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What To Do After Replacing Car Battery

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Resetting A Car Computer With An Obd2 Scanner

What to consider when replacing a car battery

This method will be perfect to reset car computer after replacing battery. With this method, you can be sure that your computer is reset and all the check engine lights or other errors are removed from your system. This will result in no check engine light on the dash and a perfectly working car. So, how you can do this?

To do this practice, you will need a diagnostics tool. Also called an OBD2 scanner. You can find these scanners for a cheap price online and they are readily available. A good OBD2 scanner will cost you more money. But its worth it. The more option the scanner has, the more easily it will be for you to diagnose an issue. Since most cheap scanners only show you the error codes and you have to look for them online.

The best tools are the ones that can connect with your mobile phone and have a mobile app. With this app, you will have no trouble of reset car computer after replacing battery.

You only need to connect the tool to your OBD2 port. This port is usually located under the steering wheel. Then you open the app and let the app scan for codes. If there are any codes on your computer, the app will show them to you and you will have the option to erase them altogether from your system.

Car Still Wont Start After Replacing Battery

A dead or bad battery is a common reason why a car will not start. A car uses the power from the battery to engage the starter to get the cars engine to turn over. This takes a lot of power, and a weak or bad battery is not capable of doing this.

A lot of times you can use another car and jump the battery to help get it going to get to a place to have the battery replaced, but what if your car still wont start after having the battery replaced.

Well, to find the answer to this question keep reading and we will go in-depth to the different reason why the car still might not be starting and some solutions for them.

Common Signs A Car Battery Needs Replacing

  • Car won’t start
  • Car won’t start after being jump started
  • Build-up of powdery residue on the battery terminals
  • Battery warning light on the dashboard
  • Check Engine warning light on the dashboard

If your car fails to start without any warning lights appearing on the dashboard, it’s likely that you have a flat or dead battery. Before immediately buying a replacement battery and getting ready to change it, try and jump start the car.

Once you’ve got the car running, take it for a drive with minimal electrical systems in use to try and recharge the battery and then turn it off. Return to the car in a couple of hours or the next day. If it starts without any issues, the battery was simply drained of power however, if the car doesn’t start again, the battery is unable to retain a charge and needs to be replaced.

A battery needs a clear electrical current to work properly. If the battery terminals have a build-up of a whitish or blue residue around them, their performance will be affected. To remove this residue mix a solution of baking soda and hot water and scrub the corrosion off with an old toothbrush. Getting rid of the residue can sometimes solve the issue of a faulty battery.

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Chapel Hill Tire Battery Replacement And Care

If you are experiencing battery issues, contact the experts at Chapel Hill Tire. Our shops are open to serve the needs of Triangle-area residents, and our mechanics are completing curbside service and free pickup and delivery to protect the health of our customers and our employees. Additionally, if you are worried about driving your vehicle with a compromised battery, our mechanics will come to you! Make your appointment here online with Chapel Hill Tire to get the new battery you need in Raleigh, Apex, Chapel Hill, Durham, or Carrboro today!

Tools To Replace Car Battery Avoid This Common Mistake

Car Won

Batteries dont last more than three to four years and less if your winter temps get well below freezing for months on end. Luckily changing your battery is one of the easier car repairs you can DIY with just a little know-how and a few tools.

Tools you need to replace car battery, include:

  • Keep alive memory tool
  • Wrenches
  • Wire brush & sandpaper

In this post youll learn what tools you need to successfully change a car battery, how to avoid a common costly mistake and how to nail the whole procedure like a pro.

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Reset Car Computer After Replacing Battery: Possible Negative Effects When Disconnecting Car Battery

Disconnecting your car battery will not damage your device or ECU permanently, but it can have some negative consequences. This involves, as mentioned earlier, the following effects:

  • Forgetting learned shift points. The way the transmission changes and sounds can also be affected by erasing the PCM’s adaptive memory. Until the PCM or transmission control module relearns the shift changes, the transmission can not feel the same. This could take anywhere from 50 to 75 miles to complete.
  • It causes an electronic radio and clock to lose their channel settings. This is more of a nuisance than an issue, and it can be resolved by resetting the radio stations and the time.
  • Forgetting your car’s perfect fuel/air mixture. For a period of time before the PCM can relearn the fuel trim changes, the engine can run poorly because the air/fuel mixture is too rich or too lean. It could take several days and 50 to 100 miles of driving for the engine to return to normal service.
  • The ABS and SIR or airbag modules are both reset. This should not be an issue unless one of these modules involves a special relearn or reprogramming procedure after power lost. In that case, the malfunctioning module can disable the ABS or airbag systems.
  • The steering angle sensor settings can be lost. Following a battery disconnect or replacement, the steering angle sensor would need to be relearned.

Alternative Starting And Battery Problems

Are you experiencing starting issues after getting a battery replacement? Is your new battery dying prematurely? Are you having a hard time safely jump-starting your car? These are signs that your issue exists beyond a dead battery:

  • Alternator Issues: Your cars alternator is responsible for recharging your battery while you drive. If your battery dies soon after the replacement, you could have an alternator issue.
  • Bad Battery: Alternatively, a battery that dies soon after replacement could be a sign of a faulty battery. While this is rare, it is not unheard of. Thankfully, you will likely be covered by a warranty if you visit an expert mechanic.
  • Drained Battery: Are you keeping your battery protected? Leaving lights on or chargers plugged in could be killing your car battery.
  • Starter Problems: As the name suggests, your cars starter is responsible for starting your vehicle. If there is an issue with your starter, your vehicle will not crank up, even with a full battery.

Starting tests and vehicle diagnostics can be completed to detect the source of your vehicle issue. A mechanic will then work with you to develop a repair plan that will get your car working again.

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What To Do After Replacing Crankshaft Sensor

Some owners complained that they got error codes after replacing the crankshaft sensor.

So, what do you do then? If you face that issue, remember that the problem isnt associated with the wiring between the ECU and the sensor. You can check the rubber O ring that came out along with the old sensor.

Most importantly, dont forget to remember that the air gap between the replacement sensor and the tone wheel will increase if the ring lies in the sensor cavity. That is the cause of showing the error code.

What Is An Ecu

How to Replace a Car Battery (the Right Way)

The ECU is the cars computer. Modern cars have computers inside that regulate everything. Without this computer, driving a modern car would be impossible and the car will not run.

The ECU is giving directions to different components on what to do and also gathers a lot of information from sensors and other measuring tools to adjust the running of the car based on the conditions.

The positive side of the ECU is that it observes and adapts, its like a human brain inside of your car. The ECU is so smart that reads all the data from the sensors and goes through all of this data and then adjusts the operation of the engine based on this information.

When the ECU sees a change of components and their values do not match it will show a check engine light. Similarly with the battery. If the ECU is seeing a new battery in your car that has more power in it compared to your old battery that barely made 10V. It will show a check engine light. In this case, you will need to learn how to reset car computer after replacing battery. And how you can do this work? We will learn later after we cover the symptoms of a bad ECU.

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What Wrenches Do I Need

Youll need a wrench to loosen both battery terminals and theyll be the same size, but youll also need a wrench to loosen the the battery hold down bracket and it may be a different size.

An adjustable wrench is a useful tool for loosening the battery terminal bolts but they can be a little cumbersome. An exact wrench will be lot easier to operate.

The battery hold down bracket usually comes in two main flavors runs across the top of the battery or mounted at the base of the battery.

Across the top of the battery type bracket is easy to unfasten even with a wrench. But if you have a battery bracket at the base of the battery, you may need to use a socket long extension and ratchet to unfasten, space is limited.

Common battery terminal and hold down bracket faster sizes include:

  • 10 mm
  • 13 mm

What Is An Idle State And Why Does It Matter

An idle state is when your cars engine isnt running, and the vehicle itself remains in a stationary position. Idling is vital because it can affect how your car runs, which affects the batterys life. Your car idle needs to reset after replacing the battery to ensure that everything runs right.

When resetting your cars idle, it is vital to reset the low-fuel warning light. This process will help you monitor to determine how much fuel is in your car. Moreover, it will be helpful if your car starts running poorly or stops starting completely. Check the battery condition if requires charge car battery.

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Ecm Lost Stored Parameters

In some car models, its possible that the control modules lose their settings and calibration when you remove the battery cable. This should not happen on most car models though, because the control modules should store the information without the battery.

However, it is still a possibility and to fix it you need to visit a mechanic or someone with the right tools for a calibration. It could also be an issue with missing information to the immobilizer.

Does Revving Engine Charge Battery Faster

How to Tell the Age of Your Car Battery  Home Battery Bank

Revving your engine does charge your battery faster, but only when the battery is in a significant state of discharge. Revving the engine will charge the battery faster because the alternator increases this amperage. When you rev the engine, the alternator begins to run faster, which helps charge the battery.

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Check Your Battery Frequently To Avoid Breaking Down

QFamlly / CC 2.0

The next time you take your car into the garage for a routine service, make sure to ask for its battery to be checked. Battery wear isn’t always steady your vehicles battery could go from 90% performance to 20% over the course of a few months.

Testing a battery is easy, and every reputable garage or repair shop will have its own set of electronic testers on hand to test yours. Regular tests can reveal when your battery needs to be replaced and help you avoid embarrassing breakdowns.

If your battery is showing signs of wear and hasn’t been replaced in two or three years, dont take any risks. Car batteries are inexpensive, and the small cost of a replacement is worth it to avoid the stress of a roadside breakdown.

How To Disconnect The Car Battery Terminals

Always remove the negative terminal first when changing a car battery.

  • Use a socket wrench to loosen the nut on the black, or negative, terminal. Most ratchet and socket sets have a socket size that fits the bolt of a battery terminal.
  • Remove the negative terminal from the battery.
  • Repeat the process with the red, or positive, terminal.

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How To Reset An Automotive Security System

Disconnect the battery using the negative cable wait one minute and reconnect. Call to the dealer, the service writer got us one of their technicians to help us and this was his response: unlock the vehicle with the key fob twice to recognize the key is valid. Push the panic button twice to disable the alarm. Roll the windows up and lock the car.

How We Can Help

How to Reset a Car’s Automatic Window After Replacing the Battery

If you need help deciding which battery is right for you and installing it without wiping your VRAM, our technicians at Euro Plus Automotive would be more than happy to help. When it comes to getting and installing a battery we understand that people may not always know what to get or simply dont have the time to do it. is committed to providing excellent customer service and care. We work with our clients to determine the cause of their issues and find a solution that works best for them.

We are convenient to residents of Canoga Park, Woodland Hills, San Fernando Valley, and Los Angeles County, CA, and are able to help resolve any issues you may be experiencing with your vehicle, from regular maintenance to intensive repairs. Our technicians are trained in the latest methods and technologies for car repair and maintenance. Our goal is to ensure your vehicle has a long life. If you would like to learn more about the services we offer, or would like to schedule an appointment, visit our website or where a representative will be more than happy to assist you.

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Changing A Car Battery

While changing a battery, a good technician will clean off the clamps to make sure theres good contact between the battery terminals and the cables that deliver the punch to the starter. Even some corrosion can rob enough power to prevent the car from starting. Ask for a good protective spray to be the final touch of any surface. This protection will slow down the corrosion that will build up on the connections. A little extra work on the installation will really add up when it gets chilly.

How Many Miles Does It Take For Car Computer To Reset

After the car has been driven far enough for the computer to evaluate the array of system and sensors, the readiness monitors will continue monitoring the vehicle for a few days at a time. There can be a variation in duration depending on the car. This process takes as long as 100 miles in some cases and affects all of the monitors together.

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Do You Have To Reprogram Car After Changing Battery

Changing the battery has nothing to do with programming a battery. The key fob will lose programming to the computer as the vehicle computer is reset. However, if a 9 volt battery saver was put into a cigarette lighter and the car battery was removed, then the computer will not lose its memory and be just fine.

How Do I Know When My Car Battery Needs Replacing

How to change a car battery

Here are seven telltale signs that your car battery is dying:

  • A slow starting engine. Over time, the components inside your battery will wear out and become less effective.
  • Dim lights and electrical issues.
  • The check engine light is on.
  • A bad smell.
    • Smell of Burning Rubber or Wires.
    • Battery Warning Light on Dash.


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    Can A Car Battery Go Bad In 2 Years

    It is possible for a car battery to go bad in two years. Batteries dont last as long as they once did. Replacing a battery after three to four years is quite common. But a car battery should without a doubt last longer than two years.

    Common reasons car batteries fail prematurely:

    • Discharge through non use

    How Does A Car Battery Work And Why Do They Fail In Cold Weather

    Batteries rely on chemical reactions to supply the current. Colder weather can slow down these reactions and eventually the batteries cant supply enough current to keep up with the demand.

    Cold batteries discharge faster than warm batteries. If you live in a colder climate where temperatures often fall below freezing, you should consider keeping your vehicle in a garage, insulating the battery or even installing a trickle charger to keep it warm. If youre simply storing a battery, keep it in a cooler location and later bring it to room temperature before installing it.

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