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What If You Lose Your Car Title

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Option #: Notify Your State

Lost car title before transferring into your name

Once the transaction takes place, you should go ahead and notify your state that the car has been sold. The new buyer should take care of this when they get their new registration, although it doesnt hurt for the previous owner to notify the state as well. Doing this allows the state to update their information regarding the owner of the vehicle in case anything comes up about that vehicle in the future. It also keeps you from continuing to pay taxes and fees on the vehicle after it has been sold. If you buy a new car and go to register it, the DMV will often ask whether you traded or sold an old car. However, you should notify them of the sale even if you dont buy a new car.

When performing a trade-in at your local dealership, you can be almost certain that the dealership will take care of all this for you. However, when selling to a private party, it is best that you do everything possible to keep yourself protected. If you sell your junk car to Auto Wranglers, we always take care of the paperwork for you so that you dont have to worry about it.

Can You Sell A Car Without A Title

It depends. While there is no way to get around the pink slip requirement in some cases, there are other options available depending on your specific situation. If you have a lost title to your car, then you can always request a duplicate from the DMV. However, if youre unable to get one, you might still be able to sell your car without it. Typically, junk cars that are more than 10 years old and worth less than $1,000 can be sold without a title. In many states, project cars or antiques beyond a certain model year do not require a title regardless of value. You could always visit your local junkyard if you have a junk car to sell, but youre only going to get scrap car prices at those places. If youre looking to sell a junk car for $500 or more or even a great used car for several thousand, give Auto Wranglers a call and we can tell you exactly what documents will be needed.

How To Go About Getting A Replacement Car Title

What Happens When You Lose The Title To Your Car? If you have recently lost the original title to your vehicle, you can easily get a replacement from the DMV.

It can sometimes vary slightly state by state but its generally a similar process. After explaining the general process, we will provide some of the key differences between the three main states we operate in.

However, if you dont live in one of those states then you can look up your state here.

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How To File For A Lost Title

To replace a lost title, check out this resource from Finance and Insurance Tools. It provides the links to state applications for replacement titles plus the cost. According to the F& I, the cost will range from $2 to 95, depending on the state where you live.

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Gather The Necessary Paperwork Per Your Local Dmv

What to Do If You Lost Your Car Title in New Jersey?

Collect all the necessary paperwork including personal identification like your drivers license and vehicle information like insurance and registration.

Gather your Vehicle Identification Number which can be found on your vehicle in the form of a metal tag on the front left corner just under the windshield.

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When You Need An Idaho Bonded Title

  • You bought a vehicle and didnt receive a title
  • You bought a vehicle and only received a bill of sale
  • You bought a vehicle and received an improperly assigned title
  • You bought a vehicle, received, and lost the original title before transferring it into your name*

*If you had the original title in your name at one point in time but simply lost it, you can get a duplicate certificate of title by completing an Idaho Duplicate Title form. The replacement fee is $14. If you don’t have both the VIN number and the title number, you will be charged an extra $7.

Not sure if you need an ID Bonded Title? Check out this

What Should It Look Like

Looking every bit like a cars birth certificate, the title will include the seal of the issuing state. Although the information displayed on a title varies by state, generally, every title includes certain facts.

  • Identifying information: VIN, make, model, year, and color
  • Owners name and address
  • Title issue date: The date the vehicle got purchased
  • Odometer: Reading and when it took place
  • Outstanding liens: Usually the financing lender
  • Signatures: Buyer, seller, and representative of the state

A seller scamming the system isnt unheard of. Its up to you to ensure the title the seller presents is indeed a legal title. There are some things you can look for and do to avoid being duped.

  • Double-check the titles issuing state. If its not the state you are in, its likely not a valid title.
  • Verify the VIN by obtaining a vehicle history report from an online provider like AutoCheck. It will cost $25 for a one-time report, but its well worth it. Reports provide detailed information, including past car owners, accident history, and maintenance records.
  • Inspect the titles issue date. If its relatively recent, it could be forged.
  • Check for a watermark. The absence of a watermark is a sign the title is a copy.
  • Look for fuzzy or unclear printing in the document. These are indications the document is a copy.

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Can I Transfer My Car Title Online

The exact process for changing ownership on a cars title varies by state, but many states will process online or mailed title applications. You can check with your states DMV website or customer service for that process.

For example, the state of Georgia allows sellers to start the application online and then contact the local county tag office for instructions. New York accepts applications at the DMV or mailed directly to its Title Bureau.

How To Replace A Lost Or Stolen Car Title In Washington

What happens if you don’t have the title for your vehicle?
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Have you recently gone on a hunt for your car title only to come up empty-handed? Well you’re not alone. Plenty of people each year lose their car title, damage it, or even have it stolen. This car title is what proves you are the owner of your vehicle, and gives you the ability to sell it, transfer ownership, and even use it as collateral on a loan.

In the state of Washington you can apply for a duplicate car title if it has been lost. This process is done through the Washington State Department of Licensing. You can go about the process in person or by mail, whichever is the easiest for you. Here’s a look at the steps involved.

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Lost Car Title: What Are The Options

Dont panic if your title turns up missing. There will be a fee, but you can replace it. You can apply for the replacement online, but we recommend going to your local Department of Motor Vehicles branch. In-person is better. First, go to your states DMV website to see exactly what information and documents you need to take. But, usually, the list includes:

  • Make, model, and year of the vehicle
  • Current odometer reading
  • Cash, debit card, or check for the reissuing fee

Option #: Request A Transfer Of Ownership

A transfer of ownership request is another way that you can sell a car without a title. Not all states allow this, but some will allow you to transfer ownership through a request with the DMV. There are some requirements that must be met though. The new owner will only get a temporary permit to drive the vehicle. A new or duplicate title must be issued before the temporary permit expires. It is the new owners responsibility to make sure that the new title is issued in a timely manner. You might also be required to perform a new inspection on the vehicle as well.

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Why A Title Number Is Important

A title number can help locate the title if you lost the original title. The car title proves that you own the vehicle, so it may be very important for you to replace the title itself if it is lost.

You may need the title number for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Insuring your vehicle
  • Applying for a lien

How Should You Determine Your Budget Before Applying For A Loan

Have You Lost Your Car Keys? Heres What To Do Next ...

A good way to approach a car loan is to focus on the overall cost of the car meaning the final price tag, including total number of payments and interest youll pay. That way, youre comparing apples to apples while you shop around. This could make it easier to avoid letting a dealer pack your loan with unnecessary features that might fit your monthly budget but could have you paying more in other ways .

If youre focused on just how much car you can get for the monthly payment you feel you can afford, you may overlook the fact that your loan is for a longer term than you wanted. That longer term may mean a lower monthly payment, but youll make more of them and probably pay more interest than you would have with a shorter-term loan.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureaus auto loan worksheetor may help you decide how much car you can afford to buy.

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Can You Have Two Car Finance Agreements

If your household needs require more than one vehicle and you cant afford to buy a car outright in one lump sum, you might be wondering can you have two car finance agreements? Its certainly possible to have two or even more finance agreements as long as you can show youre able to afford them.

Modern households often demand the need for more than one vehicle. Having an extra car gives you flexibility for work and school runs but applying for finance for a second vehicle, while perfectly possible, can sometimes be tougher.

Responses To How To Perform A Vehicle Title Search

  • Johnny Griegosays:2020-04-02T02:46:53

    If the title of the car has a business name and the guy that is selling it to me is not is not the same as the one on title, should I trust it?


  • squarryadministrator

    Its prudent to be skeptical when purchasing a used vehicle, especially if the title owner information does not match. There are a couple of options for you, the first is to contact the DMV directly about the title discrepancy. Another good option to make sure the vehicle has not been reported stolen is to use the free government resource which is the National Insurance Crime Bureau website where you can run a VIN lookup.

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    Additionally The Following Will Be Requested And Required Upon Duplicate Title Application Submission:

    • Application for Duplicate Title
    • Twenty-dollar replacement fee
    • You can mail in the application or turn it in in person

    CHP Vehicle Verification

    Youll also have to get a California Highway Patrol Vehicle Verification within 90 days of replacing your car title. This is a requirement for the state of California.

    Rush Title Replacement in California

    Did you know its possible to speed up the process and get your duplicate car title quicker? For an additional $15, the California DMV will fast-track your replacement title and have it expedited to you within 8-10 business days. It should be noted that rush title requests can only be made via mail.

    Read more about duplicate titles in California from .

    If you cant find my car title, we hope we have shown you what to do when you cant find your car title. And we hope we have shown you what happens when you lose your car title.

    About TFC Title Loans

    For nearly 25 years now, we have strongly believed in our responsibility to the community of customers we serve.

    TFC Title Loans believes it is our responsibility to go past lending you the money you need through title loans, we will show you how to use the equity in your vehicle.

    We want to provide consumer education on how title loans work, along with our business services.

    Getting a Title Loan Through TFC Today!

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    Used Vehicle Information Package

    How do you get a lost title for a car? | AFX

    The used vehicle information package provides buyers with important information including :

    • Vehicle details and description
    • The average wholesale value of the car
    • Retail sales tax information
    • The condition of the automobile
    • Bill of sale section

    It is legally required under the Highway Traffic Act for sellers to provide the UVIP to a buyer during a private sale. A UVIP is not required when you buy from a registered used car dealer or when transferring ownership between family members. Sellers can purchase one for $20 through ServiceOntario.

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    Can You Sell A Car If You Lost The Title

    A car title establishes one or more people as the legal owners of a vehicle. It also displays the vehicles identification number and the odometer reading as of the last transfer of ownership and specifies whether theres a lien holder. State Motor Vehicle Departments usually require that a title be present whether youre selling, donating or salvaging a vehicle. Without the title, you usually can’t transfer ownership. If you misplace or lose an original title, your only alternative solution in most states is a duplicate title.

    Sell Some Property Or Valuables

    Take an inventory of all the property or valuables that you have and see what you can sell. Take advantage of online second-hand platforms and Facebook groups where you can sell furniture, clothes, books, bags, musical instruments, etc.

    When choosing what to sell, just ask yourself whether that item is more important than your car. Focus on big furniture, electronics, old cell phones, or luxury items that may be hiding in your closet.

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    Why Run A Vehicle Title Search

    Running a vehicle title search can help you learn more about the history of a vehicle beyond what the owner has told you. While many sellers are completely on the up and up, some may be unscrupulous. Others may simply not know the full history of the vehicle because they were never given all of the information.

    When you perform a vehicle title search, youll be able to find out if the vehicle has been involved in any minor or major collisions. This can impact the value of the car as well as the potential overall performance of the vehicle youre looking at buying.

    Youll also learn whether the owner knows the true history of the car or if theyre trying to pull the wool over your eyes and get you to buy at a price thats not truly fair.

    New Mexico Replacement Title Process

    Auto Tags of Florida

    To create a duplicate replacement car title in New Mexico, the process will be done through the New Mexico DMV office. Youll need to have the following:

    • Application for Duplicate Certificate of Title
    • A replacement fee is listed on the application
    • Current registration and your drivers license
    • New Residents will have to take completed applications directly to the MVD field office in person.
    • Non-new residents can apply in person or by mail.

    The process is quite simple. Remember, the duplicate auto title will be given only to the vehicles registered owner / legal owner.

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    Getting A Duplicate Title

    If you lost or damaged your vehicle title, then theres a way to get a duplicate one. Visit your local Department of Motor Vehicles or Secretary of States website. These institutions typically allow for people to complete a duplicate title form or title replacement form online to get a replacement if it was lost, stolen, or damaged. You can also visit a physical location and request a duplicate title there.

    Theres usually a fee for getting another title, and the cost varies depending on your state, it could be anywhere from $5 to $60 or more. Typically, you need to explain why you need a duplicate title and it can take a few weeks to around 30 days to get it in the mail.

    The things youre likely to need to request a duplicate title include:

    • Drivers license
    • Proof of ownership
    • Reason for requesting a duplicate

    Now, the question is do you actually need a duplicate title, or do you live in a title-holding state?

    What Is The Difference Between Vehicle Ownership Permit And Vehicle Registration

    Vehicle ownership is the process of purchasing a car. The permit is the green piece of paper provided to you by the seller. Vehicle registration is the process of registering your vehicle with the province of Ontario.

    To register you will need proof of insurance, a valid license plate and plate sticker. This process can be completed at any ServiceOntario location.

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    My Cars Title Was Stolen What Can I Do

    A stolen car title is a serious thing. Believe it or not, there is value to having the title to a car even without the car itself. Titles are a commodity on the black market of car thieves and title forgers where a stolen title could allow someone to sell a stolen vehicle to an unsuspecting person with a quick sleight of hand: by passing off your title as their own.

    If their victim registers the stolen title in their name, in the eyes of the DMV they now own your car. You might know the truth, but it will still take plenty of time to sort that out in the legal system. You could be looking at months of your time and thousands of dollars lost. Read the linked article below for more details on stolen car titles.

    Solution: If your car title was stolen, ordering a replacement through the DMV will void the stolen title. This will prevent the stolen title from ever being registered again.

    If your car title is stolen, ordering a replacement through your local DMV will automatically void the stolen title. You should also call the police and report the stolen title.

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