor, said guarantor is still responsible for any unpaid balances.

While you cannot transfer most personal loans to another person, some types are transferrable in certain situations.

Can A Cosigner Take Possession Of The Car


Cosigners don’t have any rights to your vehicle, so they can’t take possession of your car even if they’re making the payments. What a cosigner does is lend you their credit in order to help you get approved for an auto loan. … A cosigner must have good credit and agree to make any payments in case you’re unable to.

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Learn More About Car Loans

Can you get a chattel mortgage with bad credit?

Getting approval for a chattel mortgage with bad credit may be possible, given chattel is put up as security for the loan. That means if you fail to repay the loan, the creditor can recover the loaned amount by repossessing and selling the car or piece of equipment. This differs from unsecured car loans, where the asset is not tied to the loan and cannot be taken if you dont meet the repayments.

How to get a chattel mortgage?

Both businesses and individuals may use a chattel mortgage, provided that the car is being used predominantly for business purposes.

To apply for a chattel mortgage, you need to first consider your options and choose a suitable lender that meets your requirements. Once you have selected a lender, you can apply for the loan online by filling out a form. If the lender doesnt offer an online application process, you can either call them or visit their nearest branch.

After youve applied, the lender will ask you to supply documents that confirm your identification, income, job profile, etc. If everything is in order, most lenders will arrange the loans settlement, so all you need to do is pick up your car!

What is vehicle finance?

Vehicle finance, also known as a car loan, is money that a consumer borrows with the express purpose of buying a vehicle, such as a car, motorbike, van, truck or campervan. Vehicle finance can be used for both new and used vehicles.

What is proof of residence?

Transferring A Car Lease

There are several reasons why you might not want or be able to continue with your car lease:

  • If your financial circumstances change and you canât afford your lease payments

  • If you donât like the car youâre driving

  • If your needs change and you require a different type of vehicle

Different lessors have different rules for lease transfers, so check with your lessor and find out whatâs possible before you make any plans. Your lessor may permit you to transfer the lease completely to someone else, or they may allow you to transfer the lease provided you remain named on it. If youâre close to the end of your lease, or there are only a few payments left on the lease, your lessor may not allow you to transfer the lease at all.

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How To Refinance A Car Into Someone Elses Name

It is technically possible to refinance your vehicle into someone elses name as part of a multistep process, but it takes time and may not work. Here are the steps:

1. Refinance with the new person as a cosigner.

Apply for a loan and the lender will consider the car, how much you owe and both of your credit scores and incomes. If you qualify, both you and the cosigner will sign the loan and the cars title will be updated with the cosigners name in addition to yours.

2. Refinance keeping the cosigner, removing you from the loan

Refinance again to remove your name from the loan and the title. There is no guarantee that the new lender will approve the loan application. They might turn it down if there is not a significant amount of time since the vehicle was last refinanced. Also, they might not make an offer if the only person applying has a low credit score or a low income.

Other options are much easier and quicker.

Tips For Ensuring The Refinance Process Goes Smoothly

Can I Refinance My Car Loan to Someone Else?
  • Before you go ahead with the refinancing process, make sure that the new borrower will meet all insurance requirements that are put in place by the lender. This is particularly important if the new borrower is under the age of 25 or is a brand-new driver.
  • Dont forget to change the car title when you refinance the loan. In fact, all of the cars related documents need to be transferred as well. Generally, you can change the title at your local DMV, although in some cases the title transfer can take place in front of a notary. If you have changed lenders for the new car loan, you will also need to change the lien holder on file.

When exploring your options for refinancing or transferring an auto loan, its recommended that you first consult your auto loan lender. He or she can let you know what restrictions are in place with your current loan and what options are available to you.

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The Best Way To Transfer A Car Loan Sell It

If someone wants to take over your car loan, they should consider getting a loan in their name and using it to buy the car from you, which pays off your loan. This is best if you want to:

  • Relieve yourself of ownership
  • Remove your responsibility for car payments
  • Have the other person officially own and be responsible for the car

The other person will need to get either a private-party auto loan or a personal loan. Their lender will pay off your lender directly or give the funds to the person, who can transfer the money to you.

By doing this, you are technically selling the car to them. You could try to sell the vehicle for more than what you owe on it and pocket the difference. If you want a full guide on the process, heres how to sell a car when you still have a loan on it.

Guarantors And Their Role

A person willing to make your payments, should you find yourself unable to make them during the term of your car finance agreement, is called a guarantor. With a reliable guarantor named on your application, a finance company will feel more secure in offering you finance regardless of your credit history, whether it is poor or just limited.

Always obtain the consent of your guarantor first before making any applications, as its their history of credit that will be checked before any car loan will be offered to you.

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How To Find Someone To Take Over Your Lease

Assuming your lessor permits a lease transfer, you have a few routes to take when it comes to finding someone to take over your lease. There are several online marketplaces where you can list a lease takeover, but they may charge you a fee for listing your car. You can also try to find someone on your own, but it may take a while, leaving you stuck driving your leased car for longer.

Once youâve found someone interested in taking over your lease, youâll both contact your lessor, and the new driver will go through an application process, including a credit check, before they can take on your lease.

How To Transfer Your Car Loan To Someone Else

How to Transfer your Car Loan: Processes, Loan Strategies & Savings Tips | Intelligent Finance Guide
  • How to Transfer Your Car Loan to Someone Else
  • You cant just transfer your car loan to someone else. The new owner needs to refinance your current loan, and, at the same time, get the title transferred so it’s in their name. This means the new owner has to be able to qualify to refinance, you have to sign the title over to them, and they need to visit the DMV or Secretary of State to have the title transferred.

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    Taking Over A Car Payment:

    Simply saying that one can take over a car payment for someone else is an oversimplification of how a car loan works, whether you are trying to relieve yourself of a car payment or someone else is asking you to take over payments for them. Legally, a car loan transfer is bonded together with ownership of the vehicle.

    Of course, it is possible that someone could start paying your car payment for you, but the possibility of someone doing this of their own goodwill would be rare, even if it is a family member or close friend. More likely, there would have to be a tradeoff if someone else were to make monthly car payments on a car on which you have an outstanding auto loan.

    Once you get an auto loan to purchase a new or used car, the lender assumes that you will make the monthly payments until the loan term is complete. As the borrower, it is your responsibility to understand how much the monthly car payments will be so that you do not get into a tight financial situation.

    There will always be a handful of people who plan poorly, who only factor in the upfront purchase price of a new car, or who just make poor decisions, but even if you are shrewd, unfortunate things happen in life from time to time. It may be that you need to explore the options of getting rid of your monthly car loan payments.

    There are several things to consider and several potential options if your monthly payments are becoming burdensome on your existing loan.

    Alternatives To Transferring An Auto Loan

    • Sell the vehicle to someone else. This scenario may be the cleanest and quickest way to resolve an unwanted auto situation. Selling the vehicle not only avoids the need to transfer an auto loan, it can also provide a cash infusion if you’re experiencing financial struggles.
    • Have a family member or friend take over the auto loan payments temporarily. If youre an auto loan holder and youre having short-term financial problems , you can ask a trusted friend or family member to take over the loan for a few months until you’re financially solvent again. In that event, its highly recommended that both parties sign a contract stipulating the length of the contract and how the auto loan will be paid.If the temporary auto loan payer will also be driving the vehicle on a regular basis, you need to be aware that any parking tickets or toll booth violations will be filed in your name. Traffic accidents are a risk, too, so the temporary driver would also need to be covered by insurance.
    • Refinance the auto loan. To relieve some financial pressure, you can refinance the auto loan. This may potentially let you lower your interest rate or extend the loan term to reduce the size of your monthly payments. To do this, youll likely need to have good credit to get the best auto loan refinancing loan terms.

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    I Have Existing Finance Related Questions

    Hi, i have an existing finance agreement for 5 years and it’s my 1st year only. Another problem is that there’s a damage in the car bumper due to an accident . I would like to downgrade my car because my circ

    Unfortunately, every car loan is tailored to your individual circumstances and the vehicle youve financed so you cant just transfer a car loan from one car to another.

    But that doesnt mean youre stuck with a car you no longer want or cant afford. You do have options, even if you havent yet reached the end of your agreement.

    Pay the settlement figure

    If youd like to settle your finance early and own or sell your car, you can request a settlement figure from your lender. Typically, the further you are into your finance agreement, the lower this figure will be. Once youve settled your finance, youll be free to do what you like with the car: keep it, sell it or part-exchange it to use as a deposit in a new agreement.

    Refinance my car

    Want to change your agreement but keep your car? You can look to refinance instead.

    When your finance agreement can last anything up to seven years, its understandable that your circumstances can change. If you need to reduce your monthly outgoings or your financial situation has improved over time, a refinance deal could work for you.

    What about negative equity?

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    Yes, even if you have outstanding finance on your car, you may be able to get a new one before your agreement ends.

    Pay the settlement figure

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