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How To Get Into My Locked Car

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The Call For Help Method

How To Get In Your Locked Car After Locking The Keys Inside. Find Out!

If all else fails, then your best bet for getting to your car is to call in an assist from a professional. AAA or a local locksmith should be able to come to your car and give you a hand with it depending on where you are and the circumstances. Remember, this kind of thing does happen more often than youd think so you’re not busting out an unexpected or super surprising problem by calling for help. It could be embarrassing to be sure, but it happens to lots of people and it’s better to ask for help when you need it than to potentially damage your vehicle.

Conditions When To Call A Locksmith

There are a few common situations when a locksmith is needed for a locked car. These would include having broken keys, keys locked in the trunk or inside the car, lost keys and, and transponder key errors.

Broken Keys

A broken key is unusable, but a locksmith can create a spare key for you to use. In case the key breaks as you try to unlock your vehicle and is now stuck in the keyhole, it is best not to try and tamper it. Just wait for the locksmith because you might damage the lock further while trying to unlock it with a broken key.

Locked Out

Another very common scenario is having the cars locked inside the vehicle. Some simply forget their keys inside the car. Sometimes locksmiths can try to gain entry by trying the trunk. Others will create a new key for you by using their mechanical key cutter.

Lost Key

A lost key can be replaced easily by an experienced locksmith even if you dont have the original keys. The cost of key replacement varies and can increase when you are requesting for a replacement during night time, a holiday or during a weekend.

Faulty Transponder Key

There are several reasons why the transponder key becomes faulty. The easiest to solve is when it has a low or dead battery. Sometimes, its because the keys arent programmed properly.

Locksmiths can give you access to the vehicle but you still need to pay them an additional fee for programming your keys to make it compatible with the vehicle.

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Use The Codes To Get Another Set Of Keys

If the police and the locksmith cannot help you get back into your Honda car after you lose the keys, get help from the manufacturer. Honda cars have their keys coded.

So, if your key is coded and there is a personal identification number, you can have the locksmith make a set of new keys. If you cannot remember the code off-head, ensure that you write it somewhere in the house.

Ensure the code is accessible and can be retrieved by the people you live with when you get stuck. They should be able to read it to you and help you out when you are stranded

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Option : Call Specialized Car Locksmith Near You To Open A Locked Car Trunk

If you want quick results that wont leave you with a damaged vehicle, youll want to call on a professional emergency locksmith company to help you out. If you have a smartphone on you can look up a certified locksmith in your area who can come on out and help you right away. Most cars have some sort of a button or manual lever inside the car which can be opened easily from inside the car, which is why most locksmiths would rather try to open your car door lock than the lock on the trunk which is much more complicated to pry open without causing damage to your automobile. The locksmith will have to use specialized tools to get you into your car, so its always a good idea to let him know exactly what the issue is before he arrives so that he can come equipped with all the tools he needs to get your keys out of your car trunk as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Facing an emergency situation and need help? Call us at On Time Locksmiths for a fast – response emergency car locksmith service.

An Old School Coat Hanger

How to unlock a car with a string (this really works ...

You may have seen this in a movie before, but it does work for real if you have the right kind of car. Modern cars with electronic door locks will probably not respond very well to this method to jimmy a lock. However, if you have an older car that has the little knob that looks kind of like a golf tee on the inside of your door that you lift up to unlock and push down to lock, then a coat hanger maybe the magic wand you’re looking for.

For this to work what you need to do is straighten out the coat hanger as best you can and then form one of the ends into a small hook. You have to force the hook down between the rubber molding that holds your window in the window frame itself and the window glass. Now you’re going fishing.

Carefully lower the hook into the door along the window until you can hook it around the door lock button itself. Get the hook underneath it and pull up to unlock the door. It really is that simple, and that’s why old school cars were subject to being stolen with this method. It doesn’t take a lot of work if you know what you’re doing.

You can also use something called a slim jim for this method if you happen to have one handy. Of course, if you happen to have a slim jim handy but not the keys to a car, that’s a little unusual in and of itself. Just make sure the car you’re trying to unlock actually belongs to you.

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How Do You Unlock A Car With A Wedge

To unlock a car without keys like a pro, invest in an automotive toolkit with a curved or inflatable window wedge. Just be aware that using a wedge to unlock a car can be a little tricky, warns Bill Evans, manager of J& E Auto Body in Clark, New Jersey. Start by pulling the top of the door frame out with a pry tool and pushing the wedge in to hold the door frame out. Then, using a long, skinny rod , push the unlock button. Triple A drivers and tow truck drivers usually do it this way, and that is how we do it also, says Evans. This trick works on both old and new car models.

But there is a downside. Even the experienced people will scratch the paint or tear the weather stripping during this process, Evans says. You may need to see a body shop to realign the top of the door frame since sometimes they remain bent out away from the body after the wedge is used. Make sure the repair costs are worth it before using a wedge to get yourself out of your locked keys in car debacle.

How Much Does It Cost To Unlock A Car

The cost for a locksmith to unlock a car typically ranges from about $50 to $250, according to eLocal.com. Towing services or car dealerships can be expensive too. For peace of mind, many people purchase roadside assistance through an auto club, credit card company, or as additional coverage on an auto insurance policy.

For peace of mind, many people purchase roadside assistance through an auto club, credit card company, or as additional coverage on an auto insurance policy.

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Phone A Friend Or Family Member

If you locked keys in car, its natural to panic a bit and wonder how the issue will get fixed. Being locked out of your car can put you in a vulnerable position, even if it does not seem like a full-blown roadside emergency. Thats why its crucial to call a friend or family member if theres one nearby.

Youre put at risk by having to potentially get help from strangers or stand by the side of the road, so it is always a good idea to let people in your life know where you are and the situation youre facing. If they cant help you figure out how to get into a locked car, they can provide some much-needed emotional support, and also it can be a good safety measure to know your whereabouts.

In the absolute best-case scenario, your family member or friend has a spare key you can use to unlock your car and remedy the issue. But even if they dont have a key, they may be able to help out by bringing you some supplies to help you manually unlock the door. Some tools that you might find helpful include: shoelaces , a doorstop, and a wire coat hanger, to name a few .

Car Door Method #: Use A Strip Of Plastic

How To Break Into Your Locked Car

Aside from the inflatable wedge, Donnie also recommends using a plain old piece of plastic to get the job done. It’s pretty much just a long plastic strap which is bent in half and slid through the crack of the door. A set of plastic wedges would also work.

This method works for the pull-up type locks, or any unlocking mechanism inside the car that you can trigger with a stick, rod, or access tool.

For a lot of these methods, you could potentially make due with things around your house or already in your toolbox. You should also call around and ask friends and family if they happen to have any of these tools themselves.

If you have a habit of locking yourself out of the car, you could also invest in a complete lockout tool kit or a long reach tool kit. Or buy a set of wedges or an inflatable wedge, and long reach tool. What tools and methods work for you depend on what type of locks your car has, so make sure to check that against the methods above before buying anything. Also make sure not to keep it in your trunk!

If you don’t want to get locked out again, you could also invest in some magnetic key holders. Put a spare car key in there and hide it under your bumper.

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Expert Tools To Open Your Locked Car

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When it comes to locking doors it is a very easy process. With modern cars, the door can be locked with the push of a button. Sometimes the process is so easy we do it by accident. And sometimes those accidents leave you locked out. It happens to everyone. It happened to me in Hawaii . Luckily I had some experience with car lockouts. Experience that I am now going to share with you, so when you get locked out you are just as prepared. There are three basic ways of getting back into your locked car, and they all have endless variations. Unlike door lock technology cars come out with new models every year and people try to make their models last as long as possible. As a result, auto re-entry is a vast grab bag of possible solutions. Each solution is more of a jumping off point then it is an easy fix, but once you know them all you can get back into your car and enjoy the beautiful Hawaiian beaches .

How To Get Into A Locked Phone With Drfone

Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock provides a hassle-free solution to unlock an Android device in minutes. It can remove a deviceâs PIN, password, pattern, and even fingerprint security without causing any harm to it. Therefore, you would be able to unlock your device without losing your data while using Samsung or LG Android phones. If you want to break the locked screen with Dr.Fone from other brand phones, including iPhone, Huawei, Oneplus, it will wipe out your phone’s data after unlocking successfully.

4 Types of Android Screen Lock can be removed without any data Loss

  • 4 screen lock types are available: pattern, PIN, password & fingerprints.
  • Easily remove the lock screen without any data loss.
  • Everybody can handle it without any technical background.
  • Available for Samsung, LG, and other Android phones, etc.


To learn how to get into a locked phone using Dr.Fone, follow these steps:

1. Go to the official website of Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock and download the tool on your system. After installing it, launch the interface and click on the option of âScreen Unlockâ from the home screen.

2. Connect your Android device to the system and wait for it to be detected automatically. Select the model on the list or choose “I can’t find my device model from the list above” to commence the process.

4. As soon as your device is not into the Download Mode, Dr.Fone will automatically start downloading its respective recovery packages.

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Unlocking A Door With Manual Locks From The Inside

Using a tool like a wedge , it is possible to open the top of the door wide enough to get a metal rod around the locking pin and pull the pin up, thereby unlocking the door.

  • Tip: In most vehicles, it is possible to open the door just enough to insert a thin metal rod or a bent hanger and use it to unlock the doors.

It is important to use a technique that addresses the specific type of lock the vehicle has. There are two main types of locks:

Types of Car Locking Mechanisms
Type of Lock
More likely to be connected to an alarm systemNeed to be unlocked via a remote controlled button

Step 1: Use a wedge or tool to hold open the door space. Find something thin that can be used to open up a gap at the top of the door, between the cars body and the doorframe or window.

  • Tip: You could use a putty knife, a ruler, or even a doorstop for this purpose.

Step 2: Slide the tool into the door gap. Wedge the tool into the space between the body of the vehicle and the top of the door on the side opposite the hinge . Pull the space open with your fingers to make more space for the tool to fit into.

Step 3: Keep inserting the tool until it is visible. Carefully work the tool down and into the space until it is visible through the window.

  • Note: Be careful not to tear or damage the weather stripping while inserting the tool.

Step 4: Make a hook. Now you can fashion a tool or hook to grab the locking pin. A clothes hanger works well, but you can use whatever is handy.

Use What You Have Around You

� My Key Stuck In Car Door � What Should I Do? �

Now that you are sure you are locked out of your car, take inventory of what you have around you. Look for tools that might be able to get you back into your locked car. You do not need the precise items used in the examples to be successful with these methods. Materials you find may be better or create different challenges than the ones discussed below. Find things that have the same characteristics.

Materials you may have around you:

Remember that you do not need to have these tools on your person. You can borrow string or wire coat hangers from any helpful bystander. As scary as the world may seem, it is still filled with people who are willing to help. Just use discretion when approaching strangers. If you are concerned for your safety, approach business owners or store employees in front of customers and let them know your situation. This will also preempt suspicious stares when you attempt to open a locked car with keys inside.

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Car Door Method #: Just Call Aaa

If all else fails, there’s nothing wrong with getting a little help. AAA is probably the most well-known car assistance provider in the nation. If you have the service already, you can call and have someone come and help you within half an hour. Even if you don’t have the service, you can call in, become a member, and have someone at your car that same day.

Unlocking A Car Door Without A Key

The locking mechanisms on different types of cars vary pretty widely. All newer models have power locks with remote controls to open them, but older cars open only manually. Also, some vehicles have the locking knob on the inside top of the door by the window, and others have it by the handle.

Before reading on, make sure you know where your car door’s unlock mechanism is on both the interior and exterior of the door. It’ll impact which of these methods you may want to try.

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How To Unlock A Ford Fusion Without Keys

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Without Any Extra Cost to You!.

Its high time to break into your car if you locked keys in your car, isnt it? Well, the process of unlocking a Ford fusion or breaking into a car is quite thrilling but can be done using a coat hanger or a slim metal tool.

We have nothing to do if our cars key loses and gets disappeared around the road. I think its pretty easy to unlock a Ford fusion without keys. It would help if you went with extreme measures to get inside a Ford vehicle and retrieve keys locked inside.

Daniel, my closest friend, suggested me smashing the glass into thousands of pieces. It can cost you a bit more money, and it is not even the right way to break into your car or vehicle. We have three critical methods that specialize a Ford fusion even more comfortable with no prior locksmithing experience.

Note: We recommend calling a professional locksmith. If you dont find any, please follow our steps below.

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