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How To Undercoat A Car

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How Much Spray Cans Will I Need To Undercoat A Truck

How to Undercoat Your Car: Impala SS

The fluid Film also comes packaged in spray cans. For those of you who prefer spray cans over using a spray paint gun, you will need around 5 to 6 cans.

The contents in the Fluid Film spray cans are the same ones in the gallon and 5-gallon drums. Fluid Film uses different sized packages because not all clients will need the same amount of the product.

Therefore, its up to you whether you go with the 5-gallon drum or spray cans. If you must use the spray cans, make sure you buy six of them. That should cover your entire car.

If you never want to run out of Fluid Film, you can buy the five-gallon drum. This way, you will never have to worry about the thickness of your undercoat.

Does Rust Proofing Void Warranty

Besides cosmetic damage,corrosion also weakens a vehicles structural integrity and can affect steering and suspension components. Thats why it makes sense to Rust Check your vehicle annually. NO. Rust Check is an aftermarket product, but it will not void any factory warranties issued by the manufacturer.

Just How Much Does The Undercoating Cost

The expense will depend upon the car, where you live and the business carrying out the task. The typical expense of an undercoating task for your car should be around $150 to over $500.

At Ziebart, a popular franchise shop that carries out undercoating, charges, from what we could find, around $250 to $350, and this would consist of a 10-year service warranty nevertheless, in order to keep this service warranty active, you would need to return every year for about $50 per new visit.

TheAutoProtectors, a site that handles vehicle upkeep and repair, states the cost generally starts at around $249. The expected amount ought to consist of the labor and all the products required to carry out the task. The rate, nevertheless, increases depending upon the specific car that is being undercoated.

Members on the F150Forum spoke about what they had actually paid to undercoat their trucks, and according to one thread, one member had actually paid $300.

On another online forum thread at Stangnet, they had actually stated you ought to be prepared to invest anywhere from $179 to $279 to have the task done at a local car dealership.

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Tips For Prep And Application

Is this a DIY job, or should you hire a pro to undercoat a car? In most cases, this is something you can do yourself if you have a modicum of experience with working on cars or if youre handy around the house.

Plan on this job taking a weekend. Remember that the most important and most time-consuming step is careful preparation. You dont want to trap corrosion-causing material up against the bare metal of your undercarriage, as it will continue to do damage that you wont be able to see.

Begin by brushing or grinding off any rust thats already there yes, all of it and then apply paint or primer to those freshly de-rusted areas. Once the primer has dried, follow the manufacturer recommendations for the undercoating youve chosen. Just like painting and bodywork, this is not a job to rush. Doing research and taking your time will pay dividends here.

While it can be a laborious and time-intensive job, learning how to undercoat a car can add years to the life of your vehicle, increasing its utility to you and raising its resale value.

Check out all the undercoating products available on NAPA Online, or trust one of our 17,000 NAPA AutoCare locations for routine maintenance and repairs. For more information on undercoating your vehicle, chat with a knowledgeable expert at your local NAPA AUTO PARTS store.


How Long Does Undercoating Last On A Vehicle

Best Diy Auto Undercoating / 10 Best Undercoat Paints Reviewed For Cars ...

Undercoating can last a seriously long timeas in decades. MotorTrend Tech Center manager Jason Scudellari put it best when he said, “We’ve seen cars with undercoating from the factory that won’t come off after 40 or 50 years.” So, as long as you apply a quality undercoating to a well-prepped surface, there’s no telling how long it will last.

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Fourth Step: Applying Undercoating

Take the paintbrush then apply the car undercoating. Remember to apply the product liberally, covering every part of the cars undercarriage. Make sure that every area exposed to the road has undercoating. After applying the first coat, wait for an hour for it to dry. Apply the second coating, then leave it overnight to dry. Ensure that the undercoating has dried completely before you drive your vehicle.

There are many ways to prolong the life of your vehicle. If you want to get more tips in caring for your car, browse through our blog posts.

How Much Fluid Film Do I Need To Undercoat Two Cars

If your spouse owns a car, you will also have to undercoat their vehicle. If you are undercoating two cars, you will need two gallons of Fluid Film. To ensure that you have enough, you should purchase their five-gallon drum.

This will ensure the thickness achieved is adequate to offer adequate protection. Remember, the more cars you have to undercoat, the more Fluid Film you will need.

If you happen to be a detailer offering undercoating services, make sure that you get several drums which will be enough for your customers.

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The Hows And Whys Of Undercoating On Our 1969 Chevy Nova Project Car

Undercoating: It’s a topic we typically overlook when breaking down aspects of a project car build. Maybe that’s because the process of undercoating would seem straightforward, or maybe because it feels like a boring topic. Regardless, undercoating a project car is important, and most of the cars that we build in the MotorTrend Tech Centers seem to get the treatment, so it’s more than worth talking about.

This time, the project car about to get the undercoating treatment was our 1969 Nova that we had just finished installing a Detroit Speed mini tub kit on. But before throwing in our new Strange S60 and the rest of our rear suspension, we decided to take the time to spray on some undercoating we had delivered from Summit Racing.

Probably The Most Divisive Home Auto Product On The Market Today Perhaps Sharing The Top Spot With Fuel Additives Is Aerosol

How to PROPERLY Undercoat A Rusted Car or Truck. (Fluid Film Surface Shield, Woolwax)

The application is simple: shake, pop the top, and spray. Voila.

However, multiple automotive forums show that there is a clear divide between advocates of canned undercoatings and its many opponents.

This controversial process has curiously led to increased corrosion and rust on the underside of some vehicles while performing exceptionally on others…but, how is this possible?

In short, not all aerosol-based undercoatings are created equal.

There are many, many brands and varieties of undercoating: Rustoleum, 3M, Eastwood, Undercoating in a Can, etc. etc. The verdict is still out which ones actually work??

The problem is, depending upon the circumstance and the degree to which rust is present on a vehicle’s underbody, the results greatly vary, especially after months and months of unpredictable weather.

Most of these brands produce rubberized versions of undercoating in a can. These types of coatings have a dried film that is often quite hard, arid, and brittle.

Make sure you choose an undercoating and not the automotive equivalent of this confectioner’s treat.

While laying it on thick seems like the best practice, a lot of users have experienced some serious issues with this type of undercoating. For example, the following is a quote from a forum user, GodwinAustin, on, who’d used rubberized undercoating on his 2004 Tacoma:

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The Advantages Of Having A Car Undercoated Are Given Here

  • You do not have to worry constantly about corroded parts and drive freely on salty roads without any dread.
  • The weight of the car is increased. Though it is usually viewed as a disadvantage, it can also bring more stability to the car.
  • In addition to the protection it offers, the undercoating can also dampen the sounds of the road and engine. This makes the passenger compartment of the car quieter and more peaceful.

What Is The Best Car Underbody Protection

Scudellari recommends using SEM Products Rock-It XC Liner. It is technically designed to be used for lining truck beds, but the added durability is welcome. If factory rubberized undercoating can last decades, bedliner made to withstand hard abuse in the bed of a truck is sure to last even longer.

It comes as a kit that can be found on Summit Racing’s website for under $150 and includes the spray gun and enough coating for the entire underbody of your car.

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When Should I Undercoat My Car

Spring not fall is the best time for rustproofing

  • Right now is the perfect time to rustproof your car.
  • If you’re beating yourself up a little because you never got around to rustproofing last fall, fear not. …
  • More On This Topic. …
  • Many cars have noted rust spots, places where corrosion is a bugaboo. …

Know The Difference Between Rust


Aftermarket treatments can take a while to grasp, especially for car owners who might not know the differences between all the options out there. The range of options available to help prolong the life of a vehicles body are diverse, and customers might not know which treatments they would be better off choosing.

Fortunately, trained auto detailers are well versed in the differences between aftermarket treatments. What are some of those differences? Heres a look at what sets rust-proofing and undercoating apart.

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Undercoating: The Good The Bad And The Rusty

Are you riding around in a rust-riddled, corrosion-covered, pitting pile of automotive poo? Have your vehicle’s protective undercoatings given-up the ghost, leaving your car’s tender underbelly exposed to the elements? Sounds like it’s time to apply some undercoating…

On the bright side, if you own a modern automobile, chances are you won’t have to undercoat it all that often. Most cars today are constructed from lightweight, rust-resistant materials like aluminum, plastic, carbon fiber, and magnesium. This not only makes them far more fuel efficient and lightweight, but less susceptible to corrosive contaminants as well.

But that doesn’t mean the modern automobile is immune either, which is precisely why all cars receive an undercoating at the factory, which in colder climates, requires routine cleaning and the occasional reinstallation.

However, a lot of car owners still don’t know what undercoatings are made from, or how they work. Is there more than one kind of undercoating? Are there any health risks associated with this stuff? How often should a vehicle be undercoated?

Well fret no more, because today we’ll be breaking down the good, the bad, and the rusty. As we dissect the latest undercoating solutions, and the pros and cons of this crucial layer of automotive protection.

The Difference Between Rust Protection And Undercoating

Undercoating and rust protection may seem to be similar but they are two different things.

Where the undercoating is done for protecting your vehicle from the outside, rust protection is generally done for protection inside your vehicle.

Since there is a variety of different coatings available in both, the type of automotive undercoating you need is determined based on the level of damage and how much protection your vehicle wants.

One thing to keep in mind is if your car model was manufactured before 2006, you definitely need some kind of protection from rust and an undercoat.

The car models and the automotive parts manufactured after 2006 are mostly built with galvanized steel .

Since its a great material that can reduce the chances of getting rust, most modern cars will not need undercoating very soon.

With that said, you still need to keep the underneath of your car, motorhome, trailer, or RV free from dirt, debris, grime, and soiled water.

Final Words

Undercoating a car is not only a sensible strategy to extend its lifespan, but it also prevents seizing important elements of a car like suspension and brakes.

When correctly placed, an automotive rustproof undercoating can protect an undercarriage from all manner of unpleasant stuff.

This includes everything for seawater, deicers, road filth, corrosive chemicals, engine oil, and a variety of other corrosion-causing pollutants.

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Can You Protect Other Car Parts From Corrosion

If youre looking for a long-lasting solution for preventing body panel rust and surface corrosion, opting for a nano ceramic coating is the way to go. 9H-rated ceramic coatings in particular are quite good at repelling rust.

Utilizing a highly-concentrated liquid polymer that’s been enhanced with liquid quartz, a.k.a. silica dioxide , nano ceramic coatings seep into clear coats, chrome, bare metal, and other porous hard surfaces.

Once cured, nano ceramic coatings create a completely transparent, ultra smooth crystallized surface. This layer of protection repels everything from UV rays and acid rain, to bird droppings, tree sap, surface scratches, and the damage caused by most road chemicals.

Higher end ceramic coating for cars, like Armor Shield IX, also have the ability to reject electrolytes, therefore preventing them from penetrating surface areas, and thus, reducing the potential risk of corrosion.

Which One To Pick

How to Undercoat Your Car (RUST PREVENTION)

Rust proofing offers some advantages in that it protects the visible parts of the vehicle making for a much more aesthetically pleasing finish. An undercoating protects the underside of the vehicle so you will get a longer life from your vehicle.

Rust proofing can be done quickly and in many cases can be done in your driveway by yourself but to get a proper undercoating requires taking your vehicle to a shop and devoting a chunk of your day to it. Krown takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour to apply once a year, so its not a huge loss of time. Everyone has a spare hour at some point in their life. Its about the same amount of time that you will spend washing and waxing your vehicle once during the warmer months so if you do this, you have time to get a Krown undercoating from Krown of South Central Pennsylvania.

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What Are The Different Methods Of Apply Undercoating

Surface corrosion may be unavoidable, rust build-up can be prevented with a quality automotive undercoating.

If youre considering in having a professional undercoat your car, youll need to decide whether to go with a pro installer or a dealership.

While dealer-installed coatings are limited to manufacturer-specific products, privately held service repair shops often have a variety of options to choose from with various pricing plans. Just make sure that the shop is certified and has favorable reviews before committing to an undercoating install.

Regardless as to which direction you choose, the methods used during the undercoating application process tend to be the same across the board. That said, here are a few of the more popular rust repelling products on the market today.

When To Undercoat A New Car

Asked by: Carmelo Gleichner I

The best time to apply an undercoating to a car is when the car is new. This is because there is not yet debris, residue, and corrosion on the underside of the car. Car undercoating, in a nutshell, is a type of defensive layer that’s applied to the undercarriage of vehicles.

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Works Great On New And Nearly New Vehicles

Theres nothing worse than looking under your new vehicle and spying rust starting to appear here and there. Ive done this on several new vehicles and I can say without a doubt that it works great. The newer the vehicle the better in this case because the surfaces are new, clean and free from rust. If you do a new vehicle, it will prevent rust from starting. You can even professionally undercoat it later over the paint if you want.

Spend Hundreds Or Diy For Under $50

PFC Undercoating

You can spend hundreds on a professionally applied undercoating. But if youre like me, youd rather do-it-yourself if you can. Well what if I told you that there is an effective, cheap, long term method of undercoating that not only looks good, but you can do yourself in one afternoon for about $40. Think youd be interested?

Ok, youre thinking obviously Ill be coating the underside with something, so what is it? Gloss Black Rustoleum. But hold on its not just what but how. You can easily paint anything that sits right in front of you. Undercoating a vehicle is tricky because the things you need to paint are sometimes hard to reach. The trick here is how you coat the underside with the Black Rustoleum paint. Typically when you paint something, youre painting it in a very even, light coat so the paint looks smooth. Under the vehicle, it doesnt matter! So, I use a different method to apply the spray paint that not only coats everything in a thick coat of paint, but enables you to paint hard to reach places.

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Should I Worry About Rust Under My Car

The most serious problems occur when rust gets beneath the car’s surface and within its underlying components. Rust-free body panels boost a vehicle’s structural integrity, but the parts doing the heavy lifting lie under the car’s skin. … If there’s been damage to the vehicle’s body structure, make sure it’s done right.

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