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How To Unlock My Car Door

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Key Turns But Wont Unlock Car Door: 3 Reasons With Fixes

How to: Unlock a Car Door with a Phone

Weve all faced those misfortune days when were in a rush to get somewhere but the car door lock wont open. The majority of car owners prefer keeping their car doors locked to ensure their valuables are kept safe and someone cant steal the vehicle.

However, if the key turns and the car door lock wont open, then, you might be stuck somewhere. If you too have been in a similar situation where the car key turns fine but the door lock wont open, we understand how frustrating it can be.

There could be a couple of reasons why your car key turns but wont unlock car door. Some of these include damaged car locks, damaged car keys, frozen car locks, lack of lubrication, or dead car key fob batteries.

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How To Unlock Car Door Without Key In 4 Ways In Emergency

Same topic: Let’s Drive Smart!

Have you ever locked yourself out of your own car by accident? Did you have to call for technical assistance? will guide you through 4 methods on how tounlock car door without key in such emergency. Please note that carjacking is a serious crime and is not endorsed by the writer in any way.

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How To Safely Break Into Your Own Car

How To Safely Break Into Your Own Car

Next to getting your teeth pulled, getting locked out of your car is right up there on the lists of terrible experience weve probably all had to endure at one time or another.

Luckily for us, there are a few ways on how you can safely break into your vehicle without damaging it.

So drop that screw driver and pay attention.

In the past two articles, weve seen how to unlock doors with manual locks and those with automatic locks. In this final part of the trio, well discuss even more tried-and-true ways to unlock your car.

Key Turns But Wont Unlock Car Door Reasons And Fixes

How to unlock your car in 30 seconds #shorts

Problems with unlocking the vehicle are all but common with owners of older vehicles that are still primarily opened with the key. Some causes can be solved with quick maintenance, but for others, youll need to swap out some parts. In this guide, well discuss all the reasons why the car door wont open and the easiest and cheapest ways to fix them.

The most common reasons for stuck car doors are lack of lubrication, freezing, worn or foul lock cylinder & tumblers, or a broken tailpiece of the lock.

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Why Choose A Car Locksmith And Not A Car Dealership

Not only do we offer much lower rates than that of your local car dealership, we offer something that they very likely do not: roadside assistance. No matter where you are or what time of day it is, we can meet you and help you back to wherever it is that you are going. Our technicians carry their tools with them, so there is no need for you to pay for a costly tow truck ride, not to mention the time it may take at a dealership or mechanic. Dealers and mechanics typically work 9-5, off holidays and weekends. We are truly a 24/7 mobile locksmith company ready whenever you need us.

If you are trapped in the middle of nowhere and trying to get back on the road, contact our emergency locksmith services today!

Unlocking A Door With Automatic Locks From The Inside

With automatic locks, the amount of difficulty involved in unlocking them from the outside is decided by two things:

  • How easy or difficult it is to pull the door away from the cars body
  • The location of the button or switch that controls the locks

  • Note: In a non-emergency situation with a vehicle that only has an unlock button on the center console, for instance, it may be easier to call a professional. If the button or switch is somewhat accessible, then you can break into the car with relative ease.

The steps to get the top of door away from the body are the same as with manual locks: simply use a wedge or other long, thin tool to make a space and then use another tool to press the unlock button.

Step 1: Identify how the locks are activated. Automatic locks may be activated in a number of ways. Check whether the unlock button is located in the central console or on the drivers side.

Step 2: Make a hook or loop tool to press the button. Some automatic locks have a simple button on the armrest of the drivers side, and a straight metal rod or other tool can be used to reach the button and press it to unlock the door.

If there is a switch or if the button is not easily accessible, then the tool may need a hook or loop at the end. Trial-and-error is the best technique for finding what works.

  • Tip: Just like with manual locks, a straightened clothes hanger works well for this purpose.

  • Tip: You can also unscrew the antenna from the car and use it to push the unlock button.

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Unlocking The Door From The Outside

In some cases, it is faster and easier to make a lockout tool to unlock the door from the outside. This technique takes a little bit more finesse, and is more likely to damage the weather stripping and/or the wires inside of the door.

  • Warning: This is not a recommended method for opening doors containing automatic locks and/or automatic windows. The significant increase in the amount of wiring inside of the door itself makes serious damage too much of a risk.

Here is how to use this method:

Step 1: Make a Slim Jim tool. To fashion a Slim Jim, it is best to use a coat hanger or other long, relatively thin piece of metal and straighten it out, bending a hook into one end. This is the end that will go into the door.

  • Note: If this tool bends under the strain, double the hanger over and make the end that is folded over into the hook as this is much stronger.

Step 2: Insert the Slim Jim into the door. Since there are usually more wires in the drivers door, it is best to use this method on the passenger side door. Slip the tool in between the weather stripping along the bottom of the window and the window itself.

  • Tip: Pulling the black weather stripping back slightly with your fingers will make this move a lot smoother and easier.

Step 3: Open the lock with the hook. The locking mechanism is located right under the locking pin, so try to use the hook to grab the inside of the locking mechanism by sliding the hook back toward the lock and pulling up once the hook grips the lock.

How To Open A Locked Bedroom Door

How To Unlock Car Door When Keys Locked in Car

Now that we have covered the interior of the house, how about bathroom and bedroom doors? Heres how to unlock a bedroom door.

A locked bedroom door can be a time-consuming obstacle, especially if you are already kicking yourself if you locked yourself out! These locks tend to be a bit more simple than exterior deadbolt locks or smart locks, but most door knobs will still have enough strength to make opening the door frustrating. With most locking interior doors, a push of a button or the twist of the knob, the door will be sealed from the inside these are pretty common in homes built around the late 80s and early 90s.

How to Unlock a Door With a Card

Here is the first way to open a locked bedroom door knob. Take a sturdy credit card in hand, or better yet another card that you may not need to use again such as an expired card or a hotel card. Press against the door to provide pressure, and insert the card between the door where the lock and the frame meet. It may take a few tries, but thanks to the ramp shape of the extruding bolt, the card will slide right through it and grant you access. Practice makes perfect! The video below walks you through this process as well.

How to Unlock a Door With a Bobby Pin

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Car Door Method #: Use A Rod & Screwdriver

All you need is a Phillips head screwdriver, a steel rod, and 30 seconds. Any long and sturdy pole-type instrument will do, so depending on how much junk you have lying around, you may be able to find a good substitute. Use the screwdriver to pry open the door slightly, then stick the rod in and push the unlock button.

WARNING: Using any metal object to pry the door open can cause damage to your exterior and interior, so be cautious using this method.

If you don’t have the proper tools, it’s still a lot cheaper to buy them if you’re lucky enough to be stuck near a hardware store, rather than waiting around for a tow truck.

The Key Won’t Unlock The Door Remotely

Pressing the button on your key fob, only to be met with a still-locked car, may mean that the key has a dead battery. If you just have keyless entry, this can be a major nuisance, and you may want to get the battery placed soon. However, it’s even trickier if you have keyless ignition. With a dead battery in the key, you may not be able to start your vehicle at all!

The good news is that batteries don’t usually die without first giving you symptoms. Have you had to get closer to your Subaru for the remote keyless entry to work? Perhaps you have to push the button several times to get a response? If this is the case, you should look into replacing the battery before it fails.

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Potential Problems With Car Door & Ignition Locks In The Portland Area

There are some things you do often enough that they become routine–like unlocking your Subaru and starting it up. So when this routine is broken, it can be jarring. What’s more, it’s a sign that there’s something that needs to be addressed with your Subaru.

Below, we’ll go through four main symptoms of problems that could cause your locks not to function as they should. Helping you stay informed is an important part of what we do at Carr Subaru.

The Plastic Strap Method

How To Unlock Car Door Without Key or Slim Jim

If you don’t happen to wear shoes that have laces on them, you may be able to pull this one off. If you can find a strip of plastic, the kind that is used to bind stacks of newspaper for instance, you can bend that in half to create a loop and insert that through the door jamb of your car into the cabin of the vehicle. From there it works almost exactly the same as the shoelace method. You’ll need to manoeuvre the loop over the lock and pull it up. Again, this only works for the kind of locks that have mechanisms that you can easily grab and pull out. If your lock has a small switch or a button, you may need to move on to the coat hanger method.

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How Do You Unlock Your Car With Keys Inside

Want to avoid an expensive call to a locksmith or roadside assistance professional? Fortunately, there are several cheaper tricks to unlock your car without keys, as long as you are patient and good with tools. Heres how to get your keys out of a locked carno locksmith required.

Gallery: 8 Things to Keep in Your Car in Case of Roadside Trouble

Get Help From An Auto Locksmith In Bayside

If your car door isnt letting you in, you may be suffering from one of these problems.

Fortunately, a car locksmith can help you fix your lock problems and get back on the road sooner!

Galmier Locksmiths is a Bayside auto locksmith that specialises in getting stranded motorists back on the road.

We offer a wide range of services, including:

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Bluetooth Pke For Smart Industry

The roadmap of Bluetooth® is moving towards more fine-tuned solutions. Chuck Sabin, Bluetooth SIG

Beyond cars and homes, there is a range of commercial applications for this innovation. Security in industrial facilities like warehouses, factory floors, and chemical plants needs to prohibit employees without proper training from accessing hazardous areas. Industrial complexes are using the phone as a way of identifying individuals to give them access to restricted areas, said Youngji Kim, Bluetooth SIG market analyst.

With the added value of location-based services like asset/personnel tracking and geofencing, alerts can be sent to your smartphone should you wander close to or enter a hazardous area, keeping you and those around you safe. And, should an emergency happen, first responders can locate and get to you quicker if they know your exact position and status in a facility.

How Do You Unlock A Car With A Wedge

How to unlock a car door without keys, the easy way.

To unlock a car without keys like a pro, invest in an automotive toolkit with a curved or inflatable window wedge. Just be aware that using a wedge to unlock a car can be a little tricky, warns Bill Evans, manager of J& E Auto Body in Clark, New Jersey. Start by pulling the top of the door frame out with a pry tool and pushing the wedge in to hold the door frame out. Then, using a long, skinny rod , push the unlock button. Triple A drivers and tow truck drivers usually do it this way, and that is how we do it also, says Evans. This trick works on both old and new car models.

But there is a downside. Even the experienced people will scratch the paint or tear the weather stripping during this process, Evans says. You may need to see a body shop to realign the top of the door frame since sometimes they remain bent out away from the body after the wedge is used. Make sure the repair costs are worth it before using a wedge to get yourself out of your locked keys in car debacle.

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Should You Call A Locksmith Or Open It Yourself

After exploring the immediate options, you need to decide if you should call a locksmith or unlock your car on your own. Here are the main factors to consider:

1. Tools: Since you probably dont have professional car opening tools, youre going to have to improvise using tools you find around you. As I discuss more in depth later, you mainly need one tool to wedge the door slightly open, and another tool to reach into your car and unlock it from the inside. There are many tools you can use to achieve that, but if there is nothing you can use around you, you may have to call a locksmith after all.

2. Possible damage: Locksmiths use special tools that are made specifically for the purpose of opening locked cars. Using these tools makes it extremely easy to unlock almost any car without damaging it. When using improvised tools, especially if youve never done this before, you may cause some damage to your car. The amount and severity of the damage depend on the tools youll use and how complicated the car youre trying to unlock is. The most common types of damage Ive seen are tears to the doors rubber seal and small scratches to the doors plastic panel and frame. In rarer cases you can end up with a slightly bent door or a broken locking mechanism.

Car Door Method #: The Hail Mary

In one of the coolest methods for unlocking a car door, a simple tennis ball could do the trick.

You’ll need to make a hole in the ball, so a heated electric drill or screwdriver would do the trick. Place the tennis ball, with the hole on top of the keyhole, and push. The pressure created in the ball will force your car to unlock…or so they say.

This tennis ball method has more than a million views on YouTube, but does it work? The team over at MythBusters decided to test it out for themselves.

As you can see, there are plenty of arguments on both sides of the debate around this method. If you want to find out whether or not it works, the best way to do so is to try it out. Let us know in the comments if you have any luck.

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Simple Ways To Unlock A Frozen Car Door Lock

Car owners know fully well that winter can bring about a whole host of problems. There are a literally dozens of things that can go wrong with a car during winter, from stalled engines to hazardous performance on the road, and more. Although not quite as dangerous as other problems, having a car door lock freeze on you certainly ranks on the list as one of the more annoying occurrences.

In the event they are already frozen, there are a number of proven remedies for that as well.

Preventing your car door lock from freezing

  • Place a magnet over the lock
  • A simple way to prevent your lock from freezing is by placing a magnet over the keyhole. Most magnets will work as long as it is large enough to cover the keyhole completely. All you need to do is place the magnet over the lock when you leave your car. After you get in your car, simply toss the magnet in your pocket or purse for later use.

  • Apply some WD-40
  • WD-40 is very effective at keeping your car door lock lubricated and frost-free. Simply spray a little into the lock and it should prevent ice and frost buildup for several days. While youre at it, you may want to spray a little into the lock of your trunk as well.

    Unlocking a frozen car door lock

    Okay. Lets say you dont have a magnet or WD-40 handy and your car door lock is now frozenwhat do you do? There are actually a few quick remedies you can try, one or more of which can be effective enough that you wont need to call a professional locksmith.

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