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How To Fix Scratches On Car

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Get Rid Of Any Access Toothpaste

Repair deep scratches on your car /SILVER paint

Once you’re done with rubbing all the toothpaste around the scratches, you recommend using a hose of water and spraying it around the area to remove any excess toothpaste.

After cleaning the area, you can go ahead and use another microfiber towel to dry the area. Some other people might prefer using a wet microfiber towel instead of spraying the area with water to avoid damaging the toothpaste they just applied. You can choose whatever works best for you.

Wipe Down The Surface Area

Firstly, make sure youre using a degreaser or methylated spirits and wipe them into the scratch with a clean rag or microfiber towel. Make sure the surface is oil, wax and grease-free! You can also use soap and water as an alternative.

You dont want to be buffing any dirt into your paint A clean surface means that it will work better for removing the scratch without making it look worse.

Use The Right Pen For The Job

Once the colour has been found, then its made into a touch-up pen, and the pen can be used to draw directly across the lines.

Even though the colours appear to match, test the colour pen on a section of the boot or under the bonnet. This way, you can see the similarities in colour tone. Make sure the pen is also well shaken!

Its important to say this a second time: ensure to wipe the scratch with a degreaser or other alternatives first.

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Using Toothpaste To Remove A Car Scratch

You can buy scratch repair kits. But before you head to the shops, grab some toothpaste from the bathroom. If its a whitening toothpaste, even better. Give this a try:

  • Give the area of your car that has the scratch a good clean.
  • Using a 2p-sized amount of toothpaste on a damp cloth, and apply it to the scratch in a circular motion.
  • Clean the area with soapy water to remove any toothpaste residue, and dry with a clean cloth.
  • Repeat steps 2 and 3 twice more if needed. You could damage the paintwork if you do it too many times.

Use The Pen Correctly

How To Remove A Light Scratch From Car

Ideally, you want a colour-match pen to match the colour of your vehicle, and then a clear coat pen to go over the top. When you put on the clear, you also need to do it in one decent stroke.

Dont play around with this too much, as the strength of the paint will eat away the car paint, stripping the existing paint job. Put it on quickly and accurately, then it will blend. It sounds harder than it actually is We promise!

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Chemical Guys Vss Scratch And Swirl Remover

We’re big, big fans of one-step products here. If you can achieve excellent results while cutting the work time in half, by all means, we’re here for it. Chemical Guys’ VSS Scratch and Swirl remover is a wonderful combo product that combines a compound, polish and cleaner elements into one.

We recommend using this stuff with a dual-action polisher for the best results but you can work VSS Scratch and Swirl remover in by hand with some elbow grease. It’s just a lot more work. The results, if you use patience and follow the instructions, are tremendous if your car wears loads of swirl marks and ultrafine scratches. You won’t be disappointed if you take your time to restore your car’s glossy finish with this stuff.

Someone Keyed My Car Now What Do I Do

Since your car was vandalized it is important to inspect the scene and see if there were any witnesses or security cameras in the area. It is a good idea to document the incident with a police report in the event the culprit can be identified. The next step is to bring your vehicle to a repair shop for an estimate on the damage.

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How To Avoid Scratches To Your Car

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  • How to Avoid Scratches to Your Car

Damaging your new car with accidental scratches or dents is heartbreaking, not least because it immediately affects the value of your new car but the damage is also unsightly to look at!

There are many unfortunate mishaps that can happen to your car, from paintwork scratches to dents to alloy wheels or a crack to your bumper. They are all stressful and often avoidable incidents, but should they happen, a repair job will be the solution to getting your car looking like new.

Lets break down the types of damage and scratches to your car, as well as how best to help avoid them.

How To Repair Deep Scratches And Chips In Car Paint

Dash Scratch Repair

Vehicle scratches can occur more frequently than you may think, whether its from a careless driver, loose pebbles chipping away at your paint or even a rogue keying here and there. If not dealt with quickly, deep scratches and chips exposing your cars bare metal can rust within a few days and cause serious headaches. Thankfully, Holts has the solution.

Step by step guide:

Whatever the shade or hue, Holts Paint Match Pro matches to your car paint, just use our handy tool to pick the right colour. Its simple to use and repairs can be done there and then on your driveway. A lot of people worry about the expense of fixing scratches like this, but Paint Match Pro means avoiding costly trips to the body shop. Follow these steps to repair the scratch, and get your car looking spot on once more.

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In A Circular Motion Rob The Toothpaste Around The Affected Area

With a towel that has the toothpaste, go in circular motions to buff out all the scratches. You want to make sure that you applied the toothpaste with even distribution around the area.

In some cases, you might need to apply some pressure to ensure that the toothpaste is getting inside the scratches. But, don’t over press on the scratch because it could get worse.

What Does It Cost To Fix Scratches On Your Car

So, what price can you expect to pay to repair a scratch? This depends on the severity of the damage, the type of paint , and the quality of the tools and consumables you’ll be using. For detailing and removing light scratches, a basic kit with everything you need will cost a couple hundred dollars, while professional polishers alone can cost thousands. The same goes for things like car shampoos, waxes, paints, primers, spray guns, hardeners, thinners, and polishing pads. The more you pay, the better the quality you can expect.

That being said, buying the most expensive items doesn’t guarantee a perfect result, so we always recommend visiting a professional if any real painting needs to be done. You’ll spend more upfront, but will likely save yourself from redoing it over and over and learning through trial and error. In summary, the cost of buffing out scratches on a car can be extraordinarily high, but there are also things like a scratch removal kit for your car that contain waxes as well as polishes. These do-it-all products are generally useless on big jobs but can save you lots if the damage is minor, so shop around and you’ll find a solution that you can easily afford.

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Use A Fine Brush To Touch Up Paint

If you choose to apply the touch-up paint yourself, make sure you use a fine-bristle paint brush to apply your paint. If one was not supplied in your touch-up kit, you can find inexpensive micro brushes at most auto parts retailers.

Using your fine-bristle brush, apply the touch-up paint gently and carefully to cover the desired area. When finished, allow it to dry for between 8 and 12 hours. Once dry, you can apply a wax layer to help seal and protect the newly applied paint.

Why Scratch Repair Is Important

How to Fix Scratches on Your Car

Scratch repair is important. Scratches arent just cosmetic: scratches can cause rust and deterioration over time.

A scratch exposes your car to the elements. Paint doesnt just make your car look nice it also protects your car from the environment. When you have a scratch, it creates a hole in that armor, and that hole needs to be fixed.

Dont believe us? Check your scratch closely. If the scratch looks silver, then the scratch has reached the metal underneath the primer, paint, and clear coat. That means its a serious scratch. If ignored over time, the scratch could impact the structural integrity of your vehicle.

For all of these reasons, its important to repair scratches on your vehicle as soon as possible.

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Should I Repair Dents Myself

If youre confident in your abilities and the damage isnt too extensive, then you could have a go at fixing it yourself. Just be aware that if you somehow make it worse, it could be an even more expensive repair bill to get it fixed professionally.

If youre in any doubt about it, it might be worth speaking to a professional.

Things You Will Need To Fix A Keyed Car

Before you learn how to fix a keyed car, make sure you have the following:

  • Paint Make sure the paint you choose matches your cars original paint as much as possible. For a more natural look, we strongly recommend buying paint in spray cans. There are also touch-up pens as well as other styles of applicators. Usually, this boils down to personal preference.
  • A brush Ensure that the brush has a fine tip and is suitable for small touch-ups you will need to do.
  • Masking tape Needless to say, you need to choose tape that will not cause any further damage to the original paint.
  • Sand block and grain paper Depending on the size and the depth of the scratch, you might need several different types of grain paper . We suggest choosing at least three types with different coarseness.
  • Primer You might not need to use it, but in case you take it too far with the sanding, it is a good idea to have it around. The touch-up paint will apply better, and you will minimize the risk of visible difference between the shades.
  • Clear Coat Again, buy it in a spray can, as it will be easier to apply.
  • Polish or Wax Choose this one based on your personal preference.
  • Cloth We suggest using a clean, or new, microfiber cloth.

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How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Scratch On A Car

Scratches may not look expensive. Unfortunately, many drivers are surprised at the cost of scratch repair.

It costs anywhere from $125 to $2,000 to repair scratches on your vehicle. The cost varies depending on the depth of the scratches, the make and model of the vehicle, and other factors.

Keep reading to discover how much it costs to repair scratches on a car.

Is It Worth It To Fix The Damage If Someone Scratched My Car

How to Remove Scratches on Car

If your car was keyed then the damages are cosmetic and repair may not be necessary. Consider these questions before fixing your keyed car:

  • How old is my car?
  • Am I planning to resell it in the future?
  • How costly is the damage to repair?
  • Is the car scratched to the metal?
  • How much does this damage bother me?

If you are considering having your vehicle fixed, speak to your insurance representative to determine the most affordable way for you to do it.

Are you paying too much for auto insurance? If youre not insured by Freeway Insurance, chances are youre paying more than you need to. Get a free car insurance quote online, over the phone at , or at one of our offices near you and find out how much you can save on auto insurance. It takes less than three minutes to get a quote.

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Preparing The Paint For Repair

Materials Needed

  • Bucket of soap and water
  • Clean cloth or towel
  • Sandpaper
  • Toothpaste

Step 1: Wash the car: You should always begin any repair to your vehicles body by washing the affected area.

A clean workspace will ensure that dirt and dust dont cause any further abrasions to your vehicle’s exterior.

Step 2: Sand the affected area. After washing the affected area, you will want to sand the area surrounding the scratch.

Sanding makes the affected area smooth, allowing for a consistent look when new paint is applied.

If the scratch covers a large area youll want to use sandpaper. If the scratch is small, you may be able to use toothpaste

  • Note: You may not need to sand scratches that have affected the clear coat only. Because it is only the top-most layer of your vehicles exterior, it is the easiest to repair. If you are sure the scratch has only affected the clear coat, skip to Part 3.

Step 3: Apply some toothpaste. For small scratches or chips, you may be able to sand the affected area using your common household toothpaste. While this may sound strange, toothpaste has the same abrasive properties as a fine sandpaper.

Dabbing a small amount of toothpaste onto a cotton swab or clean cloth and rubbing it in a circular motion on the affected area with smooth the scratch and ready it for new paint.

Step 4: Sand the scratch. For scratches that take up a larger area, youll want to use sandpaper.

How To Fix Deep Scratches On A Car

Safe driving isnt perfect, and even the most careful drivers sometimes get their cars scratched for various reasons. It can be both frustrating and annoying to see your vehicle showcasing a big, ugly scratch because of someone else’s clumsy driving, especially if it just got a new paint job or a wax finish.

Fortunately, you dont have to resign yourself to high repair fees to fix a few deep scratches. With this guide, you can learn how to fix deep scratches on your car.

Bear in mind, while these practices are effective, large or very deep scratches may require professional service for a complete repair. However, these tips should repair most scratches. Lets cover a few different methods for fixing deep scratches in your car.

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How To Remove Deeper Key Scratches

In case you didnt succeed in getting rid of the groove with a compound, you are dealing with a deeper mark. The repair is still possible, but it will require more steps, time, and patience. However, considering the money youll save in the process, the effort is more than worth it!

What youll need:

  • Car scratch repair pen in a matching color
  • Clear coat spray
  • Hair drier or heat gun
  • Car wax
Step 1: Clean the Panel

Clean the scratched area with a damp microfiber cloth to get rid of any dirt. That will help you get a better look at how deep the scratch is if you can see the steel, it means that the gouge has damaged both the paint and the primer. Besides, a clean surface will be much easier to buff and repaint later on.

Step 2: Protect the Surrounding Area

Use masking tape to mark the perimeter roughly 23 inches on either side of the scratch. That way, you will make sure you dont buff the unaffected areas by mistake. It is also a good idea to put newspapers around the spot you will paint later. This will protect the rest of your car from the spray coat mist or any paint droplets.

Step 3: Wet Sanding

Wrap the paper around the sanding block and dip it in the soapy solution it will act as a lubricant and ensure smooth sanding. Remember to wet the paper often throughout the process.

Buff the area until you even out the scratch and can no longer see it. Allow the sanded surface to cool before you paint it.

Step 4: The Paint Job
Step 5: The Final Touches

How To Hide A Scratch On A Car

3 Easy Ways to Do Car Paint Scratch Repair at Home!

If your car has a minor scratch that you can’t be bothered to repair, or has damage that is too great to repair immediately, you can always cover it up temporarily. For example, you could add a decal over the damage, thus hiding it. However, unless the scratch is in a convenient location and is barely noticeable, a sticker will do little more than draw added attention to the problem. Others have used spray cans to create a graffiti-style mural over the entire car, turning it into automobile art and thus drawing so much attention to the paint and different colors that the damage is no longer obvious. Of course, most sane individuals would never consider extreme artwork on their cars, but whatever works for you to cover up a scratch on your car and helps you see your car in a more attractive light is a winning recipe.

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Here Are Some Of Our Best Tips For Removing Scratches Yourself

If you really want to save it yourself, you could try to mask the area with automotive masking tape and lightly spray over the area with a pre-mixed spray can. Ensure you are using the correct car colour coating.

The scratch would then be rubbed back with 320 wet and dry. Next, apply a primer and then a topcoat after the primer has dried. This may or may not achieve the desired finish, so it really is at your own risk.

Honestly, its worth looking after your investment. If you have vehicle insurance, you may be able to claim the cost of the professional repairs back, and then pay the excess of your insurance. After all, besides your house, your car is one of your biggest investments!

Unfortunately, there is no quick solution for a deep coat, as it really needs a professional to re-spray and re-blend the car body.

Such a small deep coat scratch, even on one panel, will require a large amount of work to get the car back to its original condition. With all of these steps aside, it will have to be repaired properly.

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