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How To Clean Car Interior

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Carpets And Floor Mats

How To Super Clean the Interior of your Car (Carpets & Headliner)

This is a good place to start given carpets and floor mats tend to be the dirtiest. However, depending on how dirty the rest of the interior is, you may want to clean the carpet last if the cleanup of the seats and dash creates a mess, you will not have to redo the carpet.

Before you begin, remove all coins, papers, junk food wrappers, and other objects that have accumulated. Slide seats forward and backward to make sure you dont miss anything.

How To Clean Fabric Upholstery

The spills and messes in your car can embed in the fabric of your upholstery if left for too long. When you make a mess, its best to treat it immediately to help prevent stains and odors from taking over the interior of your car.

To clean car upholstery, start by spraying your upholstery with the following homemade all-purpose cleaner, making sure to work on one area at a time.

Using a nylon brush, scrub the upholstery gently, but firmly to ensure that you remove all the grime and stains. Next, with a microfiber cloth dipped in warm water, run it gently over the upholstery to pick up dirt.

Rinse the cloth as you collect dust, so you dont spread it around further. Once the area is clean, use a new rag to dry off the upholstery.

If your seats are made of a microfiber fabric, it can be a little more challenging to clean, as you dont want to get the surface too wet. Cleaning a microfiber car seat is just as easy as taking care of other types of upholstery, you just need to watch the amount of moisture you apply to the seats.

You can use a DIY microfiber cleaner that minimizes water exposure to your seats but gets them bright and clean by checking out a few of our recipes in the link.

To get the dirt and grime out from the seams of your upholstery, use an old toothbrush to clean the area. Finally, spray the upholstery with a fabric protector to help repel future stains and water.

  • 1 cup of boiling water

How To Clean The Interior Of Your Car: Fabric Or Leather Seats Carpet Plastic Panels

A clean car interior not only looks great, it is also better for your health, as a dirty carpet contains dust mites, bacteria and other allergens. It takes about an hour and a half to clean the entire interior. Be careful with water inside the car if water gets into electrical components, it may cause problems. Don’t soak the seats too much and don’t let water get under the carpet. It could cause corrosion and damp mouldy smell. Let the inside of your car dry out completely after you are done with cleaning.

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Vacuuming Carpets & Car Seats

Now its time to vacuum out all the grime from your carpets & car seats!

Turn on your vacuum starting from the drivers side and start vacuuming your car seats. Make sure to recline your seats and get in between the edges and bolsters. After that push your seat as far back as possible and start vacuuming your carpets. Continue this process around the vehicle making sure to move your seats back and forth so you don’t miss any grime underneath.

Pro Tip: This is also a great opportunity to vacuum out your carpet floor mats you took out of your car interior earlier! If you have plastic floor matts spray them down with your interior cleaner or APC and loosen up dirt and grime with your detailing brush and wipe down with a microfiber towel.

Clean The Fabric Or Leather

How to Clean Your Car Interior like A Pro!

For leather seats, mix your mild cleaner into a bucket of warm water per the instructions on the label.

Get a microfiber towel wet, wring it out slightly, and scrub the leather with your cloth, turning it frequently to expose a clean area, and rinse it as needed.

For heavier soil, wrap your microfiber around your soft brush to scrub a little harder or brush the surface of the leather with your soft brush directly.

Use caution around areas where your leather may be worn or cracked, and avoid hard scrubbing with your brush in these areas.

If youre using a dedicated leather cleaner or the vinegar solution, spray the solution on the leather and clean a small section at a time, wiping up extra dirty liquid as you go and turning your towel to a clean spot often.

For fabric seats, test your upholstery and carpet cleaner in an out-of-sight spot to be sure its safe for your upholstery.

Dont worry if the fabric turns lighter in your test spot! Thats normal and means the cleaner is working. If all seems well after testing, generously spray down a section of the seat.

Allow the cleaner to soak in a little bit and then scrub the surface of the fabric with your soft brush, blotting up excess cleaner as needed.

Wipe the seats as dry as you can with a clean microfiber towel once the dirt loosens with your brush.

If there are still some dirty spots, you can repeat the process, or catch them in the next step, when youll use the wet-dry vacuum again.

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How To Clean Cloth Car Seats

  • Clean: A vinegar, dishsoap and water solution, club soda, a baking powder solution, or just simple soap and water are all great ways to clean your cloth upholstery. Just dont overdo it – too much water or too much soap, and youll get moisture into the cushioning underneath the cloth cover. That can encourage mold and mildew, and thats gross.
  • Disinfect: Sprays containing a solution of least 70% alcohol are effective against the coronavirus, according to the CDC, and can be safely used in your vehicle using manufacturer guidance. Use products that are EPA-approved for use against the virus that causes COVID-19. ]]

How To Clean The Center Console

The center console gets treated almost exactly like the steering wheel and dashboard, except youll want to spend more time on it with the vacuum. Youll really want to get in there with an attachment, and while you can use your regular vacuum, a small Shop-Vac will help you get into all of the small crevices and cup holders. Plus, its for wet and dry use, says Gregory.

Be sure to work any stubborn dirt out again with a toothbrush or canned air, and clean with a damp microfiber cloth and the cleaning solution above. There are parts of the console that can sometimes be removed and washed separately, as well. If thats the case, do it, says Hartford. In between deep cleanings, I like to use baby wipes to clean small spills and dirt, too.

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Clean The Hard Surfaces

Dust. Using the brush attachment, clean the interior of your car by vacuuming the dashboard, the console, the inside of all cup holders, and all other surfaces where dust collects.

Wash. Fill the bucket with warm water and add a few drops of liquid dish soap. Use this to wipe the dashboard, steering wheel, console, door handles, and other non-glass surfaces. Switch cloths any time the one youre working with looks dirty, and replace the soapy water if it begins looking grimy, too.

Windows. Use the glass cleaner and a clean, dry microfiber cloth to clean fingerprints and haze from the inside of windows. Polish any chrome surfaces, too.

Shine interior surfaces. If you like using a product to shine your cars vinyl or leather surfaces, nows the time to apply it. To keep overspray from getting windows or chrome messy, spray the polish onto a cloth and wipe it on, then buff to a shine with a separate clean, dry cloth.

Home Remedies To Fight Dirt


A car is an indispensable companion of your family travels and it happens that it replaces a tent during a camping trip? Well, sandwiches and drinks are nothing extraordinary in a car’s cabin. We know several ways to ensure that the snacks in the car will not leave the slightest trace.

You can easily remove coffee and tea stains, rubbing them with a cloth soaked in water and vinegar. Grease stains should be sprinkled with talcum powder and, after a dozen or so minutes, vacuumed or try to remove them with a sponge and washing-up liquid.

In the case of strong dirt that does not disappear under the influence of chemicals and home tricks, it remains to hand over the car to a specialist company dealing in washing car upholstery. The cost of comprehensive cleaning starts from PLN 100.

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How To Clean The Upholstery In A Car

Maintaining the interior of your vehicle can be a difficult and tiresome job but it is a necessity. It not only keeps the vehicle clean but it also will help the resale value when it time to move up to a new car. The interior, and especially the upholstery, can become permanently stained if debris and spills are allowed to sit for long periods of time.

The best practice is to clean the interior of your car on a regular schedule and attack big stains and spills as soon as possible to make sure they dont become a permanent part of your vehicles landscape.

There are definitely differences when it comes to stains and upholstery types so using the correct method and product will ensure that all the grime is gone and the cleaning itself doesnt do further damage to your interior.

Here are the best methods of keeping the interior of your vehicle nice and clean.

How To Clean Car Upholstery Accessories

  • The car carpet is the first part you would like to clean. Take a large container and fill it with warm water. Add two cups of carpet cleaning shampoo and stir well. Dip the carpet and let it soak for about 20 minutes. Then you can use a brush to scrub the carpet all over. If there are any stains, dirt and soil deposits you need to spray the stain and dirt removing liquid on those specific spots. Soak again for another 15 minutes and scrub. This will take out all the stain marks. Let the carpet day in the sun.
  • The interior fabrics like the neck and lower back cushions, seat cushions window screens and accessories covers can be cleaned with foam based fabric cleaners. Use small sized brushes to remove the stains. Wash the cushion covers made of fabrics with liquid concentrates mixed with water.

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Clean Your Car Interior At Home Like A Pro

Signs at car washes are known to proclaim, A clean car rides better. That statement intends to inspire you to wash the dirt off the outside of your ride, but dont ignore the benefits of a clean car interior. Lets face it: The inside is what you see and smell when youre sitting behind the wheel.

Use this guide to learn tips on cleaning your cars interior, including how to clean car seats, the dashboard, and the carpet. Find out how to get rid of bad smells in your car. It also provides tips on keeping a clean car interior.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Microfiber Cloth

How to Clean a Car Interior

Microfiber cloths trap dirt and dust better than any other cleaning cloth. They can be used dry or wet. These are ideal for cleaning the interior of a car because they wont scratch your upholstery or hard surfaces. You can wash microfiber cloths in between uses to cut back on the waste of using paper towels or disposable wipes. Some microfiber cloths also have bacteria-fighting capabilities.

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How To Clean Car Seats And Interior

May 29, 2020

Keeping your Nissan clean and sanitized is vital to preventing the transmission and spread of coronavirus. But just how are you supposed to best do that? Here are a few handy tips to make sure you clean your car properly without damaging it in the process.For more on what Nissan is doing to address coronavirus, click here.For more on the virus itself, check out the Center For Disease Control website here.

Get At Grease And Other Hard To Remove Substances

Ever cry after discovering a particularly greasy gross kid mess, like Play Doh, Gak or Floam caught in the carpet fibers and melted in? Or, if your husband is handy and does most of your mechanic work and somehow motor grease ends up in the car? All is not lost! First put salt or corn starch over the stain to soak up the grease. Then, paint thinner or nail polish remover on a cotton cloth will clobber grease stains test a small area first to be sure it doesnt discolor your carpet or upholstery and be sure to give the car plenty of time to air out after cleaning these solvents have a strong odor. After treatment with paint thinner , which may take overnight, vacuum away the crumbles.

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How To Remove Water Stains From Car Upholstery

There are many reasons water spots develop on car upholstery. The stains often discolor the upholstery, leaving a dark stain that is very noticeable.

Fortunately, removing water stains from your car upholstery is relatively easy and uses inexpensive ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry.

  • Baking soda

Combine the ingredients and pour into a spray bottle, shaking to mix the ingredients. If the stain is fresh, use a paper towel to absorb as much water as possible. Sprinkle a thick layer of baking soda over the stain. Allow sitting for 20 minutes.

The baking soda is a natural absorbing product that will help to pull moisture out of the upholstery. Vacuum up the baking soda.

Liberally spray the stain remover over the stained area and let sit for 10 minutes. Using a clean cloth or scrub brush, scrub the stain using a circular motion. Repeat the process until the stain disappears. With a damp cloth wipe the area to remove any residue.

> > More car cleaning tips: Best way to clean car window

Your car seats see daily use, thats why it is just as important to keep the inside of your car clean as it is to keep the exterior clean. Keeping it clean doesnt have to cost you a fortune. With a few simple ingredients that you can find in your pantry, you can keep the inside of your car looking like new.

How To Clean Car Upholstery Interiors

How To Clean The Car Interior With Cheap DIY Products
  • The first part you need to clean is the ceiling. Use a soft cloth to rub the entire surface for removing the dirt and dust. Then spray the stain remover and use the scrubber. Be careful while cleaning any electronic and remote sensing installations. You can use a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar to remove the stains.
  • You can now proceed to vacuum cleaning the seats. Make sure that you have removed the dirt and dust from the corners and grooves. Use the stain removing liquid and tough to clean stains and soil accumulations. You need to let the liquid soak the spots before scrubbing. Hard stains from grease can be tough to clean. But you cant afford to use hard brushes on seat upholstery fabrics for the fear of causing scratches and tear marks. Hence you need to be vigilant in the process of scrubbing. Use the concentrated liquid instead of mixing it with water and other solvents.For this, you can depend on spray types which have stronger concentrated liquids which can be used directly. At the same time, you need to ensure that they are free from chemical ingredients which can corrode the upholstery material.
  • You can find seams on the car seats which attract dirt and dust. You need to use a toothbrush for cleaning these areas.
  • Then proceed to vacuum the dashboard and the front panel completely. Avoid using water-based liquids for the panels. Instead, you can opt for aerosol based liquids which dry faster without leaving any spots.

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Don’t Forget The Trunk

Many individuals including detailers forget to clean out the trunk! So make sure to clear the area from large items and give it a nice deep vacuum.

Sometimes a cleaning brush is useful for trunk areas because of the lower quality carpet typically used in trunks. Brush down the trunk fabric with your cleaning brush and follow it up with a deep vacuum to remove dirt and grime. Repeat this process and use carpet shampoo or interior cleaner where needed.

Plastic Restore

The unique spray formula couldnt be easier to apply. Simply spray on, let it soak deep for 60 seconds and wipe off!

“Used on both interior and exterior plastic parts. I am very pleased with the results. The dashboard is very nice looking and does not attract dust. Bleached looking exterior parts look like original.” – Jack S

Top Car Cleaning Tips: How To Keep Your Interior Clean

Ever find yourself cringing as muddy shoes devour the interior of your car? During the colder months, the wet weather plays havoc, and keeping your car clean becomes trickier than ever. And no matter how hard you try, mud and dirt seems to work its way into your car.

But it doesnt have to be this way, and we have the perfect solutions that will keep your cars interior protected and squeaky clean.

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