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How To Clean Car Wheels

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If youve just returned from a muddy road ramble and your wheels are looking dull and dirty, Bar Keepers Friend Cleanser is a great solution.

Use a damp cloth or hose to remove loose debris. In a glass or steel bowl, mix a small amount of powdered cleanser with water to make a paste. Working in sections, apply the paste to wheels with a damp sponge or cloth, spread evenly on the soiled area. After 15 to 30 seconds, scrub with a damp non-scratch pad, nylon bristle brush, or old toothbrush , then rinse thoroughly and wipe away within one minute. For car and truck wheels, you can rinse thoroughly using a garden hose, but if cleaning bicycle wheels, wipe with a damp cloth to prevent water from touching the bike chain.

Using Your Cleaner Effectively

  • 1Wet the entire wheel with a hose to remove loose dirt. Take a few moments to give your wheels a preliminary rinse and clear away any excess brake dust or dried dirt. Make sure the water makes contact with every part of the wheel, including the interior surface around the barrel.XResearch source
  • Fitting your hose with a pressure attachment or adjustable nozzle will make it easier to blast off bits of stuck-on debris.
  • If you dont have a pressure attachment, place your thumb over the opening of the hose to create a more concentrated stream and increase your spraying power.
  • 2Spray the entire wheel with your cleaning product of choice. Apply a generous amount of cleaner to the wheels center hub, as well as outlying components like the spokes. Mist on additional solution as needed around areas where buildup is the heaviest.XResearch source
  • Keep your distance after applying oven cleaner to minimize your exposure to harsh fumes.
  • If your wheels feature plastic hub covers, dont forget to remove them prior to spraying on the cleaner.
  • 3Allow the cleaner to sit for at least 1-2 minutes. As it sits, it will begin penetrating the caked-on dirt. To make the most efficient use of your time, spray all of your wheels at once, then scrub and rinse them one by one. That way, the cleaner will have had plenty of time to work by the time you get to the next wheel in line.
  • Clean your brush in a bucket of warm water every couple of minutes, or whenever you notice it getting dirty.
  • S To Cleaning Your Car Rims

    A gleaming set of wheels can make an ordinary, used car look new. And with just a little time and the right cleaning techniques, you can take your rims to the next level.

    Brake dust, a sticky substance caused by friction when you apply the brakes, is highly corrosive and can cause permanent damage if left on metal rims too long. Thats why cleaning your rims regularly is important.

    Its also smart to clean the rims and tires before the rest of your car to keep dirt on the wheels from getting onto and damaging your cars painted surface.

    Now lets get started. Before cleaning your rims and wheels, make sure you have the right materials.

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    How To Clean Car Wheels

    Neglected tires can develop an unattractive brownish tint and sidewall cracking, so we are going to show you the best way to clean wheels, how to polish car wheels, and how to wax car wheels. Before jumping in, here are the car wheel cleaning products and materials you will need: a wheel cleaner, a wheel polish, a wheel detailing clay, plenty of non-abrasive towels, a soft-bristled brush, and a couple buckets of water.

    The best way to clean wheels is to follow these nine steps in sequential order:

    Save Your Toothbrush For The Bathroom

    How to clean and polish chrome Wheels 2014

    A lot of sites recommend using an old toothbrush to scrub the grime off of your wheels. Guys, that just doesnt end well. The bristles of a toothbrush are too short and stiff, which risks scratching the wheel. Either use a soft-bristled brush or better yet, invest in a wheel brush with a long stem, so you can clean the spokes and lug nuts and reach down into the wheel well.

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    How To Clean Your Alloy Wheels: Top Tips

  • Get a specialist alloy wheel cleaning product.
  • Use a pressure washer to remove any loose dirt.
  • Put on some rubber or latex gloves.
  • Apply your alloy wheel cleaning product as directed.
  • Leave for the designated about of time.
  • Rinse it off.
  • Clean your wheels again to ensure all of the cleaner and any residual dirt is removed.
  • Apply a wheel wax to add an extra layer of protection.
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    Tools To Clean Alloy Wheels

    We start with a really dirty car. Life is tough for cars, as well, so my BMW got neglected for a while. You can see its pretty dusty on all areas. Its gonna need a really good scrub before it shines again.

    In this tutorial, I will focus mainly on cleaning the alloy wheels. These rims have seem better days Just check out how much break dust has accumulated over the wheels. We need to change that ASAP and I will show you how I cleaned mine.

    Just half an hour of elbow grease and a few tricks that I will share in this tutorial. I am not an expert by any means, but I think car maintenance is something anyone can do at home with a few dedicated products and proper documentation.

    This was the perfect opportunity to put the Allow Wheel Cleaning Kit to good use. The stake is high, but so are the rewards. As you can see the Kit comes with 2 brushes and 2 wash mitts.

    And we also need a good car shampoo. There are dedicated shampoos for the alloy wheels, but I didt have that at hand so I used a generic car washer. Make sure you use one that has a soft formula so it doesnt damage the wheels, as the top coats are sensitive.

    I also used a pressure washer for cleaning the rims. Noting fancy, just a regular 110 bar / 1700 psi electrical washer. Anything that is over that is good enough for the job, so you have my permission to go crazy and buy a professional pressure washer if you afford it.

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    Clean The Wheel Wells

    Using a hose, car shampoo and a brush, scrub the wheel wells. The wheel wells are less prone to damage than the wheels, so use a stiffer brush than the one you used to clean the wheels thatll speed up the cleaning process. Ideally, this brush should have a long handle to make it easier to reach all surfaces. This feature can help you use the brush to reach all parts of the wheel well.

    How To Clean Aluminum Wheels

    How To Clean Car Wheels Rims With Vinegar & Detergent – CHEAP & EASY!
  • Car Detailing
  • So, youve got yourself a nice set of aluminum wheels. God knows those are worth all the extra dollars, but the joy of your investment may be short-lived if you dont take proper care of them.

    Wheels are exposed to much harsher working conditions than the paint of the car. During a casual drive down the highway, each wheel experiences hurricane-force winds, propelling dirt, mud, salt, gravel, sticks, brake dust, and rotor shavings at them.

    Its easy to neglect steel wheels, as these will corrode no matter what you do to them. Just paint them black, throw a cheap set of plastic caps, and forget about them.

    However, aluminum alloys can stay fresh and shiny forever if you properly care for your wheels. Its a real pity not to.

    In this article, well talk about all the tricks and tips you need for cleaning aluminum wheels like a pro.

    “As with the Mirror Shine and Ceramic Shine, this Tire Shine completes making your car or truck look unbelievable. Bottom line, one stop shopping for all your detailing needs. Im also impressed with customer service staying in touch with your complete satisfaction about all their products.”Great job Guys.” Paul M. of Pasadena

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    Can It Stain My Driveway

    As Wheely Clean is water soluble, it washes away with water, so make sure you rinse the area well around your wheels when done. Most surfaces have no issues, but we have seen some slight marks on old, unsealed concrete if not washed away and left to dry, but they can be easily scrubbed off. If you have any concerns you can always wet the area around the wheels before use.

    Interestingly, you will notice the colour reaction also happening on the ground after rinsing the area down the first time. This is because the brake dust is washed off the wheel and the chemical reaction continues after getting cleaned off the wheel. So, don’t be scared to give a second rinse to the wheel area 5 minutes later, or wash the car straight after cleaning the wheels .

    Tips For Cleaning Off Brake Dust

    The black residue on your aluminum wheels is brake dust.

    Dont worry, your brakes are fine. Intense rubbing and heat are what stops your car. The brake pads and cast iron rotors literally eat each other away, and the shed material is the dust you see.

    Brake dust is actually mostly iron shavings from your rotors. Mixed in there are also metallic fibers, carbon, and resins from your brake pad, as well as road debris, dirt, and grime.

    Brake dust is propelled red hot at high velocity directly at the wheel – mostly the inner barrel. The iron makes it highly corrosive to both the clear coat and aluminum underneath.

    If you regularly clean your wheels, most of the brake dust should go away with just regular wheel cleaner, light scrubbing, and sufficient water pressure.

    However, if youve never taken your wheels off, chances are the inner barrels are loaded with a thick layer of brake dust. In this case, you may want to look for a special iron remover product, which has the proper chemistry to pull the iron out of the surface and into the soap.

    Degreaser can also help, but make sure you keep the wheel wet, do quick work with the brush, and rinse off immediately. Degreasers will eat away at the clear coat if left for too long.

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    Apply A Wheel Wax To Add An Extra Layer Of Protection

    Once spotlessly clean, you could treat your wheels to a specialist wheel wax. This will add a protective layer that will help prevent brake dust from building up and protect your wheels against future wear. Once you’re done with the wax, give your tyres a coat of tyre shine to get them back to their lustrous best.

    Now that your alloy wheels are back to their gleaming best, make sure to clean them regularly. Frequent cleaning will prevent the brake dust from building up and help keep your wheels looking fresh for many more miles to come.

    Use An Iron Remover For Baked


    When it comes to brake dust specifically look for an iron remover spray-on product with foaming action. One that I have heard works well for the money is the Eagle One Black and Plasti-Coat Wheel Cleaner as pictured above. This helps to chemically remove stuck-on iron deposits and can be more effective than some simple degreasers and more expensive iron removers that can cost upwards of $40.

    Another option is to use a device like a pressurized cleaning gun that uses steam. This type of device can help remove stuck-on grime rather easily sometimes without even using chemicals. However for most people, degreasers will do the trick with a normal tire brush unless you have an extreme case.

    Other cleaners like the Wheel Cleaner product by Trinova on Amazon costs a bit more but is one of the better all-in-one types of products for removing dirt, iron, and residue from all surfaces of your wheel.

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    Get The Best Supplies To Clean Your Wheels

    The first essential thing that you need to do before you actually know how to clean wheels on car you should get all the kinds of the tools necessary to clean the wheels or tires.

    Various brushes are needed so that cleaning can be done in fast as well as the easy way you want it to be. The soft paintbrushes will not mar surfaces of the wheel.

    Get two buckets with water. There should be adequate car wash in the wash bucket so that you can lubricate bristles that of the brushed as well as a wheel when you are cleaning. Rinse bucket is something that needs only water but not any car wash.

    Washing Your Wheels Last

    The best way to clean wheels is to start by hosing down your tires and wheels first, one at a time, not all four at once. This will help you avoid corrosion and ensure that you dont get all that wheel dirt over your cars body after youve polished and waxed it.

    Cleaning one wheel at a time is important to prevent the water, soap, and chemicals from drying before you get to the other wheels. Dont rush take your time!

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    The Best Way To Wash Car Wheels

    Cleaning your car every season is essential to protecting its paint coat and the rust-prone metal underneath. But, you shouldnt stop at scrubbing the fenders and rocker panel the wheels require particular attention when cleaning the entire vehicle.

    Heres why you need to wash car wheels and the best way.

    Used Cars FAQ:Helpful answers to the most common concerns when buying a used car

    Use Your Toilet Bowl Cleaner For Tough Grime

    How to Clean Alloy Car Wheels – Meguiar’s Car Care Tips

    Use this recipe with caution. It can clean almost every type of stain on wheels, but to avoid damage, you need to follow the directions as written.

    • Spray bottle filled halfway with water
    • Small brush or old toothbrush
    • Ceramic or glass bowl

    Wear gloves to prepare your acid neutralizer. Fill the spray bottle with water and add baking soda. Shake well and set aside. Squirt a small amount of the toilet bowl cleaner in the glass or ceramic bowl. Do not use a metal bowl.

    Dip your brush to the bowl cleaner and scrub a small area of the rim, not lasting more than 15 seconds. Spray your neutralizer all over the rim. Rinse thoroughly or use a pressure washer. Repeat scrubbing until all spots are gone. Finalize by rinsing the wheels thoroughly.

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    Use Baby Oil To Shine Tires

    Cleaning tires arent complete without showing off the fresh black look and shine. Not only will it look good but blackening tires prolongs their life too. If you are not a fan of full strength tire dressing products, make your own.

    • Rag or old cloth

    Mix all ingredients in the spray bottle and shake well. You can either spray it on the rag or small areas of the tires.

    Consider A Wheel Cleaning Stand Or Chock

    For general maintenance washing, its perfectly okay to use a few brushes and an iron-remover or degreaser, but the most effective way to completely clean dirty stuck-on tar or brake dust from the inside of your rim is to take the wheels off.

    Id also grab a stuffer tire brush while youre at it if you plan to remove your wheels, since the sidewall normally facing your vehicle usually gets pretty filthy. By thoroughly cleaning your wheels or tires, it just helps protect your investment in case you want to resell anything.

    If you are an auto detailer or have a shop, you may want to pick up a wheel cleaning stand, which is going to be the most effective way to properly remove some of the stains you just cant reach by hand. You can also just pick up somple basic wheel chocks, just anything to get the rim off the ground.

    Especially if you are a detailer, this is a much more effective way to clean really dirty wheels for reselling on marketplaces like eBay, or just for clients who need a complete exterior detail.

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    Why Do My Cars Wheels Get So Dirty

    One big contributor to the dirt and grime you see on your wheels is brake dust which is created by your vehicles brake pads. Brake dust forms every time you press on the pedal. The friction causes tiny pieces of metal from your brake pad to become loose and stick to the rims of your wheels. Brake dust buildup will occur if you do not clean your BMWs wheel regularly. In some cases, not regularly cleaning your vehicles wheels can also lead to wheel corrosion.

    Best Wheel Cleaner For 2021

    How to Clean Your Car Wheels: Follow These 9 Steps

    Blast away brake dust and other grime with our top wheel cleaner picks.

    Your car’s wheels are like a pair of shoes: They can complete the look. Naturally you want to take care of them, but wheels are quickly covered with brake dust, dirt, grime and other muck your car meets when driving.

    Cleaning wheels regularly is key to keeping them looking their best. While you could use regular car wash soap, getting a cleaning product specifically for cleaning wheels can take your efforts to the next level. But there are a lot of wheel-cleaning products out there, so which you should invest in before grabbing a brush and a microfiber cloth and starting to scrub down that wheel surface?

    Read on our our best picks!

    Have no fear, Roadshow is here with what we recommend as the best car wheel cleaners on the market . Read on for our picks and some handy wheel-cleaning tips.

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