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How Many Car Brands Are There

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What Are Luxury Car Brands

How Much Of Your Car Is Actually Made By The Manufacturer?

A luxury car is generally defined as a vehicle that offers increased comfort, premium equipment, and a higher standard of quality than usually found in regular economy and budget-focused cars. There isnt a comprehensive definition and the term luxury car can be used subjectively.

Brands that specialize in the manufacture of luxury cars pay careful attention to style trends and go the extra mile to make sure that their products offer a luxurious driving experience that matches the vehicles asking price. Historically, luxury vehicles have been larger cars that focus on passenger comfort as well as driver comfort. Some of the most expensive car brands that youll recognize include:

  • Audi

Gm Brands: Everything You Need To Know

GM brands are among the best-known and most popular vehicles in the United States. If you’re looking to purchase a new car, you can hardly overlook the options that are included in this lineup.

GM brands are among the best-known and most popular vehicles in the United States. If you’re looking to purchase a new car, you can hardly overlook the options that are included in this lineup. Learning more about these key brands, which include Cadillac, Buick, GMC, and more, will give you a solid background for your car shopping experience.

What Is The Least Expensive Audi

The least expensive Audi is the A3 sedan that starts out in the low-$30,000 range. The A3 can also be had in cabriolet form, which is also the brands cheapest drop-top model and is available for less than $40,000 before options. A mid-level performance model with sportier styling, known as the S3, is available in the mid-$40,000 range, and the RS3 Audis entry-level performance offering – starts out in the mid-$50,000 range. In terms of SUVs, the entry-level model is the Q3, which starts out below $35,000 while the A4 Allroad is the cheapest wagon with a starting price of $45,700.

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What Is The Sportiest Bmw

Thanks to BMWs deep motorsports roots, BMWs M division has crafted a number of exceptional and outrageously sporty models. The entry-level M2 and M3 models are high on the popularity scale but, you could also go for a sporty SUV like the X5 M or a Coupe-SUV like the X6 M. Of course, if none of these tickle your fancy, theres always the BMW i8 with supercar-like looks a decent hybrid performance.

The Top Manufacturers Of Formula 1 Cars

How many car brands does volkswagen own?

Formula 1 has a long list of cars and their manufacturers that made the sport what we know it as today. Success in the Formula 1 racing world requires a solidly built car, one thats designed to reach incredible speeds and can withstand plenty of wear and tear. It takes a keen eye and a knowledgeable mind to put together such a vehicle, and in the world of high-speed racing, there are a select few manufacturers that are highly trusted.

When a driver gets behind the wheel, its important that the machine hes entering is top quality, designed to protect his safety and propel him to the finish line. To this end, top car manufacturers around the world are tapped to design and build these speed engines. While the full list of manufacturers is long, there are a few names that have risen to the top and stayed there. Theyre the iconic logos that viewers watch racing around the circuit, blurred by the incredible speeds of the cars theyre responsible for.

Today, were taking a deeper look into the makeup of Formula 1 cars, and the manufacturers that help get them on the track. If youre on the way to the Canadian Grand Prix this year, keep in mind that you can get up close to vintage and modern cars during the weekend at the after-race F1 events and parties.

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Formula 1 Cars And Beyond: The Sport We Love

As Formula 1 enthusiasts, we know a thing or two about racing. Thats why were dedicated to making the Montreal Grand Prix as accessible and enjoyable as possible for our fellow fans. From the drivers behind the wheel to the manufacturers responsible for the incredible machines racing around the track, were invested and want to provide the same experience so that you, too, can understand whats so amazing about the experience.

If youre interested in attending the Grand Prix, or have any questions about the event, feel free to leave contact us.

Need to set up your Grand Prix weekend in Montreal? We organize, plan and reserve it all. Contact us to make your Grand Prix trip unforgettable!

Who Owns Which Car Brands

This question should have a dedicated article by itself, but it we could summarize it, this would be the answer:

  • Volkswagen AG owns: Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Cupra, Ducati, Lamborghini, Porsche, SEAT, Skoda, and of course, Volkswagen.
  • Toyota Motor Corporation owns: Daihatsu, Lexus and Toyota.
  • General Motors owns: Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet and GMC. Plus a few Chinese brands.
  • Honda Motor owns: Honda and Accura.
  • BMW Group owns: BMW, MINI and Rolls Royce.
  • Ford Motor Company owns: Ford, Lincoln, Mustang and Troller.
  • Daimler AG owns: Mercedes-Benz, AMG, and Smart.
  • Hyundai Motor Group owns: Hyundai, Genesis and Kia.
  • Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi owns: Alpine, Dacia, Datsun, Infinity, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Venucia, Lada, and of course, Renault.
  • Stellantis owns: Alfa Romeo, Citroen, Chrysler, Dodge, DS, FIAT, Jeep, Lancia, Maserati, Opel, Peugeot, RAM, and Vauxhall.
  • Tata Motors owns: Land Rover, Jaguar and of course, Tata.
  • Suzuki owns: Suzuki and Maruti Suzuki.
  • Geely Auto Group owns: Lotus Cars, Polestar and Volvo.

Independent car brands: Aston Martin, Ferrari, McLaren, Tesla Motors, Mazda, Subaru and many other less known companies.

What are the luxury car brands?

Some people also consider BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Cadillac, Genesis, Land Rover or even Tesla Motors as luxury car brands, but we think theyre mid-level cars.

What car brands last the longest?


This list was compiled by looking at the Wikipedia articles and our own research on other various sites.

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Tata Motors: Founded 1945

Tata Motors is an Indian automotive company, headquartered in Mumbai. Part of the Tata Group, the company creates a host of passenger cars, vans, coaches, trucks, luxury cars, and more. One of the better-known makes of car owned by Tata Motors is Jaguar, and the other is Land Rover.

The company also enjoyed a collaboration with Daimler-Benz in the past too.

Who Owns What Car Brands And Their Connections

Why Cheap Cars Are Disappearing

Figuring out what car companies own who can be a little tricky, as the ownership can change from one year to the next. At the time of writing this article, here are the major car brands we know, and the parent brands who own them.

Well also be looking at some retired brands which may still offer products in some parts of the world.

  • Abarth: Stellantis
  • Mitsubishi: Renault, Mitsubishi and Nissan
  • Nissan: Renault, Mitsubishi and Nissan
  • Opel: Stellantis

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Daimler Ag Founded 1926

Daimler is a German automaker that sells its vehicles under the world-renowned Mercedes-Benz brand. The company was formed with the merging of the Daimler and Benz auto companies, before purchasing Chrysler in 1998 and being named Daimler Chrysler AG.

After later selling off the US brand in 2007, it became known simply as Daimler AG.

You Might Be Surprised How The World’s Top Car Brands Are Shared Around Just A Few Parent Companies

Most people know Lexus is Toyotas luxury arm and BMW owns Mini, but did you know Lamborghini is owned by Audi, which is run by Volkswagen? Or that, before its eventual demise as a carmaker, Holden started out making saddles?

Here is the current status of every major car brand, as well as a snippet of its history and when it was founded.

In most cases, the nationality of the current owner is a matter of semantics. For example, just because Jaguar is currently under Indian ownership, the brand is no less British than it has been in all its years.

Youll often find the head office, design centres and sometimes even the factories stay in their respective native countries regardless of who now owns a given brand.

Car companies shift ownership more frequently than you might imagine, and part ownership shares even more often than that, so it can be difficult to keep track. This is as the global automotive landscape looks at the time of writing.

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Which Car Companies Own Which Car Brands

Do you know which car companies own which car brands? Dont worry if the answer is no, most people cant figure out the complex family trees of todays car manufacturers. Whats more, its common for vehicle brands to change owners every now and again, making ownership harder to track.

What most people dont realize, is the car makes and models you see on the market are generally more connected than they appear. There are hundreds of different car brands out there, but many of them belong to the same larger, conglomerate company.

Today, were going to take you on a journey through the relationships between the different makes of car you might have considered buying over the years.

Hopefully, this list will clear up some of the confusion most people feel when it comes to understanding car brands.

Small Car Names: The Best

How many car brands does volkswagen own?

Do you like small portable cars or you know someone that loves small cars? Well, in fact, the small car type that we usually refer to is called “Compact Car” in international terms and used most frequently in the North American countries. While a number of drivers prefer large cars for more cargo space, many are keen on compact models that are more practical on cramped roads and parking lots.

Below is our shortlist of some of the best small cars in Nigeria and their correct names you can look into buying anytime soon.

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Vehicle Brands: List Of Car Corporations

Heres a quick rundown of the car corporations you need to be aware of:

  • BMW: Owns Rolls-Royce, Mini and BMW.
  • Mercedes-Benz Group: Owns Smart and Mercedes-Benz.
  • Ford: Owns Lincoln and Ford.
  • GM : Owns GMC, Chevrolet, Buick and Hummer.
  • Honda: Owns Honda and Acura.
  • Hyundai: Owns Kia, Genesis, and Hyundai.
  • Mazda: Owns Mazda.
  • Renault-Nissan and Mitsubishi alliance: Owns Nissan, Mitsubishi, and Infiniti
  • Stellantis: Owns Alfa Romeo, Dodge, Chrysler, Fiat, Maserati, Jeep, Ram, Citroën, Opel, Vauxhall, Peugeot, DS Automobiles, and Abarth.
  • Subaru: Owns Subaru.
  • Tata motors: Owns Land Rover and Jaguar.
  • Tesla: Owns Tesla.
  • Toyota: Owns Toyota and Lexus.
  • Volkswagen: Owns Volkswagen, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Bentley, and Audi.
  • Zhejiang Geely : Owns Volvo, Polestar and Lotus.

What Is The Most Expensive Bmw

Not surprisingly, theBMW i8 Roadster is the most expensive BMW sold in the United States. With a price tag of $163,300 before options, taxes, and other fees, it overshadows the rest of the lineup. The i8 coupe comes in at $147,500. BMW halo car, the BMW M8 is priced from $133,000 and is the most expensive model below the i8.

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Car Logos And Names List Of Car Brands Updated 2021

Below is a well prepared and sorted list of the major car manufacturers in the world together with their brand logos and names list. It might not cover every single local and international car manufacturer that you know but it sure does have all the major and most recognized global brands from all over the world.

List of 59 car brands in the world

Brand name

> > > Think you can pronounce all the popular car brands without a mistake? Check out How to pronounce car brands names correctly

Car Makes And Car Brands

How Many Cars Are in the World?

There are approximately 600 million passenger cars worldwide . Around the world, there were about 806 million cars and light trucks on the road in 2007 they burn enough petrol and diesel yearly to fill Sydney Harbour twice over! The numbers are increasing rapidly, with change being brought in the form of electric and hybrid vehicles.

Car makers around the world, some in existence for over a century and some created in the last year, build millions of automobiles. The list below of automobile makers contains links to car/automobile makes that sell in Australia and is a great place to start your exploration of their history and current range. In some cases they are are manufacturing companies in their own right, and others are subsidiary companies or products of badge engineering.

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What Is The Fastest Audi

The Audi R8 V10 Performance is, hands down, the fastest production Audi ever created. It delivers 602 horsepower and 413 pound-feet of torque from a 5.2-liter V-10 and comes packed to the gills with carbon fiber trim, aerodynamic enhancements, and ceramic brakes. According to Audi, the R8 V10 Performance can sprint to 60 mph in 3.2 seconds and will continue on up to a top track speed of 205 mph, which is limited in the U.S. market for safety and regulatory reasons.

The Beginning Of General Motors

William C. Durant founded General Motors in 1908, the same year that the Ford Motor Company launched the Model T. GM’s strategy has long been to acquire other automobile brands, maintaining them under a single powerful umbrella. The company has used this approach to build an extensive line that includes everything from the luxury Cadillac to the heavy-duty Jiefang truck.

In the 1920s, GM was at the leading edge of the consumer shift toward luxury, high-performance vehicles. By offering sleek-looking cars with more power than the Ford Model-T, GM was able to capture a 12 percent share of the US market.

During the late 1930s and the 1940s, GM leant support to the war effort, supplying the military with trucks and weapons. This allowed the company to enter the truck market as well. By 1954, GM’s US market share had increased to 54 percent.

GM was far from being the first major auto maker in the industry, with Fiat getting its start in 1899 and Ford Motor Company starting in 1903. However, General Motors came decades ahead of Volkswagen’s 1937 founding. It wasn’t until 2014 that Fiat and Chrysler merged to compete in the market as Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

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Renault Nissan And Mitsubishi Alliance: Founded 1999

Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi are three car manufacturers made into one entity.

The unexpected, but powerful alliance between Nissan, Renault, and Mitsubishi, was launched in 1999. The French-Japanese strategic alliance between the three companies created a brand which now sells around 1 in every 9 vehicles worldwide.

Jaguar: Founded In 1922

All About Cars: All About Cars

Another of the British car manufacturers acquired by Tata Motors over the years, Jaguar is a luxury car brand which previously belonged to Ford until 2008. Interestingly, under the ownership of Ford, Jaguar never made a profit.

Fortunately, since embracing their new owner, Jaguar and Land Rover have both seen significant growth.

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What Makes An American Car Brand

Understanding which car brands are “made in America” is has been complex to decipher.

The majority of people find automakers such as Chrysler, Ford, General Motors to be staples of the American car market. But over the last century, there have been many different brands owned or operated by these large companies. Among these three, plenty of foreign investment has changed the nationality of the companies.

And American brands have been assembled outside of the United States for decades, while “imports” have also been built and sold in the country.

There are several factors to whether a car brand is an American product. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration requires that automobile manufacturers track where a vehicle’s parts are sourced and assembled, including the country where the engine and transmission were put together before being installed in the car.

NHTSA also requires that car manufacturers present what countries the engine and transmission parts come from. Automakers must then display the origin information on all of their vehicle’s window stickers.

To take origin information a step further, the North American Free Trade Agreement from 1994 required that each vehicle’s sticker reflect the percentage of North American parts used on each car.

How Many Car Brands Are There

There are hundreds of car brands in the world, but its impossible to list all of them since there are too many variables about what constitutes a proper car manufacturer and brand. However, if were talking about big industry players, there are 54 car brands of note, and theyre owned by 14 parent companies. Heres a quick overview of who owns who:


These arent the only brands out there. There are plenty of other top car brands out there that dont fit into the above criteria, since theyre still owned by themselves. Ferrari, Mazda, and Subaru, for example, as well as other interesting brands like Tesla and Lotus.

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How Can I Tell Where My Car Comes From

In addition to doing your own research into the manufacturing location and processes of each brand, you can identify where your car comes from through the VIN , which is usually located on the engine block, inside the drivers door frame, or in the corner of the dashboard, depending on the vehicle.

As the name suggests, the VIN gives you information to help you identify the vehicle, including brand, make, model, production year, engine size and manufacturer. If youre looking to see where your car can from, the first three letters or numbers of the VIN are your clue as these are known as the World Manufacturer Identifier and tells you the country of origin or final point of assembly for the vehicle, the manufacturer or region where the vehicle was produced, and the manufacturing division.

Theres a number of combinations for the WMI, although there are a number of free VIN decoders available online to give you the full breakdown of your vehicles information and manufacturing history.

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