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How To Register My Car In California

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How To Register An Out Of State Commercial Vehicle In California

Registering Your Vehicle In California | All In One Vehicle Registration

The term commercial vehicle as defined by the California Vehicle Code can be confusing to California Motorists. The confusion comes from the fact that ordinary pickup trucks are defined as commercial vehicles. We have listed a few examples of vehicles defined in the commercial category. include

  • Pickup Truck
  • Semi Trucks
  • Passenger Vehicle for Business purposes, Van,
  • Specialty Vehicles used for business purposes if they have the capacity to carry a load

Car Title Transfers: How To Gift A Vehicle In California Etags Vehicle

There are multiple reasons why you may decide to give a car as a present. You may have a child who just obtained a drivers license, or your spouse may need a new vehicle to commute to work. Either way, the common step you need to take is to transfer the title of ownership, filling in the mandatory documents to ensure the entire process goes smoothly.

Registering Your Kit Car In California

To get a new California VIN number assigned you must ask the DMV to fill out form REG 124 , a.k.a. Application For Assigned Vehicle Identification Number Plate. This has to be signed by a DMV representative as an “authorization” for the CHP to inspect your car and assign a VIN on the door post or cowl of your vehicle.

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Submit Your Forms And Payment

Mail or bring the following to a vehicle licensing office:

  • .
  • In an office: Sign the form in front of the agent.
  • If you’re mailing: Sign the form in front of a notary.
  • The current Certificate of Title of your vehicle.
  • Still making payments on your vehicle? Have your lending institution fax a copy of your title to a vehicle licensing office. Once it’s paid off, you can apply for a WA title.
  • If you don’t have the title, contact an office.
  • Payment for the fees call a vehicle licensing office to find out what your fees will be.
  • California Smog Checks And Inspections

    How Do I Renew My Registration In CA??

    Just about every vehicle in CA needs to pass a smog inspection before they are able to be registered in California. Some areas of California require that a person’s vehicle pass a smog test every two years. New cars less than six years old will be charged with a $20 smog fee for the first six years rather than having to pass smog inspections.

    The list of vehicles below are exempt from smog inspections:

    • New vehicles under four years old.
    • Hybrids and electric cars.
    • Trailers.

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    What Do I Do If I Bring In My Car From My Previous State

    If you have an out of state vehicle, you will need to complete a California title transfer form. You can request a copy by going to your local DMV. If you have a printer, you can also visit the California DMV website.

    You will also need to bring in some proof of residency to get a new title and registration. The forms can be one of the following:

    • Lease agreement
    • Deed of house
    • Utility bill
    • Insurance papers

    All copies of your residency also need to have your first and last name be within the past thirty days and have the address down you will use.

    When bringing your old vehicle to the state of California, you will also need to include a smog check. If you have Google Maps, you can search your nearby area to see if you have a smog inspection station nearby. A smog check from another state will not be viable, as California has unique smog rules.

    Which Inspections Will I Need To Perform On My Motor Vehicle

    • Smog / emissions testing: California and smog testing go hand in hand. California does not mess around your vehicle has to pass emissions. Due to recent developments, depending on your vehicle, smogging a car is a very quick and cheap thing to do now! It takes between 5 10 minutes and runs between $30 and $55 depending on where you go. Some companies charge even cheaper than that.
    • Weight master certificate: Commercial vehicles will require a weight certificate from a certified weight master! California charges weight fees for commercial vehicles the heavier your vehicle is, the more you will pay. The estimated cost is $11 at most weigh stations. Most truck stops are certified weight masters and can issue the weight certificate for you, so finding a place to do it wont be difficult.

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    Washington Dc Car Registration Requirements

    In Washington, D.C. non-residents are allowed to drive their vehicle up to 30 days maximum. For an additional fee, you can extend the deadline up to 180 additional days. A non-resident can only purchase the extra 180 days once a year. If you’re moving to Washington, D.C., you have 30 days to register your vehicle.

    How To Register A Car As A New California Resident


    If youâre a new resident of California, youâll first need to head down to the local DMV office .

    Youâll have to establish residency in order to register a car. A resident is in possession of a driverâs license or voter registration as proof, as well as California-based employment, tax exemption for a home in the state, or rent or lease for an apartment in-state. If youâre underage, youâll need to be enrolled as a dependent.

    If youâre of voting age, youâll also re-register to vote in the state, with more information available on the Secretary of State website along with the voter registration application and specific county election details.

    Once your residency is established as an official Californian, youâll need to submit an application for the title or registration. The terms and qualifications might be different depending on whether itâs a commercial vehicle or otherwise, but either way, youâll need to apply and bring proof of insurance. Youâll also need an out-of-state title if you are attempting to transfer your title to California. An out-of-state registration is also requested and a weight certification if required. Youâll need a smog certification, which should be updated every two years and is required within a certain timeframe, as well. If this smog test isnât done there will be fees and if it doesnât pass a smog test , consider it a junk car. A smog check isnât the only thing to be done ASAP by penalty of fees.

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    Michigan Car Registration Requirements

    A non-resident of Michigan may operate a vehicle for 90 days in the state. At any time beyond 90 days, you will need to register your vehicle. This also applies to military personnel on active duty. New Michigan residents must immediately title and register their vehicles.

    To learn more about registering a car in Michigan, read our blog post: How to register a car in Michigan

    Purchasing A Vehicle From A Car Dealership

    With vehicles purchased from a dealership, the dealership will generally take care of all registration paperwork for you, and issue you a temporary registration certificate for you to keep in your car until your official registration arrives from the CA DMV. They may or may not issue license plates ask your dealership beforehand what their specific process is.

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    Coming From Out Of State Dont Forget To Register Your Car In California

    Once you officially establish residency in California, you will have 20 days to register your vehicle with the DMV to avoid late fees. To be sure you get your registration taken care of in a timely manner, you can book your appointment with the DMV before moving through their online appointment system.

    To register, head to the DMV and submit:

    After a DMV employee completes your vehicle’s VIN inspection, you will be issued your registration card, stickers, and plates.

    What Do I Need To Bring To The Dmv

    Just A Car Guy: Hmmm, what

    Before visiting a DMV office to register your vehicle, please complete the Document Guide to make sure you bring the correct documents with you. The requirements to register an out-of-state vehicle are generally the same as to register and title vehicle in New York. However, there are exceptions. See the questions below.

    Yes. See instructions to register a vehicle when you are out of state.

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    Idaho Car Registration Requirements

    If you plan to live in Idaho for longer than 90 days, you need to register your vehicle in the state. Depending on the county in which you reside, you may need to have your vehicle inspected before you register it. College students and members of the military living in Idaho may maintain out-of-state registration.

    Importing A Vehicle Into California

    Importing a vehicle into California requires a lot of due diligence and homework. I will keep this section brief, as it requires its own page just to talk about it. Many times to register an imported vehicle the eligibility is determined by the model year. Also, the verification of the vehicle can only be done by CHP officers. One thing that i have determined is that when it comes to California, any vehicle can be imported, as long as it meets emissions requirements. Its all about emissions. Making a vehicle emissions compliant may cost you thousands more than the vehicle itself and it sometimes the effort and cost is too much and not worth it. A vehicle passing smog check is not enough, it must emissions compliant and go through the BAR. Please click here to read more.

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    Pennsylvania Car Registration Requirements

    If you are a non-resident in Pennsylvania and your vehicle is registered in another state, you don’t have to register it again. All new residents are required to apply for a Pennsylvania title and vehicle registration within 20 days of residing there.

    To learn more about registering a car in Pennsylvania, read our blog post: How to register a car in Pennsylvania.

    How Much Does It Cost To Register A Car In California

    How to register your vehicle online (CA residents only)

    In California, youll likely pay the vehicle registration fee, plus a California Highway Patrol fee, vehicle license fee, county fee, as well transportation improvement fee.

    If youre wondering how much to register a car in California, it can depend on various factors. According to the California Department of Motor Vehicles , your registration fees are determined by:

    • Your vehicle type
    • Your vehicles purchase price or declared value
    • When you purchased your vehicle or the date your vehicle entered California
    • The city and/or county you live in
    • The city and/or county your business is based in
    • The unladen or declared gross vehicle weight and the number of axles your vehicle may have
    • Any special license plates your vehicle may have
    • Whether you have any unpaid parking violations or toll evasion bail

    The California DMV has useful calculators to evaluate what your prospective costs might be. Use the following tools to see how much it might cost you to register a car in California:

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    Registering A Vehicle Purchased Outside Of Canada

    If you bought the vehicle outside Canada, you must get the proper inspection completed and provide import documentation.

    Bring your proof of ownership and the Transport Canada Vehicle Import Form Form 1 to a registry agent and get an Inspection Request.

    To register an imported vehicle, you must provide the following:

    • proof of ownership for the vehicle
    • your out of province, salvage or commercial inspection
    • for new vehicles: a New Vehicle Information Statement or Certificate of Origin
    • a completed Transport Canada Vehicle Import form Form 1, Vehicle Import form RIV, Vehicle Import form RIV exempt, or letter from an authorized pre-clearance importer

    You will also have to provide the standard registration documents such as:

    • proof of ownership or previous registration for the vehicle
    • proof of Alberta insurance
    • personal identification

    How To Renew Ca Registration

    Once you have gone through the initial pain of being a new resident of California, you can renew your registration online. You need the following to renew your registration online:

    • Your license plate number
    • The last four digits of your VIN
    • The renewal notice you received from the DMV
    • A method of payment

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    How Much Does It Cost To Renew Your License Plate Registration In California

    Registration fees are a little more complicated. There are a number of different fees that can be charged during registration depending on various factors. The fees that are required from ALL vehicles include:

    • Registration Fee: $46.00

    All pricing and details are believed to be accurate, but we do not warrant or guarantee such accuracy. The prices shown above, may vary from region to region, as will incentives, and are subject to change. Vehicle information is based off standard equipment and may vary from vehicle to vehicle. Call or email for complete vehicle specific information. All advertised prices exclude tax, license and an $85 dealer doc fee. WARNING: Operating, servicing and maintaining a passenger vehicle or off-road vehicle can expose you to chemicals including engine exhaust, carbon monoxide, phthalates, and lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. To minimize exposure, avoid breathing exhaust, do not idle the engine except as necessary, service your vehicle in a well-ventilated area and wear gloves or wash your hands frequently when servicing your vehicle. For more information go to

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    Colorado Car Registration Requirements

    How Do I Register My Vehicle with the California Dmv?

    Colorado requires you to register your car within 90 days of becoming a resident of Colorado. There is a $25 unregistered surcharge each month if drivers do not pay within the 90-day time frame. If you keep your out-of-state registered vehicle in Colorado, your license may be suspended.

    To learn more about registering a car in Colorado, read our blog post: How to register a car in Colorado

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    Alabama Car Registration Requirements

    Non-residents of Alabama must register their vehicles within 30 days of entering Alabama. Drivers must have the car’s title and proof of previous vehicle registration to purchase a new vehicle registration. Unless you are in college or the military, your vehicle must be inspected.Sponsored Link: Save time and money on insurance with Esurance. Get a quote online now.

    California Certified Emissions Label

    The easiest way to complete this process is by going to Skip The Line Vehicle Registration. Skip The Line is one the only vehicle registration service provider who specializes in out of state registration.. Our vehicle registration center has a smog facility located next door so you can obtain your California Registration in minutes. The California registration process can take several hours and multiple visits at the El Cajon DMV Field Office. If you would like to go the El Cajon DMV field office to complete your Non Resident Vehicle transaction, we have listed the address of the local field office below.


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    How To Register Your Vehicle In California Etags Vehicle Registration & Title

    The state of California requires that all in-use vehicles be registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles . Cars, trucks, commercial vans, motorcycles, trailers, boats: register them before you use them. If you dont know how to register a vehicle in California, youve come to the right place.

    Ways To Register A Car In California Wikihow

    How to renew car registration online in California | CA DMV

    To register a new car in California, fill out a title app with the seller if you’re buying from a dealership, which will take care of the registration process. Alternatively, make an appointment at your local DMV field office. Make sure to bring confirmation that you own the car, your drivers license, and proof of insurance to your appointment.

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    Minnesota Car Registration Requirements

    In Minnesota, a non-resident vehicle buyer has a 31-day temporary permit to bring the vehicle to the state where they’ll be registering it. Non-residents can register their vehicles by sending in their previous state’s registration. You have 60 days to register your car in Minnesota once you establish residency.

    Vehicle License Fee 065% Of Purchase Price/value Of Vehicle

    For most vehicles, you will need to pay a vehicle license fee instead of the fee being included in your property tax. You can deduct this fee from your income tax. Vehicle license fees are based on the purchase price or value of your vehicle and the fees go to fund cities/counties.

    Vehicle license fees decrease for your vehicles first 11 renewal years, or until the vehicle is transferred .

    The following groups do not have to pay a vehicle license fee:

    • Disabled veterans with a 100% service-related disability rating.
    • Non-resident military personnel stationed in California .
    • California Indian tribes and tribal members.
    • Federally recognized Indian tribes.

    The VLF for historical vehicles or horseless carriages is $2.

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