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How To Get Dog Hair Out Of Your Car

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Put Down A Protective Barrier

Best way to remove dog hair from your car interior

We were surprised to discover just how effective and affordableseat covers designed for dogs are. Most simply attach to your cars headrests for fast installation and removal. Many are non-slip in design and waterproof too, perfect if you frequently take your dog swimming. Whether you have bucket or bench seats, a seat cover can help to keep your car much cleaner.

Are you more of a do-it-yourself kind of person? Skip the purchased seat covers and head to your linen closet. A sheet, blanket, or a couple of large towels spread across your cars seats can produce the same effect as seat covers would. If youre handy with a needle and thread, sew on a few elastic loops so you can hang your sheet from the headrests and keep it in place.

What Is The Best Way To Get Dog Hair Out Of Car Carpet

It’s always fun to take your dog with you when you run errands or go on adventures. But a traveling dog can also lead to a lot of dog fur getting stuck in the crooks, crevices, and carpet of your car. Figuring out how to get dog hair out of the car’s carpet isn’t as tough as it might sound. To get out the dog hair, you’ll want to dog proof your car with special covers and then use a vacuum, rubber glove, or even lint rollers to get out the excess hair.

How To Get Dog Hair Out Of Car Upholstery

If your dog regularly rides along with you in your car, you probably have a seat covered in his hair. All dogs shed their coat regularly, especially in the spring and fall months, because of the amount of daylight they are exposed to and changes in the weather. While brushing your dog daily decreases the amount of dead hair that will wind up on your car’s carpeting or upholstery, any dog will still shed small amounts of hair on these surfaces that require regular cleaning.

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How To Get Pet Hair Out Of Car Seats & Carpet

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I love my German Shepherds but Im always astounded out how much they shed. When they ride in the car with me they get so excited, going from one window to the other to get a good look at everything. In the process, hair is getting EVERYWHERE.

Its not really possible to remove pet hair with just a vacuum cleaner. Even a powerful detailers vacuum cant handle the job alone. Itll pick up some but it will leave most of it tangled in the nap of the carpet or upholstery.

Lets cover how professional detailers do the job and include a few additional hacks for removing pet hair as well.

Rubber Gloves And Water

How To Get Dog Hair Out Of Your Car: 6 Ways

For a creative solution to getting pet hairs out of your car, try this. Grab some rubber gloves from under the sink, wet them down with a little water, and then run your hands over the carpet. You should find that the hairs cling to the gloves, leaving the carpets looking fresher.

More hygienic than using tape around your hands, this is a good solution if the vacuum wont reach the driveway and youre out of lint rollers. You might find that you get mixed results depending on what sort of hair your pet has, but its a useful solution that will help your carpets feel a bit cleaner.

Good for: Freshening up the carpet and removing pet hairs for the hygiene conscious.

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Static Electricity And Balloon Method

Lets go back in your childhood specifically, lets get back to your 5th Grades science classroom. Can you recall your teacher holding a balloon in his hand and demonstrating you how static electricity works? Conventionally, when you blow on a balloon, rub it one your head and gently take the balloon above your head, you can observe your hair rise towards the balloon.

Fortunately, your elementary science education is about to pay off for good! You can use the same static electricity balloon method to remove pet hair from the car fabrics, upholstery, trunk, seats and even from the hard to reach crannies and nooks.

Balloon method is a touch-less method to remove hair from the car and it poses minimum degree of abrasive damages to the interior surfaces of your car.

Here is how you can do it:

  • Take a few part-sized balloons and blow air in them. Tie the fully-inflated balloons.
  • Take the balloon and rub it on the fabric of your cars interior to develop the charge
  • Once charge is developed, bring the balloon closer to the area where pet hair is present
  • The thick pet hair will start to stick to the balloon
  • Pick and roll the hair strands in a ball to dispose them and clean your car

The main drawback of this method that it has a limited degree of action. However, it will loosen up the pet hair and pick some of the strands so you can get a clearer vision of the remaining, stubborn hair strands.

Vacuum Hair Piles Away

Last, you want to use a powerful vacuum to suck up the piles of hair youve collected from car seats and carpet with your pet hair removal products.

Any vacuum will do but professional detailers use powerful vacuums to make their job easier. A good detailing vacuum is a must for any serious detailer or professional.

The Metrovac Vac N Blo 4.0 Peak HP Detailing Vacuum is an absolute beast. 4 horsepower of suction will rip dirt and hair from a car or truck interior. It can also be reversed to act as a blower for drying your vehicle after washing.

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What Will You Need To Follow This Tutorial

In this section we will cover all the tools and materials youll need to get rid of all traces of dog hair from your vehicle. But, there are so many tools and materials you can use for this job that we cant feature them all in this guide.

Lets start with the tools and materials that will be used for the recommended method then make a follow-up list of tools and materials that can be used in alternative methods. We will also feature a list of the tools and materials you will need to prevent or minimize the amount dog hair in your car.

Use Vinegar To Neutralize The Odors

3 Tools To Get Dog Hair Out Of Your Car

When the water evaporates with vinegar in the air, the mixture will cause a neutralization reaction between the chemicals of the odor and the evaporated vinegar. This can be a another great option for removing dog odors in your car.

Materials Needed

  • Water
  • White vinegar

Step 1: Create vinegar solution. Mix equal parts white vinegar and water in a spray bottle.

Step 2: Spray the solution. Lightly and evenly spray the solution on any fabrics of your cars interior.

You should apply enough of the water-vinegar mixture to feel damp to the touch but not so much that you fully saturate the interiors fabric.

Step 3: Let dry and repeat as needed. Allow the vinegar to air dry over a few hours, and repeat this process if any odors remain.

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Doggone Dirty: How To Get Dog Hair Out Of Your Car

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If youre tired of cleaning dog hair out of your car, youre not alone. Pets are known for shedding hair pretty much everywhere you go, but theres a solution that doesnt involve leaving your dog at home.

Whether youre taking them to the vet or going on a trip, sometimes your furry friend just has to come with you. But all that pet hair can be more than just a nuisance. Excess pet dander can be a danger to your health, setting off allergic reactions and respiratory issues.

Use these tips to avoid driving around a giant ball of hair.

Put Seat Covers In Your Car

Using seat covers in your vehicle can also help prevent dog hair from embedding within the many crevices. When fur does get in the car, you can easily remove the seat covers and wash them.

Those are all steps to preventing shedding, but what happens when your dog has already gotten its fur everywhere?

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Tip : Using A Pet Crate Or Travel Carrier

A pet crate or travel carrier is merely a car seat for dogs. It works just like a baby car seat, but you put your dog in the crate and then secure him/her with a safety belt or a latch system. Despite its safety benefits, it is comfortable for dogs especially during long commutes and minimizes the hair droppings in your car.

Top Tips To Prevent Pet Hair From Sticking To Car Interior

10 Tricks To Get Dog Hair Out Of Your Car

Pet hair removal from car interior is a challenging job. How about adopting a few ways which can help you in preventing the pet hair from sticking to the cars interior? When you take your pet out in your car, truck or SUV, you will find hair strands at the end of every trip. However, you can significantly reduce the number of pet hair in your cars interior and save time and effort that goes into per hair removal by following these methods:

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Get Pet Hair Out Of Your Car

Chances are, if youre a proud dog owner, youve at some point faced the seemingly impossible task of removing hair from your cars seats and carpets. There are a variety of strategies for this unfortunately, each one is equally time consuming and rather tedious. Vacuuming, while largely ineffective, is usually a good place to start. It will likely leave the smaller hairs behind, but will at least remove any large clumps, along with the longer hairs. Once you have made a quick run-through with the vacuum, its time to get down to business. As mentioned before, there are several methods for truly getting your car hair-free, all of which fall somewhat short of a miracle solution. That being said, there are certainly some very viable options, as listed here:

Option 1: One of the best tools for removing hair from your vehicle is a simple rubber kitchen glove. Wearing one of these, wet your fingers and begin to rub the target surfaces of your car or truck. Rub in a single direction and form the hair into larger and larger clumps . These clumps can then be removed or fed into a vacuum cleaner fairly easily. .

Option 2: Another popular strategy is the use of velcro curlers. This, of course, is a fairly basic and self-explanatory process. Simply run the curlers throughout the car to pick up the hair.

Use Compressed Air To Loosen The Pet Hair

The intertwining of pet hair with trunk fabric fibers is the reason behind the challenging pet hair removal from these areas. One of the easiest and most promising solutions to this problem is to use a compressed hair inlet.

  • Use a hair dryer to blow compressed on the fiber surface of the carpets, upholstery and trunk
  • Blow compressed hair as much as you can till you can observe the hair strands to loosen up from the fabric surface
  • Compressed air will also help in loosening dirt and grime sticking to the fabric surface

If you do not have compressed air source, it is completely fine. You can follow the steps mentioned below to remove pet hair from your car:

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Do It Yourself: Remedies And Hacks

Some people recommend using some old-fashioned household tricks to remove dog hair, including wetting a pair of rubber gloves , and scraping the upholstery in the opposite direction.

Likewise, a similar methodology can be employed using a balloon which is a great conductor of static electricity. Blow one up and rub along the upholstery until hair attaches to it. Itll be like conducting a science experiment in your car.

Another strange but true homemade remedy is using Velcro hair curlers . The sticky properties apparently never wane and can be simply rolled over the upholstery to pick up the stray hairs. .

Limit Your Dog To One Specific Area Of Your Car

How to Easily Remove Dog Hair From Your Car

An excited dog may jump from one seat to another repeatedly over the course of a short drive, thus evenly distributing shed hair all around your car. Using a crate to transport your dog helps to confine the mess to just one area .

A harness and safety belt can also help to limit the distribution of shed hair and make for a less distracting and safer driving experience for you.

  • Several states actually have laws in place that require dogs to be restrained in some way when traveling in a vehicle. Other states may charge you with distracted driving if your dog is hopping around loose in the car. Better safe than sorry check your states laws.

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Do Not Overdo The Fabric Softeners

As a responsible car owner, you shall use minimum amounts of chemicals in your cars interior. Fabric Softeners are a great way to loosen pet hair. However, using saturated fabric softeners directly from the container will lead to discoloration and severe irreversible damages to different parts of car interior. Always dilute the fabric softener before using it and make sure that you dry the cars interior before closing the doors.

How To Get Dog Hair Out Of Your Car

If you bring your pet in your car, they can shed all over the seats. Hairs can embed in the seat cushion and carpet, and sometimes a vacuum isnt effective at removing all of them. This video and post reviews how to remove dog hair from a car seat with a few different methods.

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Tips For Getting Dog Or Cat Hair Out Of Your Car

In addition to the instructions listed above, here are a few tips to keep in mind that can help remove pet hair from your car or prevent it altogether:

  • The steps outlined above can also be utilized to remove pet hair from cloth carpets in your car.
  • Consider brushing your pet well before a trip in the car. This helps reduce the amount of hair that ends up on your seats.
  • A seat cover or pet liner can help keep pet hair off your car seats and instead isolated to removable and washable surfaces.
  • Keeping your pet in a crate can be both cleaner and safer, especially for longer trips in the car.

For more car tips and tricks, feel free to check out the rest of the Toyota Vacaville blog.

Use A Lint Roller On The Go To Roll Over The Car Upholstery

How to get Dog Hair Out Of Car: The Top 3 Ways to Get Dog ...

If you have a dog, a lint roller is an essential item that will not only be useful in the car but is extremely handy for use on your clothes too! Simply rub the lint roller over the seats, and as you do, the hairs will stick to it!

A lint roller works best for hair that isnt too embedded into the fibers, i.e. is fresh and hasnt been there too long. It will help you to get bulky and loose bits of hair off the surface.

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Wear Nitrile Rubber Gloves

Nitrile gloves are very grippy and will help you pull hair out of nooks and crevices with your fingers. Theyre also great to use when detailing, in general, to keep chemicals off your hands.

Nitrile gloves themselves are a great tool for removing pet hair from carpet and upholstery but we have some more effective options coming up.

Heres What Works Best For Getting The Pet Hair Out Of The Car:

  • Vacuum the carpet to remove any loose hair and grit from the surface of the carpet. If youve got a car cleaning attachment then use that. This usually pulls up most of dog hair as it agitates the carpet and separates the pile to release the hair.
  • Theres always hair left behind thats been forced deep into the carpet and become stuck and this is where a good stiffish bristled brush comes in handy Ive found a hogs bristle brush works the best. But youll periodically need a comb on hand as well to comb out the hair it collects. Dont brush backwards and forwards with the brush, just go in one direction.
  • Ive heard of people using pumice stone on the carpet to collect dog hairs but Ive never tried it myself maybe I will and Ill update this article afterwards.

    One thing I do to get dog hair off the seats because even though my dog always travels in the boot of our station wagon his hair floats through the air and attaches to anything and everything, and this is where a variation of the balloon trick comes in. I get a pair of rubber gloves and I simply wipe my hand across the surface of the carpet. Ive heard of some people who advocate taking a spray bottle filled with water and lightly misting the area before using a glove to wipe across the carpet the idea is that this increasing the static electricity, but I find the glove on its own works okay. Again, just rub in one direction.

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