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How To Install Sirius Xm Radio In Car

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Installing The Siriusxm Commander Touch In Your Car

How to install your Sirius Xm radio in your Semi,car,or truck
  • Find the perfect place in your vehicle for the Docking system. The best suggestion would be close to the cigarette lighter input. You can drill it in if you want to.
  • Fix the magnetic Antenna on your preferred part of the car roof. Pick the sport best suitable for your car. This could be in front of or behind.
  • Run the wire into the car. Ensure to avoid sharp edges as they could tamper with wiring and cause a weak signal.
  • Run the wire neatly to the receiver and connect it.
  • Connect the cigarette adaptor to power the receiver
  • Connect the auxiliary cable to the receiver and then to your stereo
  • Place a call through to SiriusXM or go online to activate your account using your SID number.
  • Once this is done, you are ready to start enjoying the greatest shows available.
  • Does My Vehicle Have Siriusxm

    If you have a Satellite selection on your MAZDA CONNECT infotainment system that is not greyed out and you can hear voices and music when selected, you likely have SiriusXM Satellite Radio. If so, tune to channel 0, write down the numeric ESN code and contact SiriusXM Listener Care to activate service. SiriusXM Listener Care can be reached at 528-7474 or by visiting the Sirius XM Website.

    If you cannot determine if you have SiriusXM Satellite Radio, please contact your local authorized Mazda Dealer. You may also reference your original window sticker to determine if your vehicle is equipped with a SiriusXM receiver. Locate Dealer

    *Don’t drive while distracted. Even with voice commands, only use MAZDA CONNECT/ other devices when safe. Some features may be locked out while the vehicle is in gear. Not all features are compatible with all phones. Message and data rates may apply.

    **SiriusXM Satellite Radio reception requires a subscription and Mazda satellite radio. Subscriptions to SiriusXM services are sold by SiriusXM after a 4-month trial subscription to the SiriusXM All-Access package expires and are continuous until you call SiriusXM at 1-866-635-2349 to cancel. See SiriusXM Customer Agreement for complete terms at Sirius satellite service available only to those at least 18 and older in the 48 contiguous USA, DC, and P.R. . Sirius, XM and all related marks and logos are trademarks of Sirius XM Radio Inc.

    What Is The Never Miss A Beat Promotion

    You simply purchase the radio and activate the radio. If you call SiriusXM to subscribe, mention Never Miss A Beat offer, to receive your first 90 days of Platinum Plan service. A $15 activation fee and credit card is required. You must purchase a recurring monthly plan of service to our Platinum Plan. You will begin paying for your subscription at the beginning of the 4th month.

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    How To Install Sirius Xm Radio In Car

    The SiriusXM radio totally trumps the local FM or AM radio services. The features and benefits it offers are totally overwhelming. Getting it is the best thing you could do for you.

    Materials needed to install the SiriusXM radio in your car.

    To install the SiriusXM radio in your car, you basically need the SiriusXM radio installation package which comes with

    • Docking station
    • Cigarette lighter adaptor

    Do note that what comes with your installation package is subject to the model of SiriusXM radio you purchase. Also, you may need a frim panel remover. Just get one to be on the safe side.

    Ways To Connect A Universal Dock & Play Satellite Radio To Your Car:

    The Benefits of SiriusXM Satellite Radio in Your Car

    WIRELESS & Wired: If you are purchasing the universal dock & play SiriusXM satellite radio to add to an existing stereo system in your vehicle, it will come with a wireless FM transmitter built inside. However, now and then an auxiliary wired FM Transmitter module may need to be purchased and installed along with your Dock & Play satellite radio to increase its signal strength by connecting directly to your car antenna system, so your existing car radio will pick the satellite radio signal up more clearly. There is no way of knowing in advance if this wired FM transmitter module is necessary. It just depends on how well the wireless works in your vehicle.

    The optional wired FM transmitter module sometimes requires special antenna adapters, which we carry. The wired FM transmitter module is hidden behind your dash so you dont see it. The Dock & Play satellite radio signal is seen by your car radio as just another radio station. You listen to the wired or wireless Dock & Play satellite system by setting one of your push-buttons or memory locations on your car radio to the FM frequency of the Dock & Plays transmitter. When you want to listen to your Dock & Play, you just press the push-button the satellite radio is on and the satellite program comes through your car speakers.

    Questions? Come into Our Store and Speak with a real Satellite Radio Expert!

    Locate Us

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    Install A Vais Satellite Radio Adapter Kit

    A VAIS satellite radio adapter kit is designed to be plugged into one of your USB ports or installed behind your dash. Theres no dashboard clutter with one of those kits, and you can still use your factory stereo controls to change satellite radio stations.

    To set up a VAIS satellite radio adapter kit behind your dash:

    Installation Procedure For Cars With An Aftermarket Stereo

    If your vehicle comes with an aftermarket stereo, then you are in luck. All you need is the SiriusXM SXV300V1 tuner which comes with:

    • Antenna

    With this receiver, you can get some really cool features like

    • Sports flash which brings you the best of sports news
    • Tune mix which gives you some fresh music salad composed of songs youve hand-picked from different channels and stored as a preset.
    • Traffic and weather now, which brings you both real-time traffic and weather updates.

    NOTE: you may not get all the above-listed features if your stereo is an older make. If you plan on changing your receiver to a newer model, it would be advisable to opt for a SiriusXM compatible stereo. You can check the compatibility of a stereo/ receiver by inspecting it for the SiriusXM Ready symbol.

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    Xm Radio Units For Cars

    There are three main types of XM Radio units that can play in a car. They are portable receivers, aftermarket car stereos that include built in controls for XM Radio, and car manufacturers stock radios that include a compatible XM Radio car stereo. These stock radios already include a special XM Radio antenna and any other hardware necessary to enjoy XM Radio.

    How To Use Siriusxm In Your Bmw

    How to Connect SiriusXM to Your Car Radio (EASY)

    Using your BMW’s native satellite radio capability also makes for a smooth user experience. Unlike when using a non-integrated solution, like installing a SiriusXM Onyx radio in your car, BimmerTech’s remote satellite radio activation lets you access SiriusXM entirely through your BMW’s iDrive system.

    Satellite radio will appear as an option on the Media/Radio menu, alongside other music sources, like FM radio or your vehicle’s AUX input. Using the iDrive controller, you can switch between stations quickly by scrolling through the list, as well as use the menu options to browse by category, access or modify your preset favorite SiriusXM channels or check the full programming schedule.

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    Common Problems And Solutions Of Sirius Xm

    What if my reception is terrible around some particular areas?

    This is a problem most users experience. It is caused by the interference of frequencies from cell providers. This causes interference that makes the service glitch.

    There really is no perfect solution to this problem. Still, you could try installing a notch filter that would stop most frequencies from entering.

    What if I am getting no signal at all?

    Check your connections first and ensure every wire is plugged into the right place. If there is still no signal, trace your antenna wire and ensure it is not broken anywhere.

    Make sure nothing is obstructing your antennas view. Make sure you are not parked in a garage. Of youve done all this and still encounter a problem with the signal, please contact SiriusXM online assistance.

    Compare between Ham & CB.

    Advantages Of Direct Connect Satellite Radio:

    The direct connect option using the SXV300vi tuner and antenna has the very best sound quality and reception without fading or dropping out. We can add this tuner to your existing aftermarket radio as long as its SiriusXM ready. If you already have a car stereo from Kenwood, Pioneer, JVC, Alpine, Clarion, Sony, Jensen or Dual that has the newer SiriusXm ready logo, the direct connect satellite radio tuner will work. It will be controlled by your car stereo and the satellite radio information will appear automatically on your car radio display. The satellite tuner is hidden.

    If your current car radio isnt SiriusXm ready or it doesnt have an auxiliary audio input and you want the best satellite radio reception possible, you should consider replacing your existing car radio with a new one that is SiriusXm ready. We have many models of satellite ready car stereos on display in our showroom. The price may surprise you and be much less than youre thinking. Come in, well look your vehicle over and if this is the best option for you, well give you an exact quote. And we can often install a satellite radio solution for you while you wait, no appointment necessary.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About The Siriusxm Radio

    Can I install SiriusXM in my car?

    Its pretty simple. All you have to do is

    • Find out what kind of stereo your car has
    • Purchase the appropriate model of SiriusXM radio for your car
    • Follow the procedures listed above for the different installation processes.

    What is the possibility of installing the SiriusXM radio in any car?

    There is a fair possibility of every car. If your car has a stereo system , then you can install a SiriusXM radio on your car.

    How can I connect SiriusXM to my car without an auxiliary cable?

    To connect the SiriusXM radio to your car without using a cable, you would need a vehicle that has an aftermarket stereo. Alternatively, you could purchase one . Then buy the SiriusXM SXV300V1 and install in your vehicle.

    What would it cost to install SiriusXM in my car?

    Apart from your subscription, it really doesnt have to cost you anything. You can install the Radio all by yourself. Below are links to videos for installing both the SXV300V1 model and the command touch model.

    What is a radio ID, and how do I get one?

    The radio ID number, which is also known as an ESN or SID is the unique identification number given to every satellite radio. This number is needed to complete your account registration.

    It can be found on the back of the installation pack carton. Alternatively, you could tune in to channel 0. The unique 10 digits identification number would be displayed automatically.

    How can I get a SiriusXM username and password?

    Is My Car Radio Sirius Ready

    XM XDNX1V1 Onyx Dock

    If you just purchased a car or want to add a Sirius to the existing one, you have three ways to check if your radio is Sirius ready. This check takes no longer than a couple of minutes, and you do not need any tools to do it:

    • First, check if your stereo has a Sirius logo. Sometimes the auto manufacturer will put their specific branding on it to advertise which features are available for use with SiriusXM radios, but youll often be able to see this right away.
    • Check if you see the SAT button. You can find this in many car stereos with an integrated satellite receiver, typically on top near other buttons like AM/FM and DISC AUX.
    • The last thing is to check the owners manual, where in the section about your cars audio system you will find all the information.

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    Transferring Your Siriusxm Subscription From Another Car

    If you already have an active SiriusXM subscription from another vehicle, SiriusXM lets you transfer your subscription to a new radio, or add additional radios to your account. After activating the satellite radio in your BMW, please contact a SiriusXM representative for more help managing your account and devices.

    As BimmerTech’s SiriusXM satellite radio activation process uses your BMW’s native satellite radio capabilities, all the offers, packages and features that would have been available in your vehicle with SiriusXM active from the factory can also be enjoyed after unlocking the satellite radio in your BMW with BimmerTech.

    Installing Siriusxm Radio In The Car

    There are a couple of ways to install the SiriusXM radio in the car. One of them is to swap the factory stereo with the SiriusXM-ready stereo. But that isnt ideal for many reasons.

    First of all, they are quite expensive. Not to forget, changing stereo is a task that requires a lot of work and time. You would need professionals to help to do it for sure.

    And the worst part of all is that swapping stereo might not let you use factory steering wheel controls anymore with your new stereos. So, the entire thing can be overkill. The best way is to find products that add the service to the car radio.

    Either way, I will show 3 solutions to get SiriusXM on the ride.

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    Cassette Adapter Fm Modulator

    The cassette adapter FM modulator is an extremely easy way to connect a portable XM radio or receiver to a car stereo. This method is only good for vehicles that have a cassette player. The cassette adapter plugs into the headphone jack or audio output of the XM radio or receiver and the wired cassette end is inserted into the cars cassette player. The car radio reads audio signals that are sent from the XM radio or receiver through the cassette player instantly giving XM Radio to the user. Cassette adapters are extremely easy to use and very affordable, usually costing less than $20. Their performance is usually rated as average.

    Buy An Aftermarket Radio With The Satellite Function

    XM and Sirius Satellite Radio Car Install Add Ons Explained In Detail

    In the case that you decide to replace the whole radio altogether, then you can always check out online retailers like Crutchfield for an aftermarket radio that will fit your car. Most radios in the aftermarket today come with a satellite radio antenna, which will give you a great sound and easy-to-use functionality. Whats even better is that you can typically buy them for around $100 to $200.

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    I Have A Lifetime Subscription On My Old Radio Can That Be Transferred To This Radio

    Yes, as long as you have not used up your total of 3 service transfers that all lifetime subscriptions are subject to. A transfer fee of $60 will be charged and your lifetime subscription will be transferred to your new radio based on the subscription package you previously had.

    If you purchased your Lifetime subscription

    • Before June 20, 2005: Yes, it is transferable from one radio to another any number of times.*
    • From June 20, 2005 until September 7, 2007: Yes, your Lifetime subscription is transferable a maximum of three times.*
    • On or after September 8, 2007: Lifetime subscriptions associated with home, portable or dock & play radios can be transferred a maximum of three times.* Lifetime subscriptions first associated with or transferred to radios installed in vehicles by automakers or dealers are NOT transferable unless the radio is stolen, accidentally damaged or defective.

    Once a lifetime subscription associated with a home, portable, or dock & play radio is transferred to a radio installed by an automaker or dealer, the subscription becomes non-transferable.

    Please call 1-866-635-2349 to make the transfer. Read more about Lifetime Plans in our Customer Agreement. Please note that Lifetime subscriptions are no longer being offered to new subscribers.

    How Do I Know If My Car Has Satellite Radio

    How Do I Know If I Have XM Radio on My Vehicle?

  • Examine the faceplate of the radio to locate the letters XM. Most XM equipped radios are labeled as such.
  • Sit inside the vehicle and either crank it up or turn the key slightly to turn on the vehicles radio.
  • Locate one of the following buttons on the faceplate of the radio SAT, BAND or AUX.
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    Sirius Xm Radio: What It Is

    The SiriusXM radio is a satellite /online radio service owned by the SiriusXM holdings. The SiriusXM radio offers Satellite/online radio services for a flat fee/subscription. If you like, you can think of it as the Radio equivalent to Netflix.

    With the SiriusXM radio, you have unlimited access to the best of radio content available.

    Whatever it is you, love, be it music, news, sports, or talk shows, the SiriusXM radio offers the best of radio companionship in your car.

    How To Improve Siriusxm Reception

    SiriusXM Introduces SiriusXM Commander Touchâ¢

    When SiriusXM reception is weak, you will see on the screen message saying either antenna or check antenna.

    In any case, you have to check if the antenna is correctly connected to the Radio or Vehicle Dock or if the connection has not become loose.

    If the connection is correct, nothing is loose, and you still have an issue with the SiriusXM reception, it may be a problem within the antenna itself. For example, you may have a broken antenna cable.

    If this is the case, you will need to replace the magnetic mount antenna.

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