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How Much To Repair Ac In Car

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What Is Recharging Your Ac

How to Fix Car AC (the Easy Way)

Your air conditioning system uses a special refrigerant called R134a to remove moisture from the air inside your car and deposit it outside. Over time, this refrigerant can escape, either through normal evaporation or through leaks that form in your system. Without refrigerant, the AC can no longer cool down the inside of your car.

Recharging the AC is simply the process of adding more refrigerant to the system so that it works properly again.

What Are The Costs Of Aircon Condenser Replacement Parts

A car aircon condenser price can vary for each make and model. The average car aircon condenser cost from Eurocarparts is £123.

Youll also need to flush and replace the refrigerant the replacement fluids average cost is £58.

In our search, we looked at the averages for standard 2015 models.

Car Make

Do They Still Make Precious Icy

Manufacture was banned in most countries between 1996 and 2010, including in the U.S., but that doesn’t mean it’s gone. You can buy it, but the federal Clean Air Act says you have to be a certified technician. In practice, you can find it for sale by gearheads who hoard it. But then, if you’re an amateur opening up the A/C system to recharge it, you’re releasing whatever’s left of the old refrigerant into the air, and that makes you the kind of jackass Captain Planet warned us about.

Also, people lie about what’s in the can. They might say it’s R12, but who really knows. Any decent A/C shop will be able to buy legit R12 for you and recharge your system the right way. âThere’s still plenty of virgin R12 around,â says Candido âCandyâ Figueroa, of Miami’s Auto A/C World. âIt is very expensive, and we only use it on cars that are going to be judged.â Expect to spend at least $200-300 for a couple of cans and labor, although that’s hundreds of dollars cheaper than converting to less-effective R134a.

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Start With Diagnosis Or And Ac Service

Most of the time, like 90% of the time, your cars ac stopped working because its low on refrigerant. We could start with a diagnosis and bill an hour for our time.

Well sir, we checked vent temperature and it was high. The blower and blend door seem to be working normally. We checked high side pressure and low side pressure and both were about 40 PSI. The compressor isnt engaging and we suspected that the low pressure switch was the cause so we jumped it and the compressor clutch did engage, so were pretty sure that your system is low on charge. Wed recommend servicing the AC system. Thatll be $200 for our diagnosis and another $200 for the service.

If we know that when a cars air conditioning doesnt work its caused by low refrigerant, why not play the odds and start with a service.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ac Service

AC Repair

Q: Why is my car AC blowing hot air?

A: There are many reasons why the air conditioning system could be blowing warm or hot air. The first step is to determine whether there is a concern with the A/C and heater controls or an operational concern within the A/C system. If its a heater or an A/C control issue, it would require a diagnosis to determine the cause of failure. If it is A/C system related, our technicians will proceed with the standard air conditioning system inspection.

Q: How do you make car AC blow cold air?

A: How to make the A/C system in your car colder becomes a question of what type of problem the air conditioner is experiencing. A technician will need to determine whether its an airflow issue or a concern with the refrigerant level. Having a system low on refrigerant is the most common cause of reduced temperature output. If this is the case, a standard air conditioning system service will be performed. Most A/C systems today use a refrigerant that is a gas. Currently, there are two standard systems in use for cars produced after 1993, R134A and 1234YF.

Q: Does car AC use gas?

A: While the car does not utilize fuel directly to operate the air conditioning system, fuel is used to create energy to help operate the air conditioning system. The air conditioner draws energy from the alternator, powered by the engine, however fuel is needed to power the engine. The more energy that is needed for the engine to supply, the more fuel is used.

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What Are The Leading Causes Of Aircon Condenser Failure

The most common cause of air condenser failure is due to leaks. Condenser tubes and seals will wear out over time and continued use they cant be replaced or repaired, so a replacement condenser is often the only solution.

As well as leakages, blockages play a big part in aircon condenser issues. Any water, air, moisture, or debris infiltration can lead to the refrigerant turning into sludge, clogging pipes and tubes, especially the tighter, smaller connections throughout the system.

With the condenser sitting right at the front of the vehicle, theres also a chance that damage can occur from rocks or other road debris being fired up or bouncing into it, delivering damage on impact.

Why Did My Cars Ac Stop Working

One day youll likely find the air conditioning in your car has stopped working. Why? Well your cars A/C is subjected to a whole lot more heat, motion, and vibration than the unit in your house. Eventually even a system without a problem will lose its refrigerant through the tiny leaks that are present in all automotive A/C systems.

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How Do I Fix My Car Ac Not Blowing Cold Air

#1 Your Cars AC Needs a Recharge The most common cause of a vehicles air conditioner not getting cold enough is that it needs to be recharged. You can recharge your refrigerant by yourself, but to save time and make sure the job is done correctly you should make an appointment with your local professional auto shop.

Home Ac Condenser Replacement Costs

How To Fix Leaking AC Lines In Your Car

An AC condenser replacement cost is between $840 and $4,210 on average. The condenser contains a heat-exchange system that cools and condenses the refrigerant into liquid before it enters the coil.

  • Condenser Coil Replacement Cost Replacing the condenser coil costs about $580 to $3,610. The coil part costs $130 to $450. There are two coils in your AC unit. One of them is the condenser coil, and it is located outside. This is where the heat is removed from the refrigerant.
  • Condensate Pump The cost to replace a condensate pump is between $100 and $165, with the part usually costing about $45. As your AC unit runs, it produces condensation, which the condensate pump removes.
  • Condensate Drain Tube It will cost about $100 to $195 to replace the condensate drain tube, with the tubing costing about $20 to $40. This drains the condensation the condensate pump is removing.

Signs of a Bad AC Condenser

You may have a bad AC condenser if you start feeling warm air come through the vents, or if you notice your power bills have been going up, but your home is not as comfortable as it was. Another sign may be strange noises when you turn the AC on. Listen and try to determine what kind of sound it is so you can tell the technician when you call.

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How Much Does A Car Ac Repair Or Service Cost

1. Regassing the cost for a standard aircon regas ranges from $100-$250, depending on what other services go with the procedure. Its not a simple draining of the old gas and refilling of a new one. The technician will safely remove the stale refrigerant, inspect the system for clogs, moulds, and leaks, and do minor repairs before recharging it with fresh refrigerant.

Most cars require this procedure done every two years, but it’s best to check what your car owners manual says.

2. Minor AC leak repair worn-out rubber rings, cracked hoses, and rusted junctions can cause leaks within the system. These need to be replaced and fixed before regassing, so expect to pay around $300.

3. Major damage in the AC system when your AC blows only hot air, and especially if the odometer reads over 150,000km, the issue is likely caused by a damaged compressor. If its so badly damaged to fix, prepare to spend $500 to $1400 for a replacement. The longer it takes for the technicians to do the procedures needed to fix the problem, the more you pay for labour.

4. Full system repair and servicing if the defective compressor has already caused damage to other parts, your air conditioning system may require more extensive repairs and replacement of parts. Costs could easily climb from $2,000 to $4,000, depending on your cars make and model and the extent of the problem.

The Air Conditioner Is Making Weird Noises

Your AC unit has a language all its own, and certain noises mean specific things.

  • Screaming or a high-pitched screaming sound at the outside portion of your AC unit. The most likely problem is the compressor. Turn off the AC unit and call your technician.
  • Knocking a sound in the outside unit is probably caused by something that fell into the unit like a stick, and its hitting the fan. Turn off the AC and call the professional.
  • Metal on Metal this is in the outside unit and probably means the fan motor bearings have gone bad. The fan motor needs to be replaced.
  • Gurgling its possible there is a refrigerant leak, or perhaps the drain line is gurgling as water goes through it.
  • they get faster as time goes on, and its possible there is an obstruction in the fan.
  • a sign of an electrical problem. Call your HVAC technician.

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What Are The Extra Costs

Vehicles made before 1995 will have to convert from using a CFC-12 refrigerant to an approved substitute. Depending on the make, model and the age of the vehicle, this can cost anywhere from $200 to more than $700. While CFC-12 isnt banned, its no longer made because of the effects it has on the ozone layer.

How To Fix A Car Air Conditioning Leak

Car Air Conditioner Freon Refill


Car air conditioning is the single most important system dedicated not to the operation of the vehicle, but to the comfort of the individuals inside. Basically every other systemengine, fuel, electrical, cooling, exhaust, drive train, braking, suspension and ignitioncontributes to the functioning of the vehicle itself. A car or truck without one of these systems wouldnt work.

The air conditioning system of a car, on the other hand, could be removed without any loss of function. Indeed, an A/C compressor draws power from the engine, slightly reducing the efficiency of the vehicle. The functionality of the driver and passengers, however, is dramatically enhanced by air conditionings cooling effect, which is why its important to know how to fix an A/C leak.

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How Much Does Air Conditioning Condenser Replacement Cost

When searching for a mechanic to replace your AC condenser, note that they should have a licence, certification and highly specialised training to do this. Unfortunately, due to the complex replacement process, this usually reflects in the cost. In the UK the average AC condenser replacement part cost can be around £300-£400. Some cars may require extensive dismantling to gain access to the condenser so expect to pay anywhere up to or around £350 for labour on top of that.

Here at, we have trustworthy and reliable mechanics throughout the UK qualified to carry out this work for you. Why not get a quote from one of our mechanics in your area?

Ac Compressor And Clutch

The AC compressor is a rotating pump that circulates refrigerant throughout the system.

Common Problems: Leaks in one or more seals or the compressor itself can occur. Particle contamination from worn parts inside the compressor are a frequent culprit. The engagement clutch, called an AC clutch, can also fail rendering the compressor inoperative.

What to Look For: If the refrigerant is low, check for visible system leaks that appear green and oily. Failing internal components caused by normal wear or low AC Oil levels caused by leaks. Failed AC clutch. Failed power supply to the AC clutch caused by a blown fuse, bad pressure control switch, dash control module or a broken circuit wire. Inspect and test before replacing!

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Lets Do This Refilling Refrigerant

Its important to get the correct type of refrigerant for your vehicle. The wrong kind can cause damage to the system, and may even damage other parts of the vehicle in the process. Older vehicles that use the R12 coolant will need to be professionally refilled, as they cannot be repaired at home.

  • Use a thermometer to check the ambient temperature under the hood.
  • Find the low-side service port for your vehicles air conditioning system.
  • If you cant see it right away, check your vehicles service manual to find its location.
  • Use a clean rag or towel to clean the area near the service port. Youll want to make sure that there is no debris or dirt near the port.
  • Connect the can of refrigerant to the service port using the hose that came with the can.
  • Dont stretch the refrigerant hose too far. If you cant get the can to connect to the service port from where youre able to reach, take the car to a mechanic.
  • If the can came with a pressure gauge, be sure to connect and use it.
  • Using the ambient temperature you took earlier, determine the correct pressure using the gauge to fill the system properly.
  • Turn the valve on top of the can until the seal is broken and you can start filling the system
  • Hold the can upright to allow the refrigerant to flow freely.
  • Gently shake the can occasionally.
  • Observe hoses for leaks while youre refilling.
  • Once your pressure gauge reads that the system is full, remove the hose and store it somewhere cool and safe.
  • Ac Drain Pan Replacement Cost


    An AC drip pan replacement cost will be between $50 and $100. Drain pans rarely need replacement. This part will usually hold up throughout the lifetime of the HVAC system. The only possible reason that a drain pan would need to be replaced is if cracks have developed due to blunt force. Leaks will be seen, and the dripping water can damage other parts of your system. Standing water is a typical sign of a damaged drain pan.

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    Most Problems Are Caused By Leaks

    Leaks are the most common problem associated with the air conditioning system.If pressure is low, then there may be a leak:

    • Using a UV A/C leak detection kit is the easiest way to find a leak. Follow the instructions on the packaging to introduce UV dye to the system and UV light to find the leak.
    • Check around all fittings to verify that they are all secure.
    • Check hose manifolds on the compressor.
    • Check the front seal and the o-rings sealing the pressure switches on the back of some compressors.
    • Check where the hoses are crimped onto the fittings.
    • Check the Schrader Valves.
    • Check for pin holes in the condenser.
    • Check where the evaporator drains condensation with UV light. Sometimes oil or dye can be seen.

    Note: The dye check will not work if the system is too low and the compressor is not cycling.

    How Long Does An Aircon Condenser Replacement Take

    We regularly scour our records to work out the average costs of services, MOTs, maintenance work, replacements, and the repairs our customers need for their cars. Another key factor under observation is the amount of time each job takes.

    Looking at our records, an aircon condenser replacement should take between 1 and 6 hours.

    Take a look at the figures our latest reports delivered. They should provide a little inside information into the variation from vehicle to vehicle.

    Car Make

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    Importance Of Maintenance With Auto Air Conditioning

    As with most things when it comes to vehicles, maintaining your AC system to your manufacturers specifications is your best defense for unexpected and costly repairs. During a maintenance service, our technicians will carefully check over all of the important systems in your vehicles air conditioning system such as the compressor, condenser, receiver, evaporator, and your refrigerant levels.

    Regularly maintaining your AC system with the best parts and products available gives our technicians a chance to spot and repair minor issues before they become major headaches.

    How Do I Find A Car Ac Repair Shop Near Me

    Car Air Conditioning Repair Service

    You can look around for auto electrical and auto AC servicing shops in your neighbourhood, or you may use online automotive-dedicated directories to do this. Using CarPartAUs directory was a breeze for me. I chose auto electrical services, then typed my suburb and clicked search directory. On the lower right corner, a long list of businesses from A to Z appeared. Each name provided all the contact details I needed, including clickable website links.

    Here’s how I found an auto AC repairer near me:

    I went to this directory on the search box, I clicked ‘auto electrical services’ from the dropdown list. I limited my search within the ‘Sunshine West’ area and found A-Plus Auto Electrical & Air-Conditioning as one of the companies given . Clicking on their website, I learned that I could book a service online and leave them a message with my contact details.

    If you prefer mobile car AC repair, you only need to give A-Plus a call, and Scott or Jeremy will be right with you. They offer same-day mobile service if youre in a rush.

    So thats just one entry in CarPartAUs directory theres Automotive Air Conditioning, WD Auto Electrical Air Conditioning, Autochill Air Conditioning Services, PTW Auto Electrical Air Conditioning, and many more.

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