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Where Can I Park My Car Overnight

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Do Utilize Meters And Side Street Parking

Parking your work vehicle in your driveway may be a thing of the past

Parking meters and alternate side parking can be your friend. If theres street sweeping in the morning, or meters that start ticking at 9 a.m., locals will frequently avoid parking there overnight. Ive used this trick for parking right in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn and Hollywood both. Just set your alarm and make sure youre gone before they start ticketing.

Why Would You Be Sleeping In The Car

If youre wondering why you may end up sleeping in the car, youre probably not alone. When there are things like AirBNB, hotels, motels, and tents, why would you need to use your car as a bed?

Its a good question, and you may find that sleeping in the car is a more common occurrence than you realize. By the end of this article, you may also feel that knowing the right and wrong way to do it is a good idea in case of an emergency car-sleeping sesh!

Make A List Of Free Overnight Spots

Taking that concept one step further, we have also collected a short list of overnight spots on . A favorite is the movie theater in Grand Junction. We have been there twice, years apart, and seen at least three films while parking overnight, and working in the camper during the day. Not too shabby.

Perhaps the best article ever written on this subject is, Stealth Camping With A Truck Camper by TCM contributor and retired law enforcement officer, Bryan Appleby. If you havent read Bryans article, youre in for a real treat.

Readers also shared great cheap campsites as a result of a Question of the Week. They have shared some great, specific areas to camp for cheap or free.

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Does It Matter Where I Live

Yes, it does. Insurers take many factors into consideration when determining the cost of your insurance. Your location is one such factor. If your area has a high crime rate, this will be taken into consideration when determining the cost of your insurance – especially if you intend to park on the street.

Another aspect that insurance companies look at is the number of claims that are made in your area. If a large number of claims are made in your location, then this will have an affect on the cost of your policy.

Somerset And Cambridge Parking Lot

Had my first overnight backpacking experience last week ...

687 Somerset Street West46 total spaces, two accessible spaces, one electric vehicle spaceOne Electric Vehicle charging station


  • 8:30 am to 5:30 pm: $1.25 per 30 min, $11 max
  • 5:30 pm to 8:30 am: Free
  • Friday
  • 8:30 am to 9 pm: $1.25 per 30 min, $11 max
  • 9 pm to 8:30 am: Free
  • Saturday
  • 8:30 am to 9 pm: $1.25 per 30 min, $5 max
  • 9 pm to 8:30 am: Free
  • Sunday and holidays
  • 8:30 am to 5:30 pm: $1.25 per 30 min, $5 max
  • 5:30 pm to 8:30 am: Free
  • Monthly: $115.00
  • Permits are not currently available and the waiting list is closed

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    Parking Lots At Certain Big Box Stores

    Some stores love the business RVers and van lifers bring to the property, so allow you to park your car and sleep for the night.

    Here are a few places to try sleeping in your car:

    • Cabellas
    • Sams Club
    • Camping World

    If youre nervous about sleeping in your car at any of these businesses, you can call the manager first and ask.

    Sometimes that peace of mind when youre car camping on private property makes for a better nights sleep!

    Overnight Parking In Brighton

    Can someone please suggest where would be a good place to park my car overnight? I don’t mind paying, but would need to come and go so somewhere where I have to put ticket in when I leave the first time and then thats it is no good.

    there are a few options, but it kinda depends on what part of town you’re staying in or visiting.

    On a bit of a scout as thinking of moving down. Got a cheap deal at Royal Albion so easy walking distance to be there would be good, but a car park with a barrier is no good as will be driving about a bit in car looking at areas in and around Brighton. Is there anything pay & display? Was thinking of Hove seafront/streets.

    i think you’d be better off parking on street, there is a parking bay just along from the Raddison Blu, at the Royal York Bldgs, which is adjacent to the Albion , or there are parking bays along the seafront in Madeira Drive , i think theyre free after 8pm, but as always you need to be lucky to find a space! alternatively use one of the NCP’s, Churchill 1 and 2 are the cheaper, and within 10min walk of the Albion. The closest tho is the Lanescar park under the Thistle Hotel on the Seafront – accessed via Black Lion St.

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    Is Free Overnight Rv Parking At Walmart Safe

    Generally, Walmart overnight camping is safe. That said, NOWHERE is safe from other humans. So, use your dang common sense.

    The least safe-feeling Walmart parking lot I stayed at was in Utah. I remember the lot people just looked… well… sketchy.

    And I was all alone.

    Right after I parked, a man approached me and tried to sell me a huge wrench.

    I suppose he could have hit me with it, but he did not.

    Also, almost immediately, a security guard intervened and told the man he wasn’t allowed to sell things in the parking lot.

    Did I feel like my safety was in jeopardy? Not at all. But I made sure I locked everything up.

    The lot was well-lit, and I parked out in the open.

    If you feel unsafe overnight parking at any parking lot, move on. It’s that simple.

    Faq About Sleeping In Your Car:

    I-Team: Airport parking customers cars moved, vandalized without their knowledge

    Can you get a ticket for sleeping in your car?

    It depends on where youre caught sleeping in your car. However, some municipalities, like Los Angeles, do issue citations and monetary fees for people caught sleeping in their cars.

    Is it illegal to sleep in your car in California?

    According to the California State Department of Transportation, it is legal to sleep in your car in rest stops for up to eight hours. Cities and counties have varying laws, but most dont allow sleeping in cars overnight. Big cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego dont allow sleeping in cars overnight between 9am-6am, and never within 500 feet of schools or residential homes. Berkeley just banned RVs from overnight parking on city streets.

    Is it legal to sleep in your car at WalMart?

    It depends. Many WalMarts do allow overnight parking, and often youll see campervans and RVs lined up all over the parking lot. However, some WalMarts dont allow sleeping in your car. The best thing to do is call the WalMart before you stop for the night. You can also use an app like iOverlander to see where other people have spent the night in their vehicles.

    Where can you legally park overnight? Is sleeping in your car safe? Can I sleep in my car at a campsite? How do you sleep comfortably in a car?

    Where are spots youve slept in your car? Whats worked for you? Add your comment below so other readers can learn from you!

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    No Gas Stations No Truck Stops No Rest Stops

    We do not park overnight at gas stations, truck stops or rest stops. We have heard too many stories about break-ins, vagrants and other trouble makers in these locations.

    In our early days, we did park overnight at a few rest stops and truck stops. At one rest stop we saw a guy crawl completely in and out of a dumpster near to our rig. That wasnt so much dangerous as it was freaky, but you get the point.

    Above: At Flying J for a fill up. Some Flying Js have dump stations and fresh water

    On a cold winter night in 2009, we almost got side swiped by a semi in a truck stop. They are so used to seeing semi trucks that they might not see your rig especially after dark.

    Plus, when there are other good choices for truck camper rigs, we feel it is important to leave truck stop spaces for the truckers. If we have the option, we avoid these locations.

    Can I Leave My Car At The Airport Hotel

    hotelairport willleavecartheirdotheirhotelairporthotelsairport

    can i leave my car at the airport for a week?

    If youre only leaving for a few weeks then you can simply leave your car in your garage, driveway or parking lot and get a friend or a taxi to drive you to the airport. You can also leave your vehicle at the airport or, even better, an off the airport lot that provides free shuttle service to the airport.

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    What Is The Best Long Term Parking At Lax

    Best Lax Long Term Parking in Los Angeles, CA

    • LAX Parking Curb Express. 8.6 mi. 317 reviews. Parking.
    • QuikPark LAX. 8.9 mi. 921 reviews.
    • The Parking Spot Sepulveda. 8.6 mi. 491 reviews.
    • The Parking Spot Century. 8.7 mi. 484 reviews.
    • LAX Economy Lot E. 9.3 mi. 75 reviews.
    • VSP Parking. 9.4 mi. 97 reviews.
    • VIP Parkings. 8.8 mi. 27 reviews.

    Rest Stops & Truck Stops

    Zone 6 Parking Question : washingtondc

    Rest Stops are probably the first thing that comes to mind when people consider where to pull over for the night on a long road trip. Easy to find, usually well lit, access to facilities and food, and a great place to top up on gas, these are the natural place to stopand rest!

    It is one of the first choices people think of when they are looking for safe places to sleep in a car while traveling. If you are considering doing this, make sure you assess the environment carefully and look for any risks or safety concerns before choosing to do so.

    It can be loud and busy at a rest stop with lots of other visitors filtering in and out, or it can be desolate to the point of slightly unnerving. Dont wait until youre too tired to drive to pull over you want to be able to check out the rest stop and make sure it has the right balance of security and privacy for you before making a commitment.

    Key Information

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    Can/should I Park My Car At A Light Rail Station

    I’ll be staying a Saturday night in a downtown hotel that charges $50 for parking. The hotel is close enough to the University Station at 3rd and Seneca.

    Is it an option to park my car at a light rail station near the southern end of the city and then take the train in for a few bucks? Is there a charge to park overnight at a light rail station?

    Other ideas of where to leave my car overnight? I probably won’t be using it from 5pm Saturday until 9 am Sunday.


    Yes it’s not a problem. Park at the Tukwila park and ride. It’s free.

    Edited: 4 years ago

    Is it free to park at a closer station? Why Tukwila?

    Thanks for explaining!

    Tukwila station has a parking lot. Stops closer to downtown do not. You may find free on street parking near one of these stations, but iit will probably be less secure.

    The Sound Transit website is NOT easy to use for out of towners who aren’t familiar with the details of the system! Dang!

    I’m trying to find out how long the trip is from Tukwila light rail to University Station, and the trip planner keeps putting me on the 150 bus .

    Is there a better trip planner to use?

    33 minutes is about right for the train it’s 40 min. from the airport.

    Is this a rental car or are you driving your own vehicle? When are you visiting?

    As to leaving your car overnight – the only stations with parking are Tukwila and Angle Lake. I don’t know if leaving a car overnight is recommended, though.

    What Other Benefits Does Parking Overnight At Walmart Have


    Let’s look at how else you can benefit from Walmart RV parking:

    • Maintenance/Service: You can get your RV serviced, get new tires, batteries, and more.
    • Save $$: Walmart parking is FREE! Campgrounds are not. Therefore, you should buy something from the store as a thank you.
    • Supplies: Well, Walmart has just about anything you need. So you can stock up on groceries and more while you overnight. Some Walmarts even have propane and gasoline. Bonus!
    • No Reservation Necessary: If you are staying at a campground, you may have to reserve first. In five years of full-time RVing, I have never come across a Walmart parking lot that was too full to stay.

    Plenty of produce and other products to be had, so stock up!

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    Car Insurance Parking Definitions

    • Driveway: Asphalt, concrete, gravel, grass… Anywhere outdoors somewhere on your property
    • On-road: Parked at the side of the road, it may not be directly outside your road, but your insurer will assume that it will be close
    • Locked garage: An enclosure on your property under lock and key. It must actually be locked as well!
    • Residential car park: Any residential parking that has been laid out by the council that’s not on-road or in a locked compound
    • Locked compound: A fully fenced secure site that can only be accessed with a key or code. This can be a commercial secure car park, or the car park for your building for example
    • At work: You may need some kind of proof from your employer that you leave your car at work

    Temporary Overnight Recreational Vehicle Permit

    1 Of 2 Love Field Parking Garages Still Closed After Early Morning Flooding

    The Neighborhood Parking Protection Ordinance creates safer streets and neighborhoods by minimizing the negative effects of oversized vehicles, such as recreational vehicles , trailers and boats, parking on public streets. Specifically, section 86.0139 of the San Diego Municipal Code prohibits oversized, non-motorized and recreational vehicles from parking on public streets between the hours of 2 and 6 a.m. and prohibits parking any such vehicle within fifty feet of an intersection at any time. Residents may obtain a Temporary Overnight Recreational Vehicle Permit which will allow for overnight parking of RVs on the Resident’s block.

    In order to make the process efficient and accessible to all residents, the City has implemented an online permitting system that allows San Diego residents to request a permit to allow them to park a Recreational Vehicle within the same block as their residence. Request for Temporary Overnight RV Permit.

    First-time users must create an account through the new web application and provide valid proof of residency as outlined in the Required Documentation for TORVP below. Once the account is approved, residents may log-on and purchase temporary permits as needed up to a maximum number of consecutive days and annual limits listed below.

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    Overnight Parking In Canmore

    My wife and I are taking a helicopter flight from Canmore into Mt. Assiniboine Provincial Park and hiking out. We’re looking for a place to leave the car in Canmore for a few days but can’t locate any information about suitable parking options. The city of Canmore appears to strictly prohibit overnight parking on city streets. Are there any options for parking a car for 3-4 days in Canmore unattended?


    There aren’t any overnight lots. Overnight parking on many streets isn’t forbidden per se – lots of residents park on the street since there are frequently more occupants per house than driveway space. But you can’t leave a vehicle in the same place for more than a day or two – and a strange car left overnight would arouse suspicion.

    Are you taking the helicopter from Canmore? If so, then you should be able to park at the helipad. If you are going from Mt. Shark, you would park there or the company that takes you to the helipad should have parking in Canmore. You should have gotten info on parking with the helicopter reservation – if not, contact the company and ask or look on their website. They must have somewhere for parking for their clients.

    A quick scan of the info on the Alpine Helicopters/Assiniboine Lodge website indicates that there is parking at both the Canmore and Mt. Shark heliport/helipads. So you can leave your car there.

    “Park your car at the parking lot and carry your gear to the Mount Shark Helipad . Do not drive to Helipad.”

    Why Parking Securely Matters

    When you buy car insurance, youll be asked where you park your car overnight. Thats because the cost of your policy is affected by where you keep the car and how safe itll be there.

    Dont worry, your insurers only interested in where you normally park your car so youll still be covered if you occasionally park elsewhere.

    If you have a telematics policy, your black box roughly tracks your cars location, so your insurer could easily find out if youre not honest about where you regularly park.

    The Office for National Statistics reported a 25% increase in motor vehicle theft between March 201 and December 2020, so its no wonder insurers are wary about security.

    The epidemic has been fuelled by convenient keyless car technology that allows criminals to hack into and open vehicle doors remotely without a toolbox in sight.

    But even if your car is keyless, it stands to reason that if your car is kept out of sight in a secure garage, the thieves may prefer to look elsewhere. And your motor insurance quote will usually benefit.

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