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How To Push Start A Car

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How To Start A Car Without A Battery

How to Push-Start a Car with a Dead Battery

As drivers, it can happen, especially in winter, that the battery fails and the car can no longer be started. The battery is too low to crank the starter. There are usual methods to help the car start like jump-starting it or push-starting it. But what if the battery is not present? Can the car be able to start?

There are some rare situations when the battery is stolen, for example, or when the battery is simply a decorative object. One thing is for sure, starting the car when the battery is low is much easier than starting it when the battery is not present.


Stopping And Charging The Battery

  • 1Press the clutch back down after the engine starts. Once the engine starts, the alternator produces the electrical charge it needs to keep running. Press the clutch back to the floor with your left foot so you stop accelerating.XResearch source
  • With your foot on the clutch, the engines RPMs will drop down to an idle.
  • The alternator will recharge the battery and keep the engine running.
  • 2Put the car in neutral and step on the brakes. Keep your foot pressed firmly on the clutch as you push the gear selector forward into the neutral position. This takes the car out of gear. Then use your right foot to apply the brakes and bring the car to a stop.XResearch source
  • You can take your left foot off of the clutch once the car is in neutral.
  • Do not shut off the car once you stop.
  • 3Let the car run for at least 15 minutes to charge. It will take the alternator a while to recharge the battery sufficiently, so leave the engine running once you stop. If the lights were on but the starter was just sluggish, 15 minutes will probably do. However, if the battery was too dead even to turn the lights on, 30 minutes to an hour might be more appropriate.XResearch source
  • You can drive the vehicle around while it recharges the battery.
  • If you shut the engine off before the battery is charged enough to start it again, youll have to start over.
  • What Do I Do If I Just Want To Turn On My Radio

    Push button start is designed to work similarly to using a traditional key ignition you can turn on specific features by quickly pressing your push button start without holding it and without your foot on the brake. Check your owners manual for information on how many pushes activate which features of the car.

    One can think of push button start like this. With each press of the button, its like turning an ignition key one position at a time. With the foot off the brake, one touch turns on the radio. Another touch turns on the dash and other accessories. Push it again and everything turns off.

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    What Else Can You Do

    At this point, you should feel the engine begin to rev to life. Now, you can press your clutch in and drive your car as you normally would. If your car needs to be serviced, its recommended that you take it in after you get your car running so you wont have to repeat this process.

    There can be many issues that make your engine not start when you turn the key. Some of those possible issues include:

    • A blown ignition fuse
    • A bad battery
    • A failed ignition switch

    Whatever the reason, your vehicle will likely need to be serviced. Some of the possible issues may not take very long to fix and can be done by you or a trusted person you know that can help. Other issues may need a mechanic and several days or weeks to repair.

    If you find yourself without a vehicle for an extended period of time, you may want to consider a car rental to help you in the meantime. Borrowing someones car is a big responsibility, and it can be uncomfortable to make such a request.

    A car rental can get you back on the road with the same confidence you have when its your own personal vehicle, and you can request a rental for a longer period. You can also return it when your vehicle is repaired.

    Push Start Your Car With Assistance

    How To Push

    If you can get your family or some friends to help you, youll be able to use their assistance to push start your car even on a flat road surface.

    • Warning: Push-starting a car by human power is dangerous as your helpers may need to walk or run behind your car in the midst of traffic. Always wait for a safe situation to begin the push start process.

    Step 1: Position your helpers. Ask your helpers to stand behind your vehicle to push start it. Ideally, you will need three or four adults to push your car, though one or two strong adults can make it work in most instances.

    Step 2: Release the parking brake. Sit in the drivers seat and turn on the ignition. Press the brake pedal firmly and release the parking brake.

    Step 3: Prepare to push start the vehicle. Put your car into second gear and press the clutch pedal in all the way. The only thing keeping your car in place is your brake pedal, so ensure that you press it down firmly.

    Step 4: Communicate with your helpers. Let them know that you are ready to begin the process of push starting your car.

    • Warning: Ensure that the way is clear before your begin the process of push starting your car.

    • Tip: Count down from three so that all your helpers start pushing at the same time.

    Step 5: Release the brake pedal as they start pushing. While your vehicle slowly gains speed from the people pushing your vehicle, release the brake pedal while holding down the clutch pedal completely.

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    How To Stay Safe When Jump Starting A Car

    Trying to fix your cars battery when you need to be on the road is stressful. Jump-starting your car safely though is straightforward.

    To keep your stress level down its a good idea to adopt a few common sense guidelines to avoid any risks.

    • First, make sure you and your family are out of the way of traffic and harms way including your vehicle and the healthy donor car. Also, make sure the handbrake on both vehicles is on.
    • Keep any metal objects like watches, rings, coins, and hand tools well away from both car batteries and the cables.
    • If its cold and youre wearing a scarf, whip it off. The same goes for anything that can dangle or get in the way tie, handbag or messenger bag.
    • If the hazard lights are on, switch them off unless they limit your on-road visibility. These lights gradually drain the battery.
    • Once your cars running, remove the jump leads in the reverse order they were connected. But never remove the jump leads when the engines running.

    When were anxious were more liable to take risks or take chances. So always take it steady.

    What Should I Do Next

    • You need a second car to jump start your vehicle, and you need to know how to use jump cables to connect the cars. Dont worry, its straightforward just a few simple, safe steps.
    • Park the rescue car close by. Make sure both have their handbrake on and cant move forward or back.
    • Switch off all your cars electrics. This includes radio, fan, and anything else. Dont forget devices phones or tablets, for example perhaps still connected to USB outlets.
    • Connect the red lead. Place the positive red lead on your batterys red terminal. These look a bit like crocodile clips. Then place the other red croc clip onto the rescue vehicles red battery terminal.
    • Connect the black lead. Join the black negative clip to the healthy rescue cars battery. After this, place the negative black lead on some bare metal of your car. That could be bumpers or the bonnet or even part of the engine.
    • Start the engine of the rescue car. Keep it running. If the problem is only a flat battery your own car has an excellent chance of starting.
    • Start your car. Keep both cars running for around 10 minutes at around 2,000-2,500rpm. Your rev counter tells you your engine speed.
    • Disconnect the leads. But make sure you switch your car off before removing the jump leads. If you dont you could damage your cars electrics.

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    Getting Into A Running State

    Now have someone push the car to some speed so that the car takes momentum to get rolling from a dead stop while releasing the foot from the brake pedal.

    This is a Tip:The more motion the car builds up during a push-start, the easy for the transmission to start the engine.

    This is a Tip:If no one is to help you push to start the car, you can also allow the car by yourself to roll without having someone bump/push-start. You can push the car in the reverse direction using your back muscles on a slightly inclined area like a moderately steep hill where the car can freely roll on the downhill slope.

    How A Manual Transmission Works

    How to roll/bump/push start a car the right way! | Auto vlog 8

    A manual transmission works just like the gears on a mountain bike. The shift stick moves a selector between different gears allowing to select different gear ratios. When a manual transmission is in neutral, the gears are not engaged and the car or truck can be rolled by hand. However, when in gear, a manual transmission car is difficult to push. Unlike an automatic car that must be in neutral or park to start, a manual transmission can be started while engaged in any gear, as long as the clutch is depressed.

    When the clutch pedal is depressed, the transmission is also on neutral, even if the shift stick is in gear. When the clutch is released, it engages the engine with the transmission.

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    How Do You Bump

    Lets go through a typical scenario. You unlock your car perhaps noticing its a bit slower to react than normal, turn the key and the engine tries to turn over but sighs into silence. Heres what you do.

    • Turn the key to off immediately. You need to conserve what little battery power you have left and
    • Reduce electrical load. Switch off interior lights, music, headlights everything. Leave it off until you have the engine started.

    If you own a manual, you can now bump-start the car. This is how:

    This technique also works with push-button start cars, just push the starter button without your foot on the brake to get to the second ignition point.

    Push Starting A Car In Reverse

    You can push start a car in reverse just the same method as the forward motion gears. Bear in mind that reverse is a low ratio gear like 1st gear. Push starting a car in reverse may put more strain on the transmission and clutch that a forward motion gear such as 2nd gear. A substantial jolt may be noticed when releasing the clutch if push starting in reverse.

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    Jump Starting A Car With Jump Leads: Explained In Detail

    1. Safety always comes first when dealing with electricity. Make sure that there are no metal objects nearby, like tools or even jewellery, that could come into contact with the batteries or cables – and take off any clothing that could get caught inside the engine bay.

    You should also make sure that the batteries of both cars aren’t damaged. If a battery’s plastic casing is broken or it looks like it is leaking, don’t try anything – either remove it yourself, if you know what you’re doing, or take it to a professional to be replaced. Likewise, if the cables are damaged it may be best to borrow someone else’s or buy some new ones – they’re not too expensive.

    2. After you’ve moved two cars close together so that the leads will reach between the batteries, it’s time to connect the leads. Make sure both cars are completely off with the keys out and place a clip on the red jump cable onto the positive terminal – marked with a plus symbol – on the battery of the car that works .

    Clip the other end of the red cable to the positive terminal on the non-starting car . Make sure both clips are on securely and will not snap off. You should also make sure the cables don’t fall into the engine bay and obstruct any moving parts.

    3. Connect one end of the black jump lead to the negative terminal – marked with a minus symbol – on Car 2’s battery.

    Is It Good To Start A Car In Reverse

    Can You Put A Remote Car Starter On A Push

    No, it is not good to start a car in reverse, especially without depressing the clutch and putting it in neutral. This practice will increase the risk of crashing the car and adds strain to the starter accelerator and motor. Of course, the car engine will start at the expense of degrading your car faster.

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    How To Put A Push Start Car In Accessory


  • To put a push start car in accessory, you must first open the hood.
  • Locate the battery and remove the cover.
  • There should be two cables connected to the battery.
  • One is red and one is black. The black cable is the ground.
  • Take the red cable and connect it to the positive terminal on the battery.
  • Then, take the black cable and connect it to the negative terminal on the battery. Close the hood and start your car.
  • How To Push Start A Car In Reverse

    If you own an older manual car, you want to know how to push start a car in reverse. It seems unreal that you can push start your car while in the reverse, but is possible. You must not make it a habit to avoid degrading your car faster.

    Push starting a car is one of the ways you can get your car to start if it is manual transmission. It should only be an option if you cant have access to a battery booster or jumpstarter. Sometimes, you could be stuck where it becomes necessary to push start your car in reverse, perhaps the incline also favors pushing the car backward to start the engine. You could also be stuck in the parking bay, which means push starting your car in reverse becomes a worthwhile option.

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    Pop The Clutch At Speed

    Keep an eye on the speedometer. When you see it get above 5 mph , then you should quickly pop the clutch. This means that you take your foot off the clutch quickly, forcing your car into gear.

    The faster youre going, the better your chances are of a successful push-start. You can also give it a little gas when the engine kicks on to help your odds.

    Your engine is going to sputter, and your car will probably buck as it turns on. If it was a success, then your engine will now be running, and your car will officially be turned on.

    Jump Start Or Bump Start

    How To Start A Car With An Engine Start Button-Tutorial

    There are two common methods for starting a car which has a flat battery. One of these requires jump leads and another car or a battery booster pack, while for the other youll need to be able to get the car rolling to bump start the engine.

    Whichever way you do it, you should get your car battery checked as soon as possible after jump starting the car. If the battery was flat just because you left a light on then it should recover, but if it failed suddenly there could be an issue with the cars alternator or electrical system. It could be as simple as a dirty or corroded connection, though, so its worth getting it checked out.

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    Dangers Of Push Button Start Key Fobs

    Here are some disadvantages of push button start key fobs:

    • Since most new vehicle models have noiseless engines, you can easily forget to switch off your engine when using a keyless ignition system. Drivers who use mechanical keys rarely face this problem because they can see the key inserted in the ignition system. However, users of push button start key fobs may leave their car without switching it off because the key fob is probably tucked into their pockets.
    • A few drivers have sustained injuries because they forgot to put the gear in park before getting out of the vehicle. If you leave your car while it is in gear, your vehicle may spring forward, pull you, and launch itself into an obstacle or another vehicle.
    • It is easier to hack push button start key fobs than conventional keys. Tech-savvy car thieves can use artificial intelligence systems to pick the unique signal from the key fob and use it to unlock or even activate a vehicle’s engine.

    A Bad Alternator Is Different Than A Bad Battery

    You should also know that a bad alternator and a bad battery are two different things. They will both present nearly identical symptoms in your car, but the troubleshooting and repair process is different.

    With a bad battery, all you need to do is replace the battery. The process is pretty straightforward and doesnt take anything special.

    With a bad alternator, replacing your battery isnt the right path forward. Since the alternator isnt recharging the battery anymore, any battery you put in your car will slowly die. Instead, youll need to swap out your alternator with a functional one.

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